Im Land der weißen Wolke

Im Land der wei en Wolke London Zwei junge Frauen treten die Reise nach Neuseeland an Es ist der Aufbruch in ein neues Leben als k nftige Ehefrauen von M nnern die sie kaum kennen Die adlige Gwyneira ist dem Sohn eines

  • Title: Im Land der weißen Wolke
  • Author: Sarah Lark
  • ISBN: 9783404157136
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Taschenbuch
  • London, 1852 Zwei junge Frauen treten die Reise nach Neuseeland an Es ist der Aufbruch in ein neues Leben als k nftige Ehefrauen von M nnern, die sie kaum kennen Die adlige Gwyneira ist dem Sohn eines reichen Schafbarons versprochen, und die junge Gouvernante Helen wurde als Ehefrau f r einen Farmer angeworben Ihr Schicksal soll sich erf llen in einem Land, das manLondon, 1852 Zwei junge Frauen treten die Reise nach Neuseeland an Es ist der Aufbruch in ein neues Leben als k nftige Ehefrauen von M nnern, die sie kaum kennen Die adlige Gwyneira ist dem Sohn eines reichen Schafbarons versprochen, und die junge Gouvernante Helen wurde als Ehefrau f r einen Farmer angeworben Ihr Schicksal soll sich erf llen in einem Land, das man ihnen als Paradies geschildert hat.

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    1. I read the English version of this novel. It started strong with the story of two women making their way to New Zealand in the mid-1800's to start their new lives as wives of men they had never met. Helen had answered an ad to become a wife under fraudulent circumstances. Gwyn, the daughter of a proper English Lord, was betrothed to the son of a man who had, in effect, won her in a poker game from her father. Both were disappointed in their lives as sheep farmers in the NZ outback. As soon as th [...]

    2. 4.5No se por dónde empezar a hablar de este libro. Me gustó tanto la historia, los personajes y la forma en que está escrito que me lo devoré, a pesar de ser relativamente largo.Hace mucho que no sufría tanto por los protagonistas de un libro, quizás porque uno siempre asume que van a estar bien (a menos que estés leyendo a George R. R. Martin), pero en este caso sentí casi desde el principio que cualquier cosa podía ocurrir, y creo que eso es en gran parte lo que lo vuelve tan bueno.Ha [...]

    3. ¡¡Un libro precioso!! Con esta autora me sucedió algo similar que con Kate Morton, en el sentido que avanzas en la lectura casi sin darte cuenta de las más de 700 páginas. Si bien es un libro bastante estereotipado en su género y también bastante previsible, realmente fue un gozo leerlo. Descripciones y personajes maravillosos que me trajeron inmediatamente a la mente películas como "Australia" y "La lección de piano". Nos habla de amor y pasión, también extensivo hacia la tierra que [...]

    4. This is the story of two young women from England and Wales in the 1850s traveling by ship to colonial New Zealand at the beginning of its colonization. It's about friendship, it has a little romance, and some adventure. You will be reading about two heroines I found that I enjoyed both women. Helen is going as a mail order bride and Gwyneira a sheep Baron's young and wild daughter who was pretty much won in a Blackjack game. I enjoyed the narrative style of the author and could not put the book [...]

    5. I had to give up on this. I am not sure where the blame lies but either the author or the translator has:Wales as a part of EnglandNew Zealanders circa 1860 using the word "Mom"New Zealand currency unit described as "dollars" instead of pounds ese and several dozen other colloquial missteps and factual errors made the story almost impossible to get lost in. Since it's a fairly straight-forward soap saga (a genre I enjoy from time to time) I can make a good argument for these nitpicky (excep the [...]

    6. Uma saga passada na distante Nova Zelândia. 2 mulheres arriscam começar as suas vidas num país desconhecido. Gostei do que li, mesmo sendo descrito em quase 700 páginas. Venha o próximo livro da saga, que eu quero muito ler

    7. Za sve ljubitelje, a ja sam ta, predivnog romana Matildin posljednji valcer, preporučujem ovu odličnu porodičnu sagu. Radnja je smještena na Novi Zeland, Zemlju bijelog oblaka kako su je nazivali domoroci Maori. Bijeli doseljenici sa sobom donose svoje običaje, način života kojem se miroljubivi, ali ipak neobični Maori uglavnom prilagođavaju sve dok se ne obrazuju toliko da shvate da ih bijelci iskorištavaju i tada počinju problemiDruštvo britanskih doseljenika opet, iako naizgled ve [...]

