The Frog Who Would Be Prince

The Frog Who Would Be Prince A fun filled family friendly fantasy adventure story about a boy and his frog

  • Title: The Frog Who Would Be Prince
  • Author: Norm DaPloom Grace Weber
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A fun filled family friendly fantasy adventure story about a boy and his frog

    One thought on “The Frog Who Would Be Prince”

    1. This book is a book that (thanks to my mom) just showed up on my kindle for me to read. The title caught my eye, and made me think “FROG PRINCE RETELLING!” instantly. I was not incorrect in my assumption. This was a Frog Prince retelling – and probably the best Frog Prince retelling I have ever read.Not only that - the author managed to put Sleeping Beauty in there as well!The ending was magnificent and totally not what I was expecting. I can’t tell you what happened, as it’s the endin [...]

    2. This is one of the best new books I've read this year. It's a pity there's no information on the author because I'd love to know more about him. Basically, this is an outstandingly good Pixar movie in book form. It's loaded with hilarious dialogue and has an episodic quality that reminds me of the best Oz books. The retelling of Princess and the Frog is very creative and there are some surprising plot twists at the end. Things I liked best: The Bookwyrm, the Book character ( oh goodness, the Boo [...]

    3. I've got to tell everyone how much I loved this bookIt is rare that a book captivates and tickles me as this one did. I loved the story and the characters will forever be in my mind. The author has a very funny sense of humord I laughed out loud all the way until the end when I cried a little. The story is great for young and old (really)and has no sex or violenceagine that!! No vampires cheesie lawyers or private detectives even. Get this book and settle down for a good, old fashion, fun read!

    4. I enjoyed the book as a collection of short stories. The stories were very entertaining, but it lacked a compelling main plot. It would be great for young readers as bedtime stories.

    5. Really cute book. I think Myah will really enjoy it. The end wasn't as great as the rest, but it still ended well.

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