Star Trek: The Next Generation: Crossover

Star Trek The Next Generation Crossover Ambassador Spock continues his mission to unify the Romulan and Vulcan peoples but is captured by a Romulan spy Starfleet dispatches its best ship the U S S Enterprise TM D and its most respec

  • Title: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Crossover
  • Author: Michael Jan Friedman
  • ISBN: 9780671896768
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ambassador Spock continues his mission to unify the Romulan and Vulcan peoples, but is captured by a Romulan spy Starfleet dispatches its best ship, the U.S.S Enterprise TM 1701 D, and its most respected captain, Jean Luc Picard, to secure the release of the ambassador Ambassador McCoy, now over 140 years old, is also sent to assist in the negotiations But the situatAmbassador Spock continues his mission to unify the Romulan and Vulcan peoples, but is captured by a Romulan spy Starfleet dispatches its best ship, the U.S.S Enterprise TM 1701 D, and its most respected captain, Jean Luc Picard, to secure the release of the ambassador Ambassador McCoy, now over 140 years old, is also sent to assist in the negotiations But the situation becomes further complicated when another of Spock s former shipmates, Montgomery Scotty Scott confiscates an out of service starship and effects his own daring rescue of his friend.

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    1. Things can't get any better than this!!!THOSE WONDERFUL CROSSOVERS!I had the time of my life reading this exceptional Star Trek novel, back then in 1998.If the TV series production of Star Trek: The Next Generation would make at the time an adaptation of this to television, it could easily to be in the highest spots of preference by the fans. Crossovers always are a sweet treat to fans of any franchise where there are separate characters and/or spin-offs. When I was a kid, I knew that if in Six [...]

    2. I have only two words to say about this novel. However, I intend to bury those two words deep within a 1500 word rant about can openers and people that cross lanes when turning at an intersection. And actually, is that a thing people are supposed to be able to do? I mean, there are two lanes going one direction at an intersection. A person is turning left onto the two lane road at the same time that another person is directly opposite our left turning hero and is turning right onto the same two [...]

    3. I really did want this one to be better. But there's not enough going on to warrant a novel, the climax relies too heavily on a fire fight, and the classic characters are brought together because it was easy, not because it was relevant, necessary, or probable. Oh, and then there's the issue of making up a new race that apparently gets the Romulans scared alluvasudden? No. Try harder to be convincing, Friedman. Sorry. Kind of a frustrating story, on the whole.

    4. A rather silly novel, but somehow still a fun read. The story involves Scotty stealing a Constitution class starship to go rescue Spock who as been captured by the Romulans. Honestly, the most interesting and fun part somehow was Scotty getting the stolen ship up and running for a combat mission. I actually would have loved it if this chapter was expanded to the point were it was a third of the book. The part of the book where Scotty steals the ship, the USS Yorktown, was fun, but really ridicul [...]

    5. Recent events have turned me to some good old fashioned Star Trek literature. Comfort food along with a good, pulpy horror story but this is one I've never come across and I was sold right away when I cam across it in the library's catalogue. Spock is doing work for Unification on Romulus and is arrested with a bunch of other followers - somehow no one knows that Spock is actually among them. The Federation is, of course, concerned but not for probably the obvious reason. Top brass orders Captai [...]

    6. This will please any Star Trek fan especially since it combines three Classic characters--Spock, Scotty, and McCoy--with the Next Generation crew. I enjoyed Scotty role in the first half of the story as he engineered his way to getting an old star-ship space worthy in a new century. McCoy was not given a very good role in this story. Spock was good revealing more of the Vulcan way of logic compared to the combative Romulans. Picard was his usual self, but splitting the stage with all these chara [...]

    7. A fun, if forgettable, Star Trek novel that features the three TOS characters still alive in the TNG era — Spock, Scotty, and McCoy. Unfortunately, the three are not working together, so there's little teamwork involved. Further, McCoy is reduced to a cantankerous old coot, and much of Spock's drama is predicated on the notion that the Romulans have no photographic evidence by which to identify the Vulcan. Fortunately, Scotty is as ingenious and entertaining as always; the book is worth it alm [...]

