Sternenfluch Um ihre Schwestern Maura und Tess und ihren Verlobten Finn zu besch tzen musste Cate der Schwesternschaft beitreten einem geheimen Bund von Hexen der einen Aufstand gegen die totalit re Herrschaft d

  • Title: Sternenfluch
  • Author: Jessica Spotswood Stefanie Lemke
  • ISBN: 9783863960254
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Um ihre Schwestern Maura und Tess und ihren Verlobten Finn zu besch tzen, musste Cate der Schwesternschaft beitreten einem geheimen Bund von Hexen, der einen Aufstand gegen die totalit re Herrschaft der Bruderschaft plant Jetzt, da die Hexenverfolgung im Land immer schrecklichere Ausma e annimmt, scheint Cates Magie wichtiger denn je f r die Mitglieder der SchwesternschUm ihre Schwestern Maura und Tess und ihren Verlobten Finn zu besch tzen, musste Cate der Schwesternschaft beitreten einem geheimen Bund von Hexen, der einen Aufstand gegen die totalit re Herrschaft der Bruderschaft plant Jetzt, da die Hexenverfolgung im Land immer schrecklichere Ausma e annimmt, scheint Cates Magie wichtiger denn je f r die Mitglieder der Schwesternschaft zu sein Noch immer glauben sie, dass Cate das m chtige Orakel ist, auf das die Hexen schon so lange warten Cate m chte nicht zum Spielball der Schwesternschaft werden, doch als diese Maura und Tess ebenfalls in ihre Obhut nimmt, wird sie vor eine schwierige Wahl gestellt Denn Maura w rde alles daf r tun, die Hexen an die Macht zu bringen Selbst wenn das bedeutet, ihre Schwestern zu verraten

    One thought on “Sternenfluch”

    1. Well, I'm rather fond of it, but also rather biased. I hope it lives up to my goal to be "brutal + awesome, with kissing."

    2. Nope. Nope nope nope. I refuse to accept those last three pages. They don't exist. Nope. I have never liked Maura all that much. Now, it's safe to say that I hate her.Nope.

    3. MORE? MORE! @ P.S. I love that book! Okay so firstly let me just say that I do not remember the last time book managed to piss me off so much. I mean alright it is true, the subject in this book is very touchy but the way it is written, the characters and everything around themI have to say, Jessica Spotswood did a great job because she truly managed to get a high amount of emotions from her readers!THE WORLD: It story is based in New England in times when Witches were hunted and burned. The Bro [...]

    4. Original review posted on Lexi SwoonsThat ending though…THAT ENDING!!!! My emotions are too much right nowREAD AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!The feelings I have right now are too tremendous to properly describe for you…but I’ll try my best to give you a good review without my emotional baggage tagging alongLet me start by saying that I LOVE everything about this book. Which only makes this review even harder to write because I have absolutely nothing bad to say about ite only "bad" thing that I can s [...]

    5. Star Cursed brings us back to the New England world of witches, opression, and prophesy with a grand new tale of the Cahill sisters. Full of romance, intrigue, and betrayal, Star Cursed was a thrilling sequel that ends on a cliffhanger that will leave you screaming for more.Cate has given up all her hopes in order to save her sisters and the man she loves. Now a member of the Sisterhood--a secret group of witches masquerading as an order of nuns--she faces the immense burden of being "the prophe [...]

    6. s;dkljfsl;dkfjs;ldkfjs;lkdfjs;dljkf (Edited to add: I understand that the gibberish above is not a coherent review, but I typed it in the immediate aftermath of finishing and was experiencing MANY UPSET FEELINGS. Well done, Spotswood. Well done.)

    7. Ein toller zweiter Teil, der für mich jetzt nicht ganz an Teil 1 heranreicht, aber mir dennoch viel Lesefreude bereitet und total Lust auf den dritten Teil gemacht hat ❤️Cate gefällt mir als Protagonistin immer mehr und auch die anderen verschiedenen Hexencharakteren waren toll ausgearbeitet. Und OMG der Schluß dieses Teils hat mir quasi das Herz zerrissenen im Dezember ist auf jeden Fall direkt der letzte Teil dran 😊

    8. Oh my goodness! That ending!! I can't believe we have to wait for August 14th for the last book (although I do appreciate that amazing birthday book). Ugg! Is it possible to be better than the first book? If not, then this middle book was just as good. I read the first book in ARC form about a year/year 1/2 ago approx. It was AMAZING. I have no idea what made Jessica Spotswood imagine this world, but it is vivid, exciting, and feels like it could be real!This book is for the adventure lovers, th [...]

    9. You. Effing. B*tch. I knew you were capable of it, I justyouheartless piece of-uh! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!B*tch. B*tch. B*TCH!!!Everybody! Sing along! Angry voice! I know you know the words!

    10. Nooooooooo!I was scared this cover wouldn't be as pretty as the first. >.< I wish they hadn't changed Born Wicked's cover :[

    11. 2.5 stars - SpoilersMeh, the main character and plot were kind of boring… But I did enjoy the little twist at the end and the relationship between the heroine and her sisters.-Cate was still the same old typical YA heroine, I don't know why I thought she might have gained a decent personality between book 1 and 2. Ugh, she was insufferable, judgmental, hypocritical, self-involved, and whiny… Whilst at the same time being a boring-goody-two-shoes. In the first book, Cate was blackmailed/force [...]

    12. “I cannot imagine a life without books.Without Father's stories of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses, without pirate stories and fairy tales and poems. Without the hope of another way, of freedom and adventure beyond what we have here and now. How dark life would be.”First impression:Yep. I hate Maura more.ReviewI have to admit I enjoyed Star Cursed more than Born Wicked. While the first book dragged too much for me, the events in Star Cursed all happen within one month! The pace is much [...]

