Wedding Bells for Beatrice

Wedding Bells for Beatrice Famous worldwide for her tender romances featuring exciting locales Dutch doctors and kind people Betty Neels stories truly captivate romance readers These four earlier novels by this esteemed autho

  • Title: Wedding Bells for Beatrice
  • Author: Betty Neels
  • ISBN: 9780373512867
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • Famous worldwide for her tender romances featuring exciting locales, Dutch doctors and kind people, Betty Neels stories truly captivate romance readers These four earlier novels by this esteemed author are a wonderful chance for readers to rediscover the magic of Betty Neels, offering you exceptional sales opportunity.

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    1. Beatrice Crawley is a rather unusual Neels heroine in some ways. Yes, she's the Olivia model, with light brown hair and grey eyes, but she is actually well off financially. Her father is a doctor and her maternal great-grandfather was an earl. So, socially, on equal footing with her RDD, Gijs van der Eekerk. Beatrice works in a hospital, but I'm not sure of her job title. She's a kind of personal food assistant to the hospital labs, and they host medical seminars. Although she met Gijs socially [...]

    2. Beatrice -seorang putri dokter- pertama kali bertemu dengan Gijs di pesta Lady Dowey. Saat itu, Beatrice merasa bahwa sang profesor "dingin" dan tidak suka basa-basi. Pokoknya membuat Beatrice berpikir tidak ingin bertemu dengannya lagi.Tapi entah kenapa, takdir memutuskan bahwa Beatrice dan Gijs sering bertemu secara kebetulan. Entah itu karena adanya seminar kedokteran di RS tempat Beatrice bekerja, atau pertemuan di pintu masuk asrama RS saat Beatrice baru saja menangis karena menolak lamaran [...]

    3. To say the least,Its a typical Mills and Boons Novel.The subtle hints of love and drama keeps the reader wanting to finish the book fast, but not lame enough to stop reading it altogether.

    4. Beatrice marries Gijs, a widower with a small child and a nusy medical career, to help him with his domestic life.

    5. 3.5* Spoilers!I'm partial to the marriage of convenience trope especially when the hero was ALREADY in love with the heroine before they got married!Plot summary because book blurb did not include one:Heroine Beatrice was the administrator of St Justin's path. lab. Her father was a respectable GP in the country and her mother was the granddaughter of an earl. This attracted the slimey Tom, who thought the 28 year-old Beatrice would be desperate to marry him, while her parents would be more advan [...]

    6. DelightfulI really enjoy Betty Neels romance stories. They are so much fun to read. Sweet and clean, my very favorites.

    7. This was the first of the Betty Neels books I read. I love it then,and I love it now. The characters are believable and the circumstances funny but tender. Will hope to read it again some time in the future.

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