The Water Horse

The Water Horse When eight year old Kirstie and her family go beachcombing near their home in Scotland she finds something that looks like a giant fish egg which is just too interesting to leave on the beach So she

  • Title: The Water Horse
  • Author: Dick King-Smith
  • ISBN: 9780375842313
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • When eight year old Kirstie and her family go beachcombing near their home in Scotland, she finds something that looks like a giant fish egg, which is just too interesting to leave on the beach So she brings it home and sneaks it into the bathtub overnight The next morning, she is surprised to find that the egg has hatched, but the newborn is unlike anything anyone has sWhen eight year old Kirstie and her family go beachcombing near their home in Scotland, she finds something that looks like a giant fish egg, which is just too interesting to leave on the beach So she brings it home and sneaks it into the bathtub overnight The next morning, she is surprised to find that the egg has hatched, but the newborn is unlike anything anyone has seen before With its long neck, head like a horse, skin like a toad s, flippers like a turtle, and a tail like a crocodile, her brother Angus declares it a monster Grandfather knows better and tells them it s a kelpie, or what he calls a water horse The family keeps the baby and names it Crusoe But as Crusoe grows, he becomes a bigger and bigger problem, literally They are forced to find him a new home, away from people and boats They settle on a beautiful Loch, now known as Loch Ness From the author of beloved Babe comes the soon to be classic story of how, thanks to the love and kindness of the human family that raises him, the Loch Ness Monster found his home.

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    1. I read this book in one afternoon cuddled up with my 6 year old. At the end of chapter 3, she was so in love with the water horse she showered me with squeezy hugs and looked at me with adoring eyes. During the chapter when the water horse was being trained, her tender little heart broke. She cried through the chapter. We stopped to talk about the harshness she endured around a hot stove and crossing the street as a toddler yet it's the love that she remembers not the lessons. When the water hou [...]

    2. Listened to the first two chapters for free on Audible. Awh! Yes, I think this is a book old and young will love. The movie was sweet, the book has that extra flair.

    3. The characters were so lovable and I wish there had been more action, but it's understandable given the context.

    4. Genre: Fantasy Junior BookSummary: When Kirstie decides to take what looks like a giant mermaid’s purse up to her house to keep, she did not expect to hatch a water horse. With the help of her brother Angus, her grandfather Grumble, her mom and her dad, Kirstie works hard to feed and care for her new pet, Crusoe. Critique: a) Being a fantasy book means bringing in a magical aspect to the story. A fictional, mythical creature, a water horse, is one of the main characters in this book. The water [...]

    5. Dick King-Smith, best known for The Sheep-Pig, which became the movie Babe, delivers another winner with The Water Horse, set in Scotland in the 1930s. Young Kirstie discovers a sac-like object that she takes home and places in her water-filled bathtub. To the delight of Kirstie, her younger brother Angus and Kirstie’s grandfather (nicknamed Grumble), it hatches into a baby sea monster (called her a water-horse). The children’s mother’s less enthusiastic, but she grudgingly concedes to tak [...]

    6. Sweet children's book about a sister and brother in interwar Scotland who discover and raise a sea-monster. Sometimes there's nothing like a good kids' book as a palate cleanser.

    7. The Water Horse by Dick King-Smith is a children’s fantasy fiction book. The intended age group for this book is Intermediate. The book is about a brother and sister that discover an egg on the beach and hatch it in the bathtub. The grumpy grandfather finds joy in the creature and the family struggles to find a new, nearby home for the creature as it grows enormous within a short couple of years.I liked how they used many similes to describe the water horse because it broke down the parts of t [...]

    8. I read this with my daughter for her third grade book club. I liked the adventure and the love and care of the water horse by the main character children. It was fun that they call their Grandfather Grumbles because he does. I like how Grumbles is instantly on board with helping the children with the creature and how much he enjoys being involved. I like grumpy people with soft hearts. I identified with the busy mom who's husband is at sea for months at a time and doesn't want to deal with the w [...]

    9. I have loved the movie of The Water Horse from the first time I saw it. I finally got around to listening to the children's book that inspired it. I would say that only about 5% to 10% of the movie comes from the book. There are far more differences than similarities. But that isn't to say I didn't enjoy the book. It's a quick read/listen but still entertaining. I have given the book 4 stars, trying to think like a child. For an adult, I suppose it would be 3 stars, but only because adults are n [...]

    10. My kids really enjoyed this book about how the Loch Ness monster ended up in Loch Ness. The water horse is a gentle giant and the conflicts in this story are extremely mild. Not really much action at all, but it held the interest of my 7 1/2 and 5 year olds very well. I liked the descriptions of the Scottish countryside - and the grandfather was by far the most developed character. The other characters (even the main children) seemed very one dimensional to me, but i don't think that King-Smith [...]

    11. An adorable book about a scottish family who find a water horse. I love scottish things, I love the Loch Ness Monster, I loved this book

    12. This is one of those rare times when the book and the movie are both worth the time, and different beasties from one another.

    13. I liked it. It was an interesting little book can't complain some parts made me laugh though. But other then that it wasn't that bad for a kid book lol. >>> listen to it on audible

    14. Not sure how to rate a full-on children's book, as I haven't read many since I aged out of them, but this one was really sweet, fun and enjoyable. Can't wait to share it with a niece or nephew.