    8. This book was so much fun. Being the first Star Trek book I've ever read, I wasn't sure what to expect, but this completely blew my mind! The Next Generation crew with some favorites from the Original Series, the melding of the two was perfect. And to return to Spock's efforts to reunify Vulcans and Romulans, handled so deftly in TNG, was fantastic. I've always been curious about Romulans, and to actually spend some time with them in this book was fantastic. I'm looking forward to reading more S [...]

    9. loved seeing scotty and mccoy and spock join up with the next gen characters the character of mccoy was well written he wanted to go in and get spock out whereas picard was thinking let's be a bit more cautious because if the romulans have got him the odds wont b in our favour if they have more ships very enjoyable novel from one of my favourite star trek authors. i also liked when admiral mccoy took command of the enterprise.

    10. A quaint little story with the feel of the old Star Trek but set in the world of the new. There are so many implausibilities and lantern-hangings that it can't really be taken seriously, but then that was always the charm of proper 1960s Star Trek.

    11. Until about halfway through the book I considered this novel a big disappointment. I chose it according to the GR ratings, and based on its leading characters, but I just found too much of it off, or downright annoying. Eventually, it started to slowly come together (as did the characters), and the final few chapters were downright joyous to read.Still, I had to suspend my believe and steel my nerves more than I expected to.So, the Romulans wouldn't know what the leader of the Unificationists lo [...]

    12. A very very Trek book, if I might say that, what with bringing together TOS and TNG for an adventure.While the story itself was fun, I felt that it was lacking a certain humane element, and characters who had things in common, or who could have interacted in interesting ways never found each other. Like, we're told McCoy knows Crusher well, but we never see them interact. McCoy is also a grumpy old fart here, and somehow I don't think he'd have done half the things he did here. Would have also l [...]

    13. Star Trek: Crossover features the TNG crew as well as a few members from TOS: Spock, McCoy, and Scotty. What you need to know is that Spock is still working on his unification efforts between Vulcans and Romulans. Spock and the rest of his students get captured and the Federations sends McCoy to advise and assist Picard and his crew with the rescue mission. Good ole Montgomery Scott intercepts the message and does some wonderfully space pirate/super engineer things in his efforts to help.I will [...]

    14. I bought this book when I was young and never read it until now. It was great seeing the characters who showed up from the Original Series on TNG get involved in another adventure and Picard and crew having to deal with it. It always confused me the registration of the ship on the cover so I am glad that got cleared up and was not some person getting confused with the numbering - though ANOTHER Yorktown how many of those ships are out there? Scotty's story was the most fun and entertaining part [...]

    15. The book was a satisfactory read for anyone looking to scratch that NextGen itch - especially if you're a fan of how the show has handled a lot of the TOS characters. My only complaint about the book is that I felt like I'd read it before or seen it on an episode before (and I know I hadn't). The source material, theme, story, and characters used FOR that story has been done to death. A mad trip to Romulan space to save Spock while constantly alluding to the mindmeld between Picard and Sarek is [...]

    16. It's a fun and well done story that's a crossover between the original "Star Trek" television series and "Star Trek: The Next Generation". The entire time that I was reading this book, I found myself wishing that they had actually produced this as an episode. There were a couple of places that made you roll your eyes, but on the whole, it's a fantastic story. I was especially pleased with the way that Michael Jan Friedman wrote each original series character in a way that was exactly true to eac [...]

    17. While I usually actively avoid reading most things for The Next Generation (Picard is justa little bit boring after Kirk) I LOVED this particular book. We see Spock and Admiral McCoy and how the TNG cast deals with them.I enjoyed the book far more than I thought I would going in. I picked it up literally because McCoy was involved and then got sucked in and didn't crawl back out for a week.

    18. Excellent book. I couldn't put it down. I've not really read much in the way of Star Trek books in a while but this has got me back into them

    19. Just what you would think Crossovers like this are a guilty pleasure. I shouldn't like it, but I did. Any chance to revisit these characters is always welcome.

