Agent Storm: My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA

Agent Storm My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA Morten Storm was an unlikely Jihadi A six foot one red haired Dane Storm spent his teens in and out of trouble A book about the Prophet Mohammed prompted his conversion to Islam and Storm sought pur

  • Title: Agent Storm: My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA
  • Author: Morten Storm
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Morten Storm was an unlikely Jihadi A six foot one red haired Dane, Storm spent his teens in and out of trouble A book about the Prophet Mohammed prompted his conversion to Islam, and Storm sought purpose in a community of believers He attended a militant madrasah in Yemen, named his son Osama, and became close friends with Anwar al Awlaki, the American born terrorist cMorten Storm was an unlikely Jihadi A six foot one red haired Dane, Storm spent his teens in and out of trouble A book about the Prophet Mohammed prompted his conversion to Islam, and Storm sought purpose in a community of believers He attended a militant madrasah in Yemen, named his son Osama, and became close friends with Anwar al Awlaki, the American born terrorist cleric But after a decade of Jihadi life, he not only repudiated extremism but, in a quest for atonement, became a double agent for the CIA and British and Danish intelligence.Agent Storm takes readers inside the jihadist world like never before, showing the daily life of zealous men set on mass murder, from dodging drones with al Qaeda leaders in the Arabian desert to training in extremist gyms in Britain and performing supply drops in Kenya The book also provides a tantalizing look at his dangerous life undercover, as Storm traveled the world for missions targeting its most dangerous terrorists , and into the world s most powerful spy agencies their tradecraft, rivalries, and late night carousing, as well as their ruthless use of a beautiful blonde in an ambitious honey trap Agent Storm is a captivating, utterly unique, real life espionage tale.

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    1. Forget James Bond. Six-foot-one, 250 pounds, with flaming red hair, Morten Storm is the real deal. This guy really did infiltrate al-Qaeda and operate at the highest levels of the network for many years. And, apparently, he’s still alive (somewhere) to tell the tale.If Agent Storm were a novel, you wouldn’t believe a word of it. It’s not. The co-authors wrote the book based on weeks of interviews and months of documentary research to confirm what they learned. In an author’s note that pr [...]

    2. This is a mesmerizing journey taken by this Danish man. One always thinks of Denmark as a highly civilized country – pleasant and safe – a wonderful place to grow up in. So this book blows some of those stereotypes to smithereens. Anyway here is the short version. Morten had an unruly childhood with an abusive stepfather – he became involved in gangs, drugs Disputes were settled by fists and brawls inside and outside pubs. In his early twenties Morten discovered Islam. It gave his life str [...]

    3. To counter the obvious concerns about the credibility of this tale the authors provide a large amount of supporting evidence. The fact that it is true makes it a pretty incredible story, real double agent, 007 stuff. It gives a good idea of how disaffected folks can lose them selves in a mass movement, in this case radical (reactionary really) Islam. The book provides good insights to the jihadist movement and the divisions within Islam itself. As current events in the Middle East today show all [...]

    4. James Bond is still alive and well and living as Morten Storm in an undisclosed location in the United Kingdom. Or is he? After reading this spy novel come-to-life, I’m not so sure.Morten, known to radical Islamists in Europe and Yemen as Murad, in this tell-all biography takes us behind-the-scenes to look at life from inside the world of al Qaeda. In this 343-page journal, Morten and his co-authors Paul Cruickshank and Tim Lister, take us on a roller coaster ride through the dark side of terr [...]

    5. First, let's just establish that I've got to take the author on his word: There is no way I can check his story. I find no real reason to doubt the story, though, except it being pretty unique, but its (relative) uniqueness doesn't make it less probable, imo. So ok, let's say that this is all true, or close enough (not gonna go into a discussion on what "truth" is and what details might be changed/lied about and and and). So, my belief that his story holds water being stated, I have to say that [...]

    6. starts out a little unbelievable but the wealth of research behind it to historical events and figures is fascinating and in the end is a believable tale of deception and betrayal. You're left feeling sympathetic to him and in a way grateful for the sacrifices he has made to stop these truly dangerous people.

