Crescent City Kill

Crescent City Kill Who or what is The Jury To her horror NOPD detective Skip Langdon discovers it is a new national fast growing and very volatile organization headquartered in New Orleans Its mission to execute tho

  • Title: Crescent City Kill
  • Author: Julie Smith
  • ISBN: 9780804113977
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Who or what is The Jury To her horror, NOPD detective Skip Langdon discovers it is a new, national, fast growing, and very volatile organization headquartered in New Orleans Its mission to execute those who have escaped prosecution What s , Skip perceives that behind this deadly, clandestine group lies the evil brilliance of her old adversary, charismatic con manWho or what is The Jury To her horror, NOPD detective Skip Langdon discovers it is a new, national, fast growing, and very volatile organization headquartered in New Orleans Its mission to execute those who have escaped prosecution What s , Skip perceives that behind this deadly, clandestine group lies the evil brilliance of her old adversary, charismatic con man and cold blooded killer Errol Jacomine She s been waiting for Jacomine to orchestrate his twisted plan for revenge The time is now

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    1. This book is my introduction to Skip Langdon although it is Julie Smith's 7th novel in the series. The author refers back to previous events often enough, with brief and concise comments, so I easily kept pace with the plot. Her writing is crisp and her characters tend to jump off the page 3-D fashion. The action led without pause into more action, scenes boiling with tension.The style of presentation had a unique touch with several plotlines sans main protagonist outlined and built upon until t [...]

    2. This was one of my favorite authors for a long while. I don't recall why I stopped reading her books. I came back to this series, recently, after many, many years away. It was great to catch up with the tall, red-headed, woman detective, Skip Langdon, though I did not remember all the changes in her life. She has a significant other in her life now, Steve, which I only vaguely remember, and I certainly don't remember them being as close as they are now. I decided to read this book, as she tangle [...]

    3. Skip is getting back to normal after her shooting of a suspect and now finds herself back in confrontation with her old enemy Errol Jacomine who has reappeared as a self appointed judge, jury and executioner of miscreants whom the courts have found not guilty. It begins when Errol Jacomine has his son kidnap his daughter from college, She gets away and heads to New Orleans to find her Uncle. Another kidnaping brings in the FBI and Sip finds herself in the middle and also the target of Jacomine h [...]

    4. I have read plenty of novels in a series, with one main lead character and of course the same supporting characters; that's fine, they almost always have different stories with different villains and are self-contained enough that if you haven't read the novel before (or don't remember it well) you're still ok. I do not, however, care for novels that use the same villain and are written with little or no closure because the author wants to return to the same bad guy. Same city, same cast of char [...]

    5. This is better than your typical murder/suspense thriller. I liked the strong focus on some of the secondary characters, and I especially liked that the author did not have the reader experience everything that happened through the main character's eyes. I didn't like the idea that the main villain keeps getting away to cause chaos in the next book in the series. Please, let the 'good gal' win the day and find a new villain for the next book!

    6. I first read a SKIP LANGDON mystery after a trip to New Orleans oh . . . 16 years ago, I think. Great to dip into another one.Julie Smith really brings the NEW Orleans atmosphere to life. Her character of homicide detective Langdon is not like the flip private eye of the Sue Grafton novels - Langdon has to deal with political, jurisdictional and bureaucratic hurdles to "get her perp". While there is ample humour in the novels, these are more serious crime procedurals. For me, constant wise-crack [...]

    7. Skip Langdon is a complicated woman -- with personal insecurities and professional problems too. She's a New Orleans Police Dept homicide detective. Many new characters were introduced in the first quarter of the book but then the main theme emerged: Skip vs her old nemeses Errol Jacomine. He's a minister turned politician, a power-hungry man, an accused murderer.I like Skip and her circle of friends. She is complicated but tries to do her job to "serve and protect" even when her tactics are oft [...]

    8. Somewhat disappointingI found this story to be hard to get into it was kind of slow at the beginning and with all of the unusual expressions of words used I found her to be dragging a lot I was disappointed in finish it because I need to leave the book and finish I wasn't that crazy about it

    9. Worth readingOverall I enjoyed the book. Good action and well paced. Characters to both love and loathe. Unfortunately I have read earlier volumes in this series but somehow missed the previous volume so there are things I'll need to backtrack on .

