Creatures of the Rock: A Veterinarian’s Adventures in Newfoundland

Creatures of the Rock A Veterinarian s Adventures in Newfoundland A James Herriot for the st century recounts his adventures as a newcomer to Newfoundland When Andrew Peacock made the move from Ontario to Newfoundland he thought he was kicking off his career as a

  • Title: Creatures of the Rock: A Veterinarian’s Adventures in Newfoundland
  • Author: Andrew Peacock
  • ISBN: 9780385682596
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A James Herriot for the 21st century recounts his adventures as a newcomer to Newfoundland.When Andrew Peacock made the move from Ontario to Newfoundland, he thought he was kicking off his career as a newly qualified veterinarian with an adventure in a temporary location It was certainly an adventure a whole series of adventures but there was nothing temporary about it.A James Herriot for the 21st century recounts his adventures as a newcomer to Newfoundland.When Andrew Peacock made the move from Ontario to Newfoundland, he thought he was kicking off his career as a newly qualified veterinarian with an adventure in a temporary location It was certainly an adventure a whole series of adventures but there was nothing temporary about it He practiced in Newfoundland for nearly 30 years and is still living there In fact, he has lived there so long, the locals are starting to think of him as one of them Creatures of the Rock chronicles a career spent working with and getting to know a rich variety of animals and their owners, on farms, in homes and zoos, and in the wild Andrew was the only vet for miles around A day of practice could include anything from a Caesarian section on a cow in a blizzard to freeing a humpback whale from a trap designed for cod to capturing a polar bear after its surprise visit to a bingo parlor And, on the human side, anything from trying to impress a surprisingly large audience of farmers with your first boar castration, to taking care of a family just as well as its stricken cat, to discouraging farm hands from helping themselves to hypodermic needles All this against the background of a domestic scene in which Andrew s wife Ingrid also freshly qualified, as a doctor shares the adventure of making a new life, and in due course of starting a family Told in a series of brief, endlessly engaging stories, Creatures of the Rock is a funny, thrilling, unflinching but ultimately heartwarming narrative about the connections between people and animals, and people with each other.

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    1. Andrew Peacock's Creatures of The Rock is very much similar in both set-up and general feel to the well-known (and much beloved) memoirs of veterinarian turned author James Herriot (or rather, Alf Wight), except that instead of a locality in rural England (rural Yorkshire to be more exact), Creatures of the Rock presents and features the author's experiences as a veterinarian in rural Newfoundland (which he originally assumed would only be a temporary assignment, an adventurous learning experien [...]

    2. A young friend of mine has just started her professional career in Newfoundland, leaving behind friends and family, knowing not one soul in her new home.When I saw Andrew Peacock's newly released memoir, Creatures of the Rock: A Veterinarian's Adventures in Newfoundland, it struck a chord. Hailey, this one's for you!In 1982 newly minted veterinarian Andrew Peacock and his physician wife (also recently graduated) move from Ontario to Newfoundland to start their professional careers. They too, kne [...]

    3. Amusing collection of anecdotes from a veterinarian who left Ontario to work in Newfoundland and never left. An interesting tidbit of information which is never mentioned in the story is that this author is the brother of famous Canadian YA writer, Shane Peacock. Andrew, unfortunately, doesn't have his brother's gift for storytelling, at least yet. I'm not a pet person myself but find I'm fond of vet/zoo/animal expedition tales; what I found lacking here was a good narrative voice and a connecti [...]

    4. Fantastic. I broke my self-imposed "no hardcovers" rule out of eagerness just to read it, and it was well worth it. I'm not so good with the reviews so that pretty much says it all for me. Very entertaining, and a comfort to one living away from home. Thank you Mr. Peacock.

    5. Recently, memoirs have been all I wanted to read. After reading A Mother's Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy by Sue Klebold, the mother of a teenaged mass-shooting perpetrator, and The Education of Augie Merasty: A Residential School Memoir, a residential school memoir, I decided for something a bit less traumatic.Creatures of the Rock: A Veterinarian's Adventures in Newfoundland is the light, humorous memoir of a now-retired provincial veterinarian in Newfoundland. Each thirty-six c [...]

    6. A tremendously enjoyable collection and snippets of life in rural Newfoundland. Andrew Peacock the vet who came to the island in the 1980s from Ontario and made the Carbonear area home, describes various stories that happened to him in the last 25 years on the island A whale that had an EKG. A polar bear in a bingo hall. A cow that is feeling nish He describes the area and lingo real good. Some stories are funny and some are sad. A modern James Herriot, a more local one. recommended to anyone w [...]

