Claws & Effect

Claws Effect Lily Faust s world became a nightmare the day she was kidnapped by a vampire Six months later she s been freed by were cougars For Lily this is the epitome of frying pan to fire and for the Russell

  • Title: Claws & Effect
  • Author: Jessica Sims
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lily Faust s world became a nightmare the day she was kidnapped by a vampire Six months later, she s been freed by were cougars For Lily, this is the epitome of frying pan to fire and for the Russell clan, it s trouble in a terrified human package Ellis Russell wants nothing than to soothe Lily s fears and become her friend But when tension and passion flareLily Faust s world became a nightmare the day she was kidnapped by a vampire Six months later, she s been freed by were cougars For Lily, this is the epitome of frying pan to fire and for the Russell clan, it s trouble in a terrified human package Ellis Russell wants nothing than to soothe Lily s fears and become her friend But when tension and passion flares between them, Ellis has to decide can he love a human if loving her means letting her go Or can he ever let her go

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    1. Es que adoro a todos estos cambiantes hermosos y geniales no puedo esperar s leer sus otras historias pero creo que si digo me voy a saturar u no podré disfrutarlas tanto.En fin, una historia corta que narra la aparición de "la humana" que fue secuestrada en los anteriores libros. Ella y Ellis son simplemente geniales juntos. Una novela cortita pero bonita ideal para terminar mi año.

    2. Originally posted at The Book Nympho Read It, Track It  is a  way for me to track books for my reading goals and they will be super short.A good case of Stockholm Syndrome! Ellis might have kidnapped Lily but she stole his heart. CLAWS & EFFECT is sweet & sexy.

    3. Claws & Effect es la sexta novela de la serie Midnight Liaisons de la autora Jessica Sims y tiene como protagonistas a Ellis, un personaje secundario en los libros anteriores y Lily, un nuevo personaje que conocemos brevemente en el tercer libro.Esta novela me parecio que se desarrollaba mucho mejor que las anteriores, ademas tiene un ritmo mas pausado y lento, lo que nos permite disfrutar mas de la lectura. Ellis fue el protagonista mas dulce, aunque reconozco que con su amor por los animal [...]

    4. 3 starsEllis (were-cougar) + Lily (human turned were-cougar)It was a quick read and it focused mostly on heroine's thoughts. Thoughts filled with petrified and traumatized at first after the previous ugly encounter. Well, if I were her, I'd be her as well. Who not, seriously. She was fine afterwards but maintained on guard and also started to develop feelings to her captor/saviour without knowing herself. Instant attraction and love, of course since it's novella. Oh, Ellis is a nice, gentle and [...]

    5. Meh, more like 3.75 stars:I thought the H, Ellis was a sweetheart and had a lot of patience and it was a cute novella. I'm a huge fan of Jill Myles a/k/a Jessica Sims. However, if I'm being honest and I know she was scared, Lily's incontinence issues were kind of gross and a huge turn-off. She wet the poor guy's bed and peed on a vampire, eww! While probably a realistic reaction given her circumstances, it's not something I really want to read about.

    6. It was hot when it was ready to be, it was cute in the parts it needed to be But how many times can a grown woman pee herself in 86 pages. Other than that I'd say 3.5 stars if it'd let me

    7. This almost read as a NA I guess it would be - which not my favorite thing. [Also WTF with the heroine's school, you know? Like the news, SOMEONE would've done a something]But - I liked how realistically her trauma etc was portrayed, although the hero falling in love " " was pretty sudden almost like an on/off switch - hey nothing happened but BY THE WAY I LOVE YOU. ok.But I do really like these shifters.C-

    8. Creo que Lily es la única protagonista con derecho a ser un dolor en el trasero por todo lo que pasó y sin embargo No lo fue!!! Llamen a emergencias que me desmayo!!Ellis tan tierno y lindo *-* Claro que me gustó más el gemelo. O ambos, sip, me quedo con ambos.Me encanta que cada uno tenga una historia, pero como dice sexy Beau Solo los Russell transforman! jajaja

    9. I was fine with this until the end when she goes all Stockholm Syndrome and the trauma of being held captive and falling in love with her captor is never adequately addressed. I would have been much happier if he had actually let her go and she decided on her own to come back to him.

    10. Me gustó, pues es realista en ciertos aspectos pero uno de los grandes problemas con las historias cortas de esta autora es que todo es muy rápido. Nos cuentan del personaje, los problemas, el enamoramiento, la situación peligros y el final feliz. Que no me quejo solo que me gustaría que fueran un poco más largas y más desarrolladas.

    11. Originally posted at:My Rating: ✮✮✮½I find Jessica Sims's Midnight Liaisons Series SO cute! They are just the right amount of interesting and the pacing of the story is just right. I also love reading about abused turned strong heroines, so this was a treat for me to read.For those of you who read the books in this series in order, you might remember Lily from the last book when the vampire kidnapping/dungeon scene happened. She was the girl who had been locked up for a while down there. [...]

    12. 3.5 stars- I have yet to read one of the full length books in this series but I do like the shorts and I did enjoy this one on the whole even though I had a few minor issues with a few aspects of the story.Lily's date with a distinguished older man she met through online dating did not end well, she ends up a blood slave to a vampire and survives where others don't, by being compliant, but planning for escape. And just before she gets too weak, she gets her opportunity and stakes her captor and [...]

    13. ** Spoilers **I've read most, if not all, of the the books in this series. I really did not like this one.My issue that Lily never had any choice. There is a mention of Stockholm Syndrome during the book and I think it has some accuracy. Lily goes from being abducted, kept prisoner, abused and in fear of her life to kept prisoner, looked after but not reassured in any way. How is this a good starting point for a romance with a captor???What this book needed was some explanations. If Beau, or Ell [...]

