52 Steps To Murder

Steps To Murder An elderly woman is found poisoned in the upstairs bedroom of her home whose from door stands steps above the street in an old fashioned whodunit that blends clues red herrings suspects and humo

  • Title: 52 Steps To Murder
  • Author: Steve Demaree
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An elderly woman is found poisoned in the upstairs bedroom of her home whose from door stands 52 steps above the street in an old fashioned whodunit that blends clues, red herrings, suspects, and humor.

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    1. I love when a mystery has a quirky detective in this case there are two. Lou and Cy Dekker are partners and they are such a funny pair. Both a little over the hill, both set in their ways, and both working on a case that has them trotting up and down 52 steps. Humor was in no shortage and I found myself enjoying the off duty personalities of these men so much. Sometimes a bit of clumsiness makes a character even more entertaining. I think you will love this cozy mystery in every way. Crafty clue [...]

    2. A different story type from what I usually read. But I like the main character, a middle-aged detective. He's an average guy, well perhaps he's a bit "larger" than an average guy due to his love for food and distain for exercise.He's not a Sherlock Holmes (despite what he thinks) and he's not a Colombo. He's closer to one member of the Laurel and Hardy team. He drives a yellow car he calls Lightning (his fellow detectives call it "Tweety.)Some quotes:"I'm easy to live with as long as I live alon [...]

    3. I only finished this book because I am doing a reading challenge that required me to read a book that I started but never finished. There are very few books that I don't finish. But this started out as one of them- for a good reason. Lots of reviews say this book is a comedy, but I wouldn't necessarily agree. They try to hard to be funny and witty. And then the main character (it's told from first person perspective) talks about how funny he is and how his partner and him laugh at his humor. If [...]

    4. I received a free kindle copy of 52 Steps to Murder (Book 1 Dekker Cozy Mystery Series) by Steve Demaree from for fair review. I gave it five stars. I appreciate a cozy mystery that can make me laugh. This old fashioned mystery did just that. The name derives from the fifty-two steps they have to climb to reach the front door of a older woman who had been murdered. There were enough twists & turns to keep me entertained.It's the first book I've read by Steve Deveree. I'll be reading more.Af [...]

    5. ‘52 Steps to Murder’ by Steve Demaree is a cute cozy mystery that features two middle aged sleuths (Lt. Cy Dekker and Sgt. Lou Murdock). Both of these have their own eccentric behaviours which quite often brings smile on your face. As a matter of fact, this book made me laugh so hard on many occasions. Both of these also love food and scorn exercise. While some readers may get tired of reading the narratives of their meals, I have no problem with these descriptions as these accounts not only [...]

    6. 52 Steps to Murder by Steve Demaree.Lt. Cy Dekker, Detective at the Hilldale Police Dept, and Sgt. Lou Murdock, have been long time partners. They know each others life styles and have actually grown up together. Cy receives a call that a possible murder has been committed on Hilltop Place. Mrs. Nelson was found dead in her bed by her Grand-daughter and Officer Dan Davis. They're on to it as fast as two over the hill cops can be. This was a real surprise to me. a first in a series by a newish au [...]

    7. I deleted this only 4% in. It wasn't what I expected at all and was a comedy, really, as opposed to the serious murder mystery I'd hoped for. On almost the first page someone was ringing their hands as wellt a great start for me, either.To think a policeman would go into a home where somebody has just found a relation's dead body and to ask "who's your friend" referring to a policeman already sitting with her I just found crass, not the least bit amusing or believable, I'm afraid. And then to ta [...]

    8. Murder Mystery GaloreI enjoyed 52 Steps to Murder. Decker actually made me think of Colombo. I loved how Cy and Lou worked together and their daily messages from God that helped them out. The story had great twists and turns that certainly kept me guessing in this mystery. I am looking forward to reading more about these two officers with their down home, old fashioned detection style.

    9. Overweight detectives, lots of eating. Interesting plot otherwise. No gore or graphics. Second of this series I've read. TTS-enabled eBook.

    10. This is a quick read. A funny cozy mystery with a few disjointed places. The plot was well planned but I would have liked a bit more story development.

    11. I found this a very interesting story. A little wordy at times but still it was interesting. There is a murder that takes place in a house on a hill that has 52 steps from the road to the front door (hence the title.) Our leads are two plus size men who are very comfortable with their body image and are not inclined to buy into the social view that everyone should be as skinny as a rail. The neighborhood houses are all connected together by underground tunnels and this is where I really got into [...]

    12. Took about half the book to really get interested in the story. Before that I kept thinking that these detectives were a cross between Adam 12 and Columbo. I was surprised that this mystery was also a humorous book, for the most part not rolling on floor humorous, but still enjoyable. The mystery was solved in the end and wrapped up nicely with no hint of the guilty party until the reveal. I was thankful that it did not keep me hanging since it is book one of a series. There were a few people th [...]

    13. I enjoyed 52 Steps To Murder enormously. Dekker and Murdock are so much fun to read as they moan and groan about having to climb all 52 steps up to the house where the murder of an elderly lady occurred. They follow different clues and end up having to climb those darn steps many times in order to figure out the culprit. They meet a lot of different characters that live in Hilltop Place, and they try to figure out which ones have an alibi. The problem seems to be that everyone involved didn't ha [...]

