Games of Fate

Games of Fate Rysa Torres stumbles through life an overwhelmed young woman fighting against her attention deficit disorder She can t get a handle on the world no matter how she tries But when monsters activate a p

  • Title: Games of Fate
  • Author: Kris Austen Radcliffe
  • ISBN: 9781939730046
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rysa Torres stumbles through life an overwhelmed young woman fighting against her attention deficit disorder She can t get a handle on the world, no matter how she tries.But when monsters activate a part of her she didn t know she had, Rysa becomes the Fate at the center of an epic battle against a terrifying future and a world consumed by fire.When Ladon and his companioRysa Torres stumbles through life an overwhelmed young woman fighting against her attention deficit disorder She can t get a handle on the world, no matter how she tries.But when monsters activate a part of her she didn t know she had, Rysa becomes the Fate at the center of an epic battle against a terrifying future and a world consumed by fire.When Ladon and his companion beast, Dragon, find Rysa, they see only the potential hell a young Fate might unleash into their lives But Ladon quickly realizes Rysa is much than the daughter of an old enemy she is his key to forgiveness.With the threat of a burning future distorting Rysa s Fate abilities, she sees only two options End her own life, or watch Ladon, the only man to see beyond her attention issues and love her for who she is, die Will they accept the only future they see, or will they find the strength to break the bonds of fate The Fate Fire Shifter Dragon Series New Adult Urban Fantasy RomanceThe Fate Fire Shifter Dragon series takes Rysa and Ladon and Ladon s companion beast, Dragon through a landscape punctuated by unfamiliar creatures Fates with the ability to see past, present, and future Ghouls called Burners who devour with fire and acid Shifters who shape much than their bodies And two dragons who speak with color and pattern 1 Games of Fate 2 Flux of Skin 3 Fifth of Blood 4 Bonds Broken Silent 5 All But Human 6 Men and Beasts coming soon This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00B7PI158.

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    1. Enough to make your head spin, hang on for the paranormal ride of your life as one young woman stumbles through the maze that is her life, only to discover the life she knows is only the tip of the iceberg of the life she is destined to lead. Rysa has struggled with the chaos of Attention Deficit Disorder all of her life. Missing just one pill sends her into a frenzied tailspin and that is when it happened. Rysa’s world is about to go beyond the Twilight Zone and straight into the deadly and d [...]

    2. ****This book was part of a blog tour I received a copy for my honest review****This book starts of with a bang and just doesn't stopped.Rysa Torres things she is just an ordinary student, well as ordinary as she can be with ADHD. She struggles through life unable to remain focused without her medication. All of a sudden she is attacked and she finds out she is a Fate. She is flung into an insane world of shifters, burners and fates. She realises that she has been lied too and kept in the dark a [...]

    3. Shifter, Dragons, Ghoul's, Visions, Romance,what is there not to like?!?!There is something for everyone in this book. Let your imagination fly free and jump on board for a fun and epic ride.

    4. This book was gifted to me for an honest review. Thank You!Twenty-year-old Rysa forgets her ADHD medication and then starts having visions. Her abilities as a fate were activated when her mother spit in her orange juice. A gang of ghouls, also called Burners, attack and shackle her. A man and a dragon defend her. Ladon has history with Rysa's mother and it isn't friendly. There are three fates, one can see the past, one the present and one the future. Rysa is a singular fate, she sees past, pres [...]

    5. 2.5I really want to give this book a low 2 star rating, because I really didn't enjoy it. But I'll drag it up to a 3 because a large part of what I disliked is the result of me not being the proper demographic for the book. Plus, the writing is honestly fine. (Though the book did feel overly long, some passages seemed to drag and deus ex machina solutions are never good, IMO.)Before I get into the review, I'm going to talk a bit about myself. This is to centre me as a reviewer so others can unde [...]

    6. I just finished reading this book and I can tell you that it will be highly recommended from me. This is an author to keep your eye on. The power of her words will take you on an amazing adventure of fates, shifters, and burners with some tasteful romance to keep you glued to the pages. I could not put this book down for the life of me and through it all I was cheering encouragement to Rysa and Ladon to defeat the evil and allow their emotions to fully develop. I was not disappointed in the leas [...]

    7. I loved that this book did not shy away from anything even from the very beginning. Rysa is under the impression that she is just an ordinary girl, with ADHD of course. Without her meds, she can not remain focused and ends up being attacked. This is when she finds out that she is a Fate. In this book there are a world full of shifters, burners and fates. Landon and Dragon are the only persons that seem to be on her side, but Rysa’s feelings for Both of them drive her crazy. This being the firs [...]

