Armi e bagagli

Armi e bagagli Serie Armi bagagli Libro Una serie di omicidi affligge la citt di New York L FBI e la polizia brancolano nel buio si sospetta che il killer sia uno solo ma gli indizi sono talmente scarsi e indecif

  • Title: Armi e bagagli
  • Author: Madeleine Urban Abigail Roux Cornelia Grey
  • ISBN: 9781613728819
  • Page: 273
  • Format: ebook
  • Serie Armi bagagli Libro 1.Una serie di omicidi affligge la citt di New York L FBI e la polizia brancolano nel buio si sospetta che il killer sia uno solo, ma gli indizi sono talmente scarsi e indecifrabili da non fornire alcuna pista Quando a rimetterci le penne sono due agenti del Bureau, per , il caso diventa di importanza vitale per l FBI L agente specialSerie Armi bagagli Libro 1.Una serie di omicidi affligge la citt di New York L FBI e la polizia brancolano nel buio si sospetta che il killer sia uno solo, ma gli indizi sono talmente scarsi e indecifrabili da non fornire alcuna pista Quando a rimetterci le penne sono due agenti del Bureau, per , il caso diventa di importanza vitale per l FBI L agente speciale Ty Grady reduce da un incarico sotto copertura finito molto male arrogante e litigioso, ma anche il migliore in quello che fa Quando per lo mettono in coppia con l agente speciale Zane Garrett, odio a prima vista Garrett l agente modello serio, sobrio e devoto il che rende la loro collaborazione la classica accoppiata sbirro buono sbirro cattivo , gli opposti complementari Entrambi gli agenti capiscono, da subito, che la vera difficolt del caso non sar l assenza di indizi, quanto il dover lavorare insieme Appena arrivati sul posto, per , l assassino colpisce ancora e questa volta il mirino puntato su di loro Costretti a fuggire e a nascondersi, e al tempo stesso decisi a scovare l uomo che li ha presi di mira, Grady e Garrett devono trovare il modo di lavorare insieme e alla svelta, se non vogliono diventare altre due tacche sul coltello dell assassino.

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    1. This book has a false title! The real one is: Read & Become obsessed with Ty and Zane!I just felt like I should warn anyone who's thinking of reading the book :)Hello, I am a Ty and Zane addict. I have been an addict for 3 days now, and I'm trying not to cure myself. It's not very easy, considering I have only 5 books more to read, and then I'll go through withdrawal. I guess I'll have to do massive re-reads to keep my addiction. It's not something I'll want to get rid of How my addiction ha [...]

    2. This book came highly recommended, so I was quite disappointed when I finally got around to reading it. This could have been a really good story, instead it was the literary equivalent of a summer blockbuster movie, complete with requisite car chase/slow-motion car flipping over scene. This was basically every buddy cop movie you've ever seen, except this time the two agents have sex. The two agents would have been interesting characters if the dialogue hadn't been designed to beat you over the [...]

    3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!HOLY MOTHER OF JESUSl my brain cells have just FRIED!!!Phew!!Just give me one secondO.k. where was I???Oh yesReaders please make way for this AMAZING,SPECTACULAR and DYNAMIC DUO---Ty AND ZaneHOT!!!ARMED AND DANGEROUS!!!GORGEOUS!!!Careful ladies.n't SWOON!!(But if a pair of strong arms is nearby to catch you then by all means,be my guest)Have you ever HATED someone at first sight???Well FBI agents Ty Grady and Zane Garret have.Each other.They were partnere [...]

    4. Granted, I'm nine years late to the party and my review may be surplus to requirements but, here it is anyway.Despite the burning need to DNF, I hung in there, soldering through the pages of wince-inducing prose but at page 204, I admitted defeat. This book and I agreed to never speak on the matter again.Allow me to show you why (excerpts from page 203-4, emphasis by me):Ty glanced over at it and immediately groaned softly**Ty frowned doubtfully. He worked quickly and finally pulled the wound to [...]

    5. Ty & Zane!*SIGH*"Are you feeling this too?""No""Me, either"Ok, let me do this short and nice because there are too many GREAT reviews about this book.Let me say (and pls don't kill me) that I didn't love this book. I liked it, A LOT, but didn't love it. I looooooved their love story but the case they were working on was kinda boring for me and I knew, I freaking knew who the bad guy was!Cut & Run tells us the story of Ty & Zane *SIGH*. They have to work together on a new case and the [...]

    6. 1.5 STARBrace yourself 'cause this is gonna hurt. I'm slaughtering your favorite book.And you’ll probably hate me after this.I’ve read my share of romantic suspense novels and, let me tell you, this one has one of the most ridiculous and lamest storylines ever.I was bored out of my mind. In short, two fifteen-year-old FBI agents spend the majority of their time in a hotel room bantering, arguing and talking gibberish waiting for the murder mystery to solve itself. The mystery which was laugh [...]

    7. This book was a major disappointment. Yet again I have learnt not to trust the high star ratings on . They just are too skewed in opinion. The ones who like the book rate it upd most of the people who hate or dislike it don't even bother to waste their time rating it down - hence the misleading ratings.I'll try to avoid (major) spoilers. I disliked everything about this book, from the crappy cover art to the poor characterization and plot. I know I complain about the male torsos being HELLA over [...]

