The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music

The Music Lesson A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music From Grammy winning musical icon and legendary bassist Victor L Wooten comes The Music Lesson the story of a struggling young musician who wanted music to be his life and who wanted his life to be g

  • Title: The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music
  • Author: Victor L. Wooten
  • ISBN: 9780425220931
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • From Grammy winning musical icon and legendary bassist Victor L Wooten comes The Music Lesson, the story of a struggling young musician who wanted music to be his life, and who wanted his life to be great Then, from nowhere it seemed, a teacher arrived Part musical genius, part philosopher, part eccentric wise man, the teacher would guide the young musician on a spirituFrom Grammy winning musical icon and legendary bassist Victor L Wooten comes The Music Lesson, the story of a struggling young musician who wanted music to be his life, and who wanted his life to be great Then, from nowhere it seemed, a teacher arrived Part musical genius, part philosopher, part eccentric wise man, the teacher would guide the young musician on a spiritual journey, and teach him that the gifts we get from music mirror those from life, and every movement, phrase, and chord has its own meaningAll you have to do is find the song inside.

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    1. I've played the banjo for a couple years now. My only prior brush with playing music was piano lessons in the 4th and 5th grade. I'm glad I took them, i learned the basics of reading music and where middle C is, but apart from that, they didn't go so well. My younger brother and I were enrolled together and the piano teacher, Mrs. Blackburn, tried to keep us at the same level but he picked it up a lot quicker than I did and I was holding him back. He learned faster and played better. He did then [...]

    2. The common complaint I've heard about this book is that it is too "New-agey" and though I understand where people are coming from, this book is a really fascinating look at the elements of Music, and, therefore, life. Take the new-age stuff with a grain of salt, if it isn't your thing, but as a professional musician, it has helped me to return to the source of why i do this.

    3. I knew of Victor when I lived in Nashville. He used to frequent the music store where I worked. He is a friendly, peaceful, humble sort of guy, and always had words of encouragement when I began learning to play the banjo. After leaving Tennessee and moving to Texas my banjo stayed in the case more and life got busy. Now I'm living in North Carolina's High Country and surrounded by all sorts of old-time, bluegrass talent still a struggling amateur plucker. Victor's book inspires me to relax and [...]

    4. I had never heard of Victor Whooten until, completely by accident, I stumbled upon an internet discussion of him giving a commentary on his book. I was so captivated by the genuineness of his personality that I knew I had to read this book. It's a very unique and insightful story, as much about life, as it is about music. As for the story part, it was like stepping into a fairy tale that I desperately wanted to be true. However, the life lessons, as well as the music lessons, really gave me some [...]

    5. Over the summer, I went to Victor Wooten’s music and nature camp in Nashville, Tennessee. This camp was recommended to me by the leader of a band I play trumpet in who teaches at the camp sometimes. This camp was my first sleepaway camp experience, and I thought it was the best camp I had ever been to. During that weeklong experience, I learned more than I have ever learned in a regular month of my life. The camp improved my social skills, and my musical skills. Once I returned home from the c [...]

    6. This book is kinda crap - or maybe I was simply to sober to fully comprehend the genius of Michael. All I needed was a bag of shrooms and a patchouli scented candle and it might have made sense.Is the stuff being taught worthwhile? Sure, but for me the lessons were SO obvious that it was hard not to laugh out loud at his various unveilings of "genius". You mean music's not just about the notes?!?! Really!?!? I guess I spent too many years in reputable music schools to really appreciate this 'enl [...]

    7. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d never heard of Victor Wooten before (his musical world and mine don’t often intersect), but the title of the book caught my eye and the blurb made me buy it. It could all be made up, incredible people that mysteriously appear (but aren’t frightening) and insist on showing Victor a piece of the puzzle that is making music and how it fits into the world. Then they all disappear and he is left wondering what happened. Many of the lessons and aspects of musi [...]

