Poiss, kes ujus koos piraajadega

Poiss kes ujus koos piraajadega Kala kala kala kalaKALA KALA KALA KALA Kalad on mbris ja kalad on kastis Kui laevatehas kinni pannakse ja rahvas j ekaldal t st ilma j b tekib Stani onul Erniel vastupandamatu kirg kalade konserveeri

  • Title: Poiss, kes ujus koos piraajadega
  • Author: David Almond Oliver Jeffers Kaarin Kivirähk
  • ISBN: 9789949938247
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kala kala kala kalaKALA KALA KALA KALA Kalad on mbris ja kalad on kastis Kui laevatehas kinni pannakse ja rahvas j ekaldal t st ilma j b, tekib Stani onul Erniel vastupandamatu kirg kalade konserveerimise vastu le muutub elu Kalakai teel majas number 69 p raseks Ent hullumeelsusel on oma varjuk lg ja kui onu Ernie kinnisidee ootamatult julma p rde v tab, peab StaKala kala kala kalaKALA KALA KALA KALA Kalad on mbris ja kalad on kastis Kui laevatehas kinni pannakse ja rahvas j ekaldal t st ilma j b, tekib Stani onul Erniel vastupandamatu kirg kalade konserveerimise vastu le muutub elu Kalakai teel majas number 69 p raseks Ent hullumeelsusel on oma varjuk lg ja kui onu Ernie kinnisidee ootamatult julma p rde v tab, peab Stan lahkuma.Samal ajal kui Stan oma tavap rasest elust kaugele eemale r ndab, t useme meie k rgele kuu ja t htede poole ja heidame pilgu alla ja j lgime, kuidas Stanley kohtub maailmakuulsa Pancho Pirelliga, mehega, kes ujub koos piraajadega l hnab kahtlaselt kala j rele Ja vaatame, kas ka Stanil j tkub julgust, et sukelduda m slevasse vette ning ise oma saatuse le otsustadaDAVID ALMOND on tunnustatud Inglise autor Tema raamatuid on t lgitud pea neljak mnesse keelde Talle on omistatud Carnegie lastekirjanduse medal, kaks Whitbreadi auhinda ning 2010 aastal anti talle le Hans Christian Anderseni lastekirjanduspreemia kui k ige prestii ikam rahvusvaheline lastekirjanduse auhind David elab koos oma perega Inglismaal Northumberlandis.OLIVER JEFFERS on tuntud pildiraamatute autor, keda on tunnustatud mitmete auhindadega, sealhulgas Nestl i kuldmedaliga Oliver on s ndinud Iirimaal Belfastis, kuid elab n d New Yorgis.

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    1. LO MÁS BELLO DE LA VIDA ES TU BUEN CORAZÓN , NO LO PIERDAN POR FAVOR. DAVID ALMOND, NO SÓLO ES UN GRAN MAESTRO EN LA NARRATIVA INFANTIL, SINO QUE ADEMÁS ES UN GRAN FILOSOFO Y UN GRAN DOCTOR EN LOS CONSEJOS DE LA VIDA. UNA JOYA DE HISTORIA. ¿PARA QUÉ LEER EL NIÑO QUE NADABA CON PIRAÑAS?1. Te muestra acerca de lo bello de la vida, el corazón. 2. Para entender que los adultos cometen errores y que deben aprender a subsanarlos.3. Debes de destruir nuestras pirañas internas para lograr cump [...]

    2. "Would you like my lads to see who is tooting' their hooter and put it to a halt?" asks Clarence P. Clapp regarding a car that is honking its horn at an "ossifer." Clarence is the king of malapropisms, mispronunciations, and misspellings in this goofy story by David Almond. While it nods it head at the great Russian writer, Fyodor Dostoyevsky using some literary techniques found in his works and even naming one of the characters after him, it is Almond's own creation with childlike and satirical [...]

    3. O chłopcu, który pływał z piraniami. Tym razem spotykamy Stana, który pomaga wujkowi w prowadzenia fabryki z konserwami. pewnego dnia trafia do wesołego miasteczka, ratuje przed śmiercią złotą rybkę i od tego dnia jego życie się zmienia i wkraczają do niego piranie. Ta opowieść spodobała mi się nieco bardziej ze względu na szybszą akcję. Jednak tu także znajdziemy przemyślenia, do których zostaną zmobilizowani nawet starsi odbiorcy: zaczniemy myśleć o naszej odwadze lu [...]

