The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby

The Memoirs of Colonel John S Mosby John Singleton Mosby served as commander of the st Virginia Cavalry known as Mosby s Rangers His memoirs describe his experiences and recollections of Robert E Lee and JEB Stuart among others A tab

  • Title: The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby
  • Author: John S. Mosby
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • John Singleton Mosby served as commander of the 1st Virginia Cavalry, known as Mosby s Rangers His memoirs describe his experiences and recollections of Robert E Lee and JEB Stuart, among others A table of contents is included.

    One thought on “The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby”

    1. This is an interesting but disjointed book, written by Colonel John S. Mosby, the notorious "Gray Ghost" whose guerilla campaign in northern Virginia during the Civil War so vexed the Union army that the area became known as "Mosby's Confederacy." The book is, to say the least, a bit of patchwork. Mosby begins with details of his early life and the course which led him to side with the Confederacy in 1861, as well as his initial service as a private soldier in the early part of the war. It then [...]

    2. The book was very good at showing the tactics used by the "Gray Ghost" during his tenure as a partisan cavalry leader in Northern Virginia during the last two years of the Civil War. It was a little difficult to read as it described events and then would include a letter or report which verified what had just been written. I was surprised to read the detailed defense of Jeb Stuart during the Gettysburg campaign where most historians hold Stuart to task for not arriving in time to help General Le [...]

    3. (This excerpt occurs as Mosby is riding down the street at night) I heard someone calling, "Mosby! Mosby!" I was surprised, but went up to the man in his yard. "Did you call me, sir?" "No," he replied, "I'm calling Mosby. I want him to stop barking!"So I have had the distinction of having dogs named after me.I enjoyed this, although I liked his War Reminiscences better. This book gives you a feel for how it was like living in Mosby's Confederacy, though, which the War Reminiscences doesn't do so [...]

    4. Interesting read, Now I will have to read more books to decide if Mosby was correct about the reason Jeb S. was not General Lee's eyes at Gettysburg. I can't remember reading where any other person had the same opinion as John Mosby but I'm sure I haven't read All accounts of Gettysburg.

    5. Total crapThis book is a jumbled mess from start to finish. The very end was the best part. Mosby is an interesting character but this work did nothing to capture his character or his actions during the Civil War.

    6. What a man! I really enjoyed Mosby's memoirs. The great Confederate guerilla leader who opposeed secession and wasn't real fond of slavery, who nonetheless drove the Union (and some Confederate miltary) crazy. Mosby doesn't cut anybody any slack. He takes both sides to task for incompetence and stupidity. Sickly and bullied as a child, even into young adulthood (he appears to have been a rather mild-mannered lawyer before the war, and enlisted as a private, though he could have been an officer, [...]

    7. I quote :John Singleton Mosby (December 6, 1833 May 30, 1916), also known by his nickname, the "Gray Ghost", was a Confederate army cavalry battalion commander in the American Civil War. His command, the 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry, known as Mosby's Rangers or Mosby's Raiders, was a partisan ranger unit noted for its lightning-quick raids and its ability to elude Union Army pursuers and disappear, blending in with local farmers and townsmen. The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby: how could t [...]

    8. Mosby’s Memoirs by Colonel John S. Mosby is less an autobiography than an account, evaluation and explanation of army tactics employed in the Civil War. John Mosby began the war in 1861 as a private but his vision and daring soon brought him to the attention of his superiors. It still took him more than two years to obtain a commission and although most of his most daring raids against the Union army were with groups of squad or platoon strength. Not until the end of the war did his band of go [...]

    9. When measured against Grant's memoirs this autobiography is lacking. While the relating of his raids and activities against Union forces in "Mosby's Confederacy" is worth noting, his interruption of it all to defend "Jeb" Stuart's actions during the Gettysburg campaign becomes disconcerting. I understand his wanting to defend his "chief" but it went on endlessly. Mosby just adds to the mountain of opinion on that subject. His comments and praise of Ulysses S. Grant are noteworthy. Mosby was anot [...]

    10. Colonel John Mosby first came to my attention back in the mid to late 50's via a TV show, The Gray Ghost. Although that TV show was highly fictionalized, it was my introduction to guerrilla warfare.This book is the memoirs of that Confederate Cavalry officer depicted in that show. As one of the reviewers on another site stated, if Mosby had been on the Union side his exploits would be much more well known today. The conversion of this from paperback to eBook is horrible. Footnotes are placed in [...]

    11. Mosby is one of the most interesting characters of the American Civil War. Reading his memoirs is particularly interesting to those of us living in the part of Northern Virginia through which he fought during the War. The most interesting parts of the book from an historical view were Mosby's very favorable take on General Grant and his defense of JEB Stuart's actions during the Gettysburg Campaign.

    12. The book is well written and provides insight into the character of one of the Civil War's leading cavalry raiders. My only complaint is that Mosby enters into a VERY lengthy discussion on the topic of Stuart's ride around Meade's army during the Gettysburg campaign. Was Stuart following orders? Mosby thinks he was. Strongly. The controversy continues

    13. clearly written and very understandable to any person that knows the slightest about the American Civil War era. with excerpts from letters and commendations, this book keeps you coming back for more. for some reason i wish it would have been a longer book. awesome read for the military buff.

    14. This is a wonderful book to read. Mosby's life reads like fiction. It is a short book but a great read and you learn a lot about the life and death of General Mosby . He was a very unconventional General.

    15. Strictly businessA fine historical view of a Civil War icon. The Book is very interesting but could have used some editorializing. Don't expect any fire and brimstone here. A student of the war should find this a gold mine.

    16. MagnificentThe book is well written and the reader will learn many backstories from the official dispatches between Mosby and his superiors. His life after the war is amazing as well and a great surprise to the reader.

    17. Page turnerWhat a great read. I never give reviews, but these memoirs compelled me to. The honest representation of history is hardly ever committed to words.

    18. A True Southern Gentleman WarriorThis, book made you feel you were in the saddle defending the South. It is a great book to read.

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