Bagmen Victor Carl is back and back in trouble At a low point in his lowly career Victor finds himself skulking through the streets of Philadelphia carrying a bag full of money for an ambitious politician

  • Title: Bagmen
  • Author: William Lashner
  • ISBN: 9781477822838
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • Victor Carl is back, and back in trouble At a low point in his lowly career, Victor finds himself skulking through the streets of Philadelphia carrying a bag full of money for an ambitious politician It is a rotten job on the wrong side of anyone s line, but with bag in hand Victor is suddenly hobnobbing with the city s elite, filling his bank account, and having sex witVictor Carl is back, and back in trouble At a low point in his lowly career, Victor finds himself skulking through the streets of Philadelphia carrying a bag full of money for an ambitious politician It is a rotten job on the wrong side of anyone s line, but with bag in hand Victor is suddenly hobnobbing with the city s elite, filling his bank account, and having sex with the politician s gorgeous and deranged sister But just when Victor begins to think he s got a future in the political game, one of his payoffs ends up in the pocket of a dead woman, and Victor goes from bagman to fall guy Now Victor s only way out might lie with a brotherhood of shady characters with sacks full of cash, bad fedoras, and their own twisted set of rules Will Victor s new friends help him find a killer or bury him deep

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    1. When lawyer Victor Carl is, once again, down on his luck and prowling the courthouse for clients, any clients (“DUI’s, half-price”) he bumps into an old law school friend. A friend with a lucrative offer: her employer, who shall remain anonymous, needs a bagman for the campaigning Senator DeMathis. Victor would stand to make a lot of money, with an expense account, no less. Then he could afford a new tux and the astronomically overpriced leather shoes with bows that Timothy at Boyd’s pro [...]

    2. Victor Carl returns in the eighth entry in this series, with which for some reason I had no familiarity until this novel. But I certainly plan to read anything this author writes in future: it is simply terrific, and was a complete change of pace for this reviewer.Carl is an attorney; well, more accurately he is a lawyer-with-actual-clients wannabe. As he states in this first-person narrative,, one day “a political opportunity had fallen into my lap and I was running with it. Suddenly I had im [...]

    3. Many years ago William Lashner stated in a postscript on I think, book seven of this extraordinarily good legal thriller series that he was ending the series featuring his quite unique protagonist, Philadelphia lawyer Victor Carl. I was disappointed because Victor Carl is my all time favorite fictional lawyer and was ecstatic to see his 2014 return to print in "Bagmen". A down at the heels Philadelphia lawyer with few clients, Victor has no prospects and is reduced to working court appointed cas [...]

    4. He's back!!!! He's back!!!! Victor Carl is back!!!! And better than ever. Lashner's hiatus from this series allowed him to sharpen his wit and up the cleverness quotion. This is a story of urban, political corruption (we know about bagmen in Chicago) which echoes raincoat and hat noir, Shakespeare, the movie Chinatown, and Dickens in the indelible characters of Victor's fellow bagmen and others (such as the snake-like Ossana, Victor's temporary squeeze). Yes Victor becomes a bagman to a sleazy p [...]

    5. And there I was, humble little Victor Carl—legal lemur, low man on anyone’s totem pole, the pride of, well, nothing and no one—sipping champagne amidst this gaudy display, wearing my ruby slippers painted black, with an inexplicable force field of my very own.Not counting the very enjoyable appetizer novella, “A Bite of Strawberry,” issued earlier this year, it’s been 7 years since William Lashner has allowed his overanxious readers a Victor Carl novel. (The last series novel A Kille [...]

    6. I can't tell you what a relief it is to finish an awful, awful book. I couldn't wait until I finished it and I only did it as I was reviewing it for . I could not believe it was popular enough to have a series. Who read this stuff? It is a direct rip-off of Michael Connolly's Lincoln Lawyer series but done very badly. Here are some of the examples of the writing:"She bent her neck back, exposing her long pale neck. I had the bright vampiric urge to take a bite, a large one, a real mouthful."and" [...]

    7. Bagmen by New York Times bestselling author William Lashner is the eighth book in the lawyer Victor Carl series following #1 Hostile Witness, #2 Veritas, #3 Fatal Flaw, #4 Past Due, #5 Falls the Shadow, #6 Marked Man, and #7 A Killer’s Kiss. In the interval between Bagmen and A Killer’s Kiss, the author delighted fans with a Victor Carl novella entitled, A Bite of Strawberry.Fans who have been closely following lawyer Victor Carl series will know the type of guy that he is. Always down on hi [...]

    8. BLACK & BLUEAfter a seven year hiatus Philadelphia attorney Victor Carl is back in his 8th adventure. Victor brings a new meaning to “opportunistic sleazy lawyer”, but is a likeable protagonist nonetheless, mainly because of his self-awareness/deprecation. In Bagmen he has sunk to a new, but extremely lucrative low. As the title implies Victor is now the go between, trouble-shooting, money wielding guy for a US Congressman – “solving” problems under the table with cash. Early on [...]