    8. When I first heard what this book was about I was excited to get to read it. It sounded interesting and different then some of the other epic fantasy, paranormal romance, urban fantasies that I have read lately. When I was done reading it I was glad I did! It is a great read and great writing. It has fantasy, paranormal, and romance aspects! It has dragons, fates, shifters, and more! I would suggest this read to my friends that are straight Fantasy fans and to my friends that are fans of paranor [...]

    9. I recieved this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Rysa Torres suffers from ADHD. She is a college student and it is hard for her to keep up with her course work. Gavin her bestfriend helps when he can but he would like to be more than her friend. Her world is about to change forever. Rysa is destined to become a fate, and it it has been activated now she needs to learn how to control it. But how can she her ADHD makes it hard for her to even complete a simple task. Will Landon, his [...]

    10. I received this book free from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.I loved this book! I love how American Sign Language is a part of this book, because I have a deaf older brother and I have yet to read a book that incorporates it at all! I also love that the main character is afflicted with ADD but amidst all the other problems, she is able to get through that. I love the dynamics of Rysa, Ladon and Dragon together and I loved all the mystical aspects and how they ended up coming toget [...]

    11. I'm a huge fan of paranormal and fantasy, especially when it has some hot romance it, and this book delivers. I loved that Rysa is a flawed character fighting to overcome her own challenges of ADD when her life is turned upside down by magic and destiny and Fate!The ghouls--Burners--are frightening characters who threaten to tear the world apart with fire.I especially enjoyed the budding romance between Rysa and Ladon and the Dragon, who is a unique and fun character.Perhaps my favorite part of [...]

    12. I received this e-book copy in return for an honest review. What can I say about Games of Fate? It was wonderful. Very refreshing and action packed. Rysa, a college student with ADHD find out she’s a Fate. Not an easy thing to accept or escape. She’s being chased by Ghouls called Burners when Ladon and Dragon save her.Ladon, handsome warrior and his dragon companion are drawn to Rysa in ways Ladon doesn’t understand or really want since he’s not too fond of Fates. This book is full of gr [...]

    13. Absolutely great book! But if you're into vampires who sparkle or cute werewolves or any of those other trendy things, find another book to read. This isn't about gods from olympus or mythology or any of that other stuff. What it is -- it's the slam-dunk great beginning to an awesome series. I've read them all, and I'm totally hooked on this series. If you love dragons - then this is a must read book for you. And oh yeah, there's a love story mixed in there too. Along with ADHD and PTSD. It's a [...]

    14. Games of Fate is not an easy read, nor is it a smooth walk through the park with occasional kick heinie action. It is chaotic and nonstop action from start to finish with battles, betrayals, and yes new love. It begins with a Rysa in a café with a friend. Her behavior is obviously manic with her thought processes reflecting on her attention deficit disorder and not having taken her medication. This intrigued me right away, as it was a totally new perspective for a main protagonist for me. Rysa [...]

    15. I received a free eBook copy for an honest review.Games of Fate is about a young woman named Rysa who in addition to having ADHD, is also a Fate. Yes, a Greek mythological Fate who, in her case, can see into the past, present, and future. Rysa does not know this though. It isn't until she is tortured and rescued by a way-too-handsome Ladon and his Dragon that she starts to unravel all the mysteries of who she is, both as a Fate and as a woman.The Good:-It has a unique concept. The idea of a Fate [...]

    16. The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I was given a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Rysa Torres has problems concentrating and focusing on the tasks at hand. She has ADD luckily she has her medication. But Rysa forges ahead with her life doing the best she knows how to stay in control.When Rysa starts having vision she learns that she is a Fate and she is destin to set the world on fire. Her mother has hidden this knowledge from Rysa her whole life [...]

    17. Review of Games of Fate by Kris Austen Radcliffe (Fate ~ Fire ~ Shifter ~ Dragon #1)5 starsRated 18+ (sensual content, violence, language)It is not a pretty world in which Rysa finds herself. Misplacing her meds for ADHD, cramming to get acceptance to graduate school, dealing with others is nothing compared to the chaos in the external world—fires, explosions, deaths—and the chaos internally. Rysa may not have taken stock of it, but she’s a Fate—and one about to activate. So she’s attr [...]

    18. I love when authors take a condition, mental or physical, and create a character that lives that condition. Not just suffers from it, but lives their lives experiencing the joys, frustrations and consequences of that condition.Rysa's ADD issues permeate every part of her life. Her focus, concentration and learning abilities are manageable, but become more difficult depending on lack of sleep, lack of food and stressl real world-issues and consequences that readers can relate to.When she is attac [...]