    8. Five "are you feeling this too" STARS!ZANETYI'm not going to say too much about this one. I loved it. I want to start the next one straight away so my review will be mostly visual.“Ty Grady was a rude, insufferable, egotistical, stinking son of a bitch, and Zane was going to figure out how to tune him out. Otherwise, he just might give in to the pressure and kill the bastard, for the good of humanity.” “It was now or never. Zane took a slow, deep breath and ducked his chin, tilted his head [...]

    9. "But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls."- by Khalil Gibran, Love Letters in the Sand: The Love Poems ofKhalil Gibran -FBI Special Agent Tyler Grady is assigned to the Criminal Investigations Branch. FBI Special Agent Zane Garrett is glad to quit his boring-ass desk job at cyber crimes. He’s transferred (promoted) to the Criminal [...]

    10. I’d heard so much about Zane and Ty in my Update Feeds over the last few months, these guys have become almost like rockstars to me. My insatiable curiosity was always going to get the better of me and so I just had to give in and find out for myself what the fuss is all about. Before I even started reading this, the synopsis made me think of the Winchester Brothers and who can resist a bit of Wincest? Zane, at least for me, is Sam and Ty, the wisecracking Dean. With this visual in mind, thei [...]

    11. I do hope Ty carries a chap-stick around at all times, because the guy licked his lips 23 times before I lost count. Although I got so little enjoyment out of a book that I had anticipated so greatly, I'm still leaning towards giving Cut & Run 2 generous stars. Mostly out of respect for my friends on here who all seem to genuinely like it. And because, I might as well admit it, I feel the need to be a little more supportive towards m/m than f/m romances. Now that that's settled, let's move o [...]

    12. Cut & Run was my second adventure into this type of novel and it kept my interest. The pairing of Ty and Zane are certainly comical but I have to question why there is always so much anger between the two main characters just like in the first novel I read ([book:Shattered Glass|13420351)? I get that it makes good drama for an intense read, but I thought it was a little too overdone. Ty and Zane get together and separate 4 or 5 times in the course of the 350 page novel and by the last one, I [...]

    13. 4.5 Stars!Welleing as I am damn near the last person on the planet to read this series I won't fuss too much over a review. I've been hesitant to read this series based on the number of books. I tend to lose interest, but after reading the spin-off I really wanted to give it a try. I forgot how much I love romantic suspense. Probably because I never seem to figure out the bad guy until the very end. Though I will say I pegged this one early onbut it was never confirmed until the very end.Yes, th [...]

    14. FBI Special Agent Ty Grady and FBI Special Agent Zane Garrett. From partners.To partners.Paired up to solve a series of murders that has the police and Feds baffled, the best-of-the-best are put onto the job. With little in the way of an identifiable pattern to the victims or the murderer's modus operandi, their only real clue lies in the different tokens left behind at each crime scene.What WorkedThe Buddy Cop TropeCut & Run is every buddy cop film you've ever seen, except this time around [...]

    15. **** 3.75 stars ****I really liked this but I didn’t love it, not in epic proportions as most of the others anyway.Here are my thumbs up points: The characterisation of both MCs.The mystery which came across very strong. Action wise it had a steady pace with no boring times.Chemistry was there, solid.What held back my 5*? romance x relationship. When the story started and we met Zane, we were led to believe that Zane was perfection whereas Ty on the other hand, was a mess. Very first wrong imp [...]

    16. I'm abandoning this book. Forever. I didn't know what was wrong with it but I couldn't get into the story. It felt dragging on and on. I had books that were longer or more complicated but this one, I couldn't feel any sympathy or feeling for the characters at all. I put this book down twice before (in May, in July) and everytime I thought I could continue, I failed. I struggled to find the emotion needed; I thought I would feel something once Ty and Zane at least shared a kiss, but nope, didn't [...]

    17. A genre-crossing thrill ride. Gripping, entertaining, and intriguing.The perfect launch of a series. (all spoilers are hidden) “I’m flattered. I’ve moved up from idiot to moron,” Zane said. “And you have moved up from utterly reprehensible asshole to only moderately annoying asshole.”“Only?” Ty repeated with a huff. “It takes effort to be this abrasive, I hope you realize.”“Yeah, I guess so. But you just make it look so easy.” Serial Killers,Explosions, Car Chases,Gruesom [...]

    18. *If you haven't read this M/M classic, it is on sale for only $1 at US right now, 5/12/15!***Edited to add- this was one of my first M/M romance reads :)**I'm not a romantic suspense reader, as a general rule. I tend to hate thrillers and mysteries. I get easily scared. I only picked this one up because of the good reviews on from my friends and the fact that I heard there was a M-M coupling. This book did not disappoint. The anxiety produced by the mystery was far overshadowed by the crazy c [...]

