The Kota

The Kota Mankind is stricken Brought to its knees by a devastating virus the world is further crushed by the Dominion tyranny Humanity struggles to survive this apocalyptic nightmare and there s only one hop

  • Title: The Kota
  • Author: Sunshine Somerville
  • ISBN: 9781493723454
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mankind is stricken Brought to its knees by a devastating virus, the world is further crushed by the Dominion tyranny Humanity struggles to survive this apocalyptic nightmare, and there s only one hope the ancient promise of an annihilated people By the Bearers brought into time, fulfillment shall come in a Mark, and hope in four children born Evil will flee Earth bMankind is stricken Brought to its knees by a devastating virus, the world is further crushed by the Dominion tyranny Humanity struggles to survive this apocalyptic nightmare, and there s only one hope the ancient promise of an annihilated people By the Bearers brought into time, fulfillment shall come in a Mark, and hope in four children born Evil will flee Earth before the four Marked The Mark Prophecy of the Kota Troy Kandoya remembers the world before all this came to pass He saw the beginning of global war, genetic manipulation, and viral plague Now called Trok, the immortal Kota Interceder, he must fulfill the prophecies he once rejected After 500 years, the four Marked saviors are born However, nothing about these heroes is what Trok expected Loree is a master assassin who can disappear without a trace Zaak grew up exiled on an alien planet Alex is a telepath traumatized by an inexplicable, missing year of her life Ryu, the final Warrior, has incredible mutate genes of strength With Trok s guidance, the Warriors join Earth s rebels and fight the Dominion but this isn t going to be easy Rebel politics are complicated, particularly for Loree Zaak finds it difficult to navigate his home world New questions arise for Alex as she helps civilians recover from a shared trauma Ryu can t hide from his famous past And always, the Dominion threatens with its unstoppable weapon the dehumanizing DRK virus For centuries, no one s been able to end Earth s nightmare Can four Warriors really make a difference

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    1. I really got into this story, from the very first pages. Something about the writing just kept me going. Now, I go back and forth on this whole 1st Person Thing. For the most part, I just don't like it - it's uncomfortable to me - and I want to know more than what the character who is telling the story knows (and sometimes it's not done properly, where the story teller can't possibly know what they are sharing), but Sunshine did a good job with it. I actually felt like she was telling me a story [...]

    2. Reviewed By Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite:Wow! If you’re a reader who loves fantasy, loves an epic read, and loves to be surprised by what they are reading, then I have the perfect read for you! The Kota, Book One in the Kota series by author Sunshine Somerville fits the bill for all I mentioned above. A completely unique read in the fantasy genre, something that’s becoming a rarer and rarer thing to find for true fantasy fans, the story follows the Trok and the other children who ar [...]

    3. This book has all the best elements of a gripping dystopian sci-fi – interesting technology, super-powers, epic fights, tyrannical villains, apocalyptic desolation, genocide, genetic manipulation and even shifting dimensions and time travel. I can safely say that there is never a dull moment in the Kota!The plot is excellent and I loved the way that the author built up the world, developing little details that really brought the book to life for me. I can still vividly see certain scenes and l [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this story. For those of you action-lovers, it will start off a little slow, but certainly doesn’t disappoint after the initial set-up of the history and characters.This is a futuristic story of earth once it’s taken over by a cruel and ruthless leader. He controls the population with the use of a zombie-making drug (if you’re not a zombie person, don’t worry — this is not a zombie book. The zombie part is not the focus of the story). Holding both the drug and the cure [...]

    5. UNIQUE, EPIC, AND COMPELLINGI'm always suspicious of books over the length of say, 400 pages, so when I picked up The Kota and saw it was not only close to 600 pages, but had the daunting subtitle 'Expanded Edition', I really did have to take a deep breath before reading. I needn't have worried. I can only give my respect to a writer who can hold my attention over so many pages, while at no point did I think, Oh, here's an 'expanded' bit.Four young characters - Bullseye, Rave, Whitewolf, and Tig [...]

