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Get Me There is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN here From USA Today bestselling author Jillian Dodd comes the seventh book in the addictive Keatyn Chronicles series Discover a breathless fairy tale

  • Title: Get Me
  • Author: Jillian Dodd
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN here.From USA Today, bestselling author Jillian Dodd comes the seventh book in the addictive Keatyn Chronicles series Discover a breathless fairy tale romance with swoon worthy characters, suspense, and a glittering celebrity world Fans of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and reality TV will devour this pulse pounding,There is an alternate cover edition for this ASIN here.From USA Today, bestselling author Jillian Dodd comes the seventh book in the addictive Keatyn Chronicles series Discover a breathless fairy tale romance with swoon worthy characters, suspense, and a glittering celebrity world Fans of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and reality TV will devour this pulse pounding, sexy teen drama set against the backdrop of Hollywood and an East Coast boarding school Keatyn s crazy life comes together in one perfect script Will Keatyn get her life back And if she does, which life and boy will she choose

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    1. 5 I can’t believe it’s over stars!!!I started this journey with Keatyn in September of 2012 when it first began. I’ve read every book faithfully on release day. Made lots of new friends on the Keatyn Chronicles facebook group and I have to say I’m really sad one of my favorite series has come to an end. After dealing with her stalker for way too long- Keatyn is ready to fight back. She’s sick of begin worried about her family, her friends. Sick of all the lies and putting those she lov [...]

    2. 3.75 Stars"I'm trying to get my life back." But at what price?"This book is completely impossible to review without giving anything away so I won't even attempt. I will say that the action scenes were very OTT(who scripted Lassie?) and that this fun series wraps up rather nicely. Sadly, certain characters didn't get enough scenes and I was SO shocked about. well you know I can't say! All any fan of the series needs to know entering into this last book is that Keatyn gets her Moon Boy.

    3. 5 out of 5 STARSGenre: Mature YA with SuspenseFULL review posted 9-1-14Sadly The Keatyn Chronicles are now over‘Sometimes you can’t find yourself until you’re lost.’The perfect Script I first met Keatyn Douglas in Stalk Me, she was sixteen years old living the life most teens dream about. She’s the daughter of Hollywood movie star Abby Johnston, they reside in a HUGE Malibu beach house, Keatyn gets in to the hottest clubs, drives exotic cars and has a wardrobe full of high fashion cout [...]

    4. 5 Perfect StarsI loved every single book in this series, and as much as I hate to see it end I was excited to see how life played out for Keatyn and her Moon Boy. This review will be very brief, because I do not want to spoil this series for anyone. I will start by saying Get Me made me cry, laugh, and swoon. It was an EPIC ending and worth the wait. I hope everyone will give this series a try. While reading this series I have fallen in love with Aiden, Brooklyn, Riley, Dallas, Dawson, Cooper, L [...]

    5. Where do I start when this is the end?…What a ride. What a crazy, incredibly frustrating, insanely addictive ride. This series has been my guilty pleasure from day one. You love it when you love it, and you love it when you don't. It's like a carefully orchestrated car crash that's impossible to look away from. It has met my stubborn resistance and pulled me on a journey of discovery, growth, loss, and love. A journey interwoven with so much drama. It's pure chaos. Addictive chaos. Perfect cha [...]

    6. So excited to have you all read the last chapter in the KC series!! Would love it if you would review the book but PLEASE avoid spoilers. This last book is a wild ride and I want every reader to be able to experience it! Thank you so much!!! Jillian

    7. I just can't do itI'm not even sure why I kept reading this series after not really enjoying Stalk Me. I just didn't connect with Keatyn and definitely did not agree with a lot of her decisions throughout this series. She was immature and annoying. She was in a very serious situation and I really didn't like how she handled it. And all the different boys she was with was just annoying as well. Sander, Cush, Brooklyn, Dawson, Aiden! Seriously! Please stop Keatyn. I tried to like this series, and [...]

    8. CAN NOT WAIT. Starting my reread of this series now. :) 26th Aug: Day after the release. It did NOT disappoint.I love this series. The plot is simply brilliant. And since Jillian has asked her readers not to say anything about it or to give away spoilers, I'm going to do just that. Enjoy this wonderful series. P.S.: This epilogue is worth its weight in gold.

    9. THIS REVIEW IS COMPLETELY SPOILER FREE, EVEN THOUGH I WISH I COULD SHOUT CERTAIN THINGS FROM THE ROOFTOP. YOU'RE WELCOME. :)Going into Get Me, I was a mess of emotions:I was excited, I was anxious, I was nervous - I mean, I've invested two years of my life into this series. And, I didn't just read the books - I joined the KC Addicts Facebook Page, participated in group competitions, did re-reads with other fans, and even spent a long weekend in Cocoa Beach with other KC Addicts and Jillian herse [...]

    10. O.M.F.G O.o I have no words. I can't even. I still can't believe this is the last Keatyn Chronicles book. Jillian Dodd, you are a freaking genius. The most perfect end to my #1 favorite series of all time.Such a bittersweet ending and I'm so heartbroken and emotional the series is over but I know I'll reread it a million times. Seriously. Perfection. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!Before Reading:Oh man. I don't think I can wait that long.