    4. Knížka, v které se dozvíte, že každý z nás má svou vnitřní piraňu.A je jen na vás, jestli ji necháte, aby vás sežrala, nebo se jí postavíte a zaplavete si s ní.Trochu bláznivý příběh o překonávání vlastního strachu (Co myslíte, fakt si Stanley Potts, hlavní hrdina, zaplave s piraňami?), kde vedle masožravých rybek, pouti a cikánky, co věští ze svitu měsíce, najdete vypečené panáčky a pinsektora Minysterstva pro anyhilaci trablů a lapálií (dále jen [...]

    5. SO as part of my Fiction For Children Module for Creative Writing at Uni, I read this book 'The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas. I did not know what to expect, except a boy swimming with piranhas. This book is mostly aimed at young children, I would say from the age range of 8-12. I have to admit though I quite enjoyed this book despite being aimed at younger readers. I give it just under 4 stars, because I believe this book is really good at being what it is but because it's not ordinarily the type [...]

    6. A series of unfortunate events leads young Stanley Potts to run away from home and join a traveling fair. He works at the hook-a-duck stall and eventually becomes an apprentice to the swarthy speedo'd man who swims with piranhas, soon swimming with the toothy fishies himself. Like a bulging tin of tuna, The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas is packed with personality, hardship, and perseverance. Stan is a lonely young boy with a loving aunt (Annie. Annie Potts!) and an uncle whose ghastly obsession pro [...]

    7. The Boy who Swam with Piranhasby David AlmondISBN- 978 1 4063 2076 3Walker Books, 20112, 246pp hard coversDavid Almond is the Fellini of childrens literature with his delight in the ancient traditions of the fair and the circus. As usual, he sets his delightful blend of realism and fantasy in his home town Newcastle on Tyne amid the industrial wasteland of closed shipyards and unemployment. Our hero Stanley Potts, an orphan is brought up by Aunt Annie and Uncle Ernie who is an unemployed shipwri [...]

    8. I chose to read this book as on my first placement the class were doing a topic on theme parks and fairgrounds. The story is about a lonely boy who runs away to the fairground and is a comedy written in a cheerfully throwaway style, which is big on laughs and fun.David Almond has produced a circus ride of a story, with thrills and spills and all the fun of the fair. There are glittery prizes to be had, and big fat morals printed in coloured letters ("the little troubled runts are often the ones [...]

    9. This was a joint read with my youngest son. He is autistic and has a huge interest in all marine life so he couldn't wait to read this book every night. He adored the humour and if I'm honest so did I. It was exciting and really good fun to read. Stanley Potts was an easy to love hero and Clarence P Clapp a great villain.

    10. I would rate this 3.5 out of 5 stars. The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas is about a boy called Stanley. He lives with his uncle who has a crazy obsession with canning fish. He escapes and meets Pancho Pirelli who teaches him how to swim with piranhas.

    11. This book is like Wes Anderson for kids. Ill-advised canning factories, thugs who can't spell, boy befriending carnival fish, boy escaping with mysterious circus, going on mini-quests, and finally, meeting his destiny inside a fishtank. It's a fun one with lots of oddities.

    12. The Boy who Swam with Piranhas by David Almond. I re-read this today, not having realised that I had read it three years ago. I was really impressed with it and thought that the plethora of new celebrity writers could do far worse than read this and take some tips from it. With a hint of magical realism it is touching, funny and heartwarming, making excellent use of direct address to the audience. I had thought it was going to be my 50th book fro this year, but now that I've realised I read it b [...]

    13. I enjoy David Almond very much and while I've only read a handful of his books to date; I've found them to share themes of death/grief and either father/mother to child relationship. So I looked forward to this one though I hadn't heard anything about it beforehand. The book is much lighter than the previous books I've read by the author and while I still find the same themes present it is only in a smaller way. The book starts with a boy being orphaned quite horrifically and then going to live [...]

    14. I loved everything about this quirky wonderful book where you get to decide what happens to the bad guys and where love conquers all in the sweetest most natural way because goodness should prevail, right? Stanley Potts is being raised by loving relatives until his uncle goes a bit crazy with a desire to be successful(pretty human, right?). And his wife tries to center him but just a little too little too late. And Stanley goes off to find, he doesn't know what.but he finds a community of misfit [...]

    15. Stanley Potts leads a life that is extraordinary for both good and not so good things. He lost his parents and now lives with an uncle that makes him work every day with fish and he can't live like a normal boy his age. For his birthday, his aunt let him go away and discover the place they live in. He ends up in a peculiar fair in which he meets the people that are going to give him a new life.Excellently narrated, excellently crafted, excellently illustrated and excellently translated into Span [...]