    6. Coming into The Kota, it’s not long before you’re thrown into a dystopian world with a brutal virus, religious prophecies, a Big Brother style government, intergalactic travel, and even time portals. In a book this large, with so many balls in the air, you’d expect irregularities and discrepancies. Well, I’m beyond amazed at how well Sunshine Somerville has executed and immersed the reader in her action-packed, post-apocalyptic world. The Kota has no shallow or contradicting world-buildi [...]

    7. Troy Kandoya (40’s, single), worked at the Capitol House in the Communications Department. He had a pet Wolfhound, Toto. Troy got the latest CDC’s test results on the DRK virus. Humans become zombie (mutate) like. Aaron another associate told Troy to look outside. The city was filled with a bright light & in total pandemonium. The female President of the company called Troy to her office. His brother Lee Kandoya (cult) was spreading the word about the DRK virus. The boys are related to t [...]

    8. All I can say is wow. A massive 588 pages of nothing I expected and mostly not knowing where it was going- a good thing by the way.I won't go into the story and therefore let the reader be surprised (as I was at every step along the way). The tale covers over 500 years and mixes several genres (Sci-fi, post apocalyptic, paranormal, New Age, YA, thriller, adventure) in a completely unexpected way. After I finished I still don't know quite what to make of it but I sure enjoyed the journey.The styl [...]

    9. *I was given a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*The Dominion is in control, of everything. Even the deadly DRK virus that turns people into shells of themselves. They rule by fear; fear of the deadly virus being released on the population and eating them alive. But an ancient prophecy speaks of 4 children; a Leader, a Hunter, a Seer, and a Fighter that will over throw the Dominion. Trok, a member of the Kota, was a non-believer and thought his brother, Lee was crazy, until he [...]

    10. In ‘The Kota: Book I’, Sunshine Somerville has written a spell binding, science fiction novel with intense characters and a solid plot. The novel is set in a time of an apocalypse. There is a virus that cannot be cured, but can be held ‘at bay’ by receiving an injection that is controlled by one man. In this dystopian world, the man is out to rid the earth of the Kota people, especially the Kota Warriors. This book held my attention from start to finish. Once Sunshine Somerville had set [...]

    11. I'd don't generally read a lot of science fiction, but I'm glad I took a chance on this one. The book starts out following the lives of two brothers who live during a time of great turmoil and change for mankind. Earth is being ravaged by a monstrous disease that zombifies those it infects, while at the same time, strange portals have been appearing in the sky. The brothers, far from being the centre of the story, pave the way for the Kota Warriors. A band of 4 prophesied young people, each with [...]

    12. This author has an amazing command of plotting and pacing. She seems to know the story inside out, from start to finish. Her imagination is incredible. She's very comfortable at this. I can see a great future for this author, once she progresses from one new book to the next.Now, for this story, it is an incredible one. The prophecies of the Four Warriors and the outcomes of these prophecies are compelling. How can then this story be better?At 200,000 words, this story is a long one indeed. You [...]

    13. Don't be daunted by the length of this book at 596 pages. The Kota is an engaging look at prophecies of 4 children who will become the eventual Warrior saviours of the earth. The book begins at a moderate pace as it explains how the prophecies were fulfilled and the four came to be together. After that, the action and pace of the book pick right up as the foursome begin to fulfill the remaining prophecies.The Kota begins as a tale of two brothers - one brother deeply involved in politics and the [...]

    14. There is a special place in my memories, where my brother and I would cross over the wood line adjacent to our home and enter into a realm we created. For this reason, I was drawn to this author, and reading the book was a delight, like a bag full of dark chocolate truffles and a cup of hot expresso. In the beginning, we have a story unfolding, and as the foundation is set, I was ready to tag along. There is great care and attention to detail in this portion of the book. I found that Somerville [...]

    15. This book was entered and was a FINALIST in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what our readers thought:Title: The Kota (Book 1)Author: Sunshine SomervilleStar Rating: 5 StarsNumber of Readers: 18StatsEditing: 9/10Style: 9/10Content: 10/10Cover: 10/10Of the 18 readers:17 would read another book by this author.17 thought the cover was good or excellent.12 felt the blurb was enticing.9 thought the well-developed characters were the best part of the book.9 thought the plot was the most interest [...]

