To Wed a Wicked Highlander

To Wed a Wicked Highlander In the third book of this fun action packed Highland trilogy Victoria Roberts introduces her baddest bad boy yet Laird Alexander MacDonnell must choose between his duty orlosing his heart forever to

  • Title: To Wed a Wicked Highlander
  • Author: VictoriaRoberts
  • ISBN: 9781402270123
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In the third book of this fun, action packed Highland trilogy, Victoria Roberts introduces her baddest bad boy yet Laird Alexander MacDonnell must choose between his duty orlosing his heart forever to the woman who betrayed him his own wife.Lady Sybella MacKenzie is forced to search for her clan s ancient seeing stone under the roof of her father s enemy When she finds tIn the third book of this fun, action packed Highland trilogy, Victoria Roberts introduces her baddest bad boy yet Laird Alexander MacDonnell must choose between his duty orlosing his heart forever to the woman who betrayed him his own wife.Lady Sybella MacKenzie is forced to search for her clan s ancient seeing stone under the roof of her father s enemy When she finds the precious artifact, will she choose the family who raised her, or will she stand with the man who has captured her soul

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    1. Ahhhh, this book pulled at my heartstrings. 'Twas a formidable read. The narrator was truly amazing. I LOVE HIGHLANDERS!! Yes I'm screaming it!! Lol

    2. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookI’ve gradually come to appreciate Victoria Robert’s writing, so it was no surprise that I enjoyed book 3 of Bad Boys of the Highlands, To Wed a Wicked Highlander! Love her light, fun writing style with entertaining dialogues and characters. I did have a wee bit trouble about remembering Alexander or Alex because I had just finished, book 2, X Marks the Scot and was hoping for James’s book who was featured in [...]

    3. Captivating!Victoria Roberts has done it again! I just finished reading To Wed a Wicked Highlander and got captivated as soon as I started to read Alexander MacDonell and Sybella MacKenzie’s story.This book is the third one of her Bad Boys of the Highlands series. Ms. Roberts writes Scottish historical romances that always keep me interested throughout her books. I have just come back from a trip in Scotland and wanted to remain in a Scottish mood,so I decided to read this romance. It’s the [...]

    4. I received this book as an ARC from Net Galley.You can also see this review on chillreviewLady Sybella is a MacKenzie and her clan's biggest enemies are the MacDonnell clan, but now that the older Laird, Alexander's father has died, Alex needs a wife and Sybella's father see's that as a way to smooth over any ill's that the clans have against each other. A treaty of sorts. Until her father tells her that there is a stone the MacDonnell clan stole from them and she's to find it and send it back t [...]

    5. I recieved a complimentary copy of this book to review for Night Owl Reviews.This book was absolutely perfect. A wonderful Highland romance loaded with likeable characters, an engaging plot and lots of angst & heartache. It was so good that I couldn't put it down. Luckily , I had some time on my hands so I read straight through without stopping. The story had some suspense, but mostly centered around the romantic relationship. To Wed a Wicked Highlander was a fantastic book & I enjoyed e [...]

    6. This book was provided as an ARC by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This 3rd book in the trilogy is similar to the other two in the series: it's comfortable and familiar, with hunky alpha-male Highlanders and feisty but secretive heroines. It follows the "rules" of its genre. But the bad boys aren't really so bad. and that's why I can't give the book more than 3 stars.Sybella (Ella) MacKenzie is forced into a marriage with the chief of the warring clan MacDonell, Ale [...]

    7. Please leave comments to Lady McNeill's 5 sweet pea review at mrsconditreadsbooks/index. Another excellent highlander novel from author Victoria Roberts! To Wed a Wicked Highlander is the last book in the Bad Boys of the Highlands trilogy featuring Laird Alexander MacDonnell. He is cousin to Rosalie who we met in the very first novel. Alexander has just taken over as Laird since his father has recently passed. Neighboring and decade long enemy, Laird MacKenzie, decides it would be a good idea to [...]

    8. Just as lovely as the previous books in the series! The Bad Boys of the Highlands is one of my favorite highland romance series, so I was expecting a lot from this final book. And it didn't disappoint. To Wed a Wicked Highlander was a fantastic historical romance that had me hooked.Sybella was a good heroine. She was strong and intensely loyal. And, for the most part, she was likable. However, I did have one issue with her that was big enough to knock off a point on the rating. I could not under [...]