    14. Claws & Effect is a novella set in Jessica Sim's Midnight Liaisions world. The book can be read as a stand alone book but it would help to at least read the first book in the series to get an understanding of this shifter world. There isn't a lot of back story in this novella so if you aren't familiar with the Russell family you might get a little confused.But as a fan of this series, I totally loved the story. I am glad Lily got her HEA after saving the day in Must Love Fangs. For being a n [...]

    15. Claws and Effect is a short story set in the world of The Midnight Liaisons world. A dating service for the supernatural. But Lily isn't a client, in fact she would be much happier if she never knew the supernaturals ever existed. We first met Lily in Must Have Fangs. She had been kidnapped and held for six months by a vampire, as a warm and ready meal. She was rescued by members of the Russell Clan. Cougar shifters. As a human, Lily knows too much about their world, she can't be returned to her [...]

    16. egads this was a bad one. First of all the heroine is given no dignity whatsoever. Her reactions are only one step above abused animals and while it's understandable it doesn't make her a very appealing read especially since she never actually finds her feet. The romance was equally badeven the heroine calls it. This is totally stockholm syndrome. She literally just went from one prison to another. The shifters didn't say word one to her about why they were holding her captive or anything that w [...]

    17. I really liked this book. Most books of this ilk - you know the ones with a lot of romance and a guaranteed happy ending (my favourites!) - make kidnapping seem like just a vacation where you meet some lovely new people and always get to talk back to your captors with no consequences. Whereas, obviously, if faced with even one tenth of the reality, it would leave a lot of us traumatised and doubting everything and everyone in our lives. So this book was surprising in that it gives the reader a d [...]

    18. This is a short sweet PNR that takes place in the world of Jessica Sims Midnight Liaisons but has nothing to do with the dating service. It can be read as a standalone but it is better if you have at least read Must Love Fangs (Midnight Liaisons #3). All Lily wanted was a life what she got was six months of hell when her internet date turned out to be a vampire who kidnapped her. Now she has been rescued sort of. She is no longer captive to the psycho vampire but now she is being held captive by [...]

    19. Short, sweet paranormal novellaI always like reading about the tortured (sometimes literally) heroine and the uber-sweet hero who brings her back to life.I love heros like Ellis, who are good to the heroine from the get-go. He was super patient and kind. The heroine on the other hand I can understand why she was like that because of her circumstances so I won't give her shit.Overall, this was a great novella to pass the time and I will be checking back for future books!

    20. I really like this series but this one seemed really rushed. Normally, gramatical/spelling errors don't bother me but when the book went from 1st person in one paragraph to 3rd person in the next and then back to 1st it really drove me crazy. Then Ellis called her Lily when he didn't know her name yet. There were just so many inconsistencies in the book. However, if you can get through those distractions it's still a good book. I liked the characters, Lily didn't just get over her trauma but she [...]

    21. Claws and Effect by Jessica Sims is another excellent story from the Midnight Liaisons series. Lily, the main character, is such a sympathetic victim that watching her heal and gain her sense of self back is almost the best part of the story. Except that the story is so damn good that it can't be. Everytime she escaped i was rooting for her and about the same time that she realzed that she didn't really want to go anymore? I got it then too. This is another book that i am really glad that i got [...]

    22. It was a pretty fun and enjoyable book, but bleh it was kind of gross too. I mean Lily peedEVERYWHERE! I didn't know if to laugh at her or pat her back and say "there, there". But, ahhh, sexy Ellis with the white buns and sleeve tattoosm, nom, nom. I could have just eaten him up. I felt like there wasn't enough character development. Yes it's a short story but "I love yous" after a week? Meh. Dammit when is Bath going to put Beau out of his misery and just be turned already??!!! Ugh!!! But this [...]

    23. I felt bad for Lily, she survived so much and then felt trapped in a different prison. I wished that the Shifters would have explained what was going on, why they were sequestering her, it would have gone a long way. I did love how Ellis slowly made his way through to Lily. It was fun seeing Ellis explain shifters and the supernatural world. I was glad that Lily listened and looked at the new world that opened up to her. The ending great, Lily made the right choice.

    24. He querido leer la historia de Lily desde que lei el libro de Marie y Josh asi que se puede decir que tenia serias expectativas. Causa y Efecto logro superarlas, creo que es el libro con mas drama emocional de la serie y me encantó como Jessica Sims supo llevarlo. Y la forma como Ellis trataba a Lily me hizo enamorarme mas.Me encanta esta serie.Ahora quiero la historia de Austin

    25. Lily was a strong character who comes out of a horrible situation and starts to get to know Ellis, a shifter who is attracted to her and determined to keep her safe, even if it means disobeying his family. I enjoyed how Lily took her time to get to know Ellis and didn't fall straight in love with him. This was a great read!!

    26. 4.5 Stars. I have to admit, the length is the only real downside to this story, as I felt at times that it led to elements of the story being rushed. Lily was realistic as an abuse/abduction survivor, and had a lot of issues that she had to work through. It was sweet to see Ellis earn her trust and try to help her as much as he could.

    27. I would have given it 3 starsbut I have some problems with the "I love you" part after just o couple of daysI know it's a short storyd there it's not so many papers to fillbut you can say somethingen say 1 month passed and so on

    28. CLAWS AND EFFECTSJust another pun to describe a sometimes funny, sexy, and diverting story that is written in this series (Midnight Liaisons) by this author that makes so delightful and terrific read.

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