Boaz Brown

Boaz Brown In this daring debut novel a young Christian woman finds her own racist attitudes as well as those of her family friends and church challenged when she is drawn to a man of a different race Smart t

  • Title: Boaz Brown
  • Author: Michelle Stimpson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this daring debut novel, a young Christian woman finds her own racist attitudes as well as those of her family, friends, and church challenged when she is drawn to a man of a different race Smart talking LaShondra Smith and her girlfriends all face the same relationship issue where to find a good man They yearn to meet a strong, confident man who loves God, just likeIn this daring debut novel, a young Christian woman finds her own racist attitudes as well as those of her family, friends, and church challenged when she is drawn to a man of a different race Smart talking LaShondra Smith and her girlfriends all face the same relationship issue where to find a good man They yearn to meet a strong, confident man who loves God, just like Boaz in the Bible The problem is that they don t just want a godly man, they want a godly black man Enter Stetson Brown, a handsome engineer and faithful man of God who matches LaShondra s wit, style, and values, but happens to be of a different race But will LaShondra be able to overcome the beliefs that she and everyone around her supports and has grown up with, in order to open herself to the true love of Stetson and God

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    1. I read the whole book, straight through, last night. I think the genre is tagged something like "African American Women/Christian Fiction," but I think everyone--regardless of gender or race--needs to read it.Let me preface this by saying, I am a white woman who was raised in Wisconsin, and moved to Dallas, TX twenty years ago. A lot of the racial issues I discovered when I moved to Texas were mind boggling to me. I knew about slavery, the Jim Crow laws, and segregation from an academic/historic [...]

    2. Don't think there's any spoilers, there is swearing and exclamation marks. Which I try to avoid in reviews but this book deserves every!!!! f,c,s and t word at my disposal. I read a lot and I'm quite hard to offend. But this? Wow. Maybe it's an American thing. Reading this as an English person and maybe I'm just misunderstanding some American cultural issues, but maybe not because strangely enough, this is not the first book I've read by an American authorThis doesn't truly deserve a star but un [...]

    3. As a black (non American) young woman, I could not identify with this book, which in turn influenced my rating. The dialogue seemed false to me (my uncle is a devout Christian and even he doesn't speak as though he's preaching). And other than the taught racism and previous dabble with premarital sex (we are told), LaShondra, the main character, is practically a saint. She seems like the church girl nobody wants to hang out with: loud, opinionated and judgemental. Trust me, coming from another ' [...]

    4. A great read. This story caused me to search within, to carry out a clinical self evaluation. It reminded me that God's love is colour-blind and that that is the standard we should all emulate, or at the very least aspire to.

    5. This book really touched me and helped me to confront some of the prejudices that I still harbor albeit subconsciously for the most part. I think that I may not care about I/R couples, but sometimes the things that I have been taught and confronted with do drive my actions, but for the Lord He can help me overcome this issue. Of course the plot and ending are predictable, but the way that LaShondra handled it and allowed it to change her and her walk with the Lord was not. I guess for me that he [...]

    6. Boy, oh boy! This book right here? All I can say is that once I started reading, I didn't want to put it down. It was very well-written with characters that leaped off of the pages. I truly hated for it to end. Ms. Stimpson used her gift to teach so many lessons through this story. All I can do is sigh. The book is just that good! If you haven't read part two, you better jump on it! I actually read the books out of order, but I honestly think that added to my joy of reading them. If you haven't [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book! It was kinda a slow read for me. The character LaShondra was raised with prejudice toward the white race but never faced that that was what her father had done until God brought her boaz into her life; who was white. Through the love of Christ, she learned to view the white race without color. Read the book to see how her new take on white people caused her to receive her gift from God

    8. ETA:Okay, finished the book, and as expected from the premise, the author transforms the heroine to strike out against her deep-seated racism and love who God wills for her. It was a solid read, and a good ending that mostly mollifies whatever squik I was feeling plowing through the earlier, race-tastic half of the book. I'll leave my earlier review below as reference.-----------AUGH, this book is making my face hurt. While competantly written, it is extremely difficult for me to identify or sym [...]

    9. Waiting For A WordThis a wonderfully, inspiring debut novel. WOW, what a refreshing read! I loved how this author attacked racism in such a tactful way. When I finished this book I had to take a deep look at myself, and the many prejudices that I have in my life on various levels. I found it difficult to read this novel, because I found so much of myself throughout these pages and no one enjoys having all their flaws smack them in the face like that.~~~~~~~This book is great and I loved the main [...]

    10. lashondra always thought that her "boaz" (the perfect man who would be like boaz was to ruth) would definately have to be african american. she just isn't attracted to white guys and in fact has a bit of an attitude against white people in general. but throughout the course of this book the reader gets to watch as the lord works on her heart in some pretty amazing ways--the most amazing being stelson brown, the white engineer who through his perservence manages to win her heart. along the way sh [...]

    11. I absolutely loved this book. First things first, Lashondra is so realistic. As a 31 yr old Black female, there was so much to relate to. From her views of race, her goals of strengthening her relationship with Christ as well as her insecurities. Her relationship with her family and friends was also hitting close to home. This book was well written, the characters were familiar and well developed. I couldn't put it down. I found myself doing much needed self reflection after reading this. I too [...]