    9. The last book in a trilogy by Victoria Roberts. A great story about Laird Alexander MacDonell and Sybella MacKenzie. Both clans have been enemies yet a marriage alliance is formed. Alex not realizing that it is a setup is happy to accept Ella as his bride. He has never forgotten their stolen kiss when both were just kids. He is tired of the fighting between the two clans and wants peace. Ella remembers Alex as the cocky teenager who forced her to chose a kiss over being caught on enemy lands. Sh [...]

    10. First book I picked up from from Victoria Roberts and I am surely not dissapointed with the out come !I have randomly picked this book from my local library and and I am not dissapointed in fact I am quite thrilled that I have to say this book will soon be added to my growing library collection.The Story is about Sybella MAckenzie who has to wed her rival clan Alexander MacDonell in order to steal back the Mackenzie stone but Ella did not expect that she will fall in love with her highlander and [...]

    11. The story behind this book was good, but the "romantic" interludes were a tad too quick. I mean, it was like they started here, and then in 2 sentences there were there, even if it was the first time. Then, it was like the female lead was a pro. Too unbelievable. I like books with a bit more romance during the love scenes. This could have been a book like that, but the author skims over it all a bit too quick. Couldn't really believe the scenes, and therefore, I lost my connection with the chara [...]

    12. OBVIOUSLY THERE WAS NOTHING WICKED ABOUT THE HERO AT ALL IN THIS STORY, AND IT WAS SORELY LACKING IN FACTORS THAT WOULD ELICIT AN EXCITING, HEADY AND ADVENTUROUS STORY FILLED WITH PASSION, ROMANCE AND ACTION. I DARESAY, WHAT I JUST DESCRIBED SOUNDED BETTER THAN THIS BOOK ITSELF.OUR HERO is a highlander who just ascended into the position of laird and now finds that he has to wed, carrying on the duties of being the leader and all. We first met him at the waterfalls, stealing a kiss from our hero [...]

    13. Finished in one sitting!I've been on a run of pretty badly written books. Books I did NOT finish, and I really try to finish a book and give it a fair chance. It was nice to again be so caught up in a book that I lost track of time! My first book by this author, definitely not my last. The good: I enjoyed the setting, plot, characters, dialogue.everything. It even has an epilogue, which I love. The cons: There were times the story skipped days of time where I wanted details. Other than that, no [...]

    14. With this third book in the Bad Boys of the Highlands series, I have to come to the conclusion that my “definition” of bad boys and that of the author just isn’t the same. Only one hero has actually been a bad boy – women, whiskey and song, so to speak – but that wasn’t even in his own book. He had been toned down by that time. These men are definitely to be feared by those of their time, but that’s leadership and protectiveness. Bad has nothing to do with it.Alex is surprised when [...]

    15. 3 stars story/4 stars narrationI had a love hate relationship with this book, so much so it took me almost two months to sit down and write my review. My problem can be summed up in two words: Lady Sybella. From the moment she entered the picture–trying to do the fun things her brothers told her she couldn’t because she was a girl–you knew she was going to be headstrong and determined lass. That’s perfect, I have no problem with a dominating heroine. I prefer my heroines to step up and t [...]

    16. 4.25 starsTO WED A WICKED HIGHLANDER is the third storyline in Victoria Roberts’ Bad Boys of the Highland historical romance series. I was first introduced to this particular series through a giveaway of Temptation in a Kilt and I have loved every storyline in the series. Victoria pulls the reader into a world of Highland warriors, lovers and family betrayal. You will laugh and cry and, your heart will break for the men and women from the Highlands of Scotland.To Wed a Wicked Highlander focuse [...]

    17. This latest Bad Boys of the Highlands novel is a must read for fans of Scottish romance! Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies:At sixteen, Lady Sybella ‘Ella’ MacKenzie longed to prove she could do everything her brother and cousins could. One day, while following them, she encountered Alexander, the son of her father’s enemy, who gave her a choice; either kiss him or he would shout out and bring down his father’s men on her. So she had kissed him, but even now, years later, she has nev [...]

    18. To Wed a Wicked Highlander is the third book in the Bad Boys of the Highlands by Victoria Roberts. Each of the historical romances can stand alone, the main players in the previous books are only secondary characters in this installment. Laird Alexander MacDonnell is not opposed to marrying his enemy's daughter in the efforts to procure peace, especially since she is attractive and intelligent. He wants peace for his clan, and in his home. Lady Sybella MacKenzie is a little less enthusiastic abo [...]

