Saving Grace

Saving Grace Evie was pregnant and forced to give up the baby But she can t just leave the child with strangers especially when she thinks the baby is being neglected With her boyfriend waiting in the truck Evie

  • Title: Saving Grace
  • Author: Darlene Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781551435084
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • Evie was pregnant and forced to give up the baby But she can t just leave the child with strangers, especially when she thinks the baby is being neglected With her boyfriend waiting in the truck, Evie snatches the baby and convinces him to drive her to Montreal where she plans to start a new life with her child But when the baby won t eat and she and Justin argue, she eEvie was pregnant and forced to give up the baby But she can t just leave the child with strangers, especially when she thinks the baby is being neglected With her boyfriend waiting in the truck, Evie snatches the baby and convinces him to drive her to Montreal where she plans to start a new life with her child But when the baby won t eat and she and Justin argue, she ends up alone in a small town As the baby becomes sicker, Evie must decide whether to admit her mistake and turn herself in, or to keep running.Also available in Spanish.

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    1. This Story is about 15 year old Evie and her boyfriend Justin, who end up meeting at party and 1 thing leads to another and Evie ends up getting pregnant. Evie just lives with her father ever since her mother had passed away, so when she misses her period she tells her dad, who is disappointed, he helps to support Evie during her pregnancy, but both Justin parents and Evie`s father agree that because they are both so young it would be best for Evie to put the baby up for adoption. Evie has a lit [...]

    2. I really liked this book because it was really interesting when I started reading it. It was about Evie. She was young and pregnant and she was forced to put her baby up for adoption. I was really happy that her dad chose to give the baby up for adoption instead of having an abortion. I wanted to know why she had to give up her baby for adoption. I though that her dad would said that he would help her out because it was her daughter and the daughter mother have pass away. She was only 15 at the [...]

    3. I thought this book could have been longer than it was. I thought the worst part was when Evie's boyfriend Justin ratted her out when she said she wasn't giving Briana back because it was really sad to me, of how he turned his back on her. I thought the theme of this book was if at first you don't succeed, try and try again. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to learn about the problems of being a teenage parent.

    4. Yeah I didn’t love it, didn’t build much on characters, found it was quite boring, etc. cute story line though.

    5. the title of this book is saving grace. the author is darlene ryan. the cons/ challenges is evie is determine to take care her baby,even if she has to kidnapp somebody else baby this is special/unique is that its very interesting and good. pros/likes of this book is 5-5. the major character is evie . other significant characters in this story is Justin evies boyfriend and the baby named grace. The major events of this story is that Saving Grace is about a girl named Evie that is a teenage mother [...]

    6. Saving grace by Yobani Mendozathis book is about one girl that have a baby when she was 17 but the condom broke so she was pregnant but her dad did not want her to have the baby because she was not ready to have a baby. When she had the baby her dad gave the baby in adoption so another family took her. but when the baby was 3 months old evie wanted to take briana back but she think that it was impossible because she doesn't think the hansen are gonna give it back to her. so she decide to go to t [...]

    7. i like this book because is a story about a 15 years old girl that has a baby and her parent want to give the baby in adoption because they think that she cant take care of a bay so then her parents gave the babe to a mariage they live in front of them so she saw that they didnt take care of the babe they pay someone that can take care of the babe so she think and she wanted the babe cause she thought that the babe will be better with her so she took the babe and the ex boyfriend of her took the [...]

    8. Evie, a fifteen year old girl, has kidnapped a child. Actually, it's her child. She became pregnant a 14 and her father made her give the baby up for adoption. Her boyfriend, Justin, is tricked into driving her. She told him that she only wanted to go look through the window at Grace, whom she renamed Brianna. That really is how it started out, she had been checking on her through the window for a while. Why was today any different? She started to get the feeling like the family wasn't taking en [...]

