Roadshow: Landscape With Drums

Roadshow Landscape With Drums Neil Peart is a legendary drummer and lyricist for the band Rush For decades Neil prepared and waited to write a book about the biggest journey of all his ultimate travelogue a concert tour Here h

  • Title: Roadshow: Landscape With Drums
  • Author: Neil Peart
  • ISBN: 9781579401429
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Neil Peart is a legendary drummer and lyricist for the band, Rush For decades, Neil prepared and waited to write a book about the biggest journey of all, his ultimate travelogue a concert tour Here, he talks about Rush s 30th anniversary trek 9 countries, 57 shows, and 500,000 fans.

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    1. I was aware of the band called Rush, but didn't care for the little bit of their music I had heard in the past. I had never heard the name 'Neil Peart' until a month ago when I listened to 'Ghost Rider'. I wouldn't call Ghost Rider an enjoyable book due to its central tragedy, but it was certainly well written and compelling. I used my next credit for 'Roadshow'. This is a much more enjoyable book. It was interesting to learn how a big traveling music show operates. I do have a little bit in com [...]

    2. Three-and-a-half stars, if that were an option. As someone who's been a Rush fan for more than 30 years and a drummer for even longer, any book written by Neil Peart should be on my to-read list. Neil has been Rush's drummer and lyricist since 1974, when he replaced original drummer John Rutsey after their first album.Neil's written at least three other non-fiction books, covering subjects he knows well: motorcycles, music, life on the road. "Roadshow" chronicles the band's 2004 tour, and he wri [...]

    3. 4 1/2 Stars -- Peart's most recent book is also his best and most accessible, as he chronicles his travels during Rush's 30th anniversary tour. The material about the band is enjoyable, but like his other memoirs, the book is still mostly about traveling -- this time by motorcycle around North America and Europe. (Peart makes a point of traveling separately from the band, to maintain privacy and anonymity.)Like his other writings demonstrate, Peart is an engaging and intelligent writer -- with a [...]

    4. The motorcycle parts are great reading especially for fellow BMW riders.but Neil continues to come off as a rather cranky and obsessive guy. Honestly, he's a brilliant drummer, but it's hard to like him that much even after reading this. He does capture details well and has a sense of humor (sometimes) but generally I'd suggest buying a copy of Moving Pictures instead. This makes me sad, too as I wanted to like this.

    5. As many people know, I'm a huge Rush fan; I've followed them for years and love their lyrics and music. I especially like their work ethic, integrity, and desire to get better and better at their craft. I was so fortunate to have seen this band from Toronto perform four times throughout their 41-year career.I bought this book at YYZ, the Toronto Pearson International Airport in 2008 while attending a National Association for Law Placement (NALP) conference. Although only there a week, I discover [...]

    6. As with his other books, an excellent travelogue covering North America, Canada, Great Britain, and mainland Europe. For a very private guy, he provides some very personal insights into his life and his character. If you’ve liked any of his books, this one will appeal being more of the same. An excellent read.

    7. As a big fan and a drummer myself, I was looking forward to reading this book. While his humble and humorous accounts of biking and drumming are enjoyable at first, they become pretty mundane and repetitive. Also needs less biking and more drumming for my taste.

    8. How does a band work up a setlist for their next tour when the guitarist doesn’t want to use the same guitar two songs in a row, the drummer doesn’t want the same tempo twice in a row, and the vocalist/bassist doesn’t want to spend too much time behind the keyboards? Apparently, when you have 17 studio albums across 30 years to choose from, you can still come up with a 3 hour show that satisfies all the members’ wishes and makes the fans happy, too. These kind of behind-the-scenes tidbit [...]

    9. Not a book I ever would have found on my own. It was loaned to me by my brother an avid music fan (and Rush fan). I had approached him about helping me find some drum solos to add to my running playlist for those last, painful miles that always seem to be at the end of a long run. He, in turn, thought I might enjoy a book written by the drummer responsible for the music I was downloading.I am familiar with Rush (mostly through "Moving Pictures") but never really followed the band. Adding to my i [...]

