Der Planet der Affen

Der Planet der Affen Astronauten von der Erde landen auf einem femden Planeten auf dem die Evolution zu einer v llig aberwitzigen Gesellschaftsordnung gef hrt hat Denn Affen Schimpansen Gorillas und Orang Utans herrsche

  • Title: Der Planet der Affen
  • Author: Pierre Boulle
  • ISBN: 9783453197855
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Astronauten von der Erde landen auf einem femden Planeten, auf dem die Evolution zu einer v llig aberwitzigen Gesellschaftsordnung gef hrt hat Denn Affen Schimpansen, Gorillas und Orang Utans herrschen ber diese Welt, w hrend die primitiven Menschen als Sklaven und wissenschaftliche Versuchsobjekte dienen Bald geraten die Neuank mmlinge ebenfalls in Gefangeschaft, uAstronauten von der Erde landen auf einem femden Planeten, auf dem die Evolution zu einer v llig aberwitzigen Gesellschaftsordnung gef hrt hat Denn Affen Schimpansen, Gorillas und Orang Utans herrschen ber diese Welt, w hrend die primitiven Menschen als Sklaven und wissenschaftliche Versuchsobjekte dienen Bald geraten die Neuank mmlinge ebenfalls in Gefangeschaft, und der einzige Ausweg besteht darin, sich den Affen als intelligente Wesen zu erkennen zu geben Doch das hat katastrophale Folgen.

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    1. I think Pierre Boulle’s novel Planet of the Apes is a social fantasy, an allegory for revealing our civilization as blindly mimicking our past, as “aping” the good and bad of what has come before. It is a statement against complacency, a warning that history will repeat itself if we are not eternally vigilant. The novel may also be read as a cautionary illustration of our relationship with our environment and the animals with which we share the Earth.Or it’s a fun science fiction book ab [...]

    2. French writer Pierre Boulle (1912-1994) made use of his experience as a soldier in WWII in depicting the relationship of apes and men in this 1963 book, Planet of the Apes. While stationed in Indochina in 1943, he was captured by Vichy France loyalists on the Mekong River and was subjected to severe hardship and forced labour. The way the loyalists treated him and his fellow Gaulle and resistance supporters inspired Boulle to write this novel.This book was highly praised and was given such revie [...]

    3. Esse livro é legal demais!Uma história rápida e muito gostosa de ler que, como toda ficção científica boa, faz a gente pensar o tempo inteiro no que tá acontecendo no nosso mundinho aqui, onde ainda não temos naves espaciais populares e viagens intergalácticas incríveis. O livro se apega muito pouco na parte científica e não explica quase nada. E eu AMO quando isso acontece, porque sobre muito mais tempo para conhecer os personagens e seus conflitos. E eu prefiro conflitos do que des [...]

    4. Kitabın bir çok filmi çekilmiş olduğu için konusunu neredeyse bilmeyen yoktur. 2001 yılı yapımı olan Maymunlar Gezegenini izlemiştim ve şaşırtıcı bir sonla karşılaşacağımı biliyordum. Ancak kitap bir darbeyle yetinmemiş ve ikinci darbeyi vurmuş. Kitabın sonu adamın beynini yakıyor, hemde iki kere Okuduktan sonra keşke filmini izlemeseydim beynim daha güzel yansaydı demedim değil. :) Sonuç olarak ters-psikoloji ile yazılmış, insana bazı şeyleri sorgulatan tam [...]

    5. Planet of the Apes is shocking and eye-opening, a classic sci-fi novel that everyone should read. The themes within it are certainly worth it.

    6. Caution: Vague Spoilers AheadI don't really think that I can do this book justice in my review. I thought that it was brilliant. I know that I have seen the movie long ago, and remember the big reveal at the end and Charlton yelling about damning everyone all to hell, but I don't remember much more than that. I'll have to watch the movie again.I really loved the subtle cautionary tale running throughout the story. Maybe it's just my feminist liberal bleeding heart whispering to me, but I feel th [...]

    7. "Almost all the great discoveries," she stated vehemently, "have been made by chimpanzees."Experimentation is needed for all great discoveries, and what would a chimpanzee use as a lab animal? Why, a human, of course! Oh, those damn dirty apes!Despite Charleton Heston's scenery-chewing, I've always loved Planet of the Apes, the movie. The book? Well, it gets off to an awkward start. The writing is clunky, and the plot, so improbable - (view spoiler)[A couple is "sailing" in space when they come [...]