    9. The book Saving Grace is a realistic fiction book with 3 main characters: Justin,Grace,and Eve. Eve had a baby and she got it taken away from her. Eve went to the people,s house that kept her baby and kidnapped Grace. The house had no grass or play area for Grace to play as she got older. Eve and Justin went home topack their bags,food,and other stuff they needed to travel with.vThey packed the baby food and clothes. They left after that. Eve and Justin traveled far from where they live so they [...]

    10. Part of Orca Publishers’ popular Orca Soundings series, De nadie mas is the Spanish translation of Saving Grace. As is typical of the Orca Soundings series, the book is written at a level accessible to most middle school students and is an excellent resource for ELL and struggling readers. Evie is a teen mom who was forced to give up her child for adoption. She kidnaps five-month-old Grace, who she calls Brianna, from her adoptive family and convinces the baby’s father to drive them to Montr [...]

    11. Saving Grace is a book about a young teen who who had an accident baby with a boy who was not accepted by her father. This girl's mom died in a car accident a few years back and her dad was making her give up the baby for adoption. A few months after having the baby she decides to see her for the first time and after that she decides to kidnap her own child with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend has no idea of the plan but helps her anyway. The book had a really interesting plot. I was very intereste [...]

    12. The storyline was okay--a teen mom who takes her baby from the couple who adopted it and then has to make some very, very tough "Mom decisions." But, I would have probably liked it better if I were a teenager reading this.I admire the protagonist for wanting to accept the responsibility of having a child. However, I really felt sorry for her---the decision was made for her to give the child up for adoption, she had no support systems, not her dad (mom was dead), friends, family, teachers at scho [...]

    13. This is a Hi-Lo book, meaning a book of high interest to teens but with a lower reading level to make them accessible to those with trouble reading.I would say that this book accomplishes both goals well. The story is about a teen mother who kidnaps her baby after she has been adopted by someone else. The story does compel you to keep going and find out what happens. And it's highly readable.It's also emotional. Not always in a good way. I found myself growing very irritated with the main charac [...]

    14. When I first saw this book I thought "Is this made for a 3rd Grader?" because the book looked like a kid book with large print in it. My view as far as Evie kidnapping Grace/Brianna was a selfish move. Yes she was her mom but she had no idea how to even be a mom. She should have left Grace/Brianna where she was at, in a nice home. Evie couldnt even take care of her, she had little money, nowhere to live and no job. She didnt even know how to burp Grace/Brianna, the Waitress had to show her. I do [...]

    15. This book was good. I don't know if any of you are aware, but this book is actually more so for readers who have a lower reading ability. This book is more so designed for teens who need assistance in reading. Because of this, this book has simple words, and is a very short 90 something pages. I enjoy reading these, just for a light, short read :) This book somewhat irritated me though, because the main character Evie, was so naive and in my opinion, very stupid. What kind of a person steals bab [...]

    16. This book is amazing. This book is really interesting and this made me read this book a lot. I was so eager to know what was going to happen in the upcoming chapters. If you wan to read a book about adventure i'll recommend this book.The book called saving grace was about a 15 year old girl named Evie that give birth to a baby girl. She had a boyfriend named Justin which is the father of the baby. Her mother died so she was with her dad. She had to give away the baby because the father made her [...]

    17. To start this review I am going to say that the author and book are good. I liked the story line but was a little slow reading in some areas. The characters for the most part were believable an well written. The plot was left with a little bit to desire. As a mother I could relate to not being able to leave a child with strangers, especially if I was suspicious of them. There was suspense, mystery, love and more with in the pages of author Darlene Ryan's book. I will be checking out more of this [...]

    18. Teenage mother Evie is determined to do anything to take care of her daughter, Brianna. Even if it means kidnapping her from her adoptive family. Evie is going to Montreal to live a comfortable life with Brianna and Brianna's father, Justin. But Justin is soon tired of this idea and is constantly trying get Evie to change her mind, but Evie's mind is set.This is a good book. It's a short, easy, read, with large text and short chapters. It's a captivating story, but the end leaves you hanging. Th [...]