    8. This book in my opinion was really good.Which makes me want to clarify something. The reviews for this title were all over the place. Some hated it, some loved it. It is not an easy book, first of all it rather long and some of the content is rather disturbing. However I would like to point out the reasons why I really liked it.One.The setting-Almost the whole story, except for in the beginning take place in New Zealand. Now for those of you who have seen The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, kn [...]

    9. I did not expect to like this book. It's a 700 page "sweeping epic" [said with the requisite eye roll] promising small-r romance and more than you'd ever want to know about sheep farming in late 1800s New Zealand. In other words, over 700 reasons for me not to read this book. But I have a fascination with New Zealand (the impact of colonialism on native cultures, in particular) and I'm a sucker for any kind of Big Adventure. Strong female characters + Adventure = why not?!The good: the novel sta [...]

    10. Ein fantastischer Roman, der alles beinhaltet was ich mir vorgestellt habe. Die Geschichte zweier Frauen, die nach Neuseeland auswandern und ihr Schicksal nehmen wie es kommt. Ein Generationen-Roman mit Liebe & Hass, Freundschaft und Intrigen, Kulturen die aufeinander treffen und Charaktere die man liebt oder hasst. Wer Geschichten a la Dornenvögel mag, wird auch "Im Land der weißen Wolke" lieben. Sobald mein SuB etwas abgearbeitet ist, werde ich diese Reihe fortsetzen.

    11. Este livro foi uma excelente surpresa. Desde que a Editora Marcador o deu a conhecer, fiquei encantada com a sua sinopse e com a capa, que a meu ver é bastante bonita. Assim, depois de ter estado na estante durante uns tempinhos, decidi lê-lo. E posso dizer que fiquei muito, muito satisfeita. No País da Nuvem Branca é um romance muito interessante. É uma saga familiar, que abarca um período de cerca de vinte anos da vida das personagens. Tudo começa quando Helen Davenport, professora part [...]

    12. Me había dado error al publicar la míni opinión. Es una historia que me ha gustado mucho, con la que he aprendido un montón de la época (1820-1870 aproximadamemte) y de las costumbres de los maories.Los personajes también me han encantado. Había leído quejas sobre que había mucho drama pero no me ha parecido así. Hay que recordar que en esa época no había lo mismo que ahora y por lo tanto era más fácil morir en un parto o en un accidente de caballo por poner un ejemploCon ganas de [...]

    13. Since my library didn't have a copy, I was delighted to find that it was available for free from Kindle. For many years, I've been attracted to Australia, and have read many books about the country. This is the first I remember seeing about New Zealand, and I really wanted to read it. It is light reading (chick-lit I think) but the characters are well formulated. At first I couldn't stop reading it. My interest wained toward the latter part--it's a long book. I did a little Internet searching ab [...]

    14. Bueno que puedo decir de esta lectura huummm, que la encontré mas triste que bonita , que dificil para casi todos encontrar la felicidad

    15. Este libro subió directamente al podio de mis novelas históricas favoritas.Tiene todo lo que me gusta en novelas de este tipo: un argumento extenso y bien desarrollado, una ambientación bien presentada y personajes entrañables.Detengámosnos en los personajes primero. En nuestras dos protagonistas, para ser más específicos porque, si bien la historia gira en torno a Helen y Gwyneira, hay muchísimos personajes más van adquiriendo la misma relevancia conforme avanza la historia.Helen es un [...]

    16. Great start. Not so great ending. I know this wasn't about reading a master piece in Literature, but I had listened to so many good comments about this saga that I thought it would be really great. Lark really grabbed me at first: interesting plot about two different girls who go to the almost unexplored New Zealand to marry men they don't know. Well told and apparently interesting characters, Helen and Gwyneira. Besides, there were so many elements that could have built a wonderful story: six o [...]

