Strangers on the Camino

Strangers on the Camino A fascinating and entertaining account of a trek along Spain s ancient pilgrim trail the five hundred mile long Camino de Santiago Replete with interesting snippets and anecdotes about the rich ethnic

  • Title: Strangers on the Camino
  • Author: Sanjiva Wijesinha
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A fascinating and entertaining account of a trek along Spain s ancient pilgrim trail the five hundred mile long Camino de Santiago Replete with interesting snippets and anecdotes about the rich ethnic, cultural, military and religious history of Spain, Strangers on The Camino is no ordinary travelogue but a very readable book that gives the reader a meticulous insightA fascinating and entertaining account of a trek along Spain s ancient pilgrim trail the five hundred mile long Camino de Santiago Replete with interesting snippets and anecdotes about the rich ethnic, cultural, military and religious history of Spain, Strangers on The Camino is no ordinary travelogue but a very readable book that gives the reader a meticulous insight and perspective of a challenging journey by a father and son along the Camino Strangers on the Camino will be of interest and of use to those who are thinking of setting off on their own Camino The detailed descriptions of The Way and of the refugios and other accommodation which Sanjiva and his son Shivantha used give a real sense of what it is like to make a six week journey by foot over a five hundred mile trail that traverses the mountains, mesetas and mists of Spain.

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    1. I was very lucky to be supplied a copy of this book from the author Sanjiva Wijesinha so i would like to give him a very big thankyou and i found that he was a very pleasant man to deal with. I enjoyed reading "Strangers on the Camino" and i thought that the title was very intriguing so i couldn't wait to get reading. The story is about Sanjiva and his son's incredible journey to walk 800 kilometres along the Camino. The author has written about their journey, in such a way, that you really feel [...]

    2. Strangers on the Camino: A Father, a Son – and a Holy Trail, is Sanjiva Wijesinha’s account of the journey made by him and his son along the Camino de Santiago during spring 2011. Structured as a timeline of their journey, the book explores why he decided to walk the Camino, details his day-by-day experiences and ends with his thoughts about the journey and the lessons learned. But this book is far from being a simple travel log.Anyone who has walked the Camino understands that it is an expe [...]

    3. Very enjoyable book. I walked part of the Camino with my own son in 2013 so understand the feelings the author talks about. Thoroughly enjoyed following his footsteps along familiar trails although his discription of the trail from Acebo to Molinaseca was a bit understated to say the least. It is not the pleasant walk he describes in a short paragraph. Some of the downhill sections here are steep and treacherous. But that aside, he has awakened a desire in me to go back again. He is a bit scepti [...]

    4. Dr. Sanjiva Wijesinha is a Sri Lanken physician who is currently practicing in Australia. He took 6 weeks off of his practice and University position to take a sabbatical as a pilgrim walking the Camino de Santiago with his son. The book is part journal, part travel guide and part philosophical musing. Sanjiva was in his early 60’s and his son was 30 when they walked their spiritual path as Father/Son and ultimately best friends. It is fun to hear the Camino described from the mindset of a phy [...]

    5. Review of Strangers on the Camino published on August 1st 2014 in Oxford Today:Strangers on the Camino is by Sanjiva Wijesinha, a Sri Lankan, Oxonian physician based at an Australian University. He takes time, with his adult son, to walk the 800km long Catholic pilgrim trail in Northern Spain, and Strangers is the diary and account. It grew on me for its utter lack of pretension and because here is a modern physician viewing Catholicism via a residual, inherited Buddhism. By merely recounting th [...]

    6. 'Strangers on the Camino' is no ordinary travelogue. Yes, it is a fascinating, entertaining account of a trek along the 800km Camino de Santiago Trail, starting in France and stretching across Spain to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela where the relics of the apostle Saint James are supposedly interred. And yes, the book is replete with interesting snippets and anecdotes about the rich cultural, racial, military and religious history of Spain – not forgetting the region’s natural beaut [...]

    7. I read this book at the recommendation of my dad. For a relatively slim book (just over 150 pages), this account covers an immense variety of topics: the practicalities of undertaking a long and challenging journey, the complexities of spirituality and religion, the history of the Camino pilgrim trail and the development of the author’s own relationship with his son.Dr Wijesinha’s writing style is clear and very readable, and at times vividly descriptive, such as his summary of the varying l [...]

