One thought on “Corker: A Novel”

  1. Do you know the definition of a Corker? I didn't either before reading this, but it's an "excellent or astonishing person or thing." This book is a very interesting read as it is written in the perspective not of Corker, but of her brother Ben. Ben is a 23 year old living with his mom, when his best friend Steve comes home from his mission. Corker got the nickname from Steve before his mission when she schooled him in ping pong. Little did they realize that the name would stick, because it seems [...]

  2. Corker was a funny book that I read during my youth. It was one of one that I would pick up and read over and over again :)

  3. Bateman is a credible author, but this was not my favorite. Not nearly as good as Weyland's "Charlie", but then what is?

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