    16. A dystopian world with big potentialThe Kota, Book One, creates and explores an expansive, complex dystopian world, following a legacy of “warriors,” children fated to protect their population from the tyrannical rule of the Dominion. While we begin the story looking at brothers Lee and Trok, who’ve found themselves in different political sides, we end up at the centre of a climactic battle hundreds of years later waged by the brothers’ fated offspring. The book’s prologue sets this dy [...]

    17. I was totally engrossed in this book. Sometimes, it felt like I was reading a comic book without the pictures, other times it was pure science-fiction at its best, and there were times I could see the fantasy influence. Whatever you might think, this is a solid and epic story for any sci-fi fan or super hero fan. The plot is well stated, the story progression is well-paced, and there is plenty of action, drama, character development and descriptive world building to enchant any reader.This is a [...]

    18. I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.Firstly I would like to thank Sunshine Somerville, author of The Kota for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this book.I really enjoyed the book a lot and liked the concept that the author introduced here. Though this concept is not new but there are many twists and turns that made the book unpredictable and interesting.Here we meet Trok who is trying to overpower the evil tyranny – Dom [...]

    19. An original science fiction novel with a virus powerful enough to destroy the human race and a prophesy foretelling that four saviours will rise, to save mankind. The story builds slowly but it does build with increasing pace. First we meet two brothers in our time, members of a cult-like group who hold the prophesy, and the key to our salvation. Through this story, we get to travel through time to a distant future with one world leadership and one hell of a bad guy ruling a well controlled worl [...]

    20. This is an interesting sci-fi book with lots of content. The Kota are an interesting people trying so save the world. It definitely bases the plot on man's destructive nature, and the theme of good verses evil. Troy, one of the main characters doesn't believe in the Kota at all really. He has very mixed feelings about his brothers involvement. On the one hand, he lives his brother. But, his brother is also somewhat of a hazard to Troy's job. All of that changes however when certain events happen [...]

    21. I can't do it, I just cannot finish this & you can't make me!!!I'm loath to abandon a book & then have the gall to review it. But truly there would be no reward of any kind in my continuing, only suffering. Such a disappointment! :( I wanted so much for this to be an enthralling read. It is however patchy at best & flat as a pancake at worst. The characters lack depth & frankly they're really bloody annoying - especially Lee -what an asshat he is! But it's the writing style that [...]

    22. The Kota, by Sunshine Somerville, (yes, that is her real name) was a romp. You can classify it anyway you want, but in my opinion, the story is a wonderful adventure. The ancient Kota wrote prophesies of the future salvation of earth, and predict that four Kota Warriors will lead the people to an end to tyranny. Great characters who you want to root for, and wonder what obstacles they will face next. And then there's the little twists, of which I will say no more. But I assure you, you can't go [...]

    23. A full on adventure for all.With a sci fi setting, a pinch of dystopia and a measure of mysticism and prophecy, Sunshine Somerville creates an epic adventure. The story never lags and the society is grim and overbearing. The characters are well written,especially the two main female protagonists who wrestle with inner demons as they try to end the tyranny of the antagonist. My only criticism is that the tension never really seems to build up until the final few chapters. I think this is due to t [...]

    24. The Kota drew me in from the very first page. It is a big read with an intricately developed plot and setting. In fact some of the best world building I have come across in a book of this genre. To really enjoy it you need to close the door and just immerse yourself in it and you won't be disappointed. Very good.

    25. The Kota is one of the most well written books I have read in a long while. It is a long read but never feels stilted and the many sub plots that underpin the story are very well integrated so that the story never seems to lose its focus. I would describe it as SF with a dystopian flare and sitting across these genres it holds its own as a calibre offering.

    26. I don't read a lot of sci-fi, so I was a little surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. The different places and realities that the author constructs are really amazing. At close to 600 pages, I was expecting a little drag here and there, but the story, and plenty of action, sucked me in and kept me turning pages. Glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone and picked up this incredible read.

    27. I can so see our world in the same plight The Kota reveals. That could be why I was into the book as hard as I was. I won the book on the giveaway and I'm happy it wasn't just a loan from the library- because I can re-read it as soon as I want.

    28. For me this is what great Sf looks like. Constructed with an impeccable eye for detail, well written and thoroughly absorbing. There isn't much more I can add to this except SF fans will definitely not be disappointed!

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