Drawn A mysterious little boy has begun appearing in the paintings of a New York City artist who can t remember ever actually seeing him A partially blind disfigured agoraphobic who suffers crippling panic

  • Title: Drawn
  • Author: JamesHankins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A mysterious little boy has begun appearing in the paintings of a New York City artist who can t remember ever actually seeing him A partially blind, disfigured agoraphobic who suffers crippling panic attacks if he even tries to leave his apartment is forced out by an unseen entity A lonely widower begins to suffer terrifying nightmares that his long missing, presumed deA mysterious little boy has begun appearing in the paintings of a New York City artist who can t remember ever actually seeing him A partially blind, disfigured agoraphobic who suffers crippling panic attacks if he even tries to leave his apartment is forced out by an unseen entity A lonely widower begins to suffer terrifying nightmares that his long missing, presumed dead son is still alive and in mortal danger A young runaway realizes that a man he thought was his traveling companion is actually his captord a predator The lives of four very different people, driven by different but very powerful forces, crash together as they fight to solve their individual mysteries, to defeat a brutal enemy, and to save the life of an innocent boy.

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    1. This isn't a review or rating of the book, but I wrote DRAWN and thought it might be interesting to talk about how I came up with the premise for it. The first kernel of an idea came when I was looking at old family photographs in an album. It was a picture from one of our family vacations. We were at an amusement park. I was probably 8 years old. Though I'd seen the picture many times before, I noticed for the first time a man in the background, seemingly looking at our camera -- someone not wi [...]

    2. DRAWN, another winner by Hankins! A suspenseful thriller, connecting four strangers—driven by different, mysterious forces crossing over to the supernatural/paranormal. An artist, an agoraphobic, a widower, and a runawaymust face the unknown, to solve their own mysteries and save the life of an innocent boy.They share a single shared destiny, while a life hangs in the balance.Alice, a New York artist, unhappily married – finds solace and comfort in her painting. However, she has been seeing [...]

    3. I am so amazed at this writer! If I didn't know who the author was I'd be positive that I was reading Dean Koontz at his best! What a great future James Hankins has! Independent writers don't often get the recognition they deserve. It is up to us passionate readers to spread the word. I intend to do just that. Snatch up his novels and find out for yourself! As all good readers know it is all about the experience of the story and how it makes you feel. I have been a prolific reader all my life. I [...]

    4. Enjoyable reading. The only reason I did not give it a 5 is that I felt the epilogue (final chapter) did not adequately summarize the tale.

    5. I wasn't sure that I'd end up liking this book when I first started it but I'm so glad that I continued reading. James Hankins does a great job introducing each of the main characters as well as explaining their background. He also created a seamless character overlap between 4 seemingly unrelated people that was believable. The plot was imaginative and unique with a more positive spin on the supernatural elements than the usual sinister ones that accompany these types of books. I only wish I kn [...]

    6. I will start by saying that this book is REALLY good for the cost! I recently discovered BookBub which gives you recommendations on books that are on sale. I have no idea of how much it originally cost but I got it for .99! There will be one MINOR spoiler later on in this review but I'll give you fair warning on when that is about to happen. Things I LOVED:* Pacing was good. Author took appropriate amount of time to let us meet the characters and develop a bond. * Appropriate level of overlap - [...]

    7. The first James Hankins book I read was Brothers and Bones which I got for free and I thoroughly enjoyed, I believe I gave that book a rating of 4 stars. This James Hankins book was even better, I enjoyed it so much and I would give it 4 and three quarter stars. Yes I enjoyed it that much! I would definitely recommend that people give James Hankins work a try, I will definitely be reading more of his work in the future!

    8. Terrifying story about a young boy in danger, and the three people that are pulled together to help save him from the monster. I can't stress how much I enjoyed this book and the frightening storyline within these pages. I was well into the story until I could piece together what was happening to these seemingly random people, what was pulling them together to fight against evil. Loved it! Brilliant.Highly Recommended!