    10. LawlessMembers of the community decided to take the law into their own hands. Other members of the community were killed without a trial or a retrial.Good read and worth the time to read.

    11. Another Fantastic ReadI always enjoy the Skip Langdon books. It is always an action packed adventure with many interesting characters. Hang on until the last paragraph because it will always end with a surprise. Enjoy!

    12. I love these storiesEven the slightly improbable is believable in the Skip Langdon series. These are so well written, and thought out, and the characters just seem natural, even the crazy ones, I recommend these books highly.

    13. Tired storyline with decent charactersThe plot was an old one. Religious fanatic turned avenger, tough female cop with a partial death wish, and innocents drawn into intrigue. The story had a chance to go deeper but stayed on the fringes. It wrapped up to easily.

    14. Never a dull momentGreat crime novel with insight into the psychology of cults, families, law enforcement, OCD, and life. But it is not a "psychological thriller.". Very nice blend of action and emotion. Looking forward to reading more of her novels.

    15. 4 StarsQuirky cast of characters and the off the wall events feature in the police work later. It was refreshing and enjoyable, the writing is good and I may read

    16. Another great Skip Langdon book.I love this series featuring Skip, it was a fast moving story with plenty drama. Another nail bitter. I love all of Julie Smith books.

    17. I thoroughly enjoy the Skip Langdon series. This one kept me reading until 3:00 in the morning. I just had to see how it ended. Love the characters and the chemistry between them.

    18. Langdon verses JacomineVery good book, I enjoyed the story. There is so many characters you have to sort them out from previous books.Excellent

    19. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    20. Didn't like this book and have no intention of finishing it. It started out just fine, but then nothing was clicking with me.

    21. As always, Smith serves up a thoroughly enjoyable romp through the Big Easy, filled with fascinating characters. a solid story line, and her rather unique cop, Skip Langdon.

    22. A very good, fast-paced suspense with some interesting characters. I was lost in a few places, but probably because I haven't read the previous books in this series.

    23. Great readA variety of interesting characters and settings as you would hope for in New Orleans makes this especially realistic feeling.

    24. Crescent City Kill by Julie Smith is book 7 of the Skip Langdon mystery series set in late-20th-century New Orleans. Skip Langdon is a homicide detective with New Orleans Police Department. In a new clandestine organization called The Jury, that specializes in murdering those they feel are guilty of crime but have escaped punishment, she recognizes the evil influence of her purely evil adversary, Errol Jacomine. Skip knows Jacomine will come after her one day; she fears he will harm her loved on [...]

    25. The 7th in a series about Detective Skip Landon in New Orleans. The novel builds on some previous novels, which I've not read, and wanders at bit at the outset as characters are introduced. Once the main story is picked up, the book really moves. The Jacommine's are a deeply dysfunctional family. Dad Daniel, instructed to do so by his nut-case father, kidnaps his daughter Lovelace. She escapes and flees to New Orleans to hide out with her Uncle Isaac, an obsessive compulsive. The new African-Ame [...]

    26. Julie Smith is a wonderful author. Reading one of her skip Langdon books is like taking a really great vacation to the Big Easy. You won't be disappointed. Their all stand alone books but you'll enjoy them more if read in order. Smith also tackles some tough subjects but does it really well.A great read. Like taking a really great vacation to the Big Easy. Thank you Julie Smith. Please keep writing.

    27. Those of you who've read more than a couple of books starring Skip Langdon will probably remember her nemesis, aspiring politician Errol Jacomine. Langdon senses Jacomine's involvement in a series of recent murders and is given the go-ahead to find him and put him away for good. The resulting story -- and the intertwined stories of members of Jacomine's family -- is one of the best Smith has ever written. I'm very much hoping that this isn't the end to this series.

    28. Really enjoyed this New Orleans mysteryThis is the first of Julie Smith's novels I have read. Also since I came from Louisiana and have lived in the Crescent City area I wanted to try this author's writing and I have really enjoyed this visit back to Nawlins. Laissez le bon temps roller Dawlin'.

    29. Another fun book in the series. This one does not contain as much detail about the uniqueness of New Orleans, but the story line is great and consistent with the others in the series. Skip is a refreshing change from all the main characters that seem to adhere to every guideline and always play by the book.

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