The Great Little Madison

The Great Little Madison In the days before microphones and TV interviews getting people to listen to you was not an easy task But James Madison used his quiet eloquence intelligence and passion for unified colonies to help

  • Title: The Great Little Madison
  • Author: Jean Fritz
  • ISBN: 9780698116214
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the days before microphones and TV interviews, getting people to listen to you was not an easy task But James Madison used his quiet eloquence, intelligence and passion for unified colonies to help shape the Constitution, steer America through the turmoil of two wars, and ensure that our government, and nation, remained intact.u An excellent, fascinating, indispensableIn the days before microphones and TV interviews, getting people to listen to you was not an easy task But James Madison used his quiet eloquence, intelligence and passion for unified colonies to help shape the Constitution, steer America through the turmoil of two wars, and ensure that our government, and nation, remained intact.u An excellent, fascinating, indispensable resource Kirkus Reviews, pointer review The book is rich in the sort of detail that illuminates the man, but is not limited to personal information a great deal of government history is woven into the biography Horn Book, starred review Fritz has given a vivid picture of the man and an equally vivid picture of the problems that faced the leaders of the new nation in the formative years The Bulletin of the Center for Children s Books, starred review Young readers will feel like they know the Great Little Madison very well School Library Journal

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    1. I love Madison. He's one of my favorite historical figures. So it was nice to read this for school with my brothers. :)

    2. The Great Little Madison by Jean Fritz was a great book.This book was about the war of 1812.James madison had become president of the the united states.The Britsh was in a war with america again.James Madison had to flea the wight house because of the britsh.This book was very challenging to read but in the end a really great book.I recomened this book to people who like to read a lot about history.

    3. From my blog: kidlitaboutpolitics.wordpress.This biography is written as if middle grade kids are thinking people. It's written for someone who wants to know about James Madison and the first 40 years of the United States. The book could be used to write a report, but unlike some biographies for middle grade readers, it could also be used by a student of history who loves to read about the people involved in the founding of the United States.James Madison was a short man with a small voice who w [...]

    4. 1. Junior Book, Biography2. The Great Little Madison tells the story of James Madison from his childhood to writing the Constitution and his presidency. It shows that a little person, with a little voice, can still do so much.3. This is a wonderfully written book that gives the reader a great picture of what James Madison was really like, from his small stature to his small voice. The best aspect of this book is its voice. It is a history book that deals with a great deal of subject matter. Madi [...]

    5. This book was recommended to me by my Granddaughter who read it in her book club. It was a juvenile book honored in 1990. More history than biography, it gives substantial text to the history surrounding the life of the President who lived through the making and maturing of the US as a country. It was a grand review for me of what I should have retained from my school years. I relearned about the Continental Congress and the Constitution. The narrative included Patrick Henry and his challenges t [...]

    6. Great little book about a great little man. I didn't know anything about Madison before, but now I know him well. In this children's biography, I realized that your youth is the time to prepare and learn, and when you are older you serve and make your place in the world. I really liked the end because it became sad and nostalgic when Lafayette came back. Almost all the Founding Fathers were dead, but a few were still alive and could be together again. Thank you God for the Founding Fathers and t [...]

    7. A good little book for learning more about one of the great founding fathers of this nation. I enjoyed learning more about him, though the writing style wasn't as interesting as I would have liked.“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives.”- James Madison

    8. It was a little "text-booky" but it was an amazing amount of information on James Madison and the Constitution and the war of 1812. Its a miracle America exists.

    9. Potential Problems: Can be a long, boring read at timesPersonal Response: I found it interesting, but also a bit controversial at times.

    10. James Madison believed in America and what it could become. He had a vision of what the new country should be. He worked hard to make his vision a reality. He was a small man with a small voice, determined to be heard. He helped shape the Constitution, involved in two wars, and was the 4th president of the United States.This book gives a great history and perspective on the first 40 years of our country through the life of James Madison. The infancy days of the United States had many challenges [...]

    11. This was an amazing book, I never knew all the information that was packed into this book, told in an interesting and unforgettable way. It is written for older children, so it is easy to read, but is a biography that is worth reading, especially if you have a person who is not into history! This book may change their mind!

    12. I've always loved this book because it teaches about a man most kids don't know much about in American History. It does a great job helping Madison become real, human, and yet inspiriting. I love this book for those reasons. Helping children learn their heritage and finding out what they believe.

    13. This week, I tackled my non-fiction book of the semester, "The Great Little Madison", by Jean Fritz. In the novel, we follow the life of James Madison, who became the fourth President of the United States, a leader in both of the wars that he lived through, and a hero. With his friends, his wife, and his political stances, he really became someone that history had its eyes on. In the beginning of his life, no one had expected him to live very long, or amount to much, as he had a falling sickness [...]

    14. The Great Little Madison is a great little book. James Madison has always been my favorite president, but I knew next to nothing about him before reading this book. The story focus's on his entire life but zooms in on his work on the constitution and his fight against Hamilton and the other Federalists on how the new found country should be run . As the book progresses, Madison grows in his political career and his love for the country. He later marries a young, beautiful woman named Dolley Payn [...]

