Autumn in Carthage

Autumn in Carthage The nether side of passion is madness Nathan Price is a college professor with crippling impairments seeking escape from his prison of necessity One day in a package of seventeenth century documents

  • Title: Autumn in Carthage
  • Author: Christopher Zenos
  • ISBN: 9781496043023
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • The nether side of passion is madness.Nathan Price is a college professor with crippling impairments, seeking escape from his prison of necessity One day, in a package of seventeenth century documents from Salem Village, he stumbles across a letter by his best friend, Jamie, who had disappeared six months before The document is dated 1692 the height of the Witch Trials.The nether side of passion is madness.Nathan Price is a college professor with crippling impairments, seeking escape from his prison of necessity One day, in a package of seventeenth century documents from Salem Village, he stumbles across a letter by his best friend, Jamie, who had disappeared six months before The document is dated 1692 the height of the Witch Trials The only potential lead a single mention of Carthage, a tiny town in the Wisconsin northern highland The mystery catapults Nathan from Chicago to the Wisconsin wilderness There, he meets Alanna, heir to an astonishing Mittel European legacy of power and sacrifice In her, and in the gentle townsfolk of Carthage, Nathan finds the refuge for which he has long yearned But Simon, the town elder, is driven by demons of his own, and may well be entangled in Jamie s disappearance and that of several Carthaginians As darkness stretches toward Alanna, Nathan may have no choice but to risk it all Moving from the grimness of Chicago s South Side to the Wisconsin hinterlands to seventeenth century Salem, this is a story of love, of sacrifice, of terrible passions and of two wounded souls quietly reaching for the deep peace of sanctuary.

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    1. It started out all right, kind of intriguing. And just kept going downhill. TOO MUCH EXPOSITION!!!!! I cringed every time I read the word "groin", which was far too often. The love story was so sickeningly sentimental, it made me angry and took up way too much of the book. And the relationship was really shallow Some mystical force pulls them together and they both kind of have multiple personality disorder (or whatever the unspecified "issues" were) so duh they should be together forever. That' [...]

    2. I'm having a hard time categorizing how I felt about this book.Pro's:- I reminds me of a summer walk. Rambling. Descriptive. Non-intense. If you like a meandering read, you'll like this.- Zenos does a great job of getting a different angle on time travel and witches. This is definitely not a book that you're going to read about anywhere else, and it's trope and cliche free. Bonus.- I liked most of the characters. They had me from the get-go. He makes them multi-dimensional in many aspects.- Zeno [...]

    3. This is an odd one to review. Objectively it had a lot going for itall town with a secret, time traveling, witch hunts in Salem, a love story. It just all added up to something like romance novel, with time traveling, kind of fantasyish. While the writing was fairly good and occasionally even really good, it nevertheless failed to engage, ending up a quick read of steadily decreasing interest. And for all the talk of author's struggles with sanity, the main character was presumably meant to refl [...]

    4. I find that the more I enjoy the book, the harder it is to write the review - and this book falls into that category. I really liked Nathan. He was an accomplished professor, seemed to be well-liked by his peers and his students, but was still flawed with some unnamed mental disorder. Rather than diminishing his capabilities though, I thought this gave him a greater understanding as to the differences in people and while it may not have made him more accepting, it gave him a different viewpoint. [...]

    5. ‘You can only save so many.’Nathan Price is a college professor in Chicago, looking forward to a year’s sabbatical and uninterrupted research. Nathan seeks escape in historical research, the past is free from personal problems, or so he thinks. As he opens a package of seventeenth century documents from an old Salem trading family, he finds a letter written by his best friend Jamie, who disappeared six months ago. The letter is dated 1692, contains a reference to Carthage in Wisconsin. How [...]

    6. 29th of May. Technically not the date I finished the book but was definitely the day I finished with it. I hated, with intense passion, the protagonist. I hate the smug, sanctimonious, anal bead of a character with such intensity that everything else about the book became irelevant. I'm sure the story would have been interesting, perhaps even enjoyable, but that self - satisfied prick had to ruin it. Perhaps the story even necessitated his personality as he develops and realises he's an oily sta [...]

    7. Poorly edited.The story may have been good, but I will never know. The sentence structure drove me crazy. Words capitalized in the middle of sentences that did not need to be. Short, one word sentences. Really?! I gave up after a few pages. This book needs professional editing. The biggest mistake self- published authors make is NOT investing in an editor. It is absolutely crucial for a novel to be taken seriously.

