max Max and Bob are old friends Max helps out in Bob s shop and in the evenings they go fishing together Until one summer when everything changes

  • Title: max
  • Author: Marc Martin
  • ISBN: 9780670077434
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Max and Bob are old friends Max helps out in Bob s shop, and in the evenings they go fishing together Until one summer, when everything changes.

    One thought on “max”

    1. Aww, this was really adorable, I loved Max, though I wished the illustrator had drawn eyes on Max, now it looked like he was permanently asleep. :D

    2. ‘This is Max. Max lives by the sea. You might have seen Max before. He’s a little bit cheeky, and a little bit mischievous. But mostly, he’s a very nice seagull. Oh, and he also likes Bob! Max and Bob are very old friends.’This story of friendship is both written and illustrated by Marc Martin, the winner of the 2013 Crichton Award for Australia’s best new illustrator. It is a warm and heartfelt story about the friendship of two unlikely characters, a seagull, and Bob the Fish and Chip [...]

    3. Thank you to Penguin Books Australia for this review copy!I enjoyed Max most for it's illustrations (not surprising), though the story told is sweet and amusing, too. I felt, however, that sometimes it was the illustrations that were leading the story, and I could have done without the words because the pictures were telling me the whole story and a little bit more, whereas the words didn't give me quite enough.

    4. 4.5 stars!I LOVE the illustrations in this they are stunning and have a very retro feel. Also thought the story was really sweet. I am a sucker for animal stories.

    5. A pretty basic, though sweet story. But the artwork! One of those books worth reading just for the artwork - it's stunning and different and filled with potential for conversations with young readers

    6. Our absolute favourite! The two year old, the five year old and me! The best illustrations and a charming, unassuming tale of friendship and being with the ones you love.

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