    15. Review 4What first caught my attention in The Great Little Madison was his love of learning - because I share that character trait. Especially our love of science. The book was written by Jean Fritz as a biography of America’s fourth president, James Madison. It is roughly 150 pages. The book summarizes the founding of America and its early history through Madison's point of view. It is a fun book about the commitment by the founding fathers to build America to be a country for the people. As [...]

    16. Madison was a key figure in a crucial time of history who crafted the document that has preserved freedom for 200+ years. His ideas saved us from a monarchy, protected freedom from very articulate people who opposed it and protected the new nation. Alexander Hamilton proposed that the new nation have a President and Senate with a life-term in office (like a king.) His ideas helped the delegates resolve to abandon the Articles of Confederation and see the Virginia plan, crafted by Madison, as a r [...]

    17. The Great Little Madison1-Genre: Biography2-James Madison may have been a soft-spoken man but that did not stop his voice from being heard. This book explains how Madison stuck to his passions and allowed others to stick to theirs as well, but Madison was still a man that could get things done. He was able to keep our young country intact, while insuring the rights of all.3-(a) The author’s use of humor. (b) It is very tricky writing a nonfiction children’s book and still being able to keep [...]

    18. The Great Little Madison is a wonderful summary of an exciting period in American history. Beginning shortly before the Revolution and ending after the War of 1812, the reader learns that the country has been divided down party lines literally since it's inception. Though the founding fathers did not intend for it to be this way, there has always been political fighting, badmouthing, and lack of unity in the United States. Madison is one of the people who stood up for unity and freedom - even hi [...]

    19. The Great Little MadisonJean FritzPuffin Books, 1989Summary: This is an in-depth biography of James Madison, the fourth president of the United States. In particular, it describes the trials James Madison needed to overcome in order to become the fourth U.S. President and rise to fame as one of America’s greatest heroes.Genre: Nonfiction.Content Warnings: Slavery, racism, violence. Everything that can be expected with honest biographies.My Opinion: This book was alright. It started off dry and [...]

    20. This novel was the first winner of the Orbis Pictus Award in 1990. This story, tells the tale, of The United States of America’s fourth President, James Madison. His life is detailed from the time he was just a small sick boy, to the time he was running for president having to face the challenges of the election process, to his time spent in the White House. He was small in stature and did not have a commanding voice. However, that did not stop him from gaining the Presidency. The book continu [...]

    21. This is a book about the life of the fourth President of the United States, James Madison. It ranges from his youth, to his contribution to the United States Constitution as well as highlighting many of the things he accomplished during his Presidency. In his earlier years he was rather sick, although it did not affect him from his studies. He was a very intelligent young man growing up, and by the age of 11 had read all of the books in his father’s library. Soon afterwards, he eventually atte [...]

    22. The Great Little Madison by Jean Fritz is a biography chapter book target for younger readers about President James Madison. The book takes the reader through each stage of Presidents James Madison’s life in each chapter. It starts out with Madison’s upbringing and growing up on his family’s plantation in Virginia with his many siblings. Then it follows Madison through his earlier schooling with numerous teachers, which finally lead to him attending Princeton, and his likes and dislikes of [...]

    23. "The Great Little Madison" is a nonfiction book. This book is intended for children in the age group of intermediate. Before there were things like telephones or cameras, people had to travel by foot for everything, even when you are trying to get people to sway their vote to you. James Madison is a great man in history that stood up for what he believed in and made sure it was known. The book talks about great men in history and why they were called great. I gave this book a rating of 5 stars. [...]

    24. James Madison started out as an unhealthy, little boy in Virginia. He went on to become a Founding Father, the author of the Constitution and the fourth president of the US. He commanded during the War of 1812 and showed Britain that America was truly a nation.Really interesting, I guess. I was told to read this book in sections, and it helped. A lot of information presented in an entertaining way. I personally can have a lot of trouble reading nonfiction, but this book had an overall story that [...]

    25. synopsis:Have you ever read about James Madison? He was a man that was there through the making of declaration and the constitution. His life is full of ups and downs that life brings to you. These were the days before there were electronics and many other devices. Less distractions brought great miracles. This book is about fighting through the tough times with the thirteen colonies. This book is a great educational book for any ages twelve and up. James Madison was not what I have imagined him [...]

    26. This was a quick, easy read while being very informative. Also, I learned some things about Madison that helped me understand how important he was in the forming of the Constitution. He was one of the main instigators of the Constitutional Convention. He took detailed notes during the whole Convention and then later co-wrote the Federalist Papers to defend it. He stayed true to his beliefs in creating a Union between the states while fighting to preserve proper checks and balances between the di [...]

    27. Before this book I didn't know much about James Madison. He took good care of his mom, who lived to 98. He had a weak voice, but still managed to give speeches. He was great friends with Thomas Jefferson. He was part of the Constitution Convention and was diligent in his work. He had a reputation of being a bachelor until he proposed to a very young lady. The age difference today would be frowned upon. Thankfully she was immature and turned down his proposal after stringing him along. Later he w [...]

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