The Night Porter

The Night Porter Set in a hotel in November in the fictional town of Wheatley Fields based on Southwell near Nottinghamshire deep in Sherwood Forest Four writers all nominated for an upcoming awards ceremony co

  • Title: The Night Porter
  • Author: Mark Barry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Set in a hotel, in November, in the fictional town of Wheatley Fields, based on Southwell, near Nottinghamshire, deep in Sherwood Forest Four writers, all nominated for an upcoming awards ceremony, come to stay One mega successful romance author, a top US thriller writer who sells in seven figures, a beautiful young YA tyro on the brink of world wide stardom dSet in a hotel, in November, in the fictional town of Wheatley Fields, based on Southwell, near Nottinghamshire, deep in Sherwood Forest Four writers, all nominated for an upcoming awards ceremony, come to stay One mega successful romance author, a top US thriller writer who sells in seven figures, a beautiful young YA tyro on the brink of world wide stardom d a degenerate, nasty, bitter, jealous, trollish, drunken but brilliant , self published contemporary fiction author The Night Porter is instructed by a secretive and powerful awards committee to look after their EVERY need, to ensure they make it through the two weeks to attend the ceremony At the same time as keeping an eye on their wishes, antics, fights, relationships and never ending ego explosions And trying desperately to avoid getting involved himself It s a comedy drama about writers and Night Porters with twists and turns, nooks and crannies, shadows and mirrors I don t think you will see an Indie published book like this anywhere in Cyberspace Probably not a tradpubbed one either It casts a sometimes shadowy light on modern publishing, the writing business and the people in it Writers who like to read about writers and writing will enjoy the book as will readers who enjoy innovative, clever and multi layered fiction.

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    1. The Night Porter is comedic, dramatic and most of all incredibly entertaining. We are introduced to 'The Night Porter' who is a hardworking man so completely devoted to his job, he is only referred to by his title and above all he values his crucial dedication to the smooth running of The Saladin Inn. When the Arkwright Literary Awards decide to pay for 4 of their shortlisted authors, Amy, Jo, Frank and Julian, to stay in The Saladin for two weeks, it is the Night Porters duty to ensure their ev [...]

    2. What a different kind of book this was! Based on a "Night Porter" whose perspective on life is about to change radically by the arrival of four authors nominated for prestigious writing awards.Amy - bestselling author of romantic fiction.Frank - author of highly acclaimed thrillers.Jo - young exciting writer of YA.And last, but not least, Frank - self-published (practically unknown) writer of contemporary fiction. I have to admit that at first I found this difficult to get into. I personally don [...]

    3. Another profoundly original, creatively rendered, and very suspenseful tale from author Mark Barry:I don’t think I’ve ever read a novel that combined the narrative elements of intrigue, humor and exposé in a story about literature. About books. And about the somewhat arcane profession of “night porter” in a high-end hotel, this one in Wheatley Fields, England, the lodging headquarters, at story’s commencement, of a quartet of authors in town for the Arkwright Literary Fiction Awards, [...]

    4. Being a night porter in a hotel like the Saladin is a serious job. Especially when four authors are staying at the hotel for two weeks and have been placed under your care. They drink heavily, they don't get along or they get on too well and they have all kinds of immediate requests. The night porter has to make sure these guests are happy, he has to treat them like they're super stars. They are there for a special award and each of them has been nominated in at least one category. Amy is a roma [...]

    5. "Night porters are generally excellent listeners. It should be in EVERY hotel job description.";-)The Night Porter grabs hold and invites you in. Instantly you are welcomed into the arms of the night porter. An open an honest portrayal of a man earning a living doing something he has been raised to do. Actually, that is not entirely true. He first had to drop out of university and then the wheels were in set motion. Not without a little disappointment from family"However, my father, with whom I [...]

    6. THE NIGHT PORTER is about fortnight in the life of a hotel in a fictional town in the midlands, which is hosting a quartet of authors there to prepare for a literary award ceremony. The strength of this book is in the turns of phrase, the characterisation, the dialogue. I didn't guess the 'secret' until just before it was revealed, and I was delighted to discover another twist after it, too - and a marvellously satisfying ending!I think this is a must read for any self published writers, or thos [...]

    7. If you loved The Remains of the Day, you’ll love The Night PorterThe story takes place in the modern era and focuses on a two week period when The Saladin hotel hosts four renowned authors competing for the prestigious Arkwright Literary Fiction Award.The author gives the reader an insight into a dying profession, reminding one of the performance given by Anthony Hopkins in “The Remains of the Day”. Mr. Barry delves into the mindset of the British servant personified. The position was not [...]

    8. Mark Barry is one of those authors we all love. We find his books, read one, and find ourselves hooked. He's the author we all waited with baited breath to release a new tome. He's one of those guys who can take an idea and goes in a complete other direction with it.The Night Porter is his latest offering and follows, well, a hotel night porter during a high profile writing awards event. The book looks through the porter's eyes as he comments on the comings and goings of the nominated authors. S [...]

    9. Where to start? I SO didn't want this book to end! I felt a real sense of loss afterwards because I'd become so enmeshed in the characters' lives! I think it was page 81 or so when I fell in absolute love with night porter, I don't think they make men like that anymore! The has a wonderful cast of characters that I could relate to. I especially loved the young YA writer and the way in which Mark Barry wrote her, I have a friend just like that, and around that age and Mark Baryy nailed that Gen Y [...]

