Furia. Mis guerras perdidas

Furia Mis guerras perdidas Contiene Fury Max USA Nueva serie Garth Ennis el aclamado autor de la mejor etapa de Punisher se al a con su viejo compa ero de batalla Goran Parlov para mostrarte su perspectiva de una figura c

  • Title: Furia. Mis guerras perdidas
  • Author: Garth Ennis Goran Parlov
  • ISBN: 9788490243244
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Contiene Fury Max 1 6 USA Nueva serie Garth Ennis, el aclamado autor de la mejor etapa de Punisher, se al a con su viejo compa ero de batalla Goran Parlov para mostrarte su perspectiva de una figura clave dentro del Universo Marvel En las postrimer as de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, Nick Furia se lanza de pleno a cualquier batalla que le ofrezcan Pero el mundo de los supContiene Fury Max 1 6 USA Nueva serie Garth Ennis, el aclamado autor de la mejor etapa de Punisher, se al a con su viejo compa ero de batalla Goran Parlov para mostrarte su perspectiva de una figura clave dentro del Universo Marvel En las postrimer as de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, Nick Furia se lanza de pleno a cualquier batalla que le ofrezcan Pero el mundo de los superh roes est cambiando las cosas La guerra del futuro ser diferente a cualquier otra y necesitar de un Furia diferente Aqu descubrir s la manera en que el Sargento Furia lleg a convertirse en el mayor esp a que haya conocido jam s la historia

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    1. Garth Ennis picks up the character of Nick Fury, head of SHIELD, to write about what he writes about best - war. The framing device of the book is Fury sat in a hotel room, three prostitutes in the bed, a bourbon in one hand, a microphone in the other, talking into it with a cigar in his mouth about his battlefield experiences during the Cold War. The first three issues are about his time in 1954 French Indochina in the lead-up to Vietnam, and the second three issues are about his time in 1961 d [...]

    2. This was one I'd been waiting for for MONTHS from the library (many holds, only 1 copyeesh!). Sadly, the anticipation at finally getting it gave way to the realization this wasn't edgy or cool, or more extreme than any other books really. It's just the usual Ennis stuff. The book looks back at Fury's time in conflicts after WWII, showing us just what kind of shit Fury got into. From French Indochina (Vietnam in case you weren't sure) in the 50s to the disastrous Bay of Pigs in Cuba (early 60s), [...]

    3. Ennis és capaç d'escriure les barrabassades més salvatges. Però de vegades, com aquí o a Historias de la guerra, també explica històries que reflexionen al voltant dels conflictes bèl·lics i aprofiten cojuntures geopolítiques per furgar en les bambolines de la Història recent. En aquest cas, Vietnam i Cuba. Imprescindible.

    4. Surprisingly dull. I gave up after reading the first arc, being bored, and then realizing that I didn't care about the second arc. There's just nothing new in this story, and if there is some ennis-trademarked gore and sex, it's lost all of its shock value.

    5. If I had to read nothing but Ennis-penned war stories for the rest of my life, that would be okay. Excited to see where this goes in volume 2.

    6. War porno. История, которая восхищается объективацией, сексизмом и убйиствами. Зачем я это вообще читал?

    7. Fury is a no-nonsense fighter, perfectionist and strategist. We see him as a younger man in this volume, but he is anything but a newby at warfare. He is already a veteran of World War II and he knows what war means and how to handle it. There is some profanity, some violence, some debate about world issues regarding the aftermath of WW2. Basically everything that makes a comic worth reading as far as I'm concerned.Fury is sent to a French outpost in Indochina that is defended by 200 poorly-equi [...]

    8. Con la lectura de este tomo he quedado muy satisfecho. Ennis es uno de mis autores favoritos así que me temo que no puedo ser muy parcial en esta situación. Me encanta el bueno de Garth. Su estilo, aunque generalmente suele ser demasiado sucio y radical para el público mayoritario, es muy particular. De vez en cuando nos demuestra que algo en su cabeza no va muy bien¿o quizás su cabeza vaya demasiado bien?Sobre Parlov decir que me gusta la expresividad que suele darle a sus rostros y en est [...]