    9. Sinister, Scary, and SuspensefulI started reading Drawn because it was part of a very large to-be-read pile on my e-reader. Knowing I had so many books to read, I went to the beginning of my list and decided to start reading in reverse order. The book downloaded the earliest was where I was going to start.Well, I got a nice, if not super creepy surprise with this one.What makes Drawn different is that it mixes up characters you truly (and heart-wrenchingly) feel sorry for with bad guys who are t [...]

    10. A boy shows up in paintings that the painter has not painted.A poltergeist wrecks a blind mans apartment just to get him out.An old man is dreaming of his long lost son,and the dreams are real.Where do they meet and what are they to do?This was a great book!I loved the suspense and the character development.Spooky times!There were So many narrators and I enjoyed each one.

    11. This book is boring and it has a whole ton of issues.The first of which is that the author couldn't decide which genre to write for. He wants a whodunit and a supernatural horror. The problem is that he doesn't do either well at all. This book isn't scary and it's fairly easy, once you get to the kids POV, how to see the way this turns out. That's generally okay in horror. That's how it works. Horror is best when it unravels the characters worlds. Take, for instance, The Shining. We know how tha [...]

    12. James Hankins’s Drawn uses a combination of mystery and sympathy keep you turning its pages. Hankins’s novel Brothers and Bones used the same devices; however, Drawn, played with elements of horror and the supernatural. This is my kind of book. I’m a huge fan of horror writers like Stephen King and Joe Hill.Another step up from Brothers and Bones is characterization. It blossomed in Drawn. This is hard, because getting a grip on good characterization while trying to tell it in four differe [...]

    13. Alice is an unhappily married woman who finds solace in painting. Boone is agoraphobic after an auto accident leaves him scarred and almost blind, Miguel is an abused child and Nathan can't stop the dreams or the notion his son, Jeremy, has survived fighting in Afghanistan even though his body has not been found. Alice suddenly starts drawing scenes in which a little boy appears that she doesn't remember seeing as she painted. Boone is driven, fearful and panicked, from his apartment after what [...]

    14. Pretty good!I'll admit that this one didn't immediately grab me when I started to read it. In fact, once I put it down, it stayed down for a good month or two. Now that I've picked it back up, I tore through it. Some nice suspense with the paranormal.Some of it was predictable. I could see where the story was going, etc. But it was no less enjoyable. Not the greatest book I've ever read. My life wasn't impacted by it, but I was thoroughly entertained once I picked it back up, and I can't ask for [...]

    15. Well, I am glad I am done reading Drawn! I am rating this 4 stars, which means that I "liked it" though I am rating it more on the writing than anything. This book has 4 story lines which are related in some mysterious way. 1.A woman who unconsciously keeps painting a little boy in the background of her paintings without knowing why. 2. A man who is afraid to leave his house due to agoraphobia and will not leave until something forces him out 3. An old man who keeps dreaming that his missing adu [...]

    16. Spoilers ahead. Turn back now. You've been warned.While I can accept the "things happen differently on the ghost plain" explanation for all of the mysterious goings-on, I am finding Daniel's death a bit difficult. It's just it's too convenient. It's so convenient, I almost took a star away for it (but thought that might be petty after enjoying the book so thoroughly). I hate when an author kills a character for convenience, and while he wasn't a very involved character, it still seemed a bit dis [...]

    17. I listened to the Audible version of this one during a long drive. Just a note - the Audible version threw me at first since each of the main characters was read by a different person, then realized it was the perfect choice for this particular story.Three unrelated individuals, each being drawn into situations outside of the normal. The painter, who realizes there is a boy in every painting she's doing (even though she's never actually seen the boy). The widower father, whose adult son disappea [...]