    17. More rape than romance.I had picked this up as a light romantic complement to my other dark/scary/serious reads. I thought this would be a historical fiction version of my favorite romance series Escape to New Zealand. It's none of those things. It's a sad rapy VC Andrews kind of story. And not the good VC Andrews. No it is not. I grant you that I put this book down at 60% when one of the main male characters was asking himself if killing a baby animal would make him a man. I had one answer:YOU [...]

    18. Dull dialogue and clichéd writing; historical fiction – romantic possibly, but I did not get far enough to find out. What prompted me to put this on the wanted list? Probably some overblown review in the Globe & Mail.

    19. I probably could finish this if I exerted a little energy, but I just don't feel like it. It wasn't badly written, I just got bored.

    20. Tenia potencial, pero fracaso ★★ Tiene sus puntos positivos y originales, pero mucho drama, demasiadas páginas, sufrimiento sin sentidoo la vida Ba dum tssEso hizo que sintiese aversión hacia el libro, aunque fue original tener dos protagonistas femenino.Hay muchas puntos que comentar, pero no creo ser capaz explicar todo lo que no me gusto ¬¬En conclusion ¿Leería los siguientes libros?NO.

    21. The funny thing is that I read this book while nursing my second daughter, and I read The Thornbirds while nursing my first. The two books were similar in many wayslti generational stories about life, love, and working the land despite what nature has dealt them. It was a fun read and interesting as I hadn't given much thought to New Zealand as a country before. Plus I love those "as God as my witness" powerful female characters who work their fingers to the bone day in and day out just to save [...]

    22. Every once in a while, I try a new genre and fail.It's not the book's fault, it's not the author's fault, it just wasn't for me.I like my love stories short, clear and sweet instead of realistic and spanning years. So, nope, not for me.Shame, since I have a soft spot for New Zealand ever since I've spent eight months there.

    23. I am so sad I finished reading it! What a great novel. I watched the characters unfold beautifully and came to love them, hate them and love them again. A story about being true to yourself, finding your place in the world, and ultimately conquering obstacles through love. Beautiful story and beautifully written.

    24. Complètement emportée par ce roman ! J'avais tellement envie d'en connaître la fin, sans vouloir le finir ! Je me sens un peu vide là

    25. Wat een fijn boek. Een dikke pil waar ik zonder problemen door heen ging. Ik vond het mooi om het leven van Gweineira en Helen te volgen die emigreren van Engeland naar Nieuw Zeeland en dus alles achter zich laten. Mooie karakters. Een boek waarin vriendschap, liefde en geluk centraal staat, maar waar ook verdriet, haat en ongeluk om de hoek komt kijken. Blij dat het een trilogie is. Op naar deel 2

    26. My favourite genre (historical fiction) combined with my favourite country (New Zealand). What could be better? Well, quite some things, as it turns out. The book had a slow start for me, I thought the writing was a bit mediocre and the story didn't attract me so much. Luckily, after a few chapters, I got used to the writing, the story moved from England to New Zealand which made it more interesting, and I accepted the fact that instead of a beautiful historically rich family saga I would have t [...]

    27. Que historia!!!! Dejando de lado que me demoré un montón en terminarla por motivos de tiempo, es realmente una gran historia.Ambientada en Nueva Zelanda en la época de la colonización, hay que tener buena memoria para recordar la cantidad de personajes que aparecen en está novela porque aunque aparezcan en pocas paginas todos son importantes en la historia. Me parece que las dos mujeres protagonistas Gwyn y Helen desde el comienzo demostraron ser mujeres de carácter e inteligentes, se podr [...]

    28. I didn't manage to finish this book. I liked the plot and the characters, but since I don't speak German, I had to buy a copy in my language, Croatian. I don't want to say the translation is bad, because it obviously isn't, I checked the English version, too. However, the syntax is rather off. Sentence construction and word order aren't exactly "Croatian", they are more characteristic of the Germanic languages. This really bugged me throughout almost whole book, because I like a nice word flow. [...]

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