    7. If only there were more agents like him I would feel confident about the war on terror. Alas I fear he is one of but a few or maybe the only one. The first third of the book explaining his conversion to Islam was slow but it picked up considerably when he got to the Middle East. Interesting to see the relationship among competing security services.

    8. Amazing to see someone turn from their deepest held beliefs, confront the darkest parts of their faith and try to make amends. I can't imagine the mental toll it took on him, trying to keep his home life, religion and undercover work separate.

    9. A fascinating book. Morten Storm grew up a troubled youth in Denmark, drinking, fighting, and raising hell until he one day randomly picked up a book about the prophet Muhammad in the local library. The book transformed his life and he pledged his devotion to the Islamic faith.As time went by he became radicalized, believing in the jihadist cause. He came into contact with many other jihadis throughout Scandinavia and Britain, and while living in Britain was encouraged by a cleric to study Islam [...]

    10. When traditional military tactics don't work and we need protection, we call in the ruthless (I.e. CIA and it's foreign equivalents.) We look the other way and deny our hands are dirty and proclaim our horror at what they do, but we enjoy the benefits. Such is this account of a ruthless, self-absorbed sociopath who ultimately found a way to channel his personal character flaws to do good in the world instead of evil. The CIA and foreign equivalents he worked with are basically cut out of the sam [...]

    11. Truly a real life spy thriller, Agent Storm should be compulsory reading for would-be jihadists and their detractors in Western intelligence and beyond alike. As the insurgency of Islamic fundamentalism takes hold in northern Iraq, Nigeria and on and on, Morten Storm's gripping memoir cautions against complacency that the West can crush its enemy without understanding it better. He's also a walking advertisement for the dangers of leaving disaffected young men on the dustheap without education, [...]

    12. Agent Storm on the surface is a fascinating look into the world of radical Islam and how it operates. This is told through the eyes of Morten Storm, who's story takes us through his journey from a troubled Danish youth to that of a radical Islamic and then to that of a double agent.As many other reviewers have pointed out this book requires you to place you trust in the author. There is no way to verify his story and association with various intelligence organisations. A quick Google search does [...]

    13. a Very bad book full of lies and imaginations. the writer himself is a sick psychopath. I talked with him on Twitter and he is very disrespectful. after reading some of the BS he wrote it is clear for me that he is stupid and I don't want to waste my time of reading his imaginations. well, I don't know what is true and what are the writer imaginations and lies. From the way he described himself he seems lost guy with many mental issues. He converted to Islam as he said and I'm not so sure about [...]

    14. Assuming the author was truthful and all the evidence is legit, this is an intriguing story. It delves into the mind of radicalism and right back out again. While reading, I found myself googling images of the locations mentioned throughout the book, like Alum Rock in Birmingham, England. The convos, photos, etc depicted in the spy world are fascinating. There was one point, I found myself thinking, "Why didn't he just," but this was probably due to editing of content.

    15. Highly insightful, not only from the perspective of actual spycraft, but invaluable to get an inside picture into the minds of radical Islamists.Here is what is so frightening from reading an inside account by an Islamic convert: One hundred different persons of the Islamic faith, studying the Quran in a hundred different parts of the world will each come to the same conclusion about jihad against the west and killing as many kufars as they possibly can, completely independent of each other. Thi [...]

    16. This was a fascinating read, I can't believe some of the stuff this guy did. I know myself, I would have told my handlers to stuff it. He was cheated way too many times for the danger he was in. Your going to love it.

    17. Intriguing and captivating. An insider's look into one if terrorism's most dreaded and active group. Through Storm's story, we get to a comprehensive understanding of the works and philosophy behind Al-Quaïda.

    18. Wow This is the best modern day spy story! Well researched and documented. I recommend this to anyone who is curious about the truth.

    19. Ce document est un témoignage époustouflant d'un ex-radicaliste devenant par la suite un agent double pour les services de sécurité et de renseignement Danois, Américain et Britannique. Je dévorais les lignes et m'impatientais de lire la suite des événements. A mon avis, Morten incarnait parfaitement l'image typique d'un jeune délinquant ayant une personnalité anti-sociale. Ce qui explique d'ailleurs sa radicalisation rapide juste après sa conversion, et son "courage" allant jusqu'à [...]

