The 12 Fairy Books of Andrew Lang

The Fairy Books of Andrew Lang Includes Andrew Lang s fairy books published between and The Blue Fairy BookThe Red Fairy BookThe Green Fairy BookThe Yellow Fairy BookThe Pink Fairy BookThe Grey Fairy BookThe Violet Fai

  • Title: The 12 Fairy Books of Andrew Lang
  • Author: Andrew Lang
  • ISBN: 9781629218670
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Includes Andrew Lang s 12 fairy books published between 1889 and 1910 The Blue Fairy BookThe Red Fairy BookThe Green Fairy BookThe Yellow Fairy BookThe Pink Fairy BookThe Grey Fairy BookThe Violet Fairy BookThe Crimson Fairy BookThe Brown Fairy BookThe Orange Fairy BookThe Olive Fairy BookThe Lilac Fairy Book

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    1. This was a marathon read! It earns 3 stars for being an entertaining collection: two stars are lost for odd translation choices (some parts of stories were clearly omitted, perhaps for length, leading to weird gaps in the narrative) and for the repetition of some tales (not simply due to cultures having close versions of the same story, either). Also, as you would expect from a collection of fairy tales, there's plenty of racism, sexism, and misogyny to go around, so be forewarned if you pick th [...]

    2. I rerated this series from a four to a five because at the time I read it, and it was sometim in my youth, the books were amazing to me. I read and reread all 12 books in Andrew Lang's fairy book series in my exceedingly distant youth. I didn't actually realize there were a total of 12 books. I remembered them by their theme of different colors (which I recalled after reviewing the color themed mysteries about Travis McGee by John D. MacDonald). I remember my satisfaction with finding what seeme [...]

    3. this series reminds me of the bookmobile that used to make its weekly stop at our school parking lot. i read one volume each week during the spring of my 6th grade school year. it was a fun way to pass away the afternoons. because this collection is so comprehensive, the story plots/characters/resolutions heavily overlapped, but the illustrations are inviting enough to keep you engaged. can't say i had a favorite volume but my favorite color was pink

    4. Lang collected fairy tales from all over the world, some of which are well-known and favorites of mine growing up, others which were more obscure and new to me. The wealth of stories in these books is amazing. I've always loved fairy tales, and to be able to read them all in one place is wonderful. This will definitely be brought out on a regular basis so I can revisit favorite tales.

    5. Don't underestimate this series: these tales are not simplistic bedtime stories but parables illustrating the quasi-conscious desires/fears of western culture. As in life, fate can be capricious and people die horribly; but unlike life, the good are rewarded and evil punished, sometimes savagely.Think Jung had it pegged? Mr. Lang was way ahead of the curve.

    6. The Blue Fairy Book (finished 05/03/10)I'd been recommended Lang's retold fairy tales for years, but never read them until now. They're wonderful! I don't know why I waited--I like them enough that now I read at least one tale every night before bed. His tone and language are comfortably familiar, but still carry the authority needed for these kinds of fairy tales. The only story I disliked was "Gulliver's Travels"--even Lang's much abridged retelling couldn't save that story for me, good as it [...]

    7. The publishing of this is truly dreadful. There is no complete table of contents, no clear divisions between stories, and the cover stock is very shabby. A basic rule of desktop publishing is to use similar graphic images throughout a piece. The cover and spine of this book look like stock clip art and a stock photo, I could have done better. I do not understand why they did not use one of the original illustrations used in the Andrew Lang series of books. To be honest, I only bought this becaus [...]

    8. A huge, fantastic collection of stories. Some of these are pretty short so it's good for a quick decompressing read before bed. The ebook format was cheap and this was a great buy. Highly recommended.

    9. There was a year (I was in my twenties) when I read almost nothing but fairy tales. I went right through the rainbow of Andrew Lang.

    10. some short, and some not-so-short. Some familiar and some not-so-familiar fairy tales.Good character sketches and simple lessons. Entertaining short story-style reading.

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