Pocahontas,: Brave Girl

Pocahontas Brave Girl Bobbs Merrill Childhood of Famous Americans Series Hard Cover

  • Title: Pocahontas,: Brave Girl
  • Author: Flora Warren Seymour William Moyer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bobbs Merrill,1961 Childhood of Famous Americans Series Hard Cover.

    One thought on “Pocahontas,: Brave Girl”

    1. Pocahontas was a young girl who was interested in the pale faces that were coming into the Indian's land. After one was captured, John Smith, Pocahontas saved him by adopting him. The new settlers and the Indians remained friends because of Pocahontas and John Smiths relationship. John was injured and her father planned on ruining all the work of the people of Jamestown. Pocahontas worked with a tobacco farmer, John Rolfe, they were married. They had one son. Pocahontas' friend Chonco was told t [...]

    2. This book was a very good book. It was very intresting too. It helped me learn more about the history of the palefaces, Pocahontas, and a lot more! It went right along with what we had just learned in socail studies, so i knew a little bit about it already. This book was a little older then the books i usually read but it was very good! This book was nothing like the movie. It had the same guidelines but the book was way better then the movie. If you like history and really good, cool, fun stori [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book when I was a child because I loved biographies of historical figures, particularly American Indians. I have given the book a low rating because it includes the myth of Pocahontas saving the life of John Smith. Historians are certain that Smith invented that story.

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