Smooth Irish Seduction

Smooth Irish Seduction Librarian s Note This is an alternate cover for ASIN B GX HUAbout Smooth IrishToo damaged to be any good for anyone Jackson walks alone and lives life day to day except for his nights There he wan

  • Title: Smooth Irish Seduction
  • Author: Jennifer Saints
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s Note This is an alternate cover for ASIN B0043GX2HUAbout Smooth IrishToo damaged to be any good for anyone,Jackson walks alone and lives life day to day, except for his nights There he wants Nan scorching his bedsheets with no strings sex.Nan is a woman with a plan for success who leaves nothing to chance She wants nothing to do with a going nowhere man,Librarian s Note This is an alternate cover for ASIN B0043GX2HUAbout Smooth IrishToo damaged to be any good for anyone,Jackson walks alone and lives life day to day, except for his nights There he wants Nan scorching his bedsheets with no strings sex.Nan is a woman with a plan for success who leaves nothing to chance She wants nothing to do with a going nowhere man, but Jackson ignites her senses with a fire only he can quench.Their passion brings them both to their knees He must decide to die alone or take a second chance on life and love And Nan must decide if she can love a man who comes with no guarantees.

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    1. Another Scrumptious Weldon! Not quite as good as the first book, but still a good read. A little slow to the start, but then it came around in the endg time!! I loved Jackson, but Nan took some time to grow on me. She was too set in her ways, and she had this journal where she wrote down her fantasies, and of course the author had to share them with us, just not my thing. Once the two of them find their way to each other, they set the sheets on fire. Jackson is such a giver; he gives and gives a [...]

    2. It is a very rare occurrence for me these days to start on the next book of a series by an author before taking a break in between. However, I found myself tempted to skip my ‘rule’ and go ahead with the 2nd book in the Weldon series, to find out for myself whether the passion between the grieving widower Jackson Weldon and Nancy Miller would be as explosive in reality as I had envisioned it in my mind after practically storming through the sensuous scenes of passion in the 1st book of the s [...]

    3. This was a decent book about the eldest Weldon brother who has kind of been drifting ever since he came back four years ago after the death of his wife and he has been pursuing Nan(Alexi's best friend, the heroine from the first book) but Nan knows he is not the man she is looking for, no commitment type, she's a nurse and is goal and list oriented but there is this pesky chemistry between them.Slowly, we find out that the hero Jackson walked away from being a doctor after his wife died and ther [...]

    4. Another fun and delightful addition to the Weldon Bros. series. But those Irish guys better watch out -- because Shakespeare, the cat is stealing plenty of scenes in this one. The storyline in book 2 had a sadder and more emotional touch to it than the first. Still plenty of hot chemistry and a wonderful happily-ever-after. Looking forward to future entries for the twin Weldons.

    5. Jackson is great! He's a hot singing (Eric Clapton like) black Irish man, who is lost & refuses to settle after he loses his wife & unborn baby in a car accident 4 years prior that he blames himself for.Nan is a nurse, who has her life & goals planned out. This to me makes her seem cold & frigid even though the author is going for a warm caregiver type. She has a short story book of fantasies she writes & keeps under her pillow.Since Nan is Alexi's (Jackson's sister-in-law) b [...]

    6. Didn’t live up to book oneAll this couple seemed to have interest in together was sex. I didn’t quite understand falling in love. They both irritated me. They had little in common and resolved what they agonized over through 80%+ of the book very quickly. Hoping book 3 is better

    7. What a difference a sequel makes! I read the first book in the Weldon Series, "Wild Irish" and really didn't care for it that much. I'm far from being a prude so it wasn't the erotic content that colored my opinion. The plot was so flimsy that a forceful exhale would have knocked it to the ground. I felt like author Jennifer Saints regurgitated every erotic scene she had ever imagined in her lifetime and then called it a book. It took me months to work up the enthusiasm to read the second book i [...]

    8. Throwing you straight into the meat of the story Smooth Irish is a fast paced read that should have you glued to your book or e-reader for some time. If you haven't picked up the first book in the Weldon series, Wild Irish by Jennifer Saints, you'll still be able to understand the second book. Smooth Irish involves intense attraction and a country setting, and Irish men that set your blood a tingling.Jackson Weston, the oldest of the Weston boys, only has one thing in his life that could possibl [...]

    9. Finally!!!!! More of a story line. Finally a little change in things!! We meet Jackson and Nan in this book and Jackson is a man who knows what he wants but his past is holding him back from getting it and I guess the has a pretty good reason. Jackson is a riddle wrapped up in a rubix’s cube. But when he flat out turns down wanting a one nighter and tells Nan he wants more than that…I was sold! Finally I read a romance novel that has a story line, and that has a seriously emotional backgroun [...]

    10. I down loaded this book as a promotional gift from in February 2013. Book 2 in the series and if I could give it 10 out of 10 I would have. This book touched the heart on all the right levels. Excitement, danger, romance, and heated passion combined with a good plot made this a very enjoyable read. The author wrote it with compassion as you learn more about Nan and Jackson. I thought Jesse was a great guy but Jackson beat him for sure.His struggles to lay the past aside was heartfelt and touchi [...]

    11. Great story, loving the series so far.Love these Irish boys. So far, of book 1 and 2, book 2 is my favorite. I have the boxed set and can not wait to get going on book 3. I found this author in the Heroes to Swoon For boxed set and had to go and buy the rest of this series, cause I liked book 1 so well.One thing though that threw me off is when these books changed pov in the middle of the chapter without any notice (spacing difference, notation, nothing) Both book 1 and 2 so far have done that. [...]

