The Reckoning

The Reckoning In the final installment of the Heritage of Lancaster trilogy Katie Lapp now known as Katherine Mayfield delights in the attentions of another even as her her long lost love seeks her Still Katheri

  • Title: The Reckoning
  • Author: BeverlyLewis
  • ISBN: 9780764204654
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the final installment of the Heritage of Lancaster trilogy, Katie Lapp now known as Katherine Mayfield delights in the attentions of another, even as her her long lost love seeks her Still, Katherine yearns for peace, a peace that requires her to face her Amish heritage.

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    1. I liked the first book in the series but not the second book. This one I skimmed through alot. It felt like the author wasn't sure which direction she wanted the main character to go in. Alot of it made no sense to me. As a woman, if the love of my life whom I thought had died and turns up alive on my doorstep, I would not shove him away and be angry. Yes I would have questions but I would be grateful he didn't die. Isn't that what we all pray for? That a loved one who has passed would come back [...]

    2. Besides the unbelievable plot developments, the poor writing, the forced and cheesy dialogue, and the fact that this easily could have been one book instead of three, I think the thing that most drove me crazy about this series (particularly this last book) was the author's constant and redundant preaching of her own narrow view of Christianity. I consider myself to be a tolerant person when it comes to religion--I think everyone should find what works for them and stick with it--but I really ha [...]

    3. The Reckoning is the third book in Beverly Lewis' Heritage of Lancaster County series. While I loved the first book, and abhorred the second, I have mixed feelings about the third.The story starts with Katherine becoming accustomed to life at the mansion after her biological mother's death. Just as she is settling in and getting used to things, Daniel, an old boyfriend whom she thought dead shows up on her doorstep begging forgiveness. Its a little more than Katherine can handle and she send him [...]

    4. ‘The Reckoning’ concludes The Heritage of Lancaster County Trilogy, following ‘The Shunning’ and ‘The Confession’. I was very pleased with how this series was wrapped up after my slight disappointment in Katherine in book two. I wasn't disappointed in the writing but in the character herself as I tend to develop a relationship with the books I lose myself in.‘The Reckoning’ starts out with a look into Katherine's life as the Mistress of the Mayfield Manor and her continual strugg [...]

    5. The final book of the Heritage of Lancaster County series. A good read, very good. Katherine has moved from her Amish home to the home of her birth mother, who died in the hospital at the end of book 2. She is searching for her mother's journal. She is dating a guy, Justin, but her first love, Dan, turns up at the house. Katherine is furious that he pretended to be dead for so long. Can she forgive Dan? Will this change things with Justin? Will Katherine find the Lord??? Will Mary marry the bish [...]

    6. This author is writing from an evangelical Christian perspective -- while she has respect and understanding of the Amish community, in her mind the greatest good is being "saved" by Jesus. The evangelical slant diminished this series for me, as well as the fact that this is not the most skilled author. However, she told a story that got me interested, and made me care about the characters enough to want to finish it.

    7. An excellent finish to the series! The story developed well, any questions I had during this story (and the preceding two) were answered by the last page. I would highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys romance, Christian Fiction, or is looking for a new book to read.

    8. I finished this one in just a few hours and it was great. Sweet series with great characters. It tugged at my heart and rekindled my love for Amish books. Can’t wait to read more by this author soon

    9. Don't read this review if you don't want to know the ending!The story itself wasn't that bad, but pretty much a typical romance formula. Young lovers run into problems, part, reunite Of course this one had an Amish flavor, and I enjoyed reading the speech patterns. My main gripe with the series wasn't the story or it's predicatbility. It is that the story could have been told in a single book, or maybe 2, if the author had fleshed it out some. (Here's the 'spoiler' part; for those who don't want [...]

    10. This review refers to the audiobook versionThe Reckoning not only brought this series to an end, it proved a stern point. Amish fiction is far from boring and Beverly Lewis depicted a wonderful story. Katherine Mayfield, the main character in this series, is adjusting well to her new, “fancy” life and becoming more of an “Englisher” than she ever thought possible.Katherine struggles with her old love, Daniel, and her new love, Justin and what she really wants in her life. Even though she [...]

    11. This review it for all three of the books in the The Heritage of Lancaster County series. You really can't read one without wanting to read the other, and the books flowed so nicely after the other that it really felt like it was one whole book.I normally don't read books about the Amish, but I saw the movie for "The Shunning" and "The Confession". I really loved the movies, and the ending of "The Confession" was left hanging for the next movie. I was so upset at having to wait till the next mov [...]

