Malice New York District Attorney Butch Karp recovering from an assassination attempt that came within a few millimetres of killing him takes on a shadowy cartel that uses terrorists to further their crimi

  • Title: Malice
  • Author: Robert K. Tanenbaum
  • ISBN: 9780743271196
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
  • New York District Attorney Butch Karp, recovering from an assassination attempt that came within a few millimetres of killing him, takes on a shadowy cartel that uses terrorists to further their criminal empire and slide the United States toward a fascist state that they control As Karp struggles to uncover those responsible for planning the terrorist murders of six schooNew York District Attorney Butch Karp, recovering from an assassination attempt that came within a few millimetres of killing him, takes on a shadowy cartel that uses terrorists to further their criminal empire and slide the United States toward a fascist state that they control As Karp struggles to uncover those responsible for planning the terrorist murders of six schoolchildren, he goes to the aid of his college roommate s younger brother who has been unfairly suspended from his position as baseball coach at a university in Idaho.

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    1. I listened to this book while on a long trip. I would have probably quit listenig to it if I would have something alse along to listen to. It did help pass the time, and I did start to get into it toward the end, but I would be reluctant to recommend it. The characters a one dimensional and almost cartoonish, it has multiple over the top plots that don't really intertwine, but seem to occasionaly crash into each other. The characters are prone long speeches, and the dialogue is not natural. If I [...]

    2. Soooo DisappointingI am a fan of the Butch/ Marlene series. But this one was very disappointing. Way too much historical narration and too many unrealistic plot lines. I found myself skipping many pages at a time. BTW, who was watching the twins when Marlene & Butch were in Idaho?? Maybe it was explained in one of those skipped pages.

    3. Robert K. Tanenbaum may not be great writer. His sense of story is fairly good, as is his will to engage and entertain. However Tanenbaum's plots are filled with contrivances, and his prose itself is too direct and explanatory in its approach, and his conflicts are too readily resolved. These flaws chipped away at whatever greatness there might have been in "Malice," Karp's 18th novel in his Butch Karp/Marlene Ciampi series. Using the unjust trail without due process of Sir Walter Raleigh as a t [...]

    4. Manhattan district attorney Butch Karp and his wife, Marlene Ciampi, picks up where 2006's Counterplay left off. Karp is recovering at Beth Israel Hospital, after being shot by his rival and fellow prosecutor, Rachel Rachman, who was in turn gunned down by Ciampi. Members of the Karp family have aided to thwart terrorist aimed at the pope. The Behind the plot against the pope, mayoral candidate and murderer Andrew Kane, is believed dead, but Karp suspects that someone at a high level in U.S. sec [...]

    5. This is another great story about the Karp family.t so much blood and gorea real mind teaser. Again and again Tanenbaum teaches us what American Justice should be about and what sometimes happens when the corrupt have power or should I say the people who are in power use it corruptly. Will the few honest, uncorruptable, powerful men please stand and identify yourselves. I wouild like to personally know one! Tanenbaum's Karp family stories give me hope that if it is written and imagined, it must [...]

    6. I love Robert K Tannebaum's legal thriller series, starring Butch Karp, his wife Marlene Ciampi, their hyper polyglot daughter, Lucy, and too many other great recurring characters to mention. There are 22 or so novels in the series which take place in NYC where Butch started as an ADA as did his then love interest, Marlene. Butch is now the DA of Manhattan and works in 100 Centre Street in Manhattan. As a NYC kid myself this enhances my enjoyment of the series. Malice is probably my 14th of the [...]

    7. Malice is a continuation of Betrayed. Fans of the Butch Krap and Marlene Ciampi series know that Krap is famous for his role in the courtroom and Ciampi for her investigations. In Malice we get a double dose of both. Butch travels to Idaho to defend a friend’s brother who was fired as head coach of a college and Marlene is investigating the death of a young college girl who attended the same college years ago. During the investigation Marlene learns that the two cases are related.Malice is a r [...]

    8. This happened to be a Butch Karp-Marlene Ciampi novel which I thought was less than his best. It seemed disjointed, with a bunch of characters thrown in, about whom I could care less. The part about the basketball coach, and then baseball coach seemed especially contrived. I didn't think that it added anything to the story. It was as if Mr. Tanenbaum said to himself--I need to write another book, and then he just threw together a bunch of elements. The Lucy peyote part also didn't hang in there [...]