    19. From Chapter 9 of "Games of Fate":Twenty-three centuries he and Dragon had fought battles and dealt with Burners. Twenty-three sets of one hundred year intervals, a meaningless measure of time for someone who’d lived through so many of them. Yet, they’d persevered and done what they were supposed to do. Every single one of those actions and reactions dropped onto their heads like a grain of sand blown in from the desert. Twenty-three centuries and sometimes Ladon wondered if he still had the [...]

    20. A gifted copy was given in exchange for an honest review.Rysa is a young girl trying to finish high school in spite of her Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Suddenly everything changes into a nightmare she doesn’t understand at all. Awful creatures start invading her world, ghouls called Burners who try to capture her, Shifters who try to manipulate her mind, Fates who say they are relatives of her and Ladon and his beast, Dragon who try to save her.Although it's not really my type of [...]

    21. Rysa Torres is your average college student, or at least she thinks she is. She suffers from ADD and requires tutoring from her best friend Gavin to get by. Little did she know, her entire world is about to change forever. She is destined to become a Fate, and it has been activated, how will she learn to control it when she can't even focus on a simple task. Will Ladon, his Dragon companion, Marcus and Harold be able to help her control the chaos in her head? Will Ladon be successful at keeping [...]

    22. Games of Fate I just have to say my new favorite mythical creature is a dragon thanks to this book!! It takes you on a unbelievable journey with Rysa. She is a college student that is normal so she thinks. Rysa starts to activate and the burners are after her.In comes Landon and Dragon to her rescue. Will she find out whats happening to her? Will the world burn as fates has seen? Or will she find true love with Landon and Dragon? That is something you will have to read to find out. I absolutely [...]

    23. What a great book that kept you turning page after page to find out what happened next! This books was all about Fates, human-dragons,shifters and burners! Rysa activates as a Fate but has no idea what is going on or how to control because she never knew anything about it, that her family was fates, lucky Ladon and his Dragon showed up to save her from burners! Rysa is a rare an unique Fate, which everyone is trying to get her! Not only does she have to learn how to control her visions, but deal [...]

    24. Intriguing but it doesn’t completely live up to the premise.Review of Games of Fate by Kris Austen Radcliffe(Fate ~ Fire ~ Shifter ~ Dragon #1)3 starsRated 18+ (sensual content, violence, language)Full disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in electronic format and was asked for an honest review. I read the entire book and the following is my completely unbiased opinion. This is not a spoiler free review.First a short version for those who don’t want a review with spoilers. [...]

    25. I voluntarily received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This book has got to be one of the most confusing books I've ever read in my life. The story follows Rysa, our heroine, who has ADHD and one day wakes up to find that her powers, " her seers", have activated and she can suddenly see the future, past and present. In swoops in our hero, who is also an immortal warrior linked to a dragon, to help heroine figure out her life and save the day. I enjoyed the novel all in all, because I th [...]

    26. Alright, first I’m going to critique the description of this book — found on amazon and other book sites as well: When you say she’s left with one choice, but then spell out two choices — well, obviously she has more than one choice, now doesn’t she?This book initially annoyed me. Part of that, I’m guessing, is because I couldn’t get into it at all. It’s very choppy and distracting, which fits it, I guess, as Rysa has very bad A.D.H.D. and I have it as well. So when you have a bo [...]

    27. When I read the blurb on this book I was excited. Dragons, shifters, weird creatures called burners made this a book that was right up my alley. I did like this book. Rhysa, the heroine, had battled ADHD all her life and she is a struggling college student dealing with her ADHD issues plus a mother with terrible rheumatoid arthritis. One day she "activates" and it was not a fun thing as she was captured right in the middle of her activation by nasty creatures that smell of sulphur who slap metal [...]

    28. DNF @ 80%This book has a great idea, however showcasing the ADHD that the main character has makes the book chaotic to understand. I had difficulty keeping track of what was real, what wasn't real, I couldn't figure out the perimeters of the world in which this character lived in. It has promise it just needs to be cleaned up more. I had trouble caring what was going to happen after a while. This whole concept was kind of confusing. I enjoyed the whole Dragon aspect, however not much of that was [...]

    29. This book was amazing; I loved it! All the characters were engaging in one way or another: I adored the good guys and detested the bad guys (but only in the sense that they were bad guys. the good and bad guys were very well characterized). The story was riveting, the plot had twists and turns that I never saw coming: it was great! Sadly, there were a few parts that did not seem as well written as the rest of the book. I was confused in places (I am mentally disabled) but thankfully these points [...]

    30. If you love romance and the paranormal, you will love this book. It has ghouls and dragons and great characters. I think this book has a little bit of everything. This is a must read.

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