    9. The gritty streets of Philadelphia come alive in this story of Victor Carl, a downtrodden defense lawyer who turns to politics in an attempt to breathe life into his career. He quickly discovers that politics can be dirtier and more amoral than bottom-of-the-barrel legal defense work. Carl's new work as a political bagman quickly intersects with a homicide, for which he becomes the chief suspect. His choice is clear: Solve the case, or face arrest. Enter a loose confederacy of oddball colleagues [...]

    10. (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)At a low point in his lowly career, Victor finds himself skulking through the streets of Philadelphia carrying a bag full of money for an ambitious politician. It is a rotten job on the wrong side of anyone’s line, but with bag in hand Victor is suddenly hobnobbing with the city’s elite, filling his bank account, and involved with the politician’s gorgeous and deranged sister. But just when Victor begins [...]

    11. Great read!This book is funny, sarcastic, sobering, sad, disgustingI could go on. I loved it - except for the disgusting part but that was integral to the story. The sarcasm reminds me of Grisham. This is my first Lashner book but it won't be my last!

    12. In general, I liked the book. The Victor Carl character was unique. However, I felt the book could have been wrapped up sooner. It was, to me, about 50-100 pages to long.

    13. Truly entertainingI read this book very fast. And enjoyed it quite a bit. I reccomend it to ley the time fly

    14. This is the latest and (of the ones I've read) least of the Victor Carl series. Victor's still the conflicted, weaselly, bottom-feeder Philadelphia shyster he's always been, still driven in the end by an idealism he refuses to acknowledge, but a hell of a lot less interesting and creative, on Lashner's part, than he used to be. I'm sure Victor still sells, but it may be time for Lashner to find somebody else to write about. The book really deserves about 3.5 stars. I'm giving Lashner the benefit [...]

    15. I put three stars because I didn't know what to put. I discovered William Lashner about 6 weeks ago, and have read all the Victor Carl novels in order now. I'll just review this last one.There are things I love about this series and things I hate about this series. There is some (deliberately) funny writing, some great dialogue, some satisfying characters. It's entertaining enough that I could overlook the contrived plots, the groaning bits of overwrought prose, the over-egged wisecracks. But th [...]

    16. 3.5 starsSad sack lawyer Victor Carl attaches himself to the underbelly of the election campaign of a PA congressman. He’s a “bagman” carrying illegal payoffs from one place to another. A woman to whom he just gave a blackmail payoff ends up dead with Carl as the fall guy. Strangely enough this is the 3rd book in a row with the locale as Philadelphia. Apparently this is a series and this book the eighth. It certainly validates the opinion that government at any level is corrupt and in busi [...]

    17. Always a winnerI have fun reading Lashner's work. He might be a genius ! Somehow all of the puzzle pieces get laid out on the card table in little little he helps you see what the puzzle looks like once the pieces begin to come together . The finish is never predictable , never ends prematurely , and leaves one in suspense until the very last chapter . I like to read what William Lashner writes.

    18. There are elements of this mystery that are entertaining, but the storyline is far too complicated, and is compounded by the book being at least 100 pages too long. Fans of the series will no doubt welcome the return of its central character, but first time readers may not give him another chance. Read our full review, here: mysteriousreviews/myst

    19. I always enjoy this series, mostly due to the fact it's one of the few author's that get Philly right. Luckily, so does narrator Patrick Lawlor. This one has a satirical noir feel with an overly complicated plot and over the top characters.

    20. The best suspenseful book about corruption that I have read. There were parts of dialogue that caused me to laugh out loud. In the beginning of the book, I did not know if Victor Carl's character would be heroic or tragic, or just comic. This book is full of surprises.

    21. Fun readGreat dialogue, good plot, well written and fast moving. This book isn't a simple morality tale like most mysteries. It involves coming to grips with the darker side and finding a line you won't cross.

    22. I am a huge fan of William Lashner and his Victor Carl character. I liked this book, but I found Victor to be more successful and more ethical than he usually is = not as much fun! Also I thought the plot was a little predictable. Enjoyed the view of corruption in Philadelphia.

    23. Thank you for sending me this book. It's the first book I've read by Lashner and I thought it a very solid 3+. It was highly entertaining. Nothing is purely black or white in this story. It moved along swiftly, was a little convoluted, and it contains a wrapped up ending.

    24. Fun to read!A delightful tale by a competent writer. Liked the wry wit, the cynical attitudes of an idealist and the interesting characters. Will read more of the Victor Carl series. Fun.

    25. A thoroughly entertaining read. Lashner puts together fun stories with interesting characters. There's a good blend of caper and comedy. Never quite sure where things would end-up.

    26. Good read, exceptI sure hope peoples' personal lives do not include so much raw, mean sex. Story absorbing and grabs the reader enough without.

    27. Victor Carl has returned and he is as irreverent as ever. I don't know why it took Lashner so long to return to his main character.

    28. Victor Carl is a great pulp character and Lashner does a great job of infusing an authentic Philadelphia as the backdrop of his adventures. One of the best entries in the series.

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