    14. This was a little outside my regular mystery fare. A vanilla, conservative and simplistic book that actually turned out enjoyable. The mystery keeps you in the dark. The byplay between the lead characters gets a little sappy but as a break between more intense reads, this was ok. I would recommend trying to see if you might like it.

    15. A woman is found poisoned in her bedroom in a house on top of a very high hill. It is also discovered that the woman's next door neighbor was also murdered. With two overweight police officers investigating the crimes, many steps to climb, dry humour, nosy neighbours, and underground passages, this book was lots of fun to read.

    16. I finished it, so I guess it's not the worst book in the world, but it really suffers from a lot of problems. I definitely won't continue in the series.First of all, oh my gosh everyone got the memo - the detectives are fat and kinda old and there are a lot of steps. We do not need this to be constantly revisited. Even a visual gag in a visual medium can get old. This is text, so it gets annoying really quickly.Next, every time a clue is revealed, we don't need the narrator to play mental detect [...]

    17. I had the great pleasure of meeting the author at the Kentucky Book Fair, so this isn't exactly an unbiased review. I love to read. I expect there aren't that many on this site who don't. I've read all sort of books over the years, from all kinds of genres. I'm used to blood curdling thrillers and heart pounding mysteries. '52 Steps to Murder' is the first cozy mystery I've ever read, but it was a wonderful experience. For starters, there's no profanity, violence, or sex, which sets it apart fro [...]

    18. An old woman dies, and it turns out to be murder (in the title, no spoiler). Yet, no one could have gotten into the house. And then a second old lady dies. Never fear, though, the rotund detectives Lt. Dekker and Sgt. Murdock are on the case. But with nearly 20 suspects and 25 alibis, how will they ever solve the case?The book is full of humor and nicely quirky characters. The reader is just as confused as the detectives (this reader, anyway). But it's a thoroughly enjoyable read. Initially, the [...]

    19. Really I think 3.5 stars. I did like it enough to get the second in the series but I probably would not have paid for it. I look forward to seeing if the author get's better with experience. He's already goodos- no foul language [a big plus in my book], cops aren't unbelievable super-duper guys, lots of humour, intriguing story which you can follow for the most part as if you were part of it [to try and solve the mystery], respectful of religion in general and Christianity in particular and trea [...]

    20. My husband likes to watch British mystery programs and I found myself envisioning this book as if it were one of his shows. I enjoyed the humor in this mystery and more than once laughed aloud. I think the only thing I didn't like was the telling of how the murders occurred. That end part felt unnatural. I'm not sure how to rewrite it but I think it would have been better to have the detectives tell what actually happened (Think Monk-'Here's what happened') or have the guilty confess to the cops [...]

    21. This book is all over the place. Even though it's already short, it should've been shorter given the actual content in question. Instead of being extremely repetitive with random jabs at candy, annoying neighbors, whatever book or movie they're reading or watching, it should've focused a bit more on the actual details of the case, because for such a plain simple-minded story, you're only prepared for the same when it comes to the end, not two complicated and over-convoluted and complex endings t [...]

    22. Thoroughly Enjoyable Murder MysteryI truly enjoyed Book 1 in this series. I do not know how I missed the word "cozy" in the title! Now that I see it, I fully understand why the book is written like it is. Don't worry - there were definitely twists and turns. What is missing is the use of bad language, the usual sex scenes, etc. Yes, the Detectives are Christians and their faith is evident in the books but not in an overly pushy manner. This book was truly enjoyable and I am looking forward to Bo [...]

    23. I got 30% into this and realized I had no interest. A woman is found dead in a house that has 52 steps from the street to the porch. The story is told in first person from the point of view of one of the detectives investigating -- it just doesn't work. He spends too much time talking about himself and his partner and how they live and not enough about the case. And the dialogue -- which is the best part -- tends to be pretty vanilla and not very engaging.

    24. If you enjoy ColomboTwo bumbling detectives work homicides that test their bodies and their skills. I felt they were a mix of Colombo and and a robust Perry Mason. Quick witted and a good amount of tongue in cheek humility make these detectives so loveable.Well written but more lengthy than it needed to be. Funny and a good plot with a Christian undertone. I enjoyed it so much!

    25. Two murders Two detectives This murder mystery is full of humor and lots of laughs but also serious detective work. Lots of suspects and lots of people watching from Windows. A secret entrance or two and lots of red herrings. The end of the story gives you the whole tale but reminds you of a good "Perry Mason" story. Enjoy this one.

    26. This book was hilarious in the beginning and about halfway through it I lost interest and stopped reading for awhile. I decided to finish it and held on to the end. It is mostly a good book. two police friends go around trying to solve murders and it takes them quite some time to solve the two murders in this book.

    27. Cute mystery with two charming, middle aged policemen. The dialogue is fun, and the mystery sophisticated enough to make it interesting. I enjoyed reading this and if not before, recommend it for your summer reading list.

    28. I didn't guess the killerAs I read books, I try to figure out who is guilty. There were enough twists and turns to keep me guessing until the end. Also, it was refreshing to have the two detectives be more like ordinary people instead of beautiful /handsome characters.

    29. Didn't really care for this book but once I start I have to finish. It felt a little juvenile. The dialog was not really believable and seemed like an Abbott and Costello routine. I don't plan to read any more is the Dekker Cozy Mystery series.

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