    16. I'm a bit on the fence with this one. I enjoyed the story, but felt that it didn't really go anywhere. I was drawn into the world of Stanley Potts and his unfortunate circumstances, but as the story moved on, I cared less and less about him. I didn't feel for Stan as much as I think I should have. Also I wasn't a fan of the DAFT team that was out to get Stan and his family. They didn't seem as though they were anything to be taken seriously, yet they got away with a lot. It felt a bit like it wa [...]

    17. This was one of the new arrivals at my local library and I picked it up.I knew it was a children's book, but I it was engrossing and I thought it was just incredible.While I didn't quite get the reason for the phonetical spelling of words in the illustrations, the metaphors and allegory was captivating. I also thought the ending was anti-climatic. (view spoiler)[I did was to be told what happened to that DAFT crew. I wanted them in that tank and all eaten up. But I wanted to be told that, not to [...]

    18. I thought about this book as a boy with a simple life. His life isn't so simple when he leaves his family and works with another family. Then he is on an adventure to go find more gold fish, when on his journey he finds the great Poncho Pirelli and Pancho tells him to meet him at his show. Stan figures out that Poncho is a man who swims with piranhas. Poncho thinks that Stan can do the same and be a legend. Stan goes through training and is ready to dive into a tank but his new dad doesn't want [...]

    19. David Almond is my YA discovery of this year. His stories are both fun and funny, insightful and timeless. I am so glad I found him. The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas is probably the only book where the reader has to decide the ending. An open-ended book that too in YA lit is rare. This book especially shows that moment in a child's life where he heeds his calling and the whole universe conspires to bring his destiny to him or he to his destiny. A lovely read, a magical story full of magical charac [...]

    20. I loved reading this book out loud to my son. It is so beautifully written and thoughtfully put together. I adored the way the author asks the reader to decide what happened towards the end: this prompted a very philosophical conversation about human morality with my son, which gave me an incredible insight into his own sense of morality. I can't wait to read more by David Almond: all of the blurbs I've read sound amazing!

    21. La verdad es que lo compré porque está ilustrado por Oliver Jeffers, pero resultó bastante bueno, sin llegar a extraordinario. El estilo lírico de Almond es muy agradable, y hace que lectura sea entrañable, aunque toque temas serios o tristes, y tiene capítulos muy tiernos y emotivos. Sin embargo, la historia se siente incompleta y por momentos no se sabe a dónde va, y los villanos son bastante tontos y sin sentido. Aún así me gustó.

    22. A part of the 2015 Challenge/category Based on the cover. An encouraging read for children, I believe. However, I did not find the ending coherent with the rest of the story. The ending was too monumental, one-experience-changes-it-all, and that is not true with coming out of age, dealing with grief, etc.

    23. I don't know if it reminded me of Holes because of the plot (young boy coming into his own, over the top but still menacing villains) or just because said boy's name is Stanley. Ultimately though it felt more pretentious than heartfelt. I wanted to love it because Oliver Jeffers illustrates it but I kind of had to force myself to finish.

    24. After 3 tries and over 1/2 way through the book, I gave up. Just nothing to keep me coming back for more.

    25. Čarovné. Toto je kniha, ktorá by sa mi určite bola páčila ako malej. Krásna cesta späť do detstva, do úžasného sveta cirkusu. Krásne napísané, bez pátosu a predsa dojímavé.

    26. Haarasin selle raamatu täiesti juhuslikult kaasa raamatukogust. Hiljem, kui lugemist olin juba alustanud vaatan, et väga tuttav autor on, et ma alles lugesin sellelt autorilt üht teost, milleks oli „Minu nimi on Mina“. Ja mis ma oskan öelda, super. See kuidas autor kirjutab ja suhtleb lugejaga on väga põnev.Lugu räägib siis poisist nimega Stan, kelle vanemad on surnud ja keda kasvatavad tädi Anne ja onu Erni. Onu hukatuslikule ideele hakata tootma sardiine konservis visatakse neid o [...]

    27. Une aventure merveilleusement orchestrée par David Almond, qui, cette fois-ci, nous démontre que les histoires peuvent être tirées de toute sorte de vie, et qu'il revient au lecteur d'en faire l'éloge. Les personnages de ce récit captivent par leur théâtralité (ou leur forme caricaturée). Stan, un petit garçon ordinaire, va rencontrer des gens extraordinaires, aux allures plutôt clownesques, mais sensibles à la fois. J'aime bien aussi l'intrigue du roman: entre conte, mythe voyage s [...]

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