An Affair Of State: The Profumo Case And The Framing Of Stephen Ward

An Affair Of State The Profumo Case And The Framing Of Stephen Ward None

  • Title: An Affair Of State: The Profumo Case And The Framing Of Stephen Ward
  • Author: Phillip Knightley Caroline Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780224023474
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “An Affair Of State: The Profumo Case And The Framing Of Stephen Ward”

    1. If you're looking for an explicit expose of the sexual antics of the rich and famous in the Swinging Sixties in Great Britain this is not the book for you. This is the story of Dr. Stephen Ward, osteopath to the rich and famous in Great Britain in the early 1960s. According to the authors, he was a man who loved people from all walks of life, was recklessly generous and who fancied himself more influential than he really was. Some contend that he precipitated the Profumo Sex Scandal that toppled [...]

    2. Six months ago, I had never heard of Stephen Ward, and when I asked my parents (who were cognizant middle schoolers when Ward went to trial), they drew a blank. In general, Americans know little about the Profumo Affair. Indeed, unless the scandal has "gate" tacked onto the end of its most notorious personage or locale, we tend to ignore it. "Wardgate" just doesn't have the right ring.This is a good thing, because it means an American 34-year-old can read "How the English Establishment Framed St [...]

    3. The best summing-up of Stephen Ward's trial came from the man himself. "This is a political revenge trial." he said. "Someone had to be sacrificed and that someone was me." Before the verdict was handed down, Ward had committed suicide - and once again the British Establishment had their scapegoat. Only 6 people attended his funeral and a wreath from several noted critics and writers bore the simple message: "To Stephen Ward. Victim of Hypocrisy." Ward's trial was a direct result of lies told by [...]

    4. I really wanted to like this book. I kept reading on in the hopes that I was coming up on the interesting parts. But about halfway through, I figured it wasn't getting interesting. The book spent too much time conveying facts without addressing how the relevant too the story. It felt a little like a research paper instead of a book.

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