Dianthe Rising

Dianthe Rising Warning For Mature Adult Audiences Contains language and actions some may deem offensive Sexually explicit content Menage MMF with MM interaction In book one of the Dia Mclearey Series Twenty years ag

  • Title: Dianthe Rising
  • Author: J.B.Miller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Warning For Mature Adult Audiences Contains language and actions some may deem offensive Sexually explicit content Menage MMF with MM interaction In book one of the Dia Mclearey Series Twenty years ago a young woman was seduced by the Celtic god, Belenus She gave birth to a daughter destined to give her mates the power to rule the worlds However, a mother s loveWarning For Mature Adult Audiences Contains language and actions some may deem offensive Sexually explicit content Menage MMF with MM interaction In book one of the Dia Mclearey Series Twenty years ago a young woman was seduced by the Celtic god, Belenus She gave birth to a daughter destined to give her mates the power to rule the worlds However, a mother s love knows no bounds She would deny the very gods to ensure her daughter safety However, destiny proves it cannot be held back Now living in London, Dianthe is oblivious to her gifts Until a girls night out almost cost her everything when she meets a hungry vamp That night, the world she knew turns upside down and she is thrown into the paranormal world What does a supposedly human, a wolf king, and an ancient Fae have in common A woman they each want as their own Join in as Daniel, Kale, and Robin set out to prove that Dianthe was meant for them When the passion flares, can her mates overcome their jealousy before they have to go back to where it all began Will they survive the battle at the stone of Dianthe s Rising

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    1. WARNING: This review is full of spoilers so don't go past the Summary if you don't want to know what happens. My recommendation is to read the review and not the book.Summary Dianthe Rising by J.B Miller is a cross between "Bridget Jones" and "The Lightning Thief" with some menage sex thrown in for kicks. Alternatively it could be called Catholic Girl Gone Wild! The author throws everything and the kitchen sink at this storyline, but then doesn't do any of it justice. Shallow character developme [...]

    2. This is J.B.Miller Debut Novel and I had the pleasure of reading this book as an ARC.And I say pleasure because it’s that simple it was a pleasure to read. It has everything a good paranormal book should have, likeable character’s even a few swoon worthy males *cough cough* Kale is mine. Romance is all over this book and as Dia ends up with more than one male there is plenty of sex scenes to which do include group sex scenes and yes they do hit the spot.The story basically revolves around Di [...]

    3. I was sent a copy of Dianthe Rising to read and review and I fell in love with this book!!! WARNING! This book is extremely hot and heavy and sssooooooo sexy!From the start I was completely hooked by the playful banter between the main character(Dia) and her flatmate Annie. It made me laugh out loud at how realistic their conversations are. The family dynamics are so true to life and how families really work.And wow let me just say that the chemistry between Dia and her mates is sizzling hot and [...]

    4. 0.25 'holy crap this is so horrible' starEditing, what is that? Grammar, who? Proper character/relationship development, huh? A complete mess of a book? Hello!

    5. I LOVE this book and i can already tell it's making it's way into one of my favourite series one thing thoughcunny!?!?Bahahahahaha so cringeworthy!in fact i simultaneously laughed and cringed. i'll be happy if i never have to hear or even think of that 'term' again. who would of thought i'd dislike a word more than c**t. well knock me down with a feather to think i could still be surprised/aghast/horrified by a single word.goodness me i'm laugh crying i just know i'm going to think of it randoml [...]

    6. J.B. Miller will go on my list as one of my favorite authors, this was the first I've read anyone of her work, and I have to say I loved it!. 48% Through the book found a new phrase Robin(the fae was talking to his mate) he used dick mitten!! omg that’s a first for me. I must note this new term :) What a wonderful fun story, not too long I almost said too short but as I think about it deciding its about the perfect length. This isn't a stand alone, the ending will have you wanting to smack som [...]

    7. If I was reviewing this book on the storyline alone then it would be a definite five stars from me, however, there were some pretty major things that totally let this book down from what could've been an absolutely great book. There were some major inconsistencies, from the time line to spelling and grammatical errors. It got seriously confusing at times to just be able to follow along with the story due to these errors. I honestly believe that if there had been more editing or proofreading or s [...]

    8. Dianthe(Dia) Mclearey is bright young researcher interested in mythology and it's ties to the real world. Dia and Annie Lovelace celebrates her twentieth birthday meeting Daniel Lovelace, Annie's cousin, is unexpected pleasure. Annie leaves Dia to her own devices which leads to trouble no one could ever expect for Dia. Dia is attacked by creepy Goth man named Marcus outside White Hart pub. Dia's rescuer Kale Jameson, alpha wolf, scents his mate but doesn't know anything about her except her scen [...]

    9. I was given an arc copy in return for an honest review.I just have to say the story of this book was awesome.What first attracted me to this book was that it involve the Sidhe. I was looking for stories with that theme and this came out.I so loved her mates. I was actually expecting Dianthe to only have two mates but there were three. I have to say that the story was steamy. I actually like Daniel but I love Robin more. About Kale he's alright but I like the other two more especially Puck.I also [...]