    10. Roadshow is the story of Neil Peart, the drummer for the band Rush. The book gives a synopsis of Peart's career with the band up until the tour they are on during the book in order to give the reader an idea of what they are like and all that has happened in their lives. Neil has had many difficult trials and tribulations during his career and he finds tranquility by riding his motorcycle. The time frame of the book is set within Rush's 30th anniversary world tour. Peart decides to use this tour [...]

    11. Roadshow was an engaging look at the R30 tour of the group Rush from the drummer Neil Peart's viewpoint. His travels between shows on his motorcycle are the meat of the story but he also reveals little bits of trivia about his band mates and interesting literary quotes sprinkled in here and there.I would have given it a higher rating but I was a bit irritated with Peart's constant complaining over trival things and his tendency to be very judgmental about people at times. He doesn't seem to real [...]

    12. Not only a great book by a very good author, but terrific insight to what goes on behind the scenes of a rock tour. Plus, it's a travel book, too. Well, more or less. Lots of what he thinks about as he travels, anyway!This is the second book by Peart I've read and I must say that, although I enjoyed it a lot, he sometimes needs a reality check. He talks constantly about how tough 'the tour' is, but I'd be really interested to see how tough he thought it was after being an hourly worker picking u [...]

    13. I liked it. I am a fan of the band, so his reminisces about life with the band and touring were interesting. As well as some of the descriptions of places he rode thru. Less interesting, however, was his sometimes overly detailed descriptions of the roads he took, how many miles ridden, etc. Perhaps if I were a motorcycle rider I would find those parts more intreresting. But there were many interesting observations of people and himself, and many humorous anecdotes. but i probably wouldn't recco [...]

    14. This is a book by Neil Peart, the drummer of the band "Rush", documenting his 2004 tour with the band, which he rode much of on his motorcycle.I really, really wanted to love this book, but being someone that tours for a living myself, I just found Peart to be kind of a whiner. I was hoping for more adventure and fun, and more tidbits on fun finds along the route, but most of the time I was left wanting more. He complained an awful lot about wanting the tour to be over and in general seemed fair [...]

    15. A memoir of a different sort by the drummer from my favourite band, Rush. Peart has written other autobiographical books concerning specific parts/times in his life, but this is the first focusing on his concert tours. It was interesting to read not only about the challenges and difficulties a musician faces while travelling on a full-scale world tour, but also about his unique experiences outside the concert hall. Peart is known for riding his motorcycle from show to show, sometimes going hundr [...]

    16. Peart is a decent writer, but the book is a little repetitive. There are some great passages about motorcycling on the 'blue highways' in the US, and a few good snippets of life on the road for a major touring rock band, but it often reads like a daily journal. As a new motorcycle rider and a long time fan of the band, it is holding my interest, but for others it will probably be a tedious read. The best part of the book is the final chapter, where Peart documents the European leg of the tour wi [...]

    17. This is Peart's chronicle of the R30 tour. I think it is amazing that he takes the time between shows to motorcycle all over America and Europe, it has to be draining. I think, as with some of his other books, his honesty shines through when talking about fans, but there are some other points where it seems awkward, I think more so in this book than his others. Still, as a big Rush fan it is interesting to get this behind the scenes look, and as usual he goes to parks and other places that I hav [...]

    18. I have been a fan of Rush and Neil Peart for years so when I came across this book I had high expectations and tremendous enthusiasm. For the most part I was not disappointed. Peart writes an interesting travelogue resplendent in detailed history of the many places he has visited. Also, there is wonderful behind the scenes snippets of what life is like as a traveling musician. Along the way Peart personally shines through his prose. His peccadilloes, quirks, fears and hardships are all present t [...]

    19. Neil Peart, drummer for my favorite band ever, here captures his actions and reflections over the course of an entire tour (Rush's 30th anniversary tour). Early on I became a little disappointed, as I thought I would learn the real workings of the band, whereas the focus was on the travel, which Peart did completely separate from the rest of the band. I was by and large enjoying his commentary and writing style, and so once I became used to the idea that this was a travelogue, after all, it was [...]