    8. This is influential bass guitarist Victor Wooten's response to numerous requests he's had to write a music instruction book. Rather than writing a traditional method book, however, Wooten chose a far more novel approach to music instruction. He creates a sort of personal mythology in which strange characters appear to him out of nowhere and take him on unpredictable journeys in which weird little miracles happen. These events are all for the purpose of teaching him how to be a great musician.The [...]

    9. Pretty dang woo-woo. I wish he'd just taken the important points and made a bulleted list instead of writing a whole book with this weird mystical-teacher-appearing-from-nowhere conceit. I could only read about 5 pages at a time, and I only read it because some of my students have to do a book report on it. And the ones who were assigned to read it will likely get something out of it, so fine, give this book to your serious late-teens music student who is just learning how to have deep thoughts. [...]

    10. I am glad that I began my summer reading with the book “The Music Lesson” by Victor Wooten. This is a summer that I plan to begin to focus intensely on music or Music with a capital M as the author refers to it in The Music Lesson. This is a strange book at first. Wooten sets it up with an encounter with a mysterious music teacher named Michael. It is written much in the spirit of Carlos Castaneda’s works in that Michael is able to do incredible things by manipulating music and sound such [...]

    11. Wooten has some valuable tips to offer but I found his advice diluted by the corny New Age framing story.

    12. I found this book and Victor Wooten separately but both completely by accident. Someone recommended Bela Fleck's Christmas album last December and I loved that. From there I found Wooten and bought tickets for his February L.A. show. Before that rolled around Audible had a sale on a few books and The Music Lesson was one of them. I thought "Woah Victor Wooten wrote a book!" Otherwise the trite-sounding title probably never would have made it into my shopping cart. The title and even the first co [...]

    13. 273 PagesAnyone who wants to play music should read this book. The main issue of the book is Victor trying to learn how to become a better musicianAs long as the time was relatively recent, the story would still be intact. Victor, the main character, is a confident, stern, and stubborn student, reluctant to learn and Micheal is a very interesting character who is infinitely wise and ready to teach. Victor is a young, struggling bassist who can't even pay his rent. Just when things are toughest, [...]

    14. Music is more than the mechanics of playing an instrument. Good music instructors don't teach, they show their students the way. That's a key Wooten message.Getting beyond practice and music lessons is what this book offers. It's not about technique or theory, it's about understanding what Music is, where it resides (all around us), and how it manifests itself each time we play.The author's chosen literary "voice" in this book is an other-worldly character, essential in order to take our underst [...]

    15. An excellent book for anyone who wants to stop playing their instrument and start playing Music. Full of absolute gems -- of both musical and spiritual principles -- for expanding your awareness and consciousness, and experiencing not only Music but Life differently. A quick and easy read, but with lots of food for thought.Very reminiscent of books like Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah or Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives in the theme of eccentric spiritual t [...]

    16. Oh man, this book is great. Don't know how I picked it up ( recommendation?), but definitely worth reading it. It's a bit hard to describe. It's a novel that tells the story of a fictional set of music lessons. The protagonist (the author) is napping on his couch after practicing his base, when he is woken up by a stranger entering his house, announcing "I'm your teacher". What follows is 200+ pages of conversations between them (and other characters) about music and musicianship. He's not exact [...]

    17. Victor Wooten is a Grammy award winning musician whose quirky little book isn't just about music. As the subtitle suggests it's also about living intentionally and while I was less than impressed with Wooten's writing which can be a little too trite and cutesy the book was not entirely without merit. It's structured around a set of lessons intended to illustrate 10 important characteristics of good musicianship as explained by a mysterious cast of over-the-top characters who appear and disappear [...]

    18. There is a lot of mystical mumbo-jumbo here that I have no use for. Full of pantheism and positive thinking, Wooten tries to write a spiritual book. Kind of like if Paulo Coelho's Alchemist strapped on a bass guitar. But I like this book better than the Alchemist. Mostly because I like the bass guitar, and am a fan of Victor. The redeeming part of this book is that it is also a book about the elements of music. These seem to be the same elements as those he presented in his instructional DVD, Gr [...]

