The Other Side Of Nowhere

The Other Side Of Nowhere Even when she was at the top of her fame as a star of East Enders behind the scenes Danniella was tearing her life apart For a while she was the nation s most famous drug addict This is her story of

  • Title: The Other Side Of Nowhere
  • Author: Danniella Westbrook
  • ISBN: 9780340898864
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Even when she was at the top of her fame as a star of East Enders, behind the scenes Danniella was tearing her life apart For a while she was the nation s most famous drug addict This is her story of recovery from the despair of addiction, told with total emotional honesty and courage.

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    1. I think Danniella is brave, very brave to have given such an honest account of her addiction to cocaine. I think it is admirable for her to have taken full responsibility of her addiction, without blaming others, without pointing fingers. I also think she is very blessed to have the family she has, a husband who clearly loves her more than many of us will ever know (backed up by the abuse she gave him and the desperate state she was in) and those friends who are real true friends.I have used dru [...]

    2. I didn't know who she was and I have never watched East Enders but I'm glad I read this book. Though the story is tragic for most part, I'm glad that it had a happy ending for Daniella. It speaks of second chances, something I am big about. I'm glad Daniella got her second chance at life. I'm also glad that she got a chance to come clean and tell her side of the story, because that is what matters.That is the story the world needed to hear. My favourite excerpt from the book" My name is Daniella [...]

    3. Drugs. Ponies. Daddy. Eastenders. Drugs. Addiction. Celebrity. Fame. Drugs. Break Up. Rejection. Drugs. Eastenders. Suicide. Drugs. Nose. Surgery. Abuse. Childhood. Drugs. Sex. Rehab. Drugs. There’s no wonder she was driven to wearing that much Burberry.First Line reads “I don’t know why.”Neither do we, princess. Spoilt, arrogant and intensly unlikeable from the offset. A huge delusion of grandeur as a child that turned into a neolithic self obsession with no common sense or regards for [...]

    4. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. It is very honest and an emotional account of her drug taking years, and how she came to stop her addiction. I would recomend this to any ex-drug addict, or current one as this book is fantastic for showing you the things you can do to your family,friends and to yourself. I also think people who's family members have drug issues should read it, to try to get into their mind and see what they are thinking.I would have gave this book a 4 if it wasn't for [...]

    5. I had been recommended this memoir and when I saw it in a charity shop for a few pounds, I snapped it up. It definitely piqued my interest and I would class it as an well-written, accessible, page-turner. The subject matter is anything but light though as Danniella talks honestly about her sometimes horrific battles with drug addiction. As far as celebrity memoirs go, this is a refreshing stand-out book that breaks the mould and offers a down-to-earth look at addiction.

    6. What an absolutely brilliant book. I just couldn't put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so well written (apart from the numerous typing errors). It really did provide us with an insight into Danniella's life. It was a lot better than I thought and I would definitely recommend it to anybody as a brilliant read.

    7. An interesting and at times harrowing insight into the life of a heroin addict - who also happens to be a famous actress.

    8. An incredible read. This book made me cry as it portrayed an emotional and moving journey. It helped save my life as it helped me get clean. I've now read it so many times I've lost count.

    9. A great insight into the life of a TV Celeb the pressures that's put on you to take drugs. I really enjoyed this.

    10. I Think this is a very good and people who have a drug problem or a family with a drug problem should read it. I also think she was very brave to tell everyone her story.

    11. Tried to read this, didn't try very hard because I don't like her and could not care less how she got herself in such a mess.

    12. quite an open and honest account of her struggle in the world of hard drugs. I wasn't a fan but I wanted to see how honest she was and I take my hat off to her

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