Silence for the Dead

Silence for the Dead Portis House emerged from the fog as we approached showing itself slowly as a long low shadow In Kitty Weekes pretty resourceful and on the run falsifies her background to obtain a nursing po

  • Title: Silence for the Dead
  • Author: Simone St. James
  • ISBN: 9781482969931
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Portis House emerged from the fog as we approached, showing itself slowly as a long, low shadow In 1919 Kitty Weekes pretty, resourceful, and on the run falsifies her background to obtain a nursing position at Portis House, a remote hospital for soldiers left shell shocked by the horrors of the Great War Hiding the shame of their mental instability in what was once a ma Portis House emerged from the fog as we approached, showing itself slowly as a long, low shadow In 1919 Kitty Weekes pretty, resourceful, and on the run falsifies her background to obtain a nursing position at Portis House, a remote hospital for soldiers left shell shocked by the horrors of the Great War Hiding the shame of their mental instability in what was once a magnificent private estate, the patients suffer from nervous attacks and tormenting dreams But something is going on at Portis House its plaster is crumbling its plumbing makes eerie noises and strange, cold breaths of air waft through the empty rooms It s known that the former occupants left abruptly, but where did they go And why do the patients all seem to share the same nightmare, one so horrific that they dare not speak of it Kitty finds a dangerous ally in Jack Yates, an inmate who may be a war hero, a madman or maybe both But even as Kitty and Jack create a secret, intimate alliance to uncover the truth, disturbing revelations suggest the presence of powerful spectral forces And when a medical catastrophe leaves them even isolated, they must battle the menace on their own, caught in the heart of a mystery that could destroy them both.

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    1. Fabulous narration by Mary Jane Wells. In 1919 England, at a lonely mansion where moors meet sea, 21 "mad" soldiers convalesce from WWI, suffering PTSD. But ghosts that reek of rot whisper sweet suicide in the patients' ears, inhibiting their recovery. To this bleak place comes Kitty Weeks, age 20-ish, masquerading as a nurse, fleeing her own murderous father. She's resilient and courageous, but not foolish. She knows something is wrong, and immediately recognizes the mysterious "patient 16" — [...]

    2. This book started on track for 3 stars, basic but a nice quick read. Sadly the last half didn't measure up to the promise of the first. I stuck with it because it has a lot of things I like: mystery, gothic-style scares, etc. The suspense from the beginning doesn't quite hold up and the plot just gets a bit tired near the end.

    3. Another wonderful book by Simone St. James. This one follows a young woman on the run from an abusive father, as she takes a job in a mental hospital after WWI. But of course, not everything is as it seems. With twists and turns, and a completely eerie setting, I devoured this book. Great read!

    4. After reading Ms. St. James first book, The Haunting of Maddy Clare, I made a note to keep reading her books. I was that impressed. I am quite fond of the early 20th Century period in a fictional setting, and this seems to be a particular area of interest for her as well. With this book, she focused on the troubled homefront of Post-WWI England, when veterans are coming back from the war damaged, both in body and in mind. Kitty Weekes is desperate for a job, desperate enough to take a job at Por [...]

    5. I read Lost Among the Living last year and loved it. Since then have I tried to get hold of Simone St. James other books. Silence for the Dead intrigued me with its stunning cover and interesting blurb. What is Kitty Weekes hiding? What's wrong with Portis House? And, what's Jack Yates, the war hero doing there? And, his the place really haunted?Silence for the Dead is an interesting book about a haunted hospital and patients that have mentally broken down by the war and basically are sent away [...]

    6. This could have been an excellent little ghost story. The buildup of tension and mystery was very well done and the characters were intriguing, but I was disappointed in the final third of the story. Perhaps I should have expected the romance, but it felt forced and implausible, and it was incredibly inappropriate for the two main characters to be playing striptease and grab-ass when patients that the “heroine” was responsible for were dying, unattended, of influenza in another part of the b [...]