    11. 4.5 starsThere's so much I could say about this book and really this series, but it would end up being a book and I'd give away all the good stuff. Let's just say Keatyn finally gets her life back and gets to spend it with her true love :) In short, it was

    12. ****spoiler free review***** I can't believe it's over!! This book is perfection! It's sad and completely swoon worthy. Jillian Dodd keeps you guessing until the very end. I loved all the action. I cried a lot! If you are a fan Make sure you grab some tissues. It's bittersweet We finally get an ending but the series is over.

    13. Oh man, this book had so much cheese in it, I feel like I've gained about 10 pounds after finishing it. It just kept getting worst. Corny cliché after cliché. I was rolling my eyes and scoffing to myself throughout the whole thing.

    14. Okay, so I had high expectations for this book. I've been a fan of The Keatyn Chronicles since it started. It was different and fun. ButI didn't love LOVE this book like I've loved some of the others.Positives:Keatyn didn't annoy me AS much. (That's saying a lot because she seriously got on my nerves in the other ones. Lol.)More A!!! I mean--I've always loved Aiden. He's sweet. But, I got a whole book with him. Happy heart.You got to see other characters. Some of the characters that I've missed [...]

    15. Before I started this last book, I went back and read my reviews for the previous books just to see where my head was at for each one. Here’s what I found, I fell in love with Cush in the first book. Head over heels and completely and totally – until she went to Eastbrooke. I had a little love for a certain Hottie God, but he drove me crazy so then I totally fell completely, worshiping in love with Dawson and I pretty much stayed that way until I heard he wasn’t even originally supposed to [...]

    16. So.where to start? First what an amazing ride the series has been. This was the ultimate finish to the series. I think I felt every emotion I could feel then Jillian piled on some more. Keatyn's journey was so unique and watching her develop over the course of the 7 books was the ultimate book experience. The friendships and character development were superb and I'm honestly going to miss these characters. The ending was one I could have never imagined. It was a twist and I'm so happy I read it [...]

    17. Initial Thoughts: A brilliant ending. I have SO MANY FEELS. For me, this was probably the best book of the series, and I enjoyed it immensely. This was much more fast-paced than previous books and I loved how Jillian tied everything up at the end. While it's not quite a neat little bow (Brooklyn's story made me really sad and Riley doesn't get his HEA but I'm not complaining as he has a spin-off series, yay) it brought a fair amount of happy endings.Of course, the two main threads were wrapped u [...]

    18. 5 Stars for Get Me & 4 for the previous books in the series!Ahhhh The Keatyn Chronicles. This is an insanely additive series by Jillian Dodd that follows Keatyn Douglas/Monroe on her journey of self discovery and freedom. There are seven books altogether in this series; six full length and one novella. Keatyn is a sixteen year old girl living the Hollywood lifestyle with her Brangelina-esque parents. When Keatyns world is turned upside down by a crazed stalker, she is sent off to live at an [...]

    19. Get Me is the final book in The Keatyn Chronicles and I'm so sad a series I've been obsessed with for months is now over. At least it had an epic finale! Get Me was a pretty perfect conclusion to the series. After months of speculations and theories, I had ideas of where this story would go, but I was wrong. So wrong. Nothing was like I expected, it was all even better! Get Me picks up right where Hate Me ended and continues with Keatyn trying to get her life back. There were surprises right fro [...]

    20. I want to read this book SOO badly:( Can't wait anymoreCan't really say anything about this bookspoilersspoilersspoilers. The book was different from what I thought and in this book I didn't really know what comes next. I must say that sometimes I was very surprised at how things wentBUT I LOVED THIS SERIES!!!! One of my truly favourite series of all time, amazing really!!! #ifly100000+ stars for Jillian Dodd!!! Amazing author

    21. One of my all time favorite seires and authors. I can't wait for the spin offs. If you haven't read any of Jillian's books, you absolutely need too. Must reads.

    22. I find it very difficult to find the right words. But in need of a better word - this is to you Jillian - Thank you.I´m crying as I´m writing this. The Keatyn Chronicles was everything I hoped for, and so much more. I loved every bit of Keatyn´s journey, and am still amazed of how amazing she is. Today has been a really tough day. Firstly - I think I have used the same amount of cuss words that I have used the last ten years. No kidding. I´m emotional tired right now, and there are still so [...]

    23. Bittersweet in the fact that this series is over. It seems like I have waited ages for this book to come out and I stayed up eagerly anticipating my midnight download. I was put through the mill in this oneJillian Dodd giveth with one hand and you think that she has taken away with the other, but we know that this woman can make you believe anything. Yes I was happy with how it ended, to be honest I was a bit disappointed with how the Vincent situation concluded, but I was too wrapped up with th [...]

    24. Merde, baby. I had a somewhat love and hate relationship with the series. I think love and hate would be too much, since it was more on like/dislike. Straight to the point, I don't really like Keatyn. I don't hate her, I just didn't get amazed by her personality. I think it's mostly her lifestyle that I just didn't enjoy, which everyone knows covers pretty much all the story. I'm okay with high-class lifestyle and I have friends who are, but I got annoyed with the constant outfit detailing, whic [...]

    25. I really loved this book and this series. It was great to watch Keatyn's transformation and how she grew over the course of all the books. I have loved these books since book 1 and the ending was to perfect. I can't give away anything because I don't want to ruin it!!!!!

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