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  1. This graphic novelization of Shakespeare's most famous -- but maybe not his best -- play absolutely stunned me. I've already read the play twice and seen I-don't-know-how-many recreations on stage, in film, and on television, and so I confess my expectations for this newer interpretation were quite low. What fresh air could a graphic novel possibly breathe into a story so common it's become a cliche? You'll be surprised. Or at least I was. For one thing, the artwork is fabulous: beautiful, inven [...]

  2. This graphic novel version of Romeo and Juliet is wonderful. Because it depicts the tale by combining shakespeare's language with modern day english, it is easy for students to understand. By using this text, students will be able to grasp the storyline of Romeo and Juliet in its play form through pictures. When reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in Middle School, it is important to choose a text that they will be able to understand. Because Shakespeare's original language is incredibly conf [...]

  3. Not the biggest fan, though I've only read one of the No Fear Shakespeare's. It literally has nothing to do with the illustrations or fact that they did it. I guess once you go Shakespeare you can never go back. As an English teacher, the value is apparent as the words are amended to be understandable to anyone, but as I read it, it felt stiff, blatant, and un-Shakespeare-like. Yes, I know that that is the point, which is why it was okay. It does its job. However, it's not something that provide [...]

  4. This book is great for students who really cannot understand Shakespeare, but you still need to teach the play. This would be a great introduction to Shakespeare to younger students who don't really need to read the play in the original text. It's also great because it is a graphic novel so students will be intrigued by it.Gallagher's whose to blame strategy goes great with this play because it gets them thinking because it is not straight forward. The students have to explain why they think peo [...]

  5. this book was a very slow read and wasn't very eventful. although the humor in the book was what brought up my rating.

  6. it was a slow read but a good one. if you are a good reader i would recommend this it will be a challenge but it as a good ending.

  7. um this book was good but stupid at the same time. because i know like people fall in love but who kills themselves for each other it could have ended another way without so many people dying but other than the stupid horrible cruel ending it was a good book

  8. This takes place in ancient Verona, during a huge grudge held between two families, the Montagues and the Capulets. Juliet, a Capulet,and Romeo, a Montague, fall in love with each other at the Capulet ball that the family has for Juliet's upcoming.Romeo is still sprung over Rosaline, Juliet's cousin, because Rosaline doesn't want to give up her virginity to Romeo and doesn't like him back. Romeo's depression aggravates his cousin Benvolio. when both hear about the ball and see Rosaline's name on [...]

  9. What was I thinking?I have never enjoyed R&J. Thought everything about it was overrated and dull. So, seeing Ala Great Stories talk about it, made me want to pick it up and try again. Why do I listen to other people?I got about twenty pages in and remembered why I disliked this so much. Romeo is such a crybaby and ruins anything about love. What I actually liked about this (oh don't act so shocked) was it's in a form that kids can connect with and it's in modern english. I find it would be a [...]

  10. A friend of a friend of mine drew this comic book version of Romeo and Juliet, and he's very talented, so I'm excited about reading it.

  11. Spoiler Alert: They die at the end.I am not a fan of Shakespeare. I bought this book for my son in high school in case he reads the play and doesn't fully grasp what was going on. I decided to read it myself and it was fine. There were a lot of sexual innuendos, which I thought was funny. But good grief, the "love" was just ridiculous. Insta-love galore. Romeo is whining about how much he loves Rosaline, which from what I can tell is just based on her looks. Then he sees Juliet and Rosaline is q [...]

  12. As a high school teacher, this is the best abridgment of a curricular text I've seen. It is really helping my students understand the play - and is also leading to a much greater appreciation of and engagement with Shakespeare as well. I will definitely teach this text again.As a reader, I thought Wiegle's illustrations were brilliant, but I often got irritated with the choices made by the SparkNotes editors when it came to modifying the language. Some of the most enduring lines from the origina [...]

  13. I really like that students do not get caught up in the Shakespearean language becasue they can look at the other side of the page and see it translated into modern day English. Who doesn't like Romeo and Juliet?