    12. 241p Four years ago a tragedy made Jackson Weldon turn his back on life. He wanted nothing more than doing a gig with his guitar every now and then to put a sandwich on his plate and gas in his tank. But a few dates with Nan Miller several months ago had him finally wanting something more. Her in his bed. Only she walked before that happened and his hunger for her alone has grown until he can't think of anything but her. Nan has lived her life by a plan and she isn't about to mess it up by getti [...]

    13. Everyone's got baggage. It's nice to see a romance that deals with it head on. I adore the Weldon brothers--there's something awfully satisfying about being a voyeur into a great family dynamic. My favorite part of the book just might be where one brother helps another brother to really understand and own that he wants to live. Not just exist or even give up.The love story is pretty realistic. I do think the author took a few short cuts that might have made the story just a little more well-roun [...]

    14. Nan is a planner. She's never late, is devoted to her plants and her cat, Shakespeare, and is an overachiever. She is also 30 years old.Jackson is a free spirit who has a dark, painful past that no one talks about. He does what he wants, when he wants with no expectations and no strings attached. He likes it that way.Nan and Jackson dated briefly, but it never really took off. When Jackson tore up a recording contract in front of her on their last date, that was it. She could never fall for some [...]

    15. Out of the 3 books so far in this series, this one was my favorite. How a lonely, heartbroken man can fall for a equally lonely, but upbeat girl is a classic story, but throw in the heat, and we are cooking. Jackson, oldest Weldon falls for Nan, Alexi's best friend at her wedding (read book 1 Wild Irish) and they hit it off, but because Jackson is apparently going nowhere, as is he isn't ambitious, and Nan has a "plan" of what her life should be life. So the idea that opposites attract is very a [...]

    16. I got this ebook for free and had never read any of Jennifer's books. I have to say I really enjoyed this book. Jackson is the bad boy that every woman loves and Nan is the straight laced gal that thinks you have to have a plan for everything. They dated and then she decided she didn't think he was for her and then they hooked back up and he showed her how to have some fun. I love all of the Irish family dynamics and the brothers who have each others back. Looking forward to reading the other We [...]

    17. This book was AMAZING! How 'bout I cried the whole last half of the book! There are really no words to describe how great this book was to me. Jackson went through so much pain & had to learn to live with it. I'm glad he was able to find love w/ Nan! They were an awesome couple.The whole black book thing was kind of weird though.The Weldon family of men are so awesome & I love their mom too! Jesse is still my favorite though :) I can't wait to read about Jared & James :) I'm glad I s [...]

    18. The ghost of his e-wifeplusThe truth. All excuses aside, he'd deliberately gone after Nan, seduced her past her sensibilities, and the first bump in the road he hit, he walked out on her. (His own thoughts)plus(view spoiler)[he doesn't mention the leaky condom (hide spoiler)]and you have a douche.I did not see any redeeming qualities in his guy. And worse yet the heroine went from a strong character to an incredibly insecure one.

    19. Wild! Irish! Southern! What's not to like?Cleverly written and with just enough angst, this story of a tormented man and the love he finally allowed himself was very enjoyable. It wrenched my heart a little, humored me a lot and gave me a heap of good feelings. The sex scenes weren't bad either!

    20. Loved the way the author contrasted her characters. Nan, her heroine, and Jackson, the hero, weren't going in the same direction in their lives and this creates a lot of conflict. She'd set a direct course towards success, and he just spun in circles. But the man was strictly hero material so what's a girl to do? Great read for that day when you need a good book.

    21. Well, I finished it. But it was hard to keep my attention focused on the story. Kind of bland, and I would bet anything, that it was written in the late 80's. The dialogue felt awkward, and, well, I don't want to be discouraging so I will just say: "This book wasn't for me". I don't think I will read this author again.

    22. I approached this book with fear and trembling after reading the thoroughly horrible Wild Irish Ride. However, it isn't quite as bad as that one since the characters were somewhat better developed. However, this one is still pretty awful. Don't look for anything fresh, original, or entertaining here, just one overdone romance novel cliche after another. Glad to clear this one off my Kindle.

    23. Jack is tortured, and Nan is in need of stability! I love these Weldon brothers!!!! Jack has a hard past, and walked away from everything he thought he was supposed to be and lives in his guilt. Nan has never had anything of consequence that she didn't build for herself!! Well done!

    24. LOVE this BOOK!! Jackson is HOTTTT!!!!Visit WTF Book Reviews for a full review of Smooth Irish and the Weldon Series. wtfbookreviews/20

    25. This second book in the Weldon Brothers series did not disappoint! Jackson and Nan's story was another extremely HOT and emotional ride!! Full of passion that will touch your heart as well as blow your mind!! Jennifer Saints is a definite MUST-READ Author for people who love romance!!!

    26. I enjoyed this book. a sweet sect quick read. reads a lot like the first book. hero cant admit that he really has feelings and that its all just about the sex. just like Jesse in book 1. I'll probably read the next one when it comes out too.

    27. Another sexy light read, just perfect for summer. Jackson might just be even sexier than Jesse and what woman doesn't love a damaged man?!?!Smooth Irish is the perfect mix of romance, sex, and angst. Loved it!

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