    9. Two story lines, one involving small town shenanigans leading to a disappeared girl and a pure, good baseball coach getting fired. The incredible family of Butch and Marlene and their ethereal daughter who is a teen psychic with druggy visions that lead to revelations of murder and the decoding of ancient, lost languages solve it all, though I can't totally remember what the terrorist plot was all about. Anyway, lots of scary, deadly events involving the Russian mob and a secret men's club from [...]

    10. If you read the Tanenbaum books, this one is pretty good. If you haven't read him yet, don't start here. He's written a series around a New York DA named Butch Karp. The last several have been one long continuing story, and if you don't know the cast of characters, both good guys and bad guys, they aren't a good place to start. If you are interested in a legal thriller with interesting if highly improbable characters, start at the beginning of the series with "No Lesser Plea".

    11. #19 in the NYC ADA Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi series. #4 written by author Tanenbaum without a ghostwriter.NYC DA "Butch" Karp & Marlene Ciampi go to ID to help the brother of Karp's college roommate who has been unfairly fired from his coaching job. Lucy's mysticism gets them involved with the missing daughter of a Basque sheepherder. Coincidentally it is all tied up to a secret organization looking for world domination and connected to the "Kane" trilogy.

    12. While New York City District Attorney Butch Karp is recuperating from gunshot wounds, the brother of a college friend asks for his help. He has lost his job as a coach in Idaho due to false accusations and a lack of due process. As Lucy Karp traces a message in ancient language to decipher a message a friend of hers is murdered. The reader is introduced to a secret group working to take over and "cleanse" America.

    13. A little overwhelming at the start as a variety of characters and plot themes are introduced rapidly. An almost immediate affection for the lead characters, the Karp family, kept us engaged until threads were tied together and the plot thickened. It then became a rapidly unfolding tale of conspiracy, cover ups, murder, terrorism and intrigue that was impossible to put down as we raced through the remainder of the book.

    14. I liked the earlier books in this series but over the years they have become absurdly improbable and violent in a particularly gruesome manner. This is the last one I will bother with. It's unfortunate because I used to look forward to another installment in the Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi saga.

    15. Those of you who enjoy the antics of the Karp-Ciampi clan will enjoy this latest adventure. I didn't love this book as much as I have loved earlier books in this series. It feels as if Tanenbaum is starting to struggle a little to find new storylines that involve all of the characters he's created throughout these novels. I still enjoyed it, but it wasn't as exciting as earlier Tanenbaum books.

    16. Not his best work, which was always in the courtroom and preparing to enter the courtroom. The author is falling into the Tom Clancy trap of having to come up with increasingly unlikely plot lines, which now regularly feature Mole People, the undead Vigilantes of the Sewers of New York.

    17. Great conspiracy ! I love Tanenbaum's novels. They have so many twists and turns and somehow he takes 4 or 5 stories and connects them all in the end. If you are a conspiracy nut - you'll like this one.

    18. I actually only read about the first 30 pages of this. It recapped how the last book in the series ended and then jumped right into a fantastical situation that reminded me why I started hating on this series. I throw in the towel. I'm not reading anymore of it.

    19. Murder mystery full of hate and bigotry with a little drug induced journey to experience the victims demise and help solve the mystery.Well written and the action moves along briskly to keep the reader involved. A Good Read.

    20. Not my favorite Tanenbaum book, with a rather dull side story (to start) about a college coach banned from coaching. But things got more exciting, and inextricably connected, and the ending was satisfying. Lucy Karp and her mysticism is always a treat.

    21. This book was okay. I probably would have liked it more if I had read the books that came before it in the series. It took a long long time for the plot to pick up speed, and then when I was finally into it, it ended. Pretty sure I'm going to read the next book in the series though.

    22. I'd actually give this book 3.5 stars, as it kept me reading. Initially, I wondered how all the sub plots would come together; they did so very nicely. I look forward to the continuing story line involving the ADA's move at the end of the book.

    23. This is the first book that I have read/listened to by Mr. Tanebaum but it is far from the last. I was immediately drawn into the action and didn't feel any lack for starting in the middle of the series

    24. This book was mildly interesting but it is one in a series and it relies heavily on events that happened in previous books so I felt lost at times. Some of the characters are not really believable in my mind so I was constantly thinking "can this actually be true."

    25. A good book with a very intricate story but hard to read because it is just so verbose!! Too much description! Clever story though.

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