    20. I'm interested in many things. Because of the world wide crisis of Islamic Terrorism from one faction of extremism or another, it is hard for most to understand how and why people do the horrible things we have seen them do over several decades. The perspective of the people who live there is not emphasized very much in this book. However, you are inside of real meetings with real people who planned and executed terrible acts of large scale murders. Martin knew them and worked with them doing va [...]

    21. Morten Storm's story is truly incredible. I was at the Spy Museum in DC a couple of weeks back and I noticed while I was waiting in line at the main lobby that they had a display of Morten Storm. It had pictures of him and if I recall correctly, they had some of his belongings from his exploits on display. I had heard a little a bit about how he had lived a double life as a spy for Western intelligence agencies after his personal fall-out with Islam. I also knew that he had served as a match-mak [...]

    22. Real life espionage - the dark side of intelligence agenciesLo mejor y lo peor del espionaje, en vida real. La agenda propia prima sobre los intereses nacionales, y El fanatismo religioso desde dentro. Must read

    23. I’ve read several books about the quagmire that is the modern Middle East, but this was the first biography I’ve read about someone directly involved in the conflict. Nothing can be verified about Morten Storm the Muslim extremist turned double agent, but all he tells seems to fall in line with everything else I’ve read on the subject.Storm is a troubled Dane who gets involved with several gangs in his youth and as he searches for a different life he begins voraciously reading all about Is [...]

    24. This real life tale of espionage is fast-moving and thrilling. It is a real edge-of-the-seat tale of true grit, the lead character, Morten Storm, leading a bewildering double or even triple life, his journey a myriad tour of far-flung places and his work at the key cutting edge of the War on Terror. After a misspent youth in biker gangs and as a petty criminal, Danish protagonist Storm becomes radicalised and rapidly moves through the chain of command in the developing structure of Al Qaeda and [...]

    25. "Agent Storm: My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA" is the real life, first person account of Morten Storm, a Danish man whose life of crime ultimately led to a religious conversion and jihad. Upon becoming disenfranchised with his religion, Morten Storm secretly reaches out to the Danish PET, offering his assistance in taking down top al Qaeda officials. Soon enough, M15, M16 and the CIA become involved as well, increasing Storm's "double life".Of course, it goes without saying that this book is [...]

    26. First of alllets get the credibility issue out of the wayi find no reason to doubt this man's story after the numerous photographs and evidence has been provided. Second - This book has been co-authored by investigative journalists who also verified his claims. And Third - This is a spy memoirjust like many before. there is no way to verify all of them for yourselfyou have to take his word for itThe good news is there is a movie coming out about (reportedly) so that should put some doubts to res [...]

    27. Rijetko čitam knjige po istinitom događaju, a mnogi u njima pronalaze najuzbudljivije priče, najdublje ili najrealnije. U ovoj knjizi nećete naći neko uzbuđenje niti neku duboku poruku, cilj je iznijeti u javnost kako islamisti djeluju i zašto rade ono što rade, a i pozadine iza tajnih služba (CIA) i kako njihov posao zna biti prljav. Morten (ili Murat za dio života), opisuje svoj život od rođenja, put u radikalni islam, odricanje vjere, rad za tajne službe i kako je došao do te od [...]

    28. Pretty awesome story of a angry Danish youth who found solace in Islam, then turned Salafist (fundamentalist) then jihadi (violent) and came full circle by working with Western intelligence. The slow turn to Islam by the author and protagonist seemed realistic but the sudden dropping of 15 years of hardcore fundamentalist Islamic belief seemed a bit odd. What made the book so interesting was not only that he worked for three different intelligence agencies (Danish PET, British MI6 and American C [...]

    29. A very scary intriguing accountWe don't realise what really goes on against the fight on terrorism and keeping the UK safe. Betrayal I suppose is all part of espionage therefore no surprises there. How intriguing an ordinary person got so close what became household names throughout the media coverage to what was described. What is even more frightening the amount of support and public funds being gathered by fraudsters supporting terrorism with such ease. The hotbeds of support mentioned in the [...]

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