One thought on “The Enemy Within”

  1. Oh, the long, tedious backstory that bogs down the first 8 pages — after the prophecy (badly written) that begins the book…I tried to read this. I really did. I got through less than 5% of the novel before I had to stop. Nothing happens. I would never require a story to open with some sort of over-the-top, violence-and-explosions action sequence, but I do expect something to be going on in a story: action, character development, an interesting view of the setting…The thing is, though, tech [...]

  2. This fantasy/thriller is a masterpiece of intricate weaving. The author is an expert at using characters to portray anger, plotting, and physical strength. I enjoyed the genre of mystery written as a fantasy. The author's characterization is great. This book is a fast read. The reader should be prepared to turn the pages quickly. A fascinating read!

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