Vici Also published in The Dragon Book Magical Tales from the Masters of Modern Fantasy edited by Jack Dann Well Antonius the magistrate said you are without question a licentious and disreputable young

  • Title: Vici
  • Author: Naomi Novik
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 127
  • Format: ebook
  • Also published in The Dragon Book Magical Tales from the Masters of Modern Fantasy edited by Jack Dann Well, Antonius, the magistrate said, you are without question a licentious and disreputable young man You have disgraced a noble patrician name and sullied your character in the lowest of pursuits, and we have received testimony that you are not only a drunkard and aAlso published in The Dragon Book Magical Tales from the Masters of Modern Fantasy edited by Jack Dann Well, Antonius, the magistrate said, you are without question a licentious and disreputable young man You have disgraced a noble patrician name and sullied your character in the lowest of pursuits, and we have received testimony that you are not only a drunkard and a gambler but an outright murderer as well With an opening like that, the old vulture was sending him to the block for sure Antony shrugged, philosophically he d known it was unlikely his family could have scraped together enough of a bribe to get him let go Claudius s family was a damn sight richer than his and in any case he could hardly imagine his stepfather going to the trouble.

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    1. Review first posted on FantasyLiterature:In Naomi Novik’s “Vici,” a satirical romp set in ancient Rome, young and dissolute Antonius is being sentenced for having massive unpaid debts as well as for the murder of another Roman (it's not clear which is worse in the eyes of the law, but I think it's the debts). Since Anthony is the son of a senator, the magistrate gives him the option, in lieu of execution, to single-handedly try to slay a particularly problematic dragon that has moved into [...]

    2. FREE Dragon story! Temeraire prequel. It's online, in the "Women Destroy Fantasy" special issue: fantasy-magazine/new/n A delightful short story, originally published in The Dragon Book: Magical Tales from the Masters of Modern Fantasy. This one is alternative history with a fantastical bent, telling how Romans grew to rule the Western World. Through sword, and shield, and. dragon. A hatchling named Vincitatus, to be precise. Vici, for short.Vini. Vidi. Vinci. She came. She saw. She conquered. W [...]

    3. An excellent little story set around 100 BC. A likable protagonist with an even funnier dragon as a partner. Hell i must confess id be much more interested of reading this arc further then returning to the Napoleonic wars but that's more personal preference. Take a look, you wont regret it. And it's free :)

    4. Vici is a short story that serves as a prequel to the Temeraire series. It can be read for free here. In the beginning, we meet a man named Antony who is being sentenced for his crimes. He’s given the option to have an honorable death by trying, and surely failing, to kill a dangerous dragon in the area. It was a pretty cute story, and it made me laugh in several places. Since this is my first exposure to the Temeraire series, I don’t know if any of the characters in this story are in the ma [...]

    5. Vici is a short story introducing us to the world of Naomi Novik’s Termeraire series. If you are interested in reading this series, start here and you will get a perfect little glimpse of what you’re getting into.

    6. A solid, unusual historical fantasy. I felt that Novik was having fun writing a character who wasn't in her usual virtuous vein.

    7. I love that Novik doesn't take her creations entirely seriously - or that she understands the function of absurdity, not sure which. The idea that the European tradition of dragon management derived from a juvenile delinquent's debauchery is just brilliant, and makes so much sense against the different portrayals of interspecies communication in the Temeraire series. My favourite part of the whole series is Lawrence's slow realization of the moral failings of his social structure - this ties in [...]

    8. This book takes place in ancient Rome. Some known names you will find: Cato, Marcus Antonius and Caius Julius (Caesar). This, right off, made me smile.So for the story, Antony is in heavy with debts and is sent to kill a dragon as reimbursement. No one, including himself, expect him to live. Yet he does and returns home with a special souvenir. A dragon egg. Adventures await once the dragon hatches and starts to grow.This book was well-written. I wish the author showed a bit more of the Roman li [...]

    9. Actual rating: 4.5 stars.A fantastic story of an alternate-history Italy in which Marcus Antonius, roustabout and general scoundrel-about-town, comes into possession of a dragon egg. The egg hatches into a lovely green dragon who he names Vincitatus and takes to war in Gaul, where they meet one "Caius Julius, called Caesar." One can only imagine the effect war-dragons would have had on the strength and power of the Roman Empire!

