Night Thunder

Night Thunder It is and as the Civil War rages across the land an year old boy awakens to the sound of thunderous drumbeats Four days later his mother is dead and a strange cult of religious wanderers ha

  • Title: Night Thunder
  • Author: Ruby Jean Jensen
  • ISBN: 9780821750056
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is 1865 and as the Civil War rages across the land, an 11 year old boy awakens to the sound of thunderous drumbeats Four days later, his mother is dead, and a strange cult of religious wanderers have been brutally murdered by the terrified local farmers In 1995, a gnarled syca tree planted over their graves is uprooted by bulldozers and evil arises.

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    1. So here's the thing: I never read a Ruby Jean Jensen novel before. I picked this up on a holiday and the synopsis grabbed me, so I grabbed the book. The premise is all spelled out on the back: In 1865, a strange cult is killed and buried in a mass grave. The lone survivor plants a sycamore sapling over it and issues a warning that the tree must never be allowed to die or be removed, or they will return. In 1995, the tree is removed and the warning proves accurate. I'm used to suspense. I'm used [...]

    2. This is the first Ruby Jean Jensen novel I have read in a long time (the last being the great Wait and See!). That being said I can definitely say I will be reading more Jensen books soon.Night Thunder has a strong story about a cult that visited a small town during the Civil War that was killed and buried by the local townsfolk. Years go by and when the grave of the cult is disturbed the terror begins again.Jensen has crafted a fairly original tale of terror here that does have some deeply dist [...]

    3. During the Civil War era, after a brutal massacre, a boy watches a girl plant a tree. The girl warns him not to remove the tree. Unfortunately, that warning gets lost over the decades when his descendent, Mayor Beverly Boyd Innes, presides over a development that involves removing the tree. After an ominous ceremony, one family, the Salisaws, welcome their new neighbors, the Rentons. The neighbors have some odd customs, and that oddness seems to infect the Salisaw parents, leaving their four chi [...]

    4. In 1865 the Civil War rages across the land and an eleven year old boy awakens to the sound of thundering drumbeats. Four days later, his mother is dead and a strange cult of religious zealouts have been brutally murdered by the local farmers. That same night, the boy watches the only survivor--a young girl--plant a tree over the graves and issues the warning: As long as the tree lives, the dead stay buried.In 1995, bulldozers destroy the tree and in the darkness, ancient faces glow with soulles [...]

    5. One of my Favorite horror author's. Awesome book! A great twisting riveting scary book. What if these people did move into your neighborhood, what whould you do? See how the story unfolds with terrifying details that will keep you (and found myself)up at night either reading or looking out your window

    6. I love anything by Ruby Jean Jensen. This book was even autographed. Though the author has passed away, her legacy of being the Queen of horror novels lives on! Mostly her books are about dolls or toys coming back to life or evil and strange children doing ugly things. Loved this book and all the others.

    7. My first Ruby Jean book, and a very good one. It had me in its firm grip, from the first page.It has a dark theme all the way through the book. Very good, but i would have loved to learn moreabout the mysterious frightening cult. I will surley find myself some more R.J.Jensen books to read

    8. I read this in seventh grade (almost ten years ago) and I thought it was terrifying and scary. Haven't read it since, so I'll go with how I thought it was back then.

    9. This was the first Ruby Jean Jensen book that I've read. Really enjoyed it. The book was creepy and had a twisted ending that I wasn't really expecting. Will read more of her books.

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