    12. A black assisstant principle struggles with prejudice against white people and Mexicans. This book deals with black/white relations. Inner thoughts of a Christian black woman. Past traumas of the black people in light of the Cross. Inter-racial marriage. Bi-racial children. Gender thought proccesses."I was bifacial, I knew: one face for white people and one for blacks.""It was never about black or white. It was about my relationship with Christ. Chould I relinquish my definition of myself - firs [...]

    13. Ooo-oop!Don't know why I was introduced to this book sooner but keeping with the book, God sent to me right on time!Loved this book! It's amazing how this didn't seem like fiction to me because I know people who think exactly like LaShondra and her family. I loved how Stelson didn't try to put down her beliefs but instead showed her a different way of thinking. To think with a Christian mindset and not put even her race above the will of God and serving him. Looking forward to reading book 2!

    14. Boaz BrownLove this book it made you take a look at yourself. Are we showing God's love to all His saints or just a select group. LaShronda had to take a good look at herself and if she asked God for a saintly man she realized she had to be ready to receive him no matter what color he was. This was hard due to the way her family and friends felt about interracial relations. However, God is able to do exceedingly above all we can think and ask. Following God is the requirement. Great love story.

    15. I enjoyed this story very much. It is very well written and to the point. Many people could benefit from the wisdom portrayed so well by the author I would definitely recommend it to my friends. God definitely was visible all through this true to life story.

    16. I absolutely love this book. I am hooked on the content and the way their relationship unfolded. I am ready to read the second book in the series and Find out what happens with LaShondra and her new Fiance Stelson!!

    17. Lovely BookThis book held my attention to the end. I am about to continue reading the next one “No Weapon/book two”. The Christian sections throughout the book holds a strong part of life today.

    18. Boaz Brown was one of those books that I couldn't put down once I started. LaShondra has spent most of her adult life getting her education and career on track and has put love on the back burner. Like most women, she has a list of qualities that she would like in a mate and near the top is that he is African-American."but the real truth is that if you are looking for a sinless, perfect man or woman with a history, as clean as a whistle, you may miss what is right under your nose, maybe even rig [...]

    19. This book is teaches us a great lesson. One should never judge a book by its cover.Take this literally and figuratively. This book was well written and left me consumed more with LaShondra's mindset than with the actual love story. Her point of view was an accurate depiction of many of us. The truth is we all have prejudices and we need to understand that the love of God covers all of this. We did not earn his love, he gave it to us freely. It is our duty as Christians to TRULY love each other e [...]

    20. LaShondra who is proud to be an African American woman. You could say she and her brother have been brainwashed by her father who grew up in a time that was divided by black and white racial issues. As a Christian woman she is having a hard time of letting go of the intentions of white people until she meets Boaz. She deals with God and Boaz on learning how to love people as people and not by the color of their skin. The book has a nice message if you are having a hard time seeing people as one [...]

    21. This book is amazing and I will tell you why: It's not about forgiving the White man for slavery or learning not to be racist overnight. It's about opening your heart to God and listening to His word speak through you for any struggles you may be having in your life. This woman's struggle was being prejudice against people other than Black. In the Black church, we do tend to be exclusive and sometimes we don't realize that may be blocking our blessings because you never know who God plans to use [...]

    22. If I could I would rate this 4.5 stars. I will definitely be re-reading this book. Racism is such a huge part of life in America. Despite all of the advances made in our nation, race still plays a major part-- though it is covert in many aspects. This book put a lot of things into perspective for me, a black woman. I found myself relating throughout this book. Race colors our perspective. I appreciate Michelle Stimpson being bold enough to address this as honestly as she did.I cannot wait to rea [...]

    23. I reread this book, read it when it was first released, I reread it because I want to read the sequel No Weapon Formed and wanted to refresh myself with the characters and what was going on and how they got together. This is a great read for a Christian woman of any color, because it tell you how you might miss out on a great man because he doesn't come wrapped in the package you think he should, but if you are a person who is offended by religious overtone this book is not for you. The race iss [...]

    24. My Boaz is Boaz Wynn what's your Boaz name??Another good read started off a little slow to the point where I can't quite remember the beginning but it sped up pretty swiftly. I really enjoyed the diversity of the story and respected the view points, optimization and reluctance of all the characters as I do outside the realms of this novel in my everyday existence. So sad but true that racism is yet still amongst us. Overall however a very Good read. Now I will venture into the sequel No Weapon F [...]

    25. I have read this book many times over! It is THAT good! A very relevant read especially in the current racially-charged climate of the world. What should be the christians stance on racism? This book beautifully begins to touch on this very layered topic It does not give all the answers but it opens the discussion. There are many other beautiful themes, and I'd dare say that this book is life changing One of my favorite in life!

    26. Boaz Awesome awesome awesome read!!!! This was food to my spirit. I haven't read a book that has touched my spirit the way this book did in years! This book had me running to my Bible highlighting scriptures and meditating. I love the way the author touched on the race issue. Humph be careful for what you pray for because when God answers he answers and he'll take you completely out of your comfort zone. Wonderful story. I will be reading more of Michelle Stimpson's work

    27. This book has challenged me to be grace-filled in all of my interactions and to dig deep and take a good look at myself before even thinking about assigning evil or unkind motivations to the actions of others. It especially challenged me spiritually in my prayer life and my submission (or lack thereof) to God's will for me. The plot may be somewhat predictable but that didn't lessen my enjoyment of the book.

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