It: A Coisa

It A Coisa Durante as f rias escolares de em Derry pacata cidadezinha do Maine Bill Richie Stan Mike Eddie Ben e Beverly aprenderam o real sentido da amizade do amor da confian a e do medo O mais

  • Title: It: A Coisa
  • Author: Stephen King Regiane Winarski
  • ISBN: 9788560280940
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Durante as f rias escolares de 1958, em Derry, pacata cidadezinha do Maine, Bill, Richie, Stan, Mike, Eddie, Ben e Beverly aprenderam o real sentido da amizade, do amor, da confian a e do medo O mais profundo e tenebroso medo Naquele ver o, eles enfrentaram pela primeira vez a Coisa, um ser sobrenatural e maligno que deixou terr veis marcas de sangue em Derry Quase tDurante as f rias escolares de 1958, em Derry, pacata cidadezinha do Maine, Bill, Richie, Stan, Mike, Eddie, Ben e Beverly aprenderam o real sentido da amizade, do amor, da confian a e do medo O mais profundo e tenebroso medo Naquele ver o, eles enfrentaram pela primeira vez a Coisa, um ser sobrenatural e maligno que deixou terr veis marcas de sangue em Derry Quase trinta anos depois, os amigos voltam a se encontrar Uma nova onda de terror tomou a pequena cidade Mike Hanlon, o nico que permanece em Derry, d o sinal Precisam unir for as novamente A Coisa volta a atacar e eles devem cumprir a promessa selada com sangue que fizeram quando crian as S eles t m a chave do enigma S eles sabem o que se esconde nas entranhas de Derry O tempo curto, mas somente eles podem vencer a Coisa Em It A Coisa, cl ssico de Stephen King em nova edi o, os amigos ir o at o fim, mesmo que isso signifique ultrapassar os pr prios limites.

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    1. The most important things are the hardest things to say, because words diminish themSome time ago the wise bald (or white) heads stationed at various universities came to an agreement that a literary form, commonly known as the novel, is dead - fewer and fewer works of any significance are written each year. Of course, one must understand the requirements the wise gentlemen expect of a novel of worth: it would be good if the writer would include some "aesthetic dignity" by including as much allu [...]

    2. I read this entire book in one day during my 24-hour readathon, #readathonbyzoe! Watch the vlog here: youtube/watch?v=W9VcdI highly enjoy Stephen King's descriptive writing style! He surprisingly made this story seem like it had to be 1,200 pages long. I was on the edge of my seat for the majority of the novel, and I definitely did not sleep well the following night! This is one of the best horror novels I've ever read. However, I hate his constant use of slurs against black, Jewish, and gay cha [...]

    3. Some parts were truly creepy at first and initially, as often happens with King, I couldn't put it down. But then, as often happens with King, it hits a brick wall and becomes so over-long and has so many unnecessary elements that get in the way of the main story that it becomes a bloated, endless chore to finish. People often say they hate the ending of this bookI did not hate it or love it. I had checked out at that point and simply wanted it to be over no matter who lived or died or whether t [...]

    4. I'm not easily scared these days. As a grown woman, the only thing that brings the feeling of dread into my heart is the constant pinging of new work emails requiring my attention when I'm at home, but there was a time when I was a shy, delicate, sweet little girl who was scared of my own shadow.Proof: not exactly the terror you see haunting the hallowed halls of handing out 1 stars like they're candy these days.It wasn't until I was around 20 that I outgrew my fear of scary creatures and thing [...]

    5. Listened to the audio this time and it was awesome The narrator is Steven Weber and he did a great job! Hello, welcome to Derry I'm Pennywise the Clown and at some point, especially if your a kid, I will eat your face off! Have a nice day!The first time I read this book was in the 6th grade and I had forgotten how good it was! I loved the movie as well, but the book is so much better! I love how Mr. King goes back and forth from when the friends were kids and to them as adults and what they do i [...]

    6. Throughout the book, I was going to give it 4 stars. It was suspenseful, there was a sense of dread with some truly scary scenes. King is very good at describing how children would think and make us feel their fears. It was really long with A LOT of descriptions but it was still very enjoyable.The ending totally ruined it for meReview: youtu/TkxckLFcKYE(view spoiler)[What the hell was that with the prepubescent gang-bang (hide spoiler)]

    7. ”It wasn’t make-up the clown was wearing. Nor was the clown simply swaddled in a bunch of bandages. There were bandages, most of them around its neck and wrists, blowing back in the wind, but Ben could see the clown’s face clearly. It was deeply lined, the skin a parchment map of wrinkles, tattered cheeks, arid flesh. The skin of its forehead was split but bloodless. Dead lips grinned back from a maw in which teeth leaned like tombstones. Its gums were pitted and black. Ben could see no ey [...]