    8. Review: Autumn In Carthage by Christopher Zenos. 11/22/2017The story starts off slow but it didn’t take long to capture my interest. I thought it was well written, I enjoyed the characters once I figure out who was who and the story was entertaining. The death of some characters throughout the book, especially the ones you really liked was a bummer but the story must go on…There was mysterious time travel within the story and how mental illness can cast over lives, the redemptive power of lo [...]

    9. There was just something missing in this book. Initially I thought perhaps it was the second book in a series, but that doesn't appear to be the case. I just don't feel that I got enough background on Nathan to understand him. I felt like I had come into the middle of a story somehow. The long explanation about the mechanics of the time travel almost made me close the book entirely. This book had an interesting premise, I just don't feel it lived up to its potential. And I don't get the subtitle [...]

    10. This was a fine read. It develops slowly, but the characters carried the story, and it haunted me oddly afterward. (To me, that is the mark of a good read.)

    11. Really Good!Hard to understand at first but it starts getting interesting. The intrigue of the linked characters and how things turn out keep you guessing.

    12. I received this book free in exchange for a review from Early Reviewers and was excited about diving into this read. The cover is stunning with the image of the ancient mansion, the differing shades of green and yellow, and the style of the title, especially the word "Carthage" in what looks like old world script.I really wasn't sure what the book was about beyond what was stated in the brief summary but it sounded intriguing. The story begins with Nathan, a college professor, receiving a myster [...]

    13. Readers looking for a leisurely, quiet read, Autumn in Carthage is the story for them. It is a mix of mystery, time-travel fantasy, history, and romance, and much of it takes place in the small fictional town of Carthage, Wisconsin, an enclave of old wealth hiding a powerful secret.Jaded college professor Nathan Price is our first guide to Carthage. A strange letter arrives one day. It’s from his best friend, Jamie. And it’s dated 1692.Against reason, against known science, somehow Jamie has [...]

    14. This book was terrible, so terrible I couldn't even finish it. Normally when a book is terrible I finish reading it anyway because I grudge paying for a book I don't read, however, this one was a deal through BookBub and therefore I only paid 99p for it.First off, the prose is terrible and the book makes excuses for itself even before it has really begun. it was as though the author was saying "Sorry, I know this plot is ridiculous and over the top, so let's just go for it". I don't know how man [...]

    15. This book was a pleasantly awesome surprise! I really had no idea what I was getting into with this book except that it had something to do with dual time periods and the Salem Witch Trials. "Carthage, it appeared, didn't believe in secrets. Except for the big ones."Dr. Nathan Price is a college professor who is going on sabbatical. He has had a hard time dealing with the disappearance of his best friend, Jamie. A package arrives for his research just before Nathan leaves; in it is a letter from [...]

    16. Christopher Zenos, the pseudonym for a well known and published professor, has written an intelligent and entertaining book that leaves the reader wondering whether time travel and changing history is actually possible. The main character, Nathan, travels to Carthage Wisconsin to find his best friend, who has been missing for six months. In Carthage he discovers a tightly-knit town full of unusual people guarding a secret. He finds himself drawn into their lives and romantically involved with an [...]

    17. One day a package arrives for Professor Nathan Price from his good friend and colleague, Jamie Mackinnon, whom he has not heard from in awhile. Inside the package are documents from the Salem Witch Trials and it includes a letter from Jamie and it is dated 1692. Nathan is skeptical, how can he have possibly gotten a letter dated so long ago from his friend? Carthage Wisconsin is mentioned in the letter so Nathan decides he wants to go to Carthage to see if he can find Jamie or find out what may [...]

    18. “Nathan Price is a college professor with crippling impairments, seeking escape from his prison of necessity. One day, in a package of seventeenth-century documents from Salem Village, he stumbles across a letter by his best friend, Jamie, who had disappeared six months before. The document is dated 1692—the height of the Witch Trials. The only potential lead: a single mention of Carthage, a tiny town in the Wisconsin northern highland.The mystery catapults Nathan from Chicago to the Wiscons [...]

