Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Vol. 2

Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Vol Top writers and artists from comics and beyond tell tales of the Dark Knight This second volume of Batman Legends of the Dark Knight collects short stories of the Dark Knight by Jeff Parker Christos

  • Title: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Vol. 2
  • Author: Jeff Parker Christos Gage Tradd Moore David Tischman Michael Avon Oeming Chris Sprouse Jheremy Raapack Ricardo Sanchez
  • ISBN: 9781401246006
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • Top writers and artists from comics and beyond tell tales of the Dark Knight This second volume of Batman Legends of the Dark Knight collects short stories of the Dark Knight by Jeff Parker, Christos Gage, Chris Sprouse, Ray Fawkes and Collects LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT 6 10 of the digital first series.

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    1. Legends of the Dark Knight was originally conceived as a series of short stories set in Batman’s early days with a revolving door of creative teams doing each story and, though the short story format has been kept, the early Batman angle’s been dropped so they’re now just Batman shorts set whenever. And like most short story collections, this one is a mixed bag.It’s also a surprising collection as this book features stories from both Jeff “Batman ’66” Parker and Christos Gage and I [...]

    2. This has a lot of really good quality short Batman stories. There's a bit of everything in here, but plenty of The Batman's major and minor antagonists. The artwork was excellent and matched the strong storytelling. I read this a while ago, so I can't say anything more detailed. Definitely worth checking out.

    3. I think this may be an underrated Batman title. The anthology format works well for the character, much like the original Legends of the Dark Knight series from 1989. My personal favorite was a story with Batman vs. a new cannibal killer. A little dark for a mainstream Batman story. We also have a Scarecrow story that was pretty interesting, even if the premise had been used a few times before. There's a story with Batman fighting a "real" monster as well. This series seems to push the boundarie [...]

    4. An easy read, with a few good stoies, but nothing stood out much. The Scarecrow one may be the best of the bunch. The art, like the writing is hit or miss. Some of the art had Batman looking like the 1989 film one, which is cool If you like Batman, this is worth a check-out at the local library, at least

    5. I absolutely loved the 'Look Inside' story. I would love to see something more done with the characters in that one. It was the perfect mix of supernatural.

    6. Batman fights monsters and many of his classic rogues in this anthology. Some really great moody artwork in this one, plus a memorable story with the Scarecrow. A lot spookier than the first volume, with more emphasis on ghosts and creepy creatures.

    7. Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Volume 2 continues to add to the mythology of Gotham's protector. Each self-contained tale features a different writer/artist combination, creating a unique assortment of stories. A simple liquor store robbery becomes a nightmare for a gang of criminals once Batman gets involved in "Gotham Spirits." Mythology comes to life in "Dungeons and Dragons," as the Batman must contend with a real dragon, created as part of Killer Croc's search for acceptance. Penguin ge [...]

    8. Some good, some middling. Nice to be able to see a range of artists and writers in one book. These collections have a similar feel as The Sandman: the same character, but through different eyes.

    9. A lot of cool stories in this one. Not the same as the first collection with a younger, newer Batman, but still cool. totally worth it just for the (very short) Catwoman story and the ultra-cool Scarecrow tale. Can't wait for more.

    10. Dreaming He Is A Butterfly is the best Scarecrow story I have ever read. Plenty of dark stories and tales of villains enlightened contained within. I would recommend, even though everyone else seems to disagree.

    11. I love anthologies, but this is a collection that misses much more than it hits. Great art throughout, but some of the stories are pretty weak.

    12. This was another great and fun collection of short Batman stories compiled together in a great graphic novel.

    13. Magnificent short Batman stories by some of the best talent in comics. Philosophical and psychological aspects of the Batman ethos get fresh and alluring explorations. Superb!

    14. Worth a look for the Jeff Parker's and Gabriel Hardman's "Gotham Spirit," and two beautifully-drawn stories by Michael Avon Oeming and Tradd Moore. Otherwise, weak collection of Batman stories.

    15. This one was pretty good, but again the same short stories with no continuity. I'm guessing all four of these books will be this way. I enjoyed them, worth reading but not spectacular.

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