    10. I'm not going to give any spoilers away.but KaleOMG. Enough about him and more about the author. I got this book as beta read. I was impressed by the author. The story is original. The story sucks up in from the very start. I'm american so there were a few bits and pieces I had to re-read to fully understand, but that doesn't hurt the story. I love the way the author wrote it. There is a cliff hanger (I have a love/hate relationship with cliffhangers) and I'm not sure when the next installment w [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am now eager for number 2! Since I have read many paranormal series I was expecting something that wasn't as good as I have previously read as it was also a free download from amazon - It was on par if not BETTER than I initially thought.The only issue I had was the bad spelling/grammar - more proof reading needed!You are given very detailed descriptions of the characters and surrounding and it was a very easy to read book - not one that you struggle to ' get [...]

    12. I loved this book. The story line was great. This is an erotic romance, so if that's not what you are looking for you might not like it. I can't wait for the other books. Hope it doesn't take too long to get them out. I think for a first novel J.B. Miller did an excellent job. I would recommend this to my friends. Can't wait to see what's next for Dia and her mates.

    13. Loved it. All the characters are very likeable. I love the dynamics of their relationship and how all these very different people of very different species can all be together and make the relationship work. Dia is a very lucky woman though I think Daniel is my favourite of her mates. I cannot wait for the next one.

    14. I find a liked the story line, but man! Definitely x-rated and LOTS more detail than I wanted to read. She says it's the first in a trilogy - not sure I'll get the next two when they come out. A lot of grammar/typo/missing word problems common to self-published books.

    15. Ran into this book by accident, best accident of my life! You have a strong female lead and the three men who love her (and each other) what more could use ask for? Editing is pretty good and the story is very original, I call this book a win!

    16. Too short!!!!! I dived into this book so fast and deep, I didn't the end coming. I would have love to prolong the action and relationship, get more details about all characters but you can do without. Now I can't wait to read what happens next.

    17. For 20 years Dia has a good little girl. Adopted by a strong Catholic family after being left on the steps of a convent, she has been loved and sheltered. All that changes on a girl's night out clubbing for her birthday. The night starts out promising with the introduction to her best friend's cousin Daniel. It appears he may be Dia's Prince Charming. However the night ends with what seems like a drug induced mugging. It's actually a vampire attack and the mystery man who saves her is actually a [...]

    18. Interesting kook at mythology and fantasyI love mythology. This series takes an interesting look at various Celtic myths and history as well as other, more standard, paranormal concepts such as vampires and werewolves. Not exactly insta-love but she does find her mates quickly, or rather, they find her. I was intrigued enough that I went to the next book, beware that it is marked as the 3rd. The 2nd is actually an excerpt from this book. It covers a 3week span that I won't spoil but if you aren' [...]

    19. Dia is an overly bright Catholic good girl who is overly protected by her father and brother. This apparently means she has no common sense and walks home alone drunk from a nightclub. She gets herself into some trouble meets 3 hot guys and blah. I am intrigued by these reverse harem novels but I have yet to find one that actually works. In this case the problem was Daniel. He was a major creepd our supposedly sweet and innocent Dia is totally fine with it. I don't care how hot a guy is picking [...]

    20. This is such a great steamy reverse harem series! Dianthe Rising is basically the start to this whole journey and I think it kicks it off quite well. Dianthe seems to be the average girl who is working on her research and hanging out with her bestie on the weekends. Enter a few key players who turn this "normal" girl into one who has a lot of sh*t going on. --Excuse my french, but there is no better description.What I really enjoy about this novel and the series in general is the fact that the f [...]

    21. I stumbled across this book in one of my Facebook reader groups and I am forever grateful to whomever recommended it.Dia is the 22 year old adopted daughter of a tight knit, overprotective Catholic family. She is the baby if the family and still "pure". She is finally living on her own when all of a sudden she finds out the mythological and paranormal world she has always been fascinated with is not only real, but she is a card carrying member with not one but three mates! Talk about an emotiona [...]

    22. Not bad. Kind of hard to believe- I know- even though it's supernatural and 'out there' but I have read other stories by other authors who write similar stuff (like Amelia Hutchins for example) and it's so well written and believable. I found it hard to believe and be interested when the main character just jumped into giving up virginity AND then having a threesome and then three mates and marriage.justwith one sentence, " i know I should question this, but oh well".would've been so good if mor [...]

    23. CheesyEverything felt rushed. It was insta-romance which includes insta-problem solving and everything/everyone is hunky dory. I don't exactly know Dia's character except that she is reserved and not afraid to stand up for herself. I don't see why the guys like her except for her looks because there was not a lot of in-between character development. The little conversational interaction that I read about Kale was not sunshine and roses but red flags.

    24. Pleasant readI liked this book because it was a nice, easy read. The characters could have been more developed, and the writing style was slightly juvenile for a ménage storyline, but I would read the next book.

    25. DNF @21% Way too many grammatical errors and typos made this near unreadable to begin with. And the parts you actually could read were juvenile and completely ridiculous.A definite no-no from me.

    26. This was not good. Terribly campy and the writing was pretty bad. It had so much potential, the plot was definitely solid, but unfortunately it was kind of really not worth my time. That's all I'm going to say about that.

    27. Fun!This book was so fun! It is so fantastical and a great way to escape the reality of the everyday. I honestly didn’t expect the MM action, but it’s minimal and I say “c’est la vie”. Overall, I read this from beginning to end and can’t wait to move on to the next.

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