    19. “Not everything needs to be planned. Not everything needs a why or how.”I've been eyeing this book for years now but never got around to reading it. The Cut & Run series is probably one of the most popular and highest rated series in the m/m category. I had high expectations and wasn't disappointed, but there's still a few things that could've been done better.First of all the ever changing POV is not my favourite. With two main characters it's perfectly fine to show both sides, but inst [...]

    20. I have never before read a M/M romance book that wasn't about the difficulties of coming out or homophobia or pushing some kind of message. This is the first I have picked up with the intention of finding something entertaining and sexy - and, to be honest, I was completely unsure whether M/M sexytimes was going to turn me on. On that front: yay! But not so much yay for the overall book which I DNFed after the cliches started to drown me.I suppose Cut & Run never promises to be anything but [...]

    21. Cross-posted at Shelf Inflicted and at Outlaw Reviews There was so much wrong with this book: the writing style (switching POVs within the same chapter), the dialogues that felt off, the feats of strength performed with serious injuries, the unbelievable scenarios that had me shaking my head at times. The sole purpose for women in this story were to be killed or to be used as a sperm receptacle. If poor writing drives you nuts, give this one a pass. Do not read this if you enjoy clever mysteries [...]

    22. "We can still cut and run,"UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME.Ty & Zane lovers I'm about to shit on this book. If you have a problem with that.Cut & Run has the indignity of joining the Driven trilogy and the Consequences series as one of the most badly written/annoying books I have ever read.It was repetitive, clichéd and contrived with disorienting written POV's and a very weird obsession with adverbs.The characters weren't remotely likeable. Then again that's hardly their fault when they are giv [...]

    23. Yes, yes I finally broke down and read this!Positives:♦ The MCs♦ The mystery♦ The intensity ♦ The name calling♦ The banter♦ The snark♦ The fighting♦ The sexual tension♦ The violent kissing♦ The angry fuckingNegatives:♦ The head hopping!! It was exhausting trying to decipher who was saying, doing, thinking what.  I found myself rereading a lot.♦ The beginning of the book! It was slow reading for a while. Add in the head hopping and it seemed like it took forever for anyt [...]

    24. I hate adding books to my everyone-liked-but-me shelf, believe me. It was my second try to read it actually: it couldn’t engage me for the first time, and I thought I just was not in the mood, so I put it aside. For the second time, it was still boring. But I didn’t give up and tried to find those amazing qualities the positive reviews mention. Sadly, with no avail.Both Ty and Zane irritated me, and the jumping viewpoint made them indistinguishable.The continuous banter tired me, the suspens [...]

    25. HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!!! I COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY LOVED THIS BOOK!!! AND I AM FREAKING HEAD OVER HEELS FOR TY AND ZANE!!!!!!FANTASTIC!!!!!! 5 STARS!!!!!This was my first attempt at a m/m romance story and I have to tell you it was absolutely incredible. I am completely hooked on these characters and on this series!! It is a compelling story about two FBI agents from very different backgrounds, both burned out in their own way, and being thrown together against their will to solve a very difficult ser [...]

    26. Accidental/stalkerish BR with Her Highness! :DFirst of allandI loved this book! This was my first M/M story and it left me pleasantly surprised! I didn't think it would be my cuppa, but turns out if you try anything once, you might find out some interesting shit about yourself and your limits.Meet Special Agent Ty Gradyand Special Agent Zane GarrettThese pics are courtesy of my newly-developed obsession with Lost. I know, Your Majesty, I said I could picture Sawyer as Ty and Jack as Zane because [...]

    27. 4.5 StarsSeems to me that everyone and their dog has read this book and loved it (the majority, at least), so there isn’t much for me to add. I really like Ty and Zane, individually and together. I love how messed up both of them are, as demented as that sounds; it gives them somewhere to go as characters, partners and lovers, which I greatly look forward to exploring further throughout the series. (view spoiler)[Although, if either guy sleeps with one more random person in future books, I wil [...]

    28. I should start by clarifying that I really liked this book. Mainly because of the two main characters, Ty and Zane. They were mostly successfully portrayed and the chemistry between them was more than intense. The overall story was well-delivered and it kept me interested the entire time. And I absolutely loved the last pages of the book, right after they discovered who the serial killer was.I always rate my reads based on my overall impression, regardless of any details that may have bothered m [...]

    29. I read lots of reviews about this series and I saw all the WARNINGS if I start reading this I will become ADDICTED to Ty & Zane. I didn't listen and what have I become ------> a total JUNKIE and I'm gonna be needing my second fix really soon (if not already today)!WOW! WOW! WOW!ABOUT THE STORYTy and Zane, two deliciously hot alpha males, both FBI agents, are forced to work together to find a serial killer. Now, I gotta say when it comes to the plot and the whole mystery part I kinda prett [...]

    30. First of all, thank you to all of my wonderfully awesome GR friends for recommending this book to me so much. You ladies rock and what a way to pop my m/m cherry!!Ty and Zane are both FBI agents partnered together to investigate a serial murderer.There is a lot of tension between the two, both are smartasses. Some of their digs at each other were hilarious. They are fighting their attraction for each but you know they have to give in some time and the first kiss happens.Explosions occur with thi [...]

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