    7. If you have ever visited the province of Newfoundland and have fallen in love with the true beauty of this island. Then this book will bring back fond memories. This book is about a young Veterinarian's journey as a Government Vet, who leaves Northern Ontario, to start his first practice on the Rock. Andrew Peacock is reminiscent of James Harriot's books only with a more recent spin. He not only ministers to domestic animals large and small but also to any wildlife that need help or transportati [...]

    8. Interesting tales of a country vet in Newfoundland. Not the greatest writing but the stories were engaging. This is Dr. Peacock's memoir - his career in short stories. Nothing spectacular here but a fun read.

    9. If you liked England's James Herriot, you'll enjoy this Newfoundland version The writing isn't particularly compelling - I didn't get that feeling of awesome characters as I would have expected - but it's a light, easy read.

    10. Andrew Peacock's writing style is warm and humorous. His ability to capture the spirit and essence of Newfoundland is a task not easily done, but he executes it with great talent. This book is one of the most beautifully written biographies I have ever read.

    11. delightful book full of humourous tales about the critters and folks in one of my favourite places in the worldNewfoundland and Labrador.

    12. A husband and wife, one an animal doctor and the other a human doctor practice medicine in Newfoundland. After the birth of their children, Ingrid’s medical practice settled into routine hours while emergency still had Andrew out all hours. There are the usual animal having trouble giving birth, milk fever, pneumonia, and worms. The location also adds the unusual, whales, polar bears, and Caribou. He finds treating animals is more difficult if you cannot understand the owner’s dialect. The i [...]

    13. In the early 1980s, the author graduated from vet school in Guelph, ON, and accepted a job in Newfoundland. Part of his contract was that he had to agree to stay for two years and he's still there! This book is a compilation of his experiences which include rescuing a whale caught in a fishing net, castrating cows and pigs, transporting an orphaned baby moose in the passenger seat of his truck, etc. Rather than serving his promised two years and moving back to Ontario, he and his wife, Ingrid ( [...]

    14. Beautiful non-fiction that could be suggested to adults or teens, maybe even older tweens just looking for something to catch their interest. I found myself reading bits of this one out loud to our girls just because it was interesting. Couldn't help but remember how much I loved reading James Herriott when I was young.The only thing that was missing from this book was a fuller tale of the people he met when he was on his calls but that might not be a fair criticism as his main area of interest [...]

    15. Each chapter features a vignette of something humorous or, occasionally, profound that happened throughout the career of the author's veterinarian practice in Newfoundland. I would have liked it more if there had been more description, I think, as Newfoundland sounds like a beautiful, unique place that most people have not had the opportunity to visit. The writing style was terse and to the point. There's nothing inherently wrong with that but I think I would have enjoyed the stories more if the [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book and though it didn't stand up to my love of James Herriot (I may be biased and overly attached to Herriot's work) I love love loved the Newfoundland setting. The author also makes it an easy, fun read.

    17. I enjoyed this book at first, but it's just too long. I feel like I get it by now, and I don't really want to spend more time getting through the second half.

    18. Loved this book. Reminded me of James Herriott stories, which were a favorite in my childhood. Interesting adventures of a rural vet.

    19. Absolutely charming. As someone who lives in Newfoundland, and has spent time in most of the places Andrew mentions, I found the tidbits about the settings of his stories as interesting as the action. As a small animal veterinarian working in the city, I still find rural practice, large animal practice as fascinating as I did as a kid reading James Herriot. If you are a stickler for style and quality writting, it's not a 5/5 star book Dr. Peacock is a good, sometimes great, story teller, but the [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book. It's very like James Herriot's adventures in veterinary medicine in Yorkshire, but more current and set in colourful Newfoundland. I like the author's voice and each chapter is a separate vignette/story. There is a bit of imagery of the scenery, but the language struck me more. A great read.

    21. I first read this book in March 2015, and just finished re-reading it for book club. It's just as charming and humorous as the first time around. Canada's answer to the James Herriott books, though I'm not sure Peacock intends to write any sequels. Makes a great gift for veterinarians and those who love animals. Or for anyone who loves Newfoundland, as I do!

    22. I enjoyed reading about both the experiences of a country veterinarian and, as a fellow Ontarian, what life is like in another, and unique, part of Canada. Told in a short story, by chapter, format made it easy to read a chapter or two at a time and come back later, eager for another adventure on the rock.

    23. Another 3.5 in reality. This book is a collection of anecdotes that are humorous and fun to read (although sometimes the descriptions of the procedures on the animals grossed me out!) The adventures of a transplanted couple from Ontario to life in rural Newfoundland is often a charming read.

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