    8. Originally written in 1963 by the same author who brought us The Bridge Over the River Kwai, this book will most likely be remembered for the many movies that were based on it's premise of a world where the roles of apes and men are reversed. Originally written in French, the main character in the novel is Ulysse Mérou: A journalist who took part in the space expedition that lands on Soror, a planet orbiting the star Betelgeuse. There is some argument as to whether the book can be considered sc [...]

    9. So in fourth grade we had an assignment to write our favorite author. Being a dork, I went for Pierre Boulle because he had written the only book I knew of that let you put on a gorilla mask and run around like you'd taken over the world. Imagine my surprise when one day a letter from Paris arrived in the mail from none other than the very tolerant Mr. Boulle (then about sixty), who answered such probing questions as "Why are Jinn and Phyllis not in the movie?" (There's an opening narrative fram [...]

    10. Kitabından çok filmiyle ünlü olan meşhur "Maymunlar Gezegeni / Planet of the Apes / La planète des singes" eserini okuduktan sonra bu durumun neden böyle olduğunu anlamak hiç de zor değil. Fransız yazar Pierre Boulle hayran olunası bir hikaye yaratmış. Evet, kitabın sonu filmdeki gibi sürprizi içermiyor belki ama yine okuyucuyu çok şaşırtacak bir sürpriz var ve de kitabın sonunu aratmıyor. Maymunlar Gezegeni’yle insanlık alegorisine imza atan Boulle’nin yarattığı [...]

    11. The original Planet of the Apes novel is a seriously clunky story. It is bookended by a kooky couple in space who find a message in a bottle (view spoiler)[psst they turn out to be Chimps (hide spoiler)], Ulysse Mérou stands in as a more pedantic Taylor who gets to knock up Nova before they with their child, and the Ape society is more developed, which makes it less effective in creating that Planet of the Apes vibe.If it weren't for the movie with its killer Rod Serling script and the awesome [...]

    12. “Planet of the Apes” is one of those books that’s hard to approach without bringing along the baggage of the original 60s film adaptation or the less-than-successful remake a few years ago. The original film is such a part of our pop-culture concsiousness that it’s almost impossible to separate it from what we have here.This is one of those books that is what it is–no more, no less. I could spend several paragraphs detailing the differences between the movie and the book, but that woul [...]

    13. The original from which the done-to-death "Planet of the Apes" series originated. An enjoyable book about mankind on the wrong side of the bars in the zoo, with apes on the other side.

    14. 4.49 stars, so rounded down to 4. I would not have said this was a translation (not that I think my French is now good enough to read this in its native language) as it flowed so well. I have seen a number of film versions both old and new so knew roughly what to expect story wise, but I was not expecting the tenderness and emotion. You get odd hints through out that it is not a new book, it has Mid 20th century aspects, but despite this the SciFi is still good, as you would expect from the "Gol [...]

    15. Je n’avais pas plus de dix ans quand j’ai lu mon dernier livre de science fiction, Niourk, de Stefen Wul, une histoire post apocalyptique en Amérique du nord. Et puis plus rien, depuis vingt-cinq ans, par manque d’intérêt, jusqu’à cette Planète des Singes, sur une suggestion d'une camarade de . L’auteur, Pierre Boulle(1912-1994), est un français qui a passé une partie de sa jeunesse en Asie, et s’est battu contre l’armée impériale japonaise lors de la dernière guerre, ava [...]

    16. الرواية تم تجسيدها في فيلم بعنوان planet of the apes الرواية تطرح فرضية ماذا لو استُبدل الإنسان على الكوكب بكائنات أخرى عاقلة تسيطر عليه وتُخضعه لمشيئتها إذ أن تبادل الأدوار قد يتيح لنا رؤية الحياة بمنظور مختلفالصحفي "أوليس ميرو" رافق الشاب "آرثر لوفان" و العالم البروفيسور "أنتل" في [...]

    17. Interlibrary loan courtesy of the Everett Public Library, Everett, WAThis is the book that launched the Planet of the Apes movies, television, etc. It inspired that incredible scene with Charlton Heston: "YOU DID IT! YOU FINALLY DID IT!"But this book rather than being a campy, dated 60s piece of sci-fi, is much more elegant than that. It is a cautionary tale and a criticism of how we treat our own world, our own society. I had read this once before, I think, just after high school - I found a co [...]

    18. The whole time I was reading the book, I was thinking to myself: "Oh, I know how this is going to end." I was on the very last page, having a smug "yeah-I-knew-it-you-cannot-surprise-me" smirk on my faceUp until I read the last paragraph. Mind. BLOWN! Smooth move, Mr Boulle.