    9. In the gray world between the Howling Commandos and being the head Agent of SHIELD, Nick Fury is a war hero and CIA spook, given the crap assignments his impolitic nature result in -- here, as the Agency liaison to the Colonial French government fighting the insurgency of the Viet Mihn in Indochina (1954), then as trainer and assassin during the botched Bay of Pigs invasion (1961).Framed as a tired, embittered man dictating his memoirs, Ennis manages to make the Fury of these tales world-weary b [...]

    10. This actually was pretty good.Nick Fury, the chief spy in the Marvel Universe, tells of his time as a an operative for the CIA after WWII in a warts and all manner. You don't see a single cape and Fury hasn't even realised that he is practically immortal yet.His tale is focuses on the more disastrous conflicts (Vietnam and Cuba in this book) and they are not sugar coated in any way. Nick Fury is not portrayed as counterpart of the Watchman's Comedian, instead he is a pragmatic soldier and spy de [...]

    11. I like this story much more than other Fury stories i have read by Ennis. He was in the earlier minies just some angry rude old man. Here you see a depressing real take on a soldier who ends up in all the litte CIA black ops, the little wars of the 50s,60s. More dealing with understanding the world of his than violence,action scenes. Goran Parlov art have never been this good and fit well the 50s,60s time period.

    12. I couldn't want more out of any comic no, scratch that, any story full stop. Fantastic placement of a thoroughly dimensioned character in situations which really bring him to life, make him real, give him meaning, gives one a reason to read. Loved it. Can't wait for volume #2 (or what the hell, I'll even chase single issues for once). Fantastic - and Ennis' (quite uncharacteristic) restraint really, really pays off. Well done all concerned.

    13. A great, mature spy story that was more dense than I expected. I thought the story would have less dialogue, lots of action with splash pages, or double splash pages. Instead, nearly every page has 4-6 wide, rectangular panels. The art by Parlov was terrific and readers familiar with Ennis' Punisher work run will recall the artist drew many stories a couple years back. I eagerly await more Fury stories by these creators.

    14. Qué buen hijo de mil puta que es el Nick Fury de Ennis. Qué forro violento tan creíble y coherente. Al menos todo lo coherente que puede ser un milico yanqui que se cree el mal menor. Si a eso le sumamos el dibujo de Parlov, más expresivo y buen narrador que nunca, nos queda un muy buen comic que se lee con algo de culpa y mucho morbo. Ahora a esperar el malditobastardotomo 2.

    15. So if you're not familiar with the MAX line, it is for adults and there is plenty of voilence, swearing and some sex. I thought the stories by Ennis were really good but the artwork is what pushed it to a 5 star book for me. Parlov skirts right along the edge of cartoony in this book and I love the style.

    16. This is awesome stuff! This is what I always wanted comics to be more like when I was a kid. I have never liked Nick Fury, mostly due to the movies, but this Fury is badass! I would be much happier if the movies had this version of Fury in them and not the Sam Jackson version. Awesome story and can't wait for more!!!

    17. For a war story that is drenched in history that I don't know much about and usually isn't my thing, I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. I wish that I knew more about the history behind what was going on in this different issues, but still good none the less. Overall, it was a cool Nick Fury story who I only ever see standing around with SHEILD and never doing anything.

    18. The first half of the book covers the Vietnam era, It reads pretty much like any mid-level war comic. The 2nd half of the book covers the Bay of Pigs invasion and is MUCH more interesting. Good artwork, too.

    19. This is really great shit. Nick Fury with the CIA in Vietnam and the Bay of Pigs.Garth Ennis' interpretation of Fury is pitch perfect as the grey muddies ethics in favour of political expedience and historical inevitability.

    20. Hazañas con saña del Nick Fury más crudo que Marvgel se puede permitir, gracias a los talentos descarnados del irlandés Garth Ennis y el croata Goran Parlov.

    21. A wonderfully brutal tour through some of the Cold War's greatest hits, following a Nick Fury whose sixties espionage wasn't conducted in a jumpsuit.

    22. Yeah that was fucking perfect. War isn't my thing usually but this transcends time, space and genre preferences.

    23. so good. I didn't think it was possible, but Ennis outdoes his best work onPunisher with this series. Great stuff.

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