    15. This book is an exciting tale of a sea creature. It all starts with a girl named Kirstie. When she was walking on the loch's bay she saw something that reminded her of a mermaids purse. She and her brother took the mermaids purse in to there house and put it in there bathtub. Through out the night the thing hatch in to a creature. In the morning the kids measured it and it was about 2 feet long. With in 2 days it had a name, Crusoe , and grew 5 more feet. The kids where able to pick it up and pu [...]

    16. When Kirstie and her little brother Angus discover a strange egg, they take it home to see if it will hatch. What they discover is something extraordinary - a water horse.With the help of their family, the two children name the water horse Crusoe and keep him. It isn't long until Crusoe is growing bigger and bigger and at more risk of being noticed.Can they keep the water horse safe or will he be discovered?I decided to purchase the audio book of this novel for the simple reason that it was narr [...]

    17. I finished this last night. I started it about 3 days ago and never got around to finishing it because I was kind of disheartened that I didn't have The Stray by DKS, too. But after Jeralyn bought it, I guess it kind of motivated me to finish this book. And finish this book, I did!03-02-11, 11:52PM--Aww. The Water Horse is such a nice story. I thought, while going into it, that it would be a boring story (hell, I even slept a while ago while reading it), but after reading it Gosh! So nice!It's a [...]

    18. another clear winner from King-Smith. I love reading his books aloud. His dialog is so natural and the stories are full of humor and humanity. He reminds me a bit of E.B. White. This story is about a brother & sister who find a "mermaid's purse" on the beach, take it home, and put it in the bathtub. But what hatches out is anything but a dogfish! Their grandfather, Grumble, is delighted and they spend the next couple of years caring for and protecting their water horse. The best character is [...]

    19. This book wins the prize for shortest period of time between me watching the movie and finishing the book. I watched the movie on a flight between Jo’burg and London, and noticed it was based on a book by Dick King-Smith, one of my favorite authors when I was a kid. The movie ended, the plane landed, and a couple of hours later, I came across the book while browsing in a W.H. Smith in Heathrow. As it was under 100 pages long, I proceeded to read it right there in the children’s book aisle.I [...]

    20. I had some much beloved audiotapes as a youngster, so when this popped up as a daily deal, I asked my daughter if she might be interested in it. She said sure, so I purchased it and set it aside until I had to drive her and and her cousin 3 hours back from Girl Scout camp. You would have never known that the car had two rambunctious elementary school girls just off an exciting trip because they were raptly silent for the duration of the book. Well, silent except for the pained protests against C [...]

    21. The name of the book I am reading is THE WATER HORSE by DICK KING - SMITH.The book is about these kids who find some sort of egg and the take it back with them. It ends up hatching and the kids have to keep move it because ,how big it keeps getting. The genre of the book is fiction because of all the names, characters, places and incidents are all from the author’s imagination. One interesting character from the book is the water horse because it makes you wonder what it is , this is because t [...]

    22. 2.5 stars, rounded up mainly just because the idea of a baby Loch Ness monster is so cute. Where do I get one?I have vague memories of seeing the movie for this years ago, but I remember so little that it could have just been the trailer. Anyway, I knew the basic concept - child finds egg, egg hatches, creature emerges, fun ensues. I hate to say it, but despite that premise, I found a lot of the book boring. I know this is meant for rather young children, but even so, I didn't think the plot wou [...]

    23. This story was pretty captivating for my two boys as I read it to them. It does not have much adventure or mystery - but is a cute tale about the way two young kids and their Grandpa care for this water creature that hatches out of an egg and grows into a huge water monster. The character development was good. The main boy was a five year old, so we had fun comparing him to my son as we read. My kids loved the pictures here and there throughout the book that helped them more vividly imagine this [...]

    24. -A cute story-A great tale of a water horse being found unhatched and how the family who found it became closer. Grumble learned to smile again, the children learned great responsibly and grew as Crusoe did.-Definitely a bit of whimsy and fantasy, it tells of a boy’s care and devotion to a one of a kind, rapidly growing creature. It also describes a warm family relationship in a harsh environment- A great story about Loch Ness, an interpretation of what people might be seeing or hope to see wh [...]

    25. The big kid and I read this one together, and I had not read it before, so it was new to both of us. We had such fun with it. Angus truly cracked us up- with his sailor phrases and his constant hunger, we were always happy when he contributed to the conversation! This was so sweetly written, and it provided for some nice geography lessons as we looked at maps of Scotland in our atlas. We also tooled around on Google looking at 'photos' of the Loch Ness Monster. My 7-year-old son is struggling wi [...]

    26. I loved this book! Written by the author of 'Babe the Pig', this book takes a look at a Scottish family who finds a strange object that turns out to be the egg of a kelpie - or, Water Horse. They raise the not-so-mythical beast, while trying to keep it's existance a secret. Blending modern urban legend with fiction, this is a great book that poses a 'what-if' scenario for one of today's greatest mysteries. The movie is coming out soon, so I recommend reading this first if you're interested in se [...]

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