  14. Awesome graphics and I love the modern Shakespeare translation. It was so cool to read the actual play and then read this modern-day text version!

  15. In the beginning, I was on the fence about it but I ended up loving it! It's amazing! 10/10 would recommend

  16. its was pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  17. R & J in plain English in comic book format. Great for those who are not comfortable with Shakespearean English.

  18. Romeo and Juliet was so good. I read this book, but not the graphic novel. I loved it just as much as Macbeth.

  19. A decir verdad 3,5 estrellas. El libro es bueno en sí y la ilustración también pero como ya conocía la historia se me hizo un poco pesada de leer. El inglés es muy básico, así que si apenas estás comenzando a leer en ingles, este cómics es para ti. Aún no supero la muerte de estos dos personajes y cómo en dos días su amor se tornó tan loco.

  20. This is my first graphic novel, if it can rightly be called that? (Since it was the story of Romeo and Juliet? Not an original story?) Whatever you want to call it, I really enjoyed it. At first, I had a hard time figuring out who the characters LOOKED like, since I am used to novels/plays where it always just tells me who is talking, and I don't ever have to think about what the character looks like.This is a novel I want to use in class to help students get a better grasp of the play. Although [...]

  21. This graphic novel is perfect all around. The dialogue is written in modern day translation, and being able to visually watch and read a revered work such as this enhances the process of living in the story. Matt Wiegle’s black and white drawings are alive, his brush strokes are enthusiastic and angular, yet there is a rawness to the art. The texture in detailing and style is a wonderful fit for how Romeo and Juliet is urgent. The stakes are high. Impending doom and high risk echo in the frame [...]

  22. Random thoughts on in no particular order: ~ reading this made me want to watch the Baz Luhrmann film version again.~ I had NO IDEA how much a naughty varlet Shakespeare had been; somehow I had missed many of the dirty references in my many readings of this play--reading this graphic novel helped clear that up! While the author didn't come out and tell you word for word what Shakespeare was saying every single time, I got a much fuller understanding. Yep. While I knew that he had written for the [...]

  23. The book romeo and Juliet really did touch my heart. it was pro-bely the only cartoon novel that was romantic 90% of the time. Threw out the book i realized that true love lies with in a persons heart then the person situation and a little bit of fate.One reason i thought that my learning was true was that when romeo went to the party and found out that was the datauter of the war starter he did not care what so ever because he knew that he had to follow his heart.Another reason is the last scan [...]

  24. This is the same stories of Shakespeare's graphic one, but written in modern form. I think I like this one better, because this one moderize the words so it's easier for the teenagers to read. One similarity between these two books is they are the same story, and same characters. One difference between them is they are written in different forms. Romeo and Juliet is the wonderful story because no matter how much times had gone, the forbidden love between Romeo and Juliet always infect the people [...]

  25. I read this in my spare time in the library. In my opinion it was a pretty good read despite the dick jokes, early marriages, and melodrama in general. Through the dialogues some of the characters would give me astute observations of life, and the poetry was able to entertain me during my read. I'd say that a graphic novel like this would be a good break off from all those 300 page books. It'll help familiarize yourself with one of the classics too.If there are any problems I have with the novel [...]

  26. I won't be giving this title an official rating. It is a good adaptation of Shakespeare's play. The sequential art is all well done but I still hated it through no fault of Matt Wiegle and the No Fear Shakespeare team. I hated this story when I was first forced to read it at the age of 14 with the idea that our freshman class could identify with a story about teens our age. nope. I remember thinking the whole time "what a bunch of dumb-asses fighting and killing themselves over a boy/girl" and [...]

  27. This is a straight-up, b/w graphic novel retelling of the original play, with characters drawn in period dress. The language has been slightly modernized to make it more comprehensible; although the characters say the lines in the same places as the play, the writer has modernized the verbs (doth=does, i.e.) and altered the sentence structure to something less poetic but more comprehensible. The scenes and characters are clearly drawn so it's easy to understand where they are and what's happenin [...]

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