    7. Simone St. James seems to be almost single-handedly revitalising the genre of the gothic historical romance, and her latest book, Silence for the Dead proved to be a very enjoyable example indeed.It’s 1919, and twenty-year-old Kitty Weeks has been running away from her abusive father for the past four years. That means going from job to job, often under assumed names, and never staying in one place too long. She’s gutsy and independent, and even though she can never completely shake them off [...]

    8. I have loved the writing of Simone St. James since her first and my favorite book that she's written, The Haunting of Maddy Clare. This is now her third book and she has perfected a formula of Gothic creepiness with a dash of romance that is right up my alley.In this novel, lead character Kitty, has accepted a job as a nurse at a remote mental hospital that caters to the wealthy, veteran men of the Great War. The Portis house the hospital is ensconced in is falling apart and the previous family [...]

    9. I LOVE Simone St. James style of writing and this one did not disappoint. Simone has the ability to pull the reader into a place and time, in this case, 1919 post-war Britain, and write characters that you care about. I like that she threads a bit of romance into her story without destroying it and veering off into "just" romance. This is a ghost story that will keep you turning pages until the wee hours of the morning. I was sad to finish it!

    10. Not my favorite book by Simone, so far, but I will say that she's definitely up there with my favorite authors.

    11. Where was this book a few years ago when I watched Crimson Peak and was dying for a book similar?! If you saw Crimson Peak and loved it, then I think you will really enjoy this book.One of the things that I liked about that film was how the house and ghosts both haunted the characters and this book does something similar and the effect is memorable and so wonderfully suspenseful!This is my final Simone St James book and I really wanted to end her books on a high note, and that’s exactly what I [...]

    12. I found this book to be Simone St. James's most tightly written and plotted book. The plot is deft and intricate and at the end, all threads are woven together, and some in ways that I did not foresee. There are numerous themes that interlink with other themes too, and it takes until the end of the novel for the bigger picture to emerge, and for this reason alone, I found Silence for the Dead utterly engrossing. There are plenty of other reasons though why I loved this book.Kitty Weekes is perha [...]

    13. 3.5/5The ending is the only reason I'm not giving it four stars. It was a bit of a mess. Everything else? Pretty great. Definitely my favourite St. James so far.

    14. I have no clue what prompted me to place this book originally on my TBR in 2014, but I so glad at whatever did. I listened to the audiobook and enjoyed it so much. A spooky house that serves as a mental hospital for soldiers recovering from WWI is just about guaranteed to be something I will enjoy as long as it's well written. A house that harbors a dark past and ghosts, historical fiction, interesting plot, and good writing. I liked it so much (it's almost a 5 star rating for me, but I don't th [...]

    15. 2 ½ stars. Weak story. Below average for the audiobook narrator’s accent.The narrator used an English accent that bothered me. The phrase “look what I got” sounded like “loo wha I gah.” A little of that would be ok, but not the whole book. I enjoy books using the elegant upper class British accent, but not what was used here. On the other hand, the narrator was good with emotional interpretations and general narration.The best part of the story was the character development. I enjoyed [...]

    16. Even bad books have surprise endings, this book was the opposite. This was actually a fairly good book until I was about a little more than halfway through it. At some point I realized the main character (the book is in first person) was coming to conclusions and I was clueless as to how she was reaching them. I noticed that relevant things were mentioned only after they needed to be relevant. The best scene in the book was Syd's visit, and gave the impression the entire story may be all in Kitt [...]

    17. This is not my favorite genreosts, gothic, paranormal. But I enjoyed this book. I was currently reading another book at the time which I desperately needed a break from, so this book was eagerly accepted as a welcomed break.I have never read this author before. I enjoyed the ease of her writing. The characters and the story didn't feel forced. There were some illogical leaps with no supporting info or clues. But overall, I liked the flow. The character development was also paced nicely. This is [...]

    18. Loved it! Had read authors first two books then suddenly realized I had two more there to read! Read back to back and was not disappointed. Kitty is a young woman so desperate for a job she is pretty much willing to do anything. She is desolate. She begins work at a spookey convalescent home for young soldiers returned from the horrors of WWI. Is the house haunted? You betcha! Brilliant and that's all I'm going to say.