    13. Who does not love witches? Seriously, I cannot name a single person. Y’all remember the truth bombs Jessica Spotswood dropped on us at the end of Born Wicked with the big OH NO GASP GASP GASP moment? And then all of the swoons that she brought? Well the next book in the Cahill Witch Chronicles, Star Cursed dials all of the emotional reactions up a notch and left me simultaneously cursing Spotswood and praising Spotswood. As a girl who loves talking books with her friends, I honestly cannot wai [...]

    14. This review is posted on my blog, Rachel Reading. If you like it, and would like to see more like it, please check it out!Holy God. This book series. Every time I think it's murdered my soul sufficiently it comes up with a way to kill me even more. I justholy god. It's been like a month since I've read it and I still haven't recovered enough to start Sisters' Fate. It's that bad, y'all. But in the most amazing way.Y'all. If you haven't read this series you need to. I'm such a sucker for a great [...]

    15. I'm happy to report that there is no middle-book-in-a-series-slump going on here! Star Cursed, the second book in the Cahill Witch Chronicles, is overflowing with conflict. First, there's the political drama that underlies the rivalry between the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood. Then, Sister Cora, the leader of the Sisterhood, is gravely ill, and there's a simmering dispute about who will take over after she dies and how the Sisters should deal with Brotherhood. There's also the growing tensions [...]

    16. Okay, wow, I didn't realise it was possible to dislike a character so much! This series is incredible, and I love the pacing. The only problem I had was with how melodramatic it got at the end there. I need to know what happens next ASAP!

    17. STAR CURSED is the the incredibly exciting, suspenseful, heartbreaking and utterly riveting second book in author Jessica Spotswood’s Cahill Witch Chronicles. It engages readers from the very first line, returning them to the author’s world of witchcraft and magic and to those who wish to destroy it, those who wish to keep it secret and those who are willing to go to war for it.New characters are introduced, many existing characters return, there is a new setting to discover and layers have [...]

    18. Der zweite Band begann genauso spannend wie der erste aufgehört hatte. Ich flog nur so über die Seiten! Eine gewisse Wendung am Schluss hat mich total aus der Bahn geworfen und ich bin gespannt, wie die Geschichte weitergehen wird.

    19. Suite adéquate, mais pas renversante. Il manque cruellement d'énigmes parce qu'il est un peu lassant de se satisfaire que d'une seule grosse pour les trois tomes. J'ai eu moins de mal à embarquer dans cette histoire parce que je m'étais liée d'affection pour les personnages à la fin du tome 1. L'histoire est bonne et les personnages sont attachants, cette série aurait pu bénéficier de davantage d'action. La fin est crève-cœur. PS jsuis in love avec Finn.

    20. 4.5/5 starsEver since I finished Born Wicked, I had to get my hands on Star Cursed and find out what happens next to the Cahill sisters. I love witch/magick themed books and the fact that the storytelling by Spotswood is fantastic made me even more excited for what is to come for Star Cursed. I am happy to say that Star Cursed didn't suffer form the middle book syndrome. It also exceeded my expectations and I ended up loving it even more than Born Wicked. So much happens in Star Cursed and there [...]

    21. I have never wanted throw a book across the room the way that I wanted to throw Born Wicked. It was the kind of wonderful pain that only a well-written story can bring. Star Cursed delivered on the promise of a heart wrenching sequel and then some. Cate has accepted her place with the Sisterhood after threats against Maura and Tess lead her to leave Finn behind without a word of explanation. With Finn safely in the Brotherhood, Cate can concentrate on keeping out of trouble and waiting to see wh [...]

    22. It should be known that I love anything that has to do with witchcraft. I swear I think I was a witch in my past life lol! Let's add to the fact that I've been dying to read something with a historical feel. When you blend those two together you get the incredible story that is The Cahill Witch Chronicles.Star Crused picks up right where Born Wicked left off so I highly recommend reading it if you haven't already or re reading Born Wicked just so it's still fresh on your mind. Cate is living in [...]

    23. A hugely disappointing zzzzz. The relationship between this & Born Wicked was so much like the first two installments of Something Strange & Deadly. In both cases I quite enjoyed book 1, then was let down when book 2 rejected precisely what made book 1 work & reverted to a truckload of YA cliches and/or poorly expanded worldbuilding. Such is the case here. Now we have the usual dystopian-esque separation of MCs. Now we have disappearing parent syndrome. Now we have DIFFERENT(tm) teen [...]

    24. An interesting twist to the story.I can't believe Maura. She is so power hungering, so strong in her belief that she is doing the right thing that she is blind to the other options around her. She doesn't know what the word trust means. It is as if she can't be happy, nobody else can be either.We also see the tough decisions that the sisterhood is faced with. There is let the entire sisterhood be exposed or let the witch hunt continue. They have the option of going to the brotherhood and trying [...]

    25. Lo bueno de las segundas partes de una trilogía es que la presentación del mundo, de los personajes y de la trama ya están planteados, lo que facilita que haya acción desde la primera página, y eso es algo que La profecía aprovecha muy bien.Pero el punto malo de esas segundas partes es que la trama principal suele descuidarse para preparar el desenlace en el siguiente libro. Esa es casi mi única queja con este libro y por lo que no le doy las cinco estrellas. Pero me ha gustado mucho, con [...]

    26. Way to pull out my heart and stomp on it. No but really, this book just about broke my heart. It's SO good. The author makes us even more invested in her characters and the plotting is fascinating and the setting rich. If you were impressed with Born Wicked, you're bound to be even more impressed with Star Cursed. Full review at TheYoungFolks: bit/1b50Z4N

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