Captiva Captive

Captiva Captive Three things should have never happened Habaline Shapeshifters walked the face of the earth legends of Mythoi blended in flawlessly with human society and Blythe Giarrusso returned home to Florida A

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  • Title: Captiva Captive
  • Author: Talyn Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Three things should have never happened Habaline Shapeshifters walked the face of the earth, legends of Mythoi blended in flawlessly with human society, and Blythe Giarrusso returned home to Florida A powerful vampyr will stop and nothing to get her back Unfortunately, he s standing in a very long line Which faction has the right to claim her Who decides where she belThree things should have never happened Habaline Shapeshifters walked the face of the earth, legends of Mythoi blended in flawlessly with human society, and Blythe Giarrusso returned home to Florida A powerful vampyr will stop and nothing to get her back Unfortunately, he s standing in a very long line Which faction has the right to claim her Who decides where she belongs Does the most powerful being trump all Or does an ancient ritual lock in one indisputable mating In a world where humans are easily owned as pets by the creatures of their nightmares, it s all about who has the upper hand on Captiva Island

    One thought on “Captiva Captive”

    1. This is a spin off of Scott's Fanged Menage, and if you've not read those, you may be a bit lost since she refers to characters from those books. I enjoyed this story, and will continue with the series. My only complaint is the same I had with the Fanged Menage books. The author goes back and forth with time elements & I get confused as to if this is happening in the present, 5 years ago, yesterday, etc. Would be a little helpful instead of just changing to the next chapter if it would have [...]

    2. I so wanted to like this book as I had read quite good reviews about the authors other books but this was just not for me. There were parts in it I was just not comfortable with at all and having now looked into reviews for the authors other books I have found that this is just her style so will not be purchasing anymore.

    3. I have some other books by this author and did enjoy them for the most part but I did not enjoy this one very much. I do not want to give anything away for those who want to read it but there was one scene that left me feeling quite icky but just MY opinion.

    4. 4.5 stars - book intersects with previous series. The H is mix of alien shifter, vamp and he has loved h for years. She is human, but there is something different about her. They were engaged, she thinks he cheated and she left him. Now that she is back in town, he refuses to be denied, she is his and that's that. Full on adventure with evil Vamps, alien shifters and h loves him so much. Loved it.

    5. 2.5 starsPNR, erotica cover 4 starsLooking at it's cover I could see this book is erotica and that it was about a woman held captive. I'm missing here elements that would point out the supernatural part of the book.It's a classy coveraracters 2.5 starsThere are so many characters, and groups in this book, that I find a bit confusing who are the main and the secondary.It's clear I've missed some info of the book (now I've found out that a previous series has introduce all this characters before). [...]

    6. I read this book in a day. I wasn't impressed. Sixten annoyed me and the reasons behind not being together were another reason that just galled me into how can you be with this guy or hybrid or whatever he is.However, after reading this it's a given this one centered character Blythe is going to be a part of each of the books for this series. Which, to be honest, is annoying as hell!I have a very like/hate relationship with Blythe. First off this war between each species isn't really discussed m [...]

    7. Oooh there is such a bad boy in this bookBlythe has been missing for years after finding her supposed fiancee with her bridesmaid. Sixten missed her so much. He found out too late that his brother was the one. After coming back from Italy, Blythe has been working 3 jobs to help support her brother and is falling sick and no one can figure out why. Sixten wants her back she is his mate. A Dynasty vampire, Gianni, has also chosen her. Now the games begin. Gianni is twisted and addicted to Blythe. [...]

    8. A good continuing of the seriesIf you read this book without reading the Fanged Romance Series you are going to be lost. I absolutely love Talyn Scott's gift with writing. This is a 5 star rating. Reading Order:1-Sanibel Heat2-Sanibel Burn3-Sanibel Sizzle4-Captiva Captive5-Sanibel Seduction6-Captiva Craving7-Captiva Capitulation8-Sanibel Surrender9-Captiva Master10-Sanibel Alpha11-Oycher12-Sanibel Virgin13-Sanibel Fire14-Sage15-Sanibel Possession (not published yet)I personally love this series [...]

    9. So this is a great sexy read with all kinds of seeds planted on what's to come, but at times I did feel like I missed something. There are a few different breeds and I don't feel it was all explained to me well enough, that I fully understand the characters and their roles. But I am enthralled and will be continuing this story.

    10. Hmm, this was a good read but I felt it was dragging. I didnt know what was going on in the beginning and felt I might have picked up book 2 in a series. The cliffhanger ending didnt really make me want to move on to book 2 so i really dont know if i will finish this series.

    11. I was really disappointed with this book as I definitely did not enjoy the part where Blythe was enthralled by the bad vamp in his car and then there was a forced seduction, that stuck in my head as I tried to get through the rest of the book and spoilt it for me.

    12. Wow loved it.This book I could not put down. Loved how it plays along side of the other series. Damn hot scenes too if you like dark erotic.

    13. Captiva CaptiveOh wow I definitely have to see what happens to Blythe. This is just getting crazier and crazier but I love it. I can't say anything is disappointing to me so far.

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