    19. Premetto che vidi solo il primo film del 1968 (molto bello). Ho sempre evitato di vedere gli altri finché non avessi letto il libro.Ho iniziato la lettura con i dubbi tipici di quando si affronta un libro di cui si è già visto il film, dato che (inevitabilmente) la trama già la si conosce. In effetti così è stato, ma il libro è diverso sotto vari aspetti e in qualche modo è complementare al film. L'autore utilizza il capovolgimento del ruolo uomo-scimmia in modo intelligente, con obietti [...]

    20. "Nos han quitado las trompetas, los tambores y los uniformes; también, seguramente, las armas No, no tienen armas. ¡Oh, humillación cruel, injuria suprema! He aquí su ejército que llega y no lleva otras armas que látigos"La novela tiene una trama muy interesante, el astronauta Ulises Mérou (en las películas es reemplazado descaradamente con uno estadounidense), francés junto con dos estudiosos más y un mono llegan en el año 2500 a un planeta (Soror) cerca a la estrella Betelgeuse, don [...]

    21. Que leitura agradável! A história flui de uma forma bem interessante, muito embora tenha estranhado algumas escolhas do autor, como o ofício do protagonista (que é jornalista, mas acredito que uma carreira científica serviria melhor, vez que seus relatos e análises ficam um tanto quanto destoantes de uma pessoa real, sendo muito precisas e profundas, dignas de uma pessoa que possui grande familiaridade com o método científico). Os conceitos são bem desenvolvidos, a forma como o autor in [...]

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I'm quite familiar with the classic film adaptation of it, but this was my first time to read the original text, and I was delighted and fascinated by the differences between the two, small and large, from the introductory framing of the story (in the novel, as a space-faring couple's discovery of a "message in a bottle" floating through space) to the "big reveal" of its great twist. The dystopian elements of the tale are chilling and still quite timely. I partic [...]

    23. I read this years ago.about the time of the Heston film. I liked the opening and the little twist he (tried to) give it but all in all the book wasn't all that great I thought.By the way there are differences in the book and the movie, a surprise, right?I don't know what it is/was that left me cold on this one. I'd rate it 1.5 if could, but I can't and to rate it actually a 1 would rank it with some books I've found really detestable, so 2 even though I really am not that found of the book. In f [...]

    24. Son derece çarpıcı, bir solukta biten bir bilim kurgu eseri. Filminden de oldukça etkilenmiştim ancak kitaba karşı olan beğenim açık ara önde oldu. Son sayfaları soluksuz okudum diyebilirim. Hele ki finali, muhteşem. Kitabın önsözünde İnsanlardan Tanrılara Homo Sapiens'e olan atıflar da bence son derece yerinde olmuş. Başlangıçta var olan 6 türden, hayatta kalan ya biz olmasaydık senaryosunu çok etkileyici bir şekilde gözler önüne seriyor kitap. Tavsiye ederim.

    25. "Haklısın. Ben de senin gibi düşünüyorum Mantık kullanabilen insanlar mı? Zeki insanlar mı? Aklını kullanabilen insanlar mı? Hayır, bu mümkün değil; bu noktada yazar ne yazık ki maksadını aşıyor!"5/5🌟🌟🌟🌟Tek kelimeyle bayıldım! Okuduğum bilimkurgu klasikleri arasında şimdilik en başı çekiyor. Şunu belirtmeden geçemeyeceğim; bilimkurgu kitaplarını elime aldığımda hep bir kitaba alışma sürecim oluyor. Yani okumak için kendimi biraz bile olsa zorl [...]

    26. A couple Jinn and Phyllis, while taking a soothing vacation in Space , in the year A.D. 2500 , come upon an object outside their spaceship.Curious the pair retreats it.A message in a bottle is found! The manuscript is in the language of Earth,French !Jinn having been educated there, can read the papers.Written by Ulysse Merou and telling of an expedition from our world to the giant star Betelgeuse, 300 light years from Earth.The object is to explore planets suspected of orbiting that star.Along [...]

    27. The primary interest for me in this book was how so very different it was from either Heston's or Wahlberg's cinematic versions.Uncharacteristically for me, the 1968 movie version is the best of the three (usually the book wins hands down).

    28. Achei ótimo! Narrativa que flui super bem, críticas maravilhosas a tudo que acreditamos, fim sensacional. Só vou dar 4 estrelas porque já sabia o final por conta do filme e não consegui gostar muito do protagonista.

    29. I hate hate HATE epistolary novels. I hate sexist books. I hate books that don't follow their own internal logic/ rules. I hate this book.

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