    20. This was a fun book to re-read [considering it's been over a decade since I last read it]. It moves at a decent pace; however, it did not have the same sense of urgency the third time around as the first time I read it [which makes sense, but there are other books I have read where the sense of urgency does not diminish each time I read them]. As others have stated, this book involves the three surviving members of the original crew, and it brings in the son of an original crew member (view spoi [...]

    21. It is refreshing to see an interaction between the iconic crews of both the Original Series and Next Generation starships without the author having to employ magic phenomena like time travel. The approach to this novel is somewhat unique in that the characters from the Original Series that Friedman uses are depicted as they would appear naturally in the Next Generation timeline, and not simply brought forward in time. McCoy, now an Admiral, is over 140 years old, and Spock is as he appeared in t [...]

    22. I desperately wanted to like this book when I picked it up. A chance to blend the crews of TOS and TNG? What's not to love? Unfortunately, the plot never really took off for me, and I ended up skimming through the book hoping things would improve and never quite reaching that.(view spoiler)[I did like the idea of Scotty snatching an old ship right out from under Starfleet's nose -- nice throw back to Kirk and the others doing exactly that in The Search for Spock. I got quite a smirk out of it, a [...]

    23. Will you be willing to die to save a friend? Which is what Captain Montgomery Scott has to ponder on. In Star Trek Crossover by Michael Jan Friedman, Ambassador Spock is being help prisoner on a planet called Constanthus which is in Romulan Territory. Captain Scott, Admiral McCoy, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard all risk there lives to save Spock.Once Scott hears about Spock being held captive. Taking action, he steals the USS Yorktown which is a ship that is almost one hundred years old. He himself [...]

    24. It's an interesting story that unites the Next Generation crew with Spock, Scotty and McCoy. What hooked me was the plot continuation for the Unification episodes. I was anxious to see what happened after those two episodes which introduced Spock as the leader of Unification group in Romulus. His attempt to reunite Vulcans and Romulans is interesting and I believe that in this book, his ideas is better developed. It's not the best Star Trek book I've ever read, but it has its virtues. It was gre [...]

    25. This was a fun Star Trek read with a mixed cast of TOS and TNG characters. This was my first audio book. I definitely prefer reading a book to listening to one. But this was fun as it was read by Jonathan Frakes who obviously had a blast doing the voices of Scotty, McCoy, Spock and the TNG crew. I'd generously give the book three and a half stars and throw in another star and a half for Jonathan Frakes.

    26. I've always had a problem with the Enterprise's top officers (especially TNG)dashing off together into dangerous situations where common sense should dictate at least a modicum of restraint and/or the addition of security personnel. I know.'s television/movies fer cryin' out loud so you should "suspend belief" and just enjoy. Sorry, but I just can't accept complete idiocy from my protagonists on the boob tube or in print.

    27. Always loved ST but I haven't read many novels based upon it. Just like "Federations," I guess the interaction of characters from both TOS and TNG makes it real fun. To add, the fact that it gives some kind of continuation to the episodes Unification and Relics gives you some kind of reward for being a fan. I wouldn't say I really loved it, but I have to admit it was hard to put down as I read it. It feels like a special episode.

    28. This is a fangirls dream. The remaining original Enterprise crew that are still alive in Next Gen timeline appear in this book, all for the rescue for Spock. All characters are very well depicted, and there are times that you want to shout, yes, when certain conversations happen. It also has laugh out loud moments. A very good read.

    29. A fun novel that brings the TOS & TNG crews together. Spock is captured by Romulans and Scotty heads off to save him in a stolen ship, followed by McCoy, with Picard and his Enterprise.Well-written and full of fun and action, this reads like a proper Trek movie, not the lens flared monstrosities of late. Recommended for any Trek fan!

    30. A Star Trek novel that desperately wants to be epic and satisfyingbut is more concerned with continuity fanwank, framed by a story that seems strangely under-nourished and editorially gutted. Very disappointing.cially considering the Michael Jan Friedman is capable of much better Star Trek novels, such as "Reunion".

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