    12. This series has to be one of my favorites by Beverly Lewis. I think it's the first series from her that I read. This story deals with a young Amish woman finding out she was adopted, and trying to decide between her Amish family and Englischer family, or between her average life and fairy tale life. I like books by Beverly Lewis because they are a pleasant read. Lewis often writes books set in Amish country. I used to live close to several Amish settlements, so I had a little window into Amish l [...]

    13. Even worse than the first twod she didn't wrap up the relationship with suitor #2 at all before going back to her first love in a contrived, super-fast, "o-whoops-I-have-to-end-the-book-and-they're-not-together-yet" sort of way. But at least I figured out the ending, although it wasn't at all what I hoped for. Also--the FIRST book's realism was not present in the last two at all. I could identify with her in the first one. The rest--I thought she was insincere, shallow, and easily swayed. Anyway [...]

    14. Well, I'm glad to be done with this 3-book series. This last book, was probably my least favorite due to the fact that the ending (which was what I was really looking forward too) was forced and kind of came out of nowhere. Also, the religious messages throughout the book were overbearing and just silly after a while. I feel like the word "Jesus" was in every line. I'm glad the love story ended how I wanted it to, but i wanted it to happen a little more realistically. They made a movie of this s [...]

    15. I enjoyed the first two books in this series better than this one. I was looking forward to reading The Reckoning, but was somewhat disappointed in parts of it. Katherine seemed wishy-washy to me and parts of the story just didn't seem that realistic. As is usual in most fiction books, the ending seemed rushed, with some details left out. Definitely not one of my favorites from this author.

    16. So I usually don't give 3 star ratings, but according to 3 star means "I liked it". And that's about how I feel about this book. I was very disappointed in all the romance it had in it was pretty much what the story revolved around which I didn't like. There were sections that made me pretty uncomfortable which was a negative. I loved learning more about the Amish though and I love Beverly Lewis style of writing. I would recommend the first 2 books much more than the last though!

    17. An entirely predictable ending to the trilogy. Ah well, at least (view spoiler)[she ended up with Daniel (hide spoiler)].

    18. I was so confident I had read this book years ago, but nothing from it seemed at all familiar, so, for whatever reason, I must have stopped at the second bookI will say I was disappointed by this one. For one thing, I hated how there was so much confusion over Daniel calling Katherine "Katie". I don't know why the butler wouldn't have any concept of the possibility that someone from Katherine's old life might try to contact her. Why would he assume Daniel was referring to the impostor? It was to [...]

    19. I am glad to see the end of this book.Why in the world I kept going after disliking the second book in this series so much, I'll never know. There's a certain stubborness to me, that keeps me pressing on. I blame it on the autism.In this third book, Katherine is adjusting to life in the mansion, has more men thrown at her than she can handle, she is well-loved by every person she meets, including those that are shunning her, and is given the choice of every dream/fantasy a girl could have. What [...]

    20. The c0nclusion of "Heritage of Lancaster County".Daniel Fisher reappears and c0ntacts his sister and also goesto see Katherine "Katie" but his reception is not good.Katherine is seeing the artist and they are getting along well.Katherine begins giving quilting lessons in the mansion andstarts volunteering in the local hospice.She c0ntacts her best friend who then asks the bishop to liftthe ban on speaking to Katie. He does but leaves the rest ofthe shunning in place. Katie then visits back home [...]

    21. Very interesting book the author knows how to get her audiences attention. Katie was dating a nice English man by the name of Justin Wirth, who is an artist. Katie thought she was in love with him, but in all reality she was still in love with Dan Fisher. Which she found out that he did not die a long time ago. In the end she ended up marrying him.

    22. Good. Wish the series would go on. I was disappointed that Beverly didn't give more detail on the transition of the mansion. Seemed that the ending was rushed. took a long time to get there and then skipped some things

    23. Loved this book.An excellent insight to the 'shunning' scenario and how it affects the various players.Thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful series.

    24. InterestingBeverly Lewis books 📚are meant to be read and shared with friends and family members. I hope that you have enjoyed reading her books as much as I have.

    25. As the new mistress of Mayfield Manor, Katherine finds herself torn between the new-found delights of secular life, and the quiet peace of her old Amish community.

    26. ExcellentI saw the first 2 parts of the trilogy in movies and read this one. I loved them all & look forward to more.

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