    19. I have loved this Bad Boys of the Highlands series by Victoria Roberts. But seriously - bad boys and highlanders - what's not to love? Unfortunately, I read the first two books before I started blogging and reviewing, so I only have star ratings for those books. But trust me, if you are looking for a Scottish historical romance, but also want something light and quick, these are fun little reads.This book is set in the Highlands of the early 17th century, but this one does not have a lot of hist [...]

    20. TO WED A WICKED HIGHLANDER by Victoria Roberts is an exciting and inquiring Scottish Historical Romance. #3 in the "Bad Boys of the Highlands",but can be read as a stand alone with re-appearing characters from the previous titles. See, "Temptation in a Kilt" and "X Marks the Scot". Filled with lies, treachery, treason,danger and sizzling passion you will not go wrong with "To Wed a Wicked Highlander". Fast paced and action packed from the first page to the last. Which leaves you in breathtaking [...]

    21. Another sizzling and captivating historical romance by the talented Victoria Roberts! I was eager to read this third tome (I hope there will be many others!!!) of her Bad Boys of the Highlands series. I really enjoyed reading about characters related to Rosalia Armstrong and the MacGregor family from the past books, but they had their own stories. The introduction was thrilling and promising, the kind of prologue that makes you want to read more! Lady Sybella MacKenzie is quite a heroine. I like [...]

    22. This is my favorite story in the Bad Boys of the Highlands series. I just love Alexander’s personality, and the fact that he is not afraid to express his feelings. It will make you laugh out-loud, and sometimes you might find yourself shedding some tears. I cannot wait to see what Victoria releases next.Alexander is now the laird of clan MacDonell, and to help settle the feuding that has gone on for far too long with his neighboring clan he has agreed to accept the MacKenzie laird’s only dau [...]

    23. I won an ARC of To Wed a Wicked Highlander from Victoria Roberts. I was so excited to read Alex's story and was not let down at all! From the very first page, I was swept away by Victoria's talented writing! I felt all of the character's love, pain, heartache and laughter as if it was my own! I loved Alex when we met him in Temptation in a Kilt and was so happy to see he had his own book so we could learn more about this hunky highlander! I was unsure what to think of Lady Sybella MacKenzie and [...]

    24. This book was cute, fun and I read it in no time at all. The pages kind of just flew by and I love when it does that. I adore light and easy.It's a part of a series, but like I always (well almost) say it can be read as a stand alone. The hero we met in another book, the heroine is new. We meet some old friends too. But you do not need to know their story, it more makes you want to read their story too.Alexander is a sexy Highlander with troublesome neighbors and he is need of a wife. Sybella is [...]

    25. Received ARC via NetGallyTo Wed a Wicked Highlander by Victoria RobertsThe 3rd in her Bad Boys of the Highland Series Alexander and Sybella’s story. It has everything you could possibly want. Laughs, romance, deception, mystery, and of course shocking parts. Oh my.Alexander met Sybella four years ago when she was 16 and yes he was even then a wicked boy. :) Bribing the wee lass for a kiss for not turning her kin in for trespassing.Four years later Alex marries Ella to "make peace" withing the [...]

    26. Another great Highlander Romance.Sybella MacKenzie's clan had been enemies with Alexander MacDonell's forever. When she was caught by Alexander trespassing on MacDonell land with her brother Colin, Alexander agrees not to raise the alarm in return for one thing. A kiss. Years later, an arranged marriage between Alexander and Sybella brings the clans together. Only Alexander does not know that Sybella is only there to find something that was taken from her family years ago. While Sybella half-hea [...]

    27. I feel the need to squeal every time I finish a Highlander romance novel. This is only the second one I have readd I am terrified that I am becoming a hopeless romantic type person. Anyway, I just read My Highland Spy last week so when I saw this book at the library and it was by the same author I checked it out right away. Victoria Roberts, writes some amazing stories! Before I read My Highland Spy I would never even think of picking up a romance novel because I thought they were nothing, but t [...]

    28. Bad Boys of the Highlands is all that was need to get me on board. family can sometimes have a one tracked mind. Being a slave to it can have you paying a very big price. Lady Sybella MacKenzie is forced by her father and brother to marry Laird Alexander MacDonnell to find a stone that was stolen from the family years ago. Laird Alexander MacDonnell finds out the hard way that everything is not always as they seem to be on the surface.

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