    20. I am an unabashed Rush fan (much to the chagrin of those around me) and I love to travel, so I thought this would be a great read, but I also have very little patience for those who complain about life as a touring pro (see: Bob Seger), a few references are fine, it's hard, really hard, completely exhausting, I understand, it can break a person, but constantly bemoaning the point is intolerable. I'm still a huge fan but I can't recommend this book. Though I did very much enjoy his refusal to ack [...]

    21. Dear God, Neil Peart travels MORE. And, guess what? He WRITES about it!! But, this time he goes through the process of travelling from one tour site to the next. As he has been doing for nearly 15 years, he gets to the sites via motorcycle. As the tour progresses, Peart and riding buddies have trials and tribulations, and on-stage, Peart and bandmates have their own sets of trials and tribulations - counting down to the final show and the taping of one concert. Peart accounts the miles put on bo [...]

    22. I had a hard time getting into this book, but finally did after 30 pages, then it just soared. Ironically, I brought this book with me to London which is where he ended up being and I finished it there, as he finished his tour, as well. It was a perfect place to end it, as I had such difficulty getting into it at first. A friend of mine was given this book as a gift and he said he was having a hard time, but I told him to just get through that beginning and you'll see it open up, just like the r [...]

    23. So far my favorite Neil Peart book. Very funny and insightful, true stories about a drummer (and other musicians around him) doing anything they can to keep themselves entertained while traveling during various tours throughout the years, then gravitating towards the present, where the author decides to trailer his motorcycle along with the band's tour, and travel by motorcycle inbetween concerts.He also goes into some of the pitfalls of the musicians and music industry, but goes about it in a w [...]

    24. After writing three books about his travels on bicycle or motorcycle, Rush drummer and lyricist Neal Peart finally writes about what most readers have been waiting for since his first book, THE MASKED RIDER: His life in the band. Although rambling at times -- for this complex man, everything is in the details -- ROADSHOW provides a drum-kit’s view of the Rush machine. Peart dedicates plenty of copy to touring logistics, lyrics dissection and deranged fans. But there's always room to elaborate [...]

    25. Liked this even better than Ghost Rider. As a Rush fan and BMW GS1150 rider I'll admit to some bias :-) Mr Peart's continual attacks on faith and people of faith is somewhat off-putting but the overall body of work is quite excellent. Really enjoyed the background on putting a concert together and it's obvious Mr Peart appreciates even the lowest member of the complex team it takes to put together and put on such a complex endeavor. Very well done!

    26. I really enjoyed this book. There's a lot of details explained in the book about the R30 tour. I liked reading about his experiences riding on his motorcycle on the road. The stories were very entertaining to read about. I also ready liked his explanation of the scenery he would get to look at everyday. This book is full of interesting encounters on the road, hilarious stories and awesome scenery. I would recommend reading this to anyone.

    27. Neal Peart's other book about travel by motorcycle, this time as a series of motorcycling interludes between concert dates with his band, Rush. Couples a behind the scenes look at concert touring with observations of his travels through nineteen countries and his mildly philosophical meanderings. As a travel book, its a pretty good documentary of concert touring. As a book about concert touring, its a pretty good travel memoir. Unfortunately, IMHO it did neither well.

    28. I didn't like this book as much as the two other books I've read by Peart. The idea is the same as the others (travel by motorcycle), the twist this time is between concerts. I'm not sure what the difference was, but it wasn't as catching or as consistent as Ghost Rider or Touring Music. The long chapters might be the only negative to directly point to.

    29. Rush is my favorite band, and Neil Peart is my favorite songwriter so I loved this account of the band's 30th anniversary tour in 1994. Peart likes to drive his motorcycle from tour stop to tour stop rather than take the tour bus so not only does he write about the tour, but also about his travel experiences, including a little history of some of the places he visits in North America and Europe.

    30. AN excellent read of Neil AGAIN! The man can write, and ride. This book makes you want to jump on your bike and drive across country for months! If I could I would.A must read for any Rush fan. But I would also add in motorcycle riders and travelog fansYou will never look at the US or Europe the same again!

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