Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #2

Batman The Dark Knight Returns The iconic series continues as a new Robin debuts and a gang of violent mutants stakes a claim on the streets of Gotham City Unfortunately for them The Dark Knight is about to prove that these street

  • Title: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #2
  • Author: Frank Miller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The iconic series continues as a new Robin debuts and a gang of violent mutants stakes a claim on the streets of Gotham City Unfortunately for them, The Dark Knight is about to prove that these streets are his, and he has a battle tank of a Batmobile to back him up

    One thought on “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #2”

    1. Really cool seeing Batman struggle due to ikd age. The introduction to Robin was also cool. Awesome old school graphics.

    2. I'm more of a young Bruce Wayne type of fan but this was pretty awesome. Seeing Bruce struggle due to age really makes batman that more of a beast among criminals.

    3. Wow, I'm really loving this whole new take on Batman and Robin by MillerIt's dark and gritty and the artwork certainly brings it to a whole new levelI'm straight off to the next one!!

    4. Batman finished off the leader of the Mutants gang. And the gang itself dissolved into several gangs including a gang that is called the Sons of Batman, enforcing law by unjust force.Was he right or was he wrong? It's not even a question. Of course he had to take out the head of the snake. Of course he had to show them that their leader can be taken out, and that each and every one of them can be taken out as well. That alone can make them doubt their motives.He needed to plant the seed of doubt [...]

    5. Holy Moly– YES.As someone who thoroughly disliked Man of Steel and didn't finish the Dark Knight movie, I have to say that this graphic novel series was surprisingly fantastic and showed me something about DC that the movies just didn't communicate to me.First of all, this was my first graphic novel, so I may just be reeling from this new style I've been exposed to. But I cannot deny how much the style, art, and story absorbed me from the very beginning.For people like me who have never read a [...]

    6. This is incredible! The first issue introduces us to one facet of darkness - the violent actions; violent Batman isn't someone we're used to seeing. This issue introduces us to the second, much more unique facet of darkness - the violent mind. The very first serial to feature Batman tells a story of a criminally minded mental patient that escapes from an asylum, dresses as a bat, and decides to hunt and kill criminals. These were considered the darkest Batman comics. I knew that this series was [...]

    7. I am not a fan of the gritty batman or the constant news panels in the story. I do however, like the premise of batman coming out of retirement after many years.

    8. AwesomeGreat story, I don't know how many times I've read it, but it's something you can't help but return to, like looking at a Picassoa masterpiece.

    9. Review: 8.4/10This issue suffers from a lot of the issues I had with the first issue of this series, so it would be pointless to talk about my qualms about the art or the execution of certain things. I found the news segments to be a very useful writing tool to get information and tone and mood of all of Gotham down in a nice and concise way. That being said it felt kind of disruptive to the rest of the story. I understand that it is complimentary and more often than not I enjoyed it a lot. Spec [...]

    10. One of the greatest batman comic series ever made, for it's inclusion of a fight between Batman and Superman. ***SPOILER WARNING! SPOILER WARNING!*** A freaky part of this book is the death of Joker in the love tunnel. Now, Batman punched joker so hard, it broke his neck. But, did not kill him. Joker was paralyzed, but he still found a way to move his neck and finish the spin to kill him. Freaky. Great story, many perilous plots foiled once again by batman. I highly recommend this story, as it i [...]

    11. More commentary on gang violence and politics of pacification and making deals with enemies that do not honor such deals.

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