    19. This book was a very quick read and a huge disappointment. There were a lot of moral and ethical decisions discussed in this book and yet none of them were given a resolution. The book left the reader hanging. The lack of a true ending and resolution to the ethical struggle within myself as a reader proved to be frustrating and spoiled the book for me. This book seems to be targeted a teenage readers, however, I'm not going to recommend this book to any of my students because it has no moral to [...]

    20. Evie was pregnant and forced by her parents to give up the baby that was an "accident". She doesn't want to just leave her child with just any person. Especially when she thinks the baby is being neglected by the people that are keeping her. With her boyfriend waiting in the truck at a gas station, Evie take's the baby and convinces him to drive her to Montreal where she plans to start a new life with her child as a hair stylist. But when the baby won't eat and she and Justin argue, she ends up [...]

    21. This is the first Orca Soundings book I've read. Designed for reluctant readers, they are all short (not even really long enough to be considered a novel) with large type and simple words. But in spite of all of that, I don't think this book talked down to the reader and I was pleased by the ambiguous ending. The author could have had a different ending and then the Moral Of The Story would have hung heavy in the air, but instead she left the reader wondering a bit. I think teen girls would like [...]

    22. Saving Grace was really good and i loved it.Ireally loved this book beacuse this book talks about how a girl name Evieabout 14 or 15 had sex with a guy thats is 17 name Justin.The good thing they did was that they used a condome but the bad thing is that it broke.So she was pregnet and had a baby name Brianna.And Evie's dad had to take the baby Brianna away.But the only thing i gotto tell you if you love somthing so badly then fight for it.Just like Evie is doing for her child with the help of h [...]

    23. This book was about girl name evie. Evie had sex with a guy name Justinhe used protection but the condom broke and evie got pregent. Evie and justin put the the baby up for adoption then evie went in the people that adopted baby house and took the baby.I could connect this book to the world because people can't let go there love ones.I gave this book a 5 star because it shows how people really love there babies. also i like the orca seris.

    24. OMG!This book was so off the chain can't even explain it.I have the guts to do what this girl name Evie .This girl name Evie kiddknapped her baby fromthe adopted parents that she gave her up to 5 months ago.Evie didn't try to have baby on purpose it was just a stupid mistake. When she found she was pregnant want to give her baby away but her father made her give her daughter away but her father made her do so.

    25. A quick look at a teen mom who regrets her decision to give up her baby in an adoption, so she kidnaps the infant and runs. Part thriller, part teen problem novel. I've read better books in the Orca series, but this one fulfills all the requirements: simple prose, no extra description, short chapters that move along, clear conflict. Certainly de-glamorizes babies with plenty of puke and poo. A solid look a a teen wrestling with the aftershocks of her tough circumstances and poor decisions.

    26. theres this girl she has a kid name grace but when the baby crys or something the father tells the baby to shut up and stop cryin then the mom tells him it just a baby and then he leave themon the street with the baby it was the girl baby but it was supposed to be in foster care but she stole it back so ten the father leaves heron the streets to tell the cops where they was goin so the girl thought that he was goin to tell but then she thinks now she goin somewhere else until a week

    27. Saving GraceSaving Grace was a good book that I believe girls that get pregnant at an young age or get pregnant and can’t afford to keep it so they give it up for adoption, but later in time they start to regret giving up the baby to another family and wants their child back but its too late. She missed her baby so much she went to illegal measures to get her back.

    28. i looked over toward the counter and saw a police officer standing there with his back to me.i couldn't breathe, and my feet seemed to be stuck to the ground. And the he turned around and there was nowhere to run. I held Brianna tight against me, one arm around her body and one across her shoulders. I wasn't letting go!

    29. VERY quick read.EXTREMELY actually.Seemed goodI'm glad it wasn't too long, b/c I'm not sure how much of a story they couldve got out of it.I thought it was kinda cute

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