The Healing Art

The Healing Art Kaasaegse inglise kirjaniku aastal ilmunud romaan r gib armastusest v i igupoolest selle l hiajalisusest ja surmast mis oma m stilise v ega v ib petada elama

  • Title: The Healing Art
  • Author: A.N. Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780140061222
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kaasaegse inglise kirjaniku 1980 aastal ilmunud romaan r gib armastusest, v i igupoolest selle l hiajalisusest, ja surmast, mis oma m stilise v ega v ib petada elama

    One thought on “The Healing Art”

    1. The Healing Art - one of A N Wilson's earlier novels - is set in the the early days of breast cancer chemotherapy. Yet the title is surely a joke, for there is little of healing (though something of art). For the main themes of the book are the three taboos of dinner table discussion; sex, religion and death (the ban on politics long abandoned with the curse of the celebrity politician), meaning this extraordinary novel is a most unlikely soirée conversation topic. The constant undercurrent of [...]

    2. Funny , well written story with well developed male and female characters themes are the limitations of medical therapy, death, love , friendship, lust, homosexuality and meaningful communication. I did not like the ending. unhappy and unfair ending.

    3. Competent, lively ensemble of characters, stuff happensHowever the titular theme seems to have got lost and the central plot device seems to have been betrayed a little early. There's much to enjoy still and many droll moments and I'd still recommended this as a diverging comedy with dark hues, not especially pitch - black, more cruel and clever in a guilty, enjoyable way, quintessentially Wilson. I expect to read more.

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