    10. 2016 reading challenge - a book and its prequelAncient Rome AND dragons? This is like a personal heaven to me.Antony was a sharp-tongued protagonist that I loved, and Vici is a very pragmatic dragon. I would so love to continue reading this! Maybe we could get a full book about Gaul wars? And oh, the background characters! I really should've connected the dots sooner! Love love love

    11. You know what's fun? Roman history, retold, with dragons.Oh, yeah.Available online: fantasy-magazine/new/n

    12. Vici is a short introduction to Naomi Novik's Temeraire world set in the ancient roman empire.I loved Vici, the dragon! What's not to like about a dragon, especially a very intelligent talking dragon!

    13. It's just a short story, but since it's on I guess I might as well write a little comment, even if it doesn't have anything to do with the Temeraire series other than the fact that it also involves a newly hatched dragon, the start of her relationship with the human she chose, and just a little bit of fighting. It even takes place in an entirely different period, during the time of the Roman Empire, and I must say I'd quite like that setting to be explored more in this sense.That said, the drag [...]

    14. I can't say the main character is particularly like-able, but he does add humour to the story. He's an interesting character. Vici is quite charming, and it would be interesting to read a more fleshed-out version of their story, and see where things go from here. I'll definitely read more in this series. I read this on the Fantasy Magazine website.

    15. A wonderful short story - a prequel (sort of) to His Majesty's Dragon. Certainly set in the same world. Same humor, same style. Very very fun, and available to read free here. Check it out!

    16. A cute story about how Rome came to consider dragons for military purposes, rather than as a menace to be slain out of hand.

    17. "What a magnificent creature you are,” he said. “We’ll call you—Vincitatus.”It turned out that Vincitatus was a female, according to the very nervous master of Antony’s stables, when the man could be dragged in to look at her. She obstinately refused to have her name changed, however, so Vincitatus it was, and Vici for short.With an introduction like that, I can't help but love her. Short and frequently hilarious, the story of the dissolute Roman Anthony and his accidentally acquired [...]

    18. For a 21 page story its packs a lot of punch, this is a humorous short story based in ancient Rome about a notorious man’s encounter with a dragon. It’s filled with amusing episodes and satirical take on Rome and its foundation of an Empire. Got one of the best character sketches Novik has come up with. A must read for Temeraire fans, best part it’s available for free online. The only complain it’s too short and ends right where a series could have been spun off it.

    19. This short story provides the origin story for fighting dragons in Temeraire's world, as an alternate-history romp set in ancient Rome with dragons. I found it entertaining enough, even if all the characters are flat in the extreme (except maybe the young dragon).

    20. 3,5 starsA fun, rather silly story about dragons in ancient Rome. A kind of a prequel to Novik's Temeraire cycle.

    21. When the spoiled rich brat is sent off to kill the dragon by himself in punishment for his sins, no one expects him back in Rome, alive, wealthy with souvenirs from the dragon's lair, and bearing an egg to decorate his new garden. Eventually wearing out his heroic welcome, he is once again consigned to perdition, this time in the Gallic wars, where he will be farther out of the way. Carried by his pet dragon hatchling, Vici, who has rapidly outgrown the garden, the brat arrives mid-battle, where [...]

    22. This is a good prequel to the main Temeraire series, set in Roman times rather than the 18th century. The terminology is different, e.g. characters refer to cubits rather than knots, but the sense of humour is the same, particularly when it comes to human-dragon interaction (and exasperation).It's free, and it's a short story, so I'll basically recommend to anyone: you don't need to have read any of the other books in the series, but if you liked them then I think you'll like this, and vice-vers [...]

    23. Story of the first dragon rider. Fun, short, and oh man oh man do I love the dragons simple logic. So smart, yet innocent. I'm so happy to have found this series, especially since I've almost finished all of the Dragonriders of Pern series.

    24. FREE online! fantasy-magazine/new/nI was hoping this would be a self-contained short story, but alas, it is more of a teaser for the series. Which I now very much wish to read.

    25. Fantastic, a humorous short story prequel to the Temeraire series set in Rome. Being someone who studies ancient history and, in particular, ancient Rome, I enjoyed this immensely. I would read a whole other series in this time period.

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