    19. Victor Wooten takes you on a simple journey of discovery and understanding of music and how it infuses itself in everyday life. This eye opening journey applies to musicians as well as everyday individuals looking to enhance their lives by seeing the world for something bigger than it is. This book is infused with personal insight from on of the greatest bass players and musicians of our age. A must read for any musician looking to expand their understanding.

    20. Terrible. Pretentious and dull (not to mention the author's embarrassingly bad audiobook performance). Bass-genius Victor Wooten's guru-flavored "musician's self-help" book is almost unreadable. I listened to 2.5 hours and couldn't take it anymore. Fans of his music (me included) should stick to his music and skip this disaster.

    21. This might have been too much happiness and good feeling for meo much a feeling of hippy love or something. It also reminded me too much of The Shack. Some good points In the book. Definitely some points to ponderbut just too much sugary sweetness for my palateI shall have to ponder this one a bit.

    22. "Ishmael" but with Music. The fantastical mysticism got to be a little too "woo-woo" for my cynical self, but I was captivated by the beginning and read it quickly all the way through. A must-read for anyone involved in music whether it be profesionally or not.

    23. When I first started reading the book I was constantly shaking my head and just how, well, wrong he was. "That concept would destroy an organist" and "that would create a crummy musician". I complained to a co-worker who is both a Victor Wooten fan (through his YouTube videos) and was "raised" in the jazz tradition. He came to the defense of the book and we had a few really good discussions about the different approaches to music.While I complained of Mr. Wooten's use of the phrase "groove" and [...]

    24. This is not the best book, but I think it's a must-read for any musician.I don't know if Wooten wrote this himself or what, but it's not the most artful writing at all. You can't tell if he's telling you a real story poorly, a tarted-up modern fable, a fairy tale, or what. There's a lot (a lot) of unbelievable stuff in it -- and if this were written by, say, Rushdie, it would be clear that this was all a mind journey.But it's not Rushdie, it's a bass player named Victor Wooten. However:Victor Wo [...]

    25. Well I had planned on giving the book 4 stars but after reading the ending and some careful thought, I decided what the heck, 5 stars it is. First off, my thought process is mostly driven by logic and scientific thinking so books like this that utilize mysticism and such initially annoy me. However, I gave the book a chance and was astonished at how well it's story came together. I suspect most people who think like I normally do can't open their mind to such a story. That doesn't mean I believe [...]

    26. An excellent book for any aspiring musician. Being a musician is more than playing an instrument, it's about playing music. Music mirrors life, and vice versae music is alive. So, if you're struggling as a musician, this book will help you push through the frustration and confusion and become a better musician. Enjoy the book, and remember when done playing/practicing to thank your instrument.

    27. Un excelente libro. Especialmente para músicos (ni hablar de bajistas), para los que empiezan o los que ya están hace rato en el hermoso mundo de la música. Realmente abre las puertas de la percepción a otro nivel; para vivir la música (interpretar, escuchar, improvisar, estudiar) PLENAMENTE. Muy recomendado. Fácil de leer; con ideas muy buenas; pero hay que entrarle con la mente abierta, la gente cerrada se va a decepcionar muy rápido, o no.

    28. I was pleasantly surprised with this novel. I thought it was going to be a little too "out there" for me but there was a lot of base ideas that are just generally going to be better for your mind and soul if you follow them. I really liked the narrators of the novel and I loved the ending. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I actually played an instrument but I still have a large appreciation for music so it was cool to look at music in the way described. Cool and interesting read!

    29. I listened to this audio book narrated by the author and it was absolutely phenomenal (and I am not exaggerating on that). It is a book for everyone filled with life lessons explained through the medium of music. One will not only learn a bunch about music but also about life and living. Please do yourself a favor and listen to this book. I don't think that reading it would have anywhere near the impact as listening it does. Highly recommended.

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