    8. I received'Strangers on The Camino' through 'Firstreads' over two years ago so firstly I would like to apologise to the author for taking so long to read and review his book.Sanjiva Wijesinha's account of the 800km pilgrimage with his son Shivantha to the shrine of Santiago de Compostela is incredibly moving to read.As a reader of mostly fictitious book genres I found it refreshing to learn about 'The Camino' and watch a father and son's relationship deepen as they got closer and closer to 'The [...]

    9. I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! :-) Of the many interesting books Sanjiva has written over the years, "Strangers on the Camino" is a "best". It moved me; often to tears other times to outbursts of appreciative laughter! I am greatly impressed by (a) the breadth of knowledge displayed in such an uncontrived style; (b) by the manner in which Sanjiva has presented his readers a 'treatise' which is at once a "guidebook"; an "all you ever wanted to know about the Camino"; a "lexicon" (WOW!!); a study of hum [...]

    10. Pilgrims have walked the Camino de Santiago for centuries. This account by a busy Melbourne physician Sanjiva Wijesinha of his decision to take time off to follow the ancient trail sacred to Catholics across northern Spain with his adult son, taps into many deep-rooted compulsions as to why people of different faiths and backgrounds (he is a non-Catholic and Sri Lankan by birth) embark on this arduous yet uplifting journey. Eminently readable, told in Wijesinha’s frank and engaging style, this [...]

    11. A charming account of a father from Australia and his adult son from New York meeting to undertake an 800 km pilgrimage, mostly on foot, across northern Spain. Although there were clearly some days of substantial walking for which the father was well trained and prepared, one gains the impression of a leisurely journey during which the obvious affection between father and son matures to one of brotherly love. This was in fact observed by one of the many fellow pilgrims with whom they formed easy [...]

    12. I spotted this book at the airport bookshop in Sri Lanka and what caught my attention was the cover picture with one brown angel among three white angels. I am glad I bought it - it kept me absorbed on my flight from Colombo to Turkey!!! The writer tells us the story of his journey walking on the Camino of Saint James in a very readable style. He also tells us about the history of this famous trail of pilgrimage as well as his personal philosophy and the lessons he learned along the way. In betw [...]

    13. This is a very readable book, which I will gladly recommend to anybody who is planning to make their own pilgrimage along the Camino of St. James.Dr Wijesinha provides a comprehensive account of the journey that he and his son made, the planning behind it and the sights they encountered along their walk; he also provides a very interesting account of the history of this ancient Way and the myths and stories around it.Add to this the story of the relationship of father and son as they got to know [...]

    14. This is a well researched account of The Way of Saint James or the Camino de Santiago. The writer who is a sixty two year old doctor walked the whole way with his thirty year old son which is not a mean feat. He describes their journey as a day by day account but he also reflects along the Way about their journey and their relationship. He takes time to describe the history of Spain and he muses about religion and philosophy.His Twelve Camino Lessons at the end of the book, a distillation of wha [...]

    15. Sanjiva Wijesinha, a writer of repute with a flair for outdoor life and hiking has given a meticulous insight to any prospective Stranger on the Camino.This book depicts a relationship between Father and Son worthy of emulation.An inspirational book on challenge and understanding”.

    16. Disclaimer: I recieved this book awhile ago as a competition to give a honest review about this book.Stranger's on the Camino is about a journey of both a father and son. It's a really good and touching story and I love all the work that the author put into this book. A interesting story and great read.

    17. A delightful and insightful read – highly recommendedThis short book by Sri Lankan expat and ex-soldier, now a medical doctor in Australia, tells the story of walking the Camino de Santiago with his adult son, Shivantha, surely two of the few Sri Lankans to have ever walked the Camino. His Lessons Learned resonate with me, as I learned many of the same lessons on the same cross-Spain walk.

    18. This is a lovely book that not only describes the author's journey along the pilgrim trail called the Camino of santiago, but also explores the loving relationship between the father and the son as they make the journey together.I recommend this book very highly to all parents of adult children.

    19. I picked up this Camino book after staying away from Camino books for awhile after walking Camino from Leon to Santiago spring 2015. I was hoping to be inspired to walk it again. I found the book to be just another adventure book without any spiritual base. It talks of the friendships, food, and of course the many bottles of wine consumed while on the Camino. I would have given it at least a 4 star rating except the author in many ways has the opinion that spiritual things such as the Eucharisti [...]

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