    10. Disclaimer: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.This was an excellent book, and I've already recommended it to several of my author friends. It paints a picture of a profession which many of us don't get to see: that of the author vying for an award, pitted against their rivals in a world moving quickly toward digital media over the printed word. And to top it off, this award season has allowed the inclusion of a (gasp) e-book writer! Not only is THAT a point of co [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I'm always looking for books that are not in the "run of the mill, best seller list" category - and this one fulfills. How many books have you read that are devoted to the work life of a night porter in a hotel? The Saladin hotel is hosting a literary awards ceremony as well as some of the attendant authors, and it is the professional duty of our title character to be accommodating, diplomatic, non-judgmental, conscientious to the utmost - as [...]

    12. This is a story about four novelists staying at a hotel in the run-up to an awards ceremony. But not really. This is a story about a very good night porter at the hotel and his observations and conversations with these four novelists. Told in the first person, full of his own opinions about everything. The recommendation said it was hilarious, but I didn't laugh once. However, I was totally drawn in to this claustrophobic world and the characters' interactions, phobias, hopes, fears and wildly d [...]

    13. It was brilliantly written, entertaining, funny and the characters really came across, and the dialogue is some of the best I have ever read. But it just isn’t the kind of book I like, and this is the reason I’ve not given it a higher star rating. Similarly, I don’t enjoy books by Julian Barnes, Louis de Bernieres, Hilary Mantel or Martin Amis, and Mark’s book is every bit as good as theirs, and, I would say, in a similar literary genre.

    14. I didn't know what to expect with this book, never read any of his work before, but this was great full review to followd very quotable

    15. Face it: we all love to see ourselves. Artists paint pictures of other artists, or paint themselves into other art. (Really, da Vinci? The Mona Lisa?) Hollywood loves to make movies about people making movies. And if a story ever comes up about a journalist, the guys on the six-o’clock news practically wet themselves covering it from every possible angle.So when I heard that Mark Barry’s The Night Porter was about the run-up to a Booker-like literary awards ceremony, I added it to my TBR (to [...]

    16. This is the second book I have read by Mark Barry, and I've enjoyed both. What I like best about this author is he hasn't bowed to convention, writing generic pulp to the masses. He has a unique voice and style. Most authors now are afraid to stand out as different, as so many readers only want the same ol', same ol' stuff they find comfortable. Personally, I love an author who can make me think, and who has the ability to surprise me. Well done!

    17. My only concern with Mark Barry’s wickedly clever book, The Night Porter, is that I may not be able to fully do it justice in my review. It really is a joy to read and a novel that operates on many different levels. Superficially it can be enjoyed as an observational take on life in a high-end hotel, as narrated to us by the night porter. It focuses in particular on a short period of time leading up to the Arkwright literary awards, in which the hotel will play a pivotal role, not least becaus [...]

    18. I loved every moment of reading this wonderfully original book and wished it didn’t have to end. I’ve never given much thought to the life of a night porter (told in the first person we never find out his name) in a full service hotel before but this innovative work opened my eyes to the lifestyle of a truly dedicated one and the unusual world he occupies. I say occupies as if this is his life rather than a job but he is so dedicated it is in fact his life.I bought the ebook version of this [...]

    19. The Night Porter is a modern contemporary piece of art. November, England and the prestigious Arkwright Book Awards are just around the corner. A golden award for Best Writer is the ultimate prize along with it's cash reward, and receiving an "Alf" is the book equivalent of the Grammys.Organisers of the ceremony have taken over all the local hotels and this story is based around 4 authors they have booked into The Saladin Inn. During their stay nothing is too much, their every whim must be cater [...]

    20. Set in the luxury Saladhin Hotel, accommodating four authors in the hunt for prestigious prizes at the Arkwright Literary Awards, this story is told by the night porter. I'm usually not a fan of first person stories but I loved this one. Succinct, funny, sad, surprising, this book has it all.The characters are superbly observed, from the belligerent bar manager to the sweet YA novelist. I loved the visual nature of the book, conjuring up scenes within the hotel that made me feel I was there. The [...]

    21. I am truly stunned by this novel. Highly original and witty, this was a pure delight from start to finish.The main character, the porter, takes us through the complex plot with great wit. He has a powerful and hypnotic voice that never loses your attention. Barry has a great way with words. Several writers and an award ceremony provide the colourful entertainment for a clever mystery plot that takes plenty of unexpected turns. Highly intelligent and versatile, this book shows great literary tale [...]

    22. Well, it was rather slow starting. Humorous in part as the night porter tells his story. I thought it was drawn out. The last chapters were the best with the suspense of a murderous act building and the surprise ending. Tells the story of four writers in a hotel waiting for the "big night" of the awards. Brings the stories of their lives, their interactions and the unexpected ending. Actually, a good plot but just not my kind of story.

    23. Never really got into this one. It seemed to go on and on making the same point at great length. Read two other books between starting and finishing this one. So it was satirical, but the points were made early on and what happened thereafter added little or nothing to what had already beensaid.

    24. Creative, cozy, colorful look at the inside of a hotel outside of London and the authors gathered there for a book awards ceremony. Very nice read!

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