    8. Re-read update - April 2017:"He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts"I find it appropriate that I first read this between the ages of 12 and 15 and now I re-read at 39. This is pretty close to the ages of the characters past and present in this book. That was not intentional, but pretty cool!I didn't remember much more than the basics after all these years, but even with that, my original review below stands.What I will add is that this book is much more dark, [...]

    9. You can't be clowning about IT!!!THOSE TERRIFYING CLOWNSIt was easier to be brave when you were someone else.It's kinda"funny" how such characters, the clowns, that they are supposed to make us laugh, and not matter that, you can find just too much examples of "evil clowns", many from fantasy but even at least one from horrific reality, that you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alleyor any place at all!!!The Joker, Stitches, Homie from The Simpsons, Punchinello from Dean Koontz's Life Expectancy, [...]

    10. Let me take you all on a tour, kids. We’re going to everyone’s favorite place- Derry, Maine! We’re going to do some sight-seeing while I talk about the book that is my absolute hands-down #1 book of ALL TIME. And no, it is NOT Harry Potter! Shocking, I know! (That always surprises people.) Anyway, my name is Annie Wilkes Stepheny and I’ll be your tour guide!We’re going to go where it all begins- the most infamous storm drain in all the lands. This is the storm drain where Pennywise off [...]

    11. So this is finally happening. Someone come hold my hand through this. Not because I’m scared but because BEARD OF MOSES THIS IS THE BOOK THAT NEVER ENDS.

    12. Derry, Maine seems like any other small town in the US except for its dark history. Death and disappearances are the norm and every 27 years they peak as more and more children are killed. When Bill's brother Georgie is killed by It, the mysterious thing behind Derry's darkness, Bill sets out to find it. Bill becomes part of a group of other children, all who have had run ins with It and together they get rid of It. They swear an oath to return to Derry if It ever comes back and starts killing a [...]

    13. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend.It is 1958 in the small town of Derry, Maine and several children have been found murdered. Bill Denbrough and his six best friends believe the murders are linked to something that lurks beneath their home town – something that crawled from their nightmares and has taken form in the shadowed recesses of the sewers. Driven by forces unseen, Bill and his friends sense they have what it takes to stop the mons [...]

    14. WHAT A RIDE.First off, I'd like to start out by saying I DON'T NORMALLY LIKE STEPHEN KING. If you look at the other books I've read so far (Carrie, The Shining, The Gunslinger, and Different Seasons), they have all been rated 3 stars or less. Yet somehow, this book really spoke to me. I will also say that the reason I picked this up in the first place was because of the new movie adaptation, which was SUPER GREAT, but also super different from the book in many ways. I'm so glad I decided to pick [...]

    15. God. This book.I can't believe I've never reviewed IT.Ok, I read this back in high school with my best friend, and it scared the shit out of both of us. I still have a small scar on my leg from when we thought we saw Pennywise's likeness burned into the side of her dad's old farmhouse, and we both took off running through, what was in all likelihood, a condemned building. She was faster, I was clumsier. I plowed into an old nail that was sticking out of the wall and ripped a hole in my leg in an [...]

    16. It (Eso) es una de mis obras favoritas de King. Y, para mí, la mejor. Tenemos a un grupo de amigos, los autodenominados Los Perdedores, integrado por William «Bill» Denbrough, Benjamin «Ben» Hanscom, Beverly «Bev» Marsh, Richard «Richie» Tozier, Edward «Eddie» Kaspbrak, Michael «Mike» Hanlon y Stanley «Stan» Uris. Son chicos marginados, víctimas del acoso escolar y de la xenofobia. Son amigos que por separado pueden parecer débiles, pero juntos forman una fortaleza inquebrantabl [...]

    17. Since all the hype with the new movie, I thought of writing my review to this book.*This is one of my favourite books by Stephen King. The thing with King’s horror books is that I never thought they were scary. Actually, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times a book gave me this feeling. But maybe it's just me. I see people talking about how scary his books are. I only think they are insanely well written. IT especially.This is one of those books that make me think I would [...]

    18. تستطيع ان تقراها في اي مكانعلى الشاطئفي منزلكفي الكافيه اوحتى في المواصلاتولكن ستظل اسيرا هناك مع الابطال السبعة في ديري/ماينلشهر كامل احسست انني اعيش في تلك البلدة الملعونة الصغيرةفي قراءاتك قد تصادف البيت الملعونالغابة الملعونة لكن بلدة كاملة؟؟ باهلها و أطفالها و قفرها [...]