    19. Professor Nathan Price was battling his own demons an needed the sabbatical. Jaimie and he were more like brothers than friends but at graduation Jaimie had gone into his separate mathematical field and Nathan on to teach history and earn his PHd. He and Jaimie had always balanced each other out. He had been unable to contact Jaimie for several months and then one day he got a very mysterious letter from Jaimie. When he last heard from Jaimie, he was in a place called Carthage, Wisconsin. He dec [...]

    20. Read my full review here: mimi-cyberlibrarian.cA strange novel of time travel, madness, and love. Nathan Price is a professor at the University of Chicago. A friend named Jamie has disappeared, and no one has heard from him until Nathan finds his name in a letter from the time of the Salem Witch Trials. Connected with that is the mention of a small town in Wisconsin named Carthage. Nathan, with an available sabbatical decides to go to Carthage and see if he can root out the mystery. In Carthage, [...]

    21. There were a lot of things early on about this book that made me like it. Firstly, I greatly enjoyed the strong voice of the narrator. He has a good personality and is a helpful story teller, giving background without revealing too much too soon. The setting was well described and I liked that it changed as the story went on. The author never failed to make me feel as though I were right there with the characters. Further into the story I did find that the author added a lot of description which [...]

    22. 4.5 stars easily. If you like stories involving time travel you will like this but don't go into it thinking the whole book is about traveling through time and righting all of the wrongs in history. There is a lot of foundation that is put down before you ever get to the time travel part and when you finally do it doesn't last as long as you would like it to. This book is about a group of people who are able to grab hold of the strands of time and pull themselves back through history and make ne [...]

    23. I think the best way to describe this novel is Outlander meets Discovery of Witches. Considering how much I adored both of those novels, this instantly went on my to-be-re-read shelf because I honestly loved it. The opening, with such a frank description of academia (which rang incredibly true to life), drew me in, and then Carthage was such an interesting place that I could hardly put the book down. The main character, Nathan, wrestles with demons I have seen quite a bit of in those that I work [...]

    24. Some novels approach time travel in a simplistic way. Hop aboard a time machine and set the date, or make a wish to go back in time, and poof!This book takes a more realistic take on time travel and its complexities. I was impressed with the amount of thought the author took in developing the concept of time travel in this book, and how it is done. The main character is also easy to understand, at least for me, because of his issues and his hard time fitting in with people and trying to get alon [...]

    25. Well this was one of those books. It started out good but then turned really slow for me and I honestly didn't think I was going to like it. While it did take me a long time to get into it - I finally did!Part of the problem was that I really didn't like the main character. I tried to like him but he just wasn't my thing. The one character I did love was Hilde. I thought she was great - perfect. She was the older, matriarch of the bunch, she was also funny, quirky and wise!I did not expect this [...]

    26. Seems I'm reading a lot from the Twilight Zone lately. Autumn in Carthage follows a professor on sabbatical from the University of Chicago to small town Wisconsin, Carthage, to be specific. A grad student's research has turned up a letter from 17th Century Salem, Massachusetts, written in the extremely familiar handwriting of the professor's lost best friend. In the letter, the friend mentions Carthage, Wisconsin, a place unknown, of course, to the people of Salem at the time of the witch hunts. [...]

    27. I expected to be giving this book four stars. However, about midway through, I started skimming here and there. I don't skim four star books. This one gets a little pedantic -- explanations of various things like how certain processes work, points in history, etc, feel more like lectures than seamless parts of the story. There is also some repetition. LOTS of cheek-touching, for instance. There's also one particular speech about how doctors are sock puppets that shows up three different times, i [...]

    28. On a review continuum commencing at "Yes, I liked the book," "Autumn in Carthage" comes in at"much loved--definitely a re-reader." Compelling, literate, enterprisingly written and conceived, author Christopher Zenos is unafraid to explore new and primarily unexplored, undiscovered territory in this novel that refuses to be set aside. Mental disorders; the uglier (greed and ambition-driven, competitive) aspect of Academe; and yes, even the seemingly impossible Supernatural: you shall find it here [...]

    29. So, this book has some plusses. The time traveling aspect is interesting, the town of Carthage itself is great. It's a quick read. But, I am glad it is free, because the minuses really degrade it. The main character is annoying in his loneliness and outsiderness. He tells us how bad things are emotionally but never really shows it. He meets the love of his life, which is cool, but more time is focused on her and their romance rather than the really fucking interesting story, time traveling. Ther [...]

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