    19. 4.5 stars I love a good gothic, and this is a good, dark tale full of secrets and things that aren't as they should be. The Portis House of the book doesn't have so strong an atmosphere as some of the famous gothic houses like Manderley, but I found it creepy nevertheless. The middle portion of the book dragged ever so slightly for me, but I still enjoyed reading this, as I have enjoyed all of this author's books to date.

    20. Я до последнего верила, что поставлю 5 звезд))Но, к сожалению, под конец динамика пропала. Зря автор разжевала, кто, куда и зачем, имхо. Но в целом - отличная вещь. Атмосфера уединенного особняка, который превратили в психиатрическую лечебницу, неглупая героиня с тяжелым прошл [...]

    21. Wow! I don't usually do paranormal, but this audio book was excellent. I liked the narrator's many voices and accents. Thanks, Caz! I never would have tried this without your recommendation. Now I'm eager to hear the next one!

    22. Also posted at TBR MOUNTAIN RANGE with more gothic reviews.If you love gothic love stories, then anything by author Simone St. James promises spooky fun in a historically evocative setting. SILENCE FOR THE DEAD takes place at a remote insane asylum right after the Great War, when the bravery of young men and women wasn't without consequences. Ghosts, evil and some subtle comedic moments mixed in with a really good mystery that slowly unravels rounds out St. James' latest endeavor.I have always l [...]

    23. ”I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t. I’d been so certain, but I’d miscalculated. That hand on me- I could still feel it, and it made me sick. I’d thought I’d be caring for madmen, simpletons, drooling idiots. I hadn’t thought they’d be men. And now, I was locked up with them in this place, miles from anything”Isn’t it such a disappointing feeling when an author you know you love writes a book that you don’t like? It’s like we build a trust for the author, the reliability of t [...]

    24. I received this book through a First Reads giveaway. This is my first Simone St. James book, but after reading this one, I will be reading more by her. I found this book catching my attention and didn't want to put it down at times, and when I came to the end, I wanted it to keep going on. I enjoyed the characters; so much so I wanted the story to go on and tell more about each of them that was there in the end. Kitty arrives at Portis House, a mansion turned asylum, with forged documents and r [...]

    25. Haunting of Portis House Silence for the Dead is about a girl named Kitty Weeks, while on the run from her father, ends up working at a remote hospital for soldiers shell shocked by the Great War; Portis House. Something is not only exasperating the soldiers nightmares but the patients and nurses are encountering eerie noises, cold drafts, menacing apparitions and a strange mold that's slowly destroying the west wing. As things start to get worse, Kitty starts to wonder why the the original occu [...]

    26. I agree with another reviewer who stated that the first part of this book didn't live up to the second half. I found that in reading the first 3/4, I flew through the book, as I got to the last quarter, it definitely slowed down and it felt that the author threw in occurrences to lengthen the story. AgainI will still seek out this author's works. I do find them enjoyable.Had the author been consistent in the end of the book, this would have been a 4 star book, but the ending was incredibly weak [...]

    27. Silence for the Dead is an atmospheric page turner that's full of all the complex emotions faced by men and women when a war is over and life must go on. I ached. I cried. I turned on every light in the house and, in the end, I was well satisfied by a wonderful mystery and romance. Kitty Weekes was immediately real to me. I was on edge for her from page one and ready to follow through any dark shadows she faced. And there are definitely shadows aplenty at Portis House…but there is also Jack Ya [...]

    28. This is the best book yet by Ms. St. James! Loved ite plot was gripping but not creepy as far as ghost stories go. I was completely swept up by the scenery and all the characters within the story. A hard-to-put-down read.

    29. Had a hard time putting down this historical ghost story. I have read one other book by Simone St. James, The Haunting of Maddy Clare but I like this one best. It has a bit of gothic romance and mystery and holds your interest until the last page is turned.

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