    19. Be true, be brave, standI'm astonished, what a book! We all floatYou want scary? Pennywise is here and he'll scare the be-Jesus out of you every other page. Pennywise made an entire generation scared of clowns when the film came out, kinda topical now that all these assholes are roaming the streets in clown outfits. Suffice to say I'm extra scared to go for a walk!Above all, the best thing about this book is that it's wonderful. King manages to capture the essence of childhood and what it means [...]

    20. Only Stephen King could write an eleven hundred page book about the innocence and wonder of childhood, and then kick it off with a six-year-old boy getting his arm ripped off by a clown. Derry, Maine, in 1958 is a bad place to be if you’re a kid. Child disappearances and murders are occurring with astonishing regularity, and while the adults set curfews and hunt for maniacs a group of eleven-year-old outcasts know the truth - a supernatural entity has been terrorizing and killing the children [...]

    21. And as I looked back at the bright paperback, fresh blood started dripping from its open pages The words were leaking crimson [Wake up] and I screamed as I started falling into a bottomless oblivion.Oh, hi there! You just read about one of my nightmares I had since I started reading this book. Oddly enough, I didn't dream about clowns. (Probably because I am not scared of them. The only clowns we have here are Macdonald's!) But I saw a lot of blood in my dreams. A lot.How does your mind work, Mr [...]

    22. Definitely one of King's most memorable, creative and well-written books. What's odd about IT is that it has many horror elements, but focuses more on a coming-of-age story between seven children living in a small industrial town and the power of their friendship as they grow up. I've seen the TV movie too when I was twelve years old but the movie only left me confused. The book is much longer and more detailed, giving an explanation to what exactly the shapeshifting clown boogeyman is and why i [...]

    23. WINNER: BEST RE-READ OF 2015!Upon finishing It, I always feel as if I've said goodbye to an old friend, one I only see every few years. I'm a bit sad, but mostly I'm happy that I got to spend what time I did with him (IT). He isn't perfect. He can be quite odd at times, but he's mostly fun to be around. I feel the need to defend him when people start downing on him, and to deride him when I catch him screwing up. I do not condone everything he does, but for the most part, he's a good dude, if a [...]

    24. Alligators in the sewers?Nopech worse- a CLOWN! I never liked clowns- not even as a child- there was always something creepy about them to me- Stephen Kings IT convinced me even more- revisiting it as an adult- that clowns are baaaaaaaaad news and not to be trusted.October 1957- Derry, Maine- Six-year-old George Denbrough's brother- Bill is sick in bed- so George goes out alone on a rainy day to play with the paper boat Bill made for him. When the boat slides down a storm drain- George reaches i [...]

    25. Much like the titular monster that lurks within its pages, this book is many things. It's terrifying, it's sweet, it's disturbing, it's sad. But most of all, It is amazing!The town of Derry is haunted by an evil with thousands of faces. With the entire town caught in the horrible creature's grasp, some of the residents are forced to confront their greatest nightmares, while others are forced to become the nightmares! Many years ago, a group of seven outcast children believed they had discovered [...]

    26. A group read, I will update the list of people involved as soon as the stragglers either catch up with us or Pennywise catches them - it is your choice friends.Meet Pennywise the Clown; he is a fun guy to have around. Sure he kills children and some occasional adults, but people of Derry, Maine do not seem to mind. Some of them actually love his presence.In the year 1958 several misfits from a Derry school managed to avoid Pennywise siren song and being rejected by all cool kids formed the frien [...]

    27. In 1958, seven kids took it upon themselves to rid the town of Derry of a child killer that took the form of a killer clown. In 1985, the clown is back and the kids return to Derry to finish what they startedYeah, I'm a couple decades late to the party on this one. So what? Some friends were doing a group read and I decided it was time to tackle this kitten squisher.While it's a horror story, it's also about growing up and forgetting what it's like to be a kid. Stephen King does a great job at r [...]

    28. Three stars for this monstrous book which could easily be used as a murder weapon because of its enormous length. You may rub your eyes now and ask why the hell I gave this well-known and popular Stephen King classic with four- and five-star ratings everywhere only three stars, and you’d be completely correct to do so. Don’t rely on my rating, please (and even less on my review, as it consists mostly on piling up my random thoughts).A lot of people love this book more than I did, and while I [...]

    29. If you want to read a story about a terrifying evil that may haunt your dreams, this is definitely IT! This horror/coming-of-age thriller is even better than the movie, and one of the scariest SK novels I've read thus far. Highly recommend if you are a fan of this genre.Update: May 6, 2017 - Yikes! DON'T miss the trailer now out for the remake of IT!!! He's coming back in September🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈Update: December [...]

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