    18. I heard James Hankins speak on a panel on "The Paranormal Voice" at Thrillerfest this year and it's clear why the organizers wanted Mr. Hankins on the panel--his take on the interactions between the normal and paranormal worlds is uniquely creepy. From a father grieving for his missing veteran son to an artist who unconsciously paints a young boy into her paintings to a nearly blind former photographer tormented by the speech software on his computer, Mr. Hankins does a tremendous job of taking [...]

    19. Awful!!I listened to this as an audio book and stick with it, hoping it would get better. It didn't.The first part of the story was terribly slow and a bit repetitive and the second part just not really scary at all.I found it difficult to like the characters, in particular the female character who was just annoying.All of this was compounded by the, at times, awful writing and unbelievable scenarios - I'm not talking about the supernatural elements either - Boons miraculous recover from years o [...]

    20. James Hankins Never DisappointsAnother fantastically and beautifully written novel by James Hankins. Drawn blends the excitement of supernatural elements with the darkness of a mystery seamlessly. The reader still wrestles with the minute details until the end. There is no fluff or unnecessary parts. A couple of parts seemed a little rushed and unrealistic, but the majority of the book was graphic (but not overly so), tense, and unexpected.The four main characters are connected in such a beautif [...]

    21. I have read Jack of Spades by James Hankins and promised myself another book by him. He is a wonderful writer and I must say I enjoyed both books tremendously.This writer is a force to be reckoned with especially the way he intermingled all the characters in this book, so clever and engrossing. One is a painter who keeps seeing a little boy in her paintings, the other is a person who can't step outside his flat without having panic attacks, the other is a father looking for his son and finally t [...]

    22. This taut, well-paced thriller has an intriguing premise and interesting, well-developed characters whose individual story arcs converge in a climax that, while not entirely surprising, is still heavy on suspense. I liked the supernatural element and found this set "Drawn" apart from similar thrillers in this genre. The editing could have been done a little better, at least on the Kindle version, where there are a few glaring mistakes, mostly in the form of missing words - but not enough to detr [...]

    23. Different, enjoyableWhat starts out looking like four separate stories, actually comes together for one surprising end. The fun is in trying to figure out what the stories of a not quite great artist, an old man whose son disappeared four years ago, an almost blind agoraphobic, and a ten year old runaway could possibly have in common. The chapters go between each of the four main characters, eventually linking two, then three, then all of them. Different from other books that I have read by this [...]

    24. I rarely read the same author twice. After completing Brothers and Bones by Mr. Hankins in record time, I knew I had to give him another try. It was the spirit/paranormal flavor that called to me here. If that is your passion also, I can tell you the author delivers a most satisfying, can't put it down, gotta know what happens next story. Even though a little proof reading is in order, I'm glad to be a true fan of Mr. Hankins. I will not hesitate to read him again. His writing is most superb!

    25. Bought this on Kindle as I had enjoyed Brothers and Bones. I did enjoy following the very different characters and trying to work out a connection. I kept reading till the end and I was certainly in suspense as everyone came together. Now the BUTSWithout giving anything away one character's life was tidied up a bit too neatly.I wanted to know what happened to 'the son'.What I found most tiresome was Boone's endless panic attacks, there are only so many times you can stomach reading about them. H [...]

    26. Listened to audiobook with hubby. Interesting narration - each character had a different narrator. The first 1/2 was a slow (sometime too slow) build up to a nice character blended and faster paced second 1/2. The second 1/2 makes the first worth the wait. We would classify this as a supernatural mystery rather than horror. The epilogue did a great job of answering any questions remaining for the characters and the readers.

    27. Good read.The author takes just the right amount of time in developing each of the characters. I found myself wondering how they would intersect and anxious to get back to read whenever I could. There are some cliches regarding the paranormal but overall it was a very enjoyable read.

    28. A chilling roller coaster ride! I literally couldn't sleep after reading through some of this book. It was incredibly vivid and extremely well told. James Hankins is an awesome author. He took the lives of 4 separate individuals and, although I doubted how